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            Apollo, the African lion that resided at the Honolulu Zoo for more than 21 years, was euthanized on Tuesday (August 7) morning.


            Apollo was nearly 22 years old.  He had kidney failure, arthritis, and extreme weakness from muscle atrophy.  His deteriorating health led zoo officials to the decision to end his suffering.


            Apollo was born in October 1985 at an animal facility in Quebec, Canada.  He arrived at the Honolulu Zoo on April 17, 1986.  His pride consisted of two female lions.  His genetic line was well-represented in the captive population and he never sired any offspring.


            Lions live about 15 years in the wild.  However, they can live well into their 20s in captivity because of the availability of medical treatment and a healthy diet.


            Said Zoo Director Ken Redman, “Apollo thrilled many visitors, as well as residents in the neighborhood, by declaring his territory with mighty roars every morning and evening.  He’ll be missed by everyone, but most of all by the zookeepers who cared for him throughout the years.”


            Redman said the zoo will being searching for a young male lion to transfer to Honolulu.


            The zoo has two lions remaining: twin sisters Ethel Louise and Samantha.  Both were born in April 1986, making them 21 years old.





Ken Redman, Zoo Director, 971-7177

Bill Brennan, 527-6928

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

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