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Scheduled road work for the week beginning December 8, 2008, for the Department of Design construction, Civil Division (Construction Management Branch), and Wastewater Division (Construction Management Branch) is listed below.  Road work is normally done between the hours of 8:30 AM and 3:30 PM unless otherwise noted.



Rehabilitation of Streets, Unit 61 Kaamilo Street (Neki Street to Aiea Heights Drive), Iliee Street (Pakonane Place to Kaamilo Street), Kulawai Street (Kaamilo Street to Akaaka Street), Akaaka Street (Kulawai Street to End), Kalamoho Place (Kaamilo Street to End), Kalawina Place (Kaamilo Street to End).  Limited reconstruction of concrete curbs and gutters and replacement of concrete panels at Alolua Street.  Construction of thirteen (13) asphalt bus pads.  Reconstruction and resurfacing of asphalt pavements.  Adjusting manhole to finish grade and permanent pavement markings. 

            (Estimated completion date, December 2008)


Kaamilo Ditch Repair:  Work includes demolishing and removing existing rock walls, trees; constructing new reinforced concrete channel; installing new 4-0 chain link fence; providing reinforced concrete jacket for existing 8-inch sewer.

            (Estimated completion date, May 2009)



Ewa Villages, Extension of Kapolei Parkway, Phase 8C (Renton Road to Kolowaka Street)  Work includes Civil, Structural, Electrical and Landscape work to complete the extension of Kapolei Parkway from Renton Road to Kolowaka Street.

            (Estimated completion date, May 2009)



Aliipoe Ditch Reconstruction Halawa Heights, Lalawai Drive and Kahema Place area:  Demolish, remove and reconstruct existing concrete drainage ditch.  Construct maintenance access ramp and driveway.  Install storm drain manholes, drain inlets, trench drain, and 18 drain pipes.  Install new chain link fence.

            (Estimated completion date, March 2009)



Rehabilitation of Alewa Drive from Wyllie Street to Hoomaikai Street: Work includes removal of existing asphalt concrete and Portland cement concrete pavements, roadway reconstruction with asphalt concrete pavement, reconstruction of existing asphalt concrete berms and concrete gutters, adjustment of utility manhole frames and covers, and installation of pavement markings, and other incidental related work.

            (Estimated completion date, December 2008)


Fort St. Mall & Hotel Street Sewer Replacement/Rehabilitation:  Sewer line replacement and CIPP work along Hotel Street between Bethel Street and Bishop Street.

            (Estimated completion date, December 2008)


Kalihi/Nuuanu Area Sewer Rehablitation Phase 1F and 1H:  New sewerline and manhole installation on Kuakini Street (between Liliha Street and Nuuanu Avenue), Nuuanu Avenue Ewa Side (between Bates and Judd Street), Prospect Street (near Madeira Street and San Antonio Avenue) and Puowaina Street (between Whiting and Hookui Street).

            (Estimated completion date, December 2008)


Kalihi/Nuuanu Area Sewer Rehablitation Phase 1G and 1I:  New sewerline and manhole installation on Liliha Street (between Maui Street and Hawaii Street), Kuakini Street (between Nuuanu Avenue and Pali Highway) and Hialoa Street.

            (Estimated completion date, December 2008)


Rehabilitation of Kilauea Avenue from Hunakai Street (Mauka of H-1) to 18th Avenue.  The work includes the reconstruction and resurfacing of the above street; construction of concrete bus pads; curb ramps and associated traffic signal improvements; reconstruction of curbs, gutters and driveways; installation of pavement markings, adjustment of utility covers to grade; tree trimming and root pruning.

            (Estimated completion date, January 2009)


Kuliouou Sewer Rehabilitation:  Installation of cured in place pipe (CIPP), manhole rehabilitation, lateral rehabilitation, and some new installation of sewer lines.

            (Estimated completion date, February 2009)


Rehabilitation of Various Streets on Oahu:  Work on Malia Street between Ainakoa and Kilauea Street is expected to begin in November, 2008.  Work on Kahala Avenue between the Waialae County Club and Diamond Head Road resumed on December 1, 2008.  Work is expected to be completed by December 12, 2008 weather permitting. 

            (Estimated completion date, December 2008)


Nuhelewai Stream Improvements:  Project includes demolishing and removing existing rock walls and trees; constructing new concrete channels, retaining walls and grouted rubble paved work; installing 6-foot-high chain link fence; and installing permanent erosion control.

            (Estimated completion date, December 2008)


Saint Louis Heights Sewer Rehabilitation:  Installation of cured in place pipe (CIPP), manhole rehabilitation, lateral rehabilitation, and pipe bursting throughout Saint Louis Heights.

            (Estimated completion date, January 2009)


Peterson Lane and Pua Lane Sewer Rehabilitation:  New sewerline and manhole installation on King Street (between Dillingham Blvd. and Peterson Lane), Pua Lane and Peterson Lane.  Repaving to follow after sewer work is complete.

            (Estimated completion date, December 2008)


Sand Island Basin Miscellaneous Sewer Rehabilitation:  Continue replacement of sewer manhole frame and covers and manhole rehabilitation in various locations.  Rehabilitation of the Ward Avenue sewer tunnel, Sand Island Access Road sewerline, Ala Moana Park sewerline, Moanalua sewerline and Nuuanu sewerline are forthcoming.

            (Estimated completion date, December 2008)


Sewer rehabilitation on various streets on Wilhelmina Rise.

(Estimated completion date November 2010)



Ilimalia Loop/Mokapu Boulevard Sewer Rehabilitation:  Installation of cured in place pipe (CIPP) and manhole rehabilitation within Ilimalia Loop and Mokapu Boulevard.

            (Estimated completion date, December 2008)


Rehabilitation of Streets, Unit 46 Kailua Road (Hamakua Bridge to Kuulei Road); and Kuulei Road (Kailua Road to Kainalu Drive):  Notice to Proceed scheduled for Nov. 17, 2008.  Reconstruct curbs, gutters, sidewalks and roadway pavement; construct new curb ramps and concrete bus pads; resurface roadway, reinstall signage, replace vehicle detector loops and install permanent pavement markings.


Kailua Road Sewers Improvement District No. 276:  Installation of new sewer line along Kailua Road between Hahani Street and Aoloa Road.

            (Estimated completion date, December 2008)


Wanaao Road/Keolu Drive Reconstructed Sewer:  Installation of new sewer line along Wanaao Road between Hahani Street and Aoloa Road.

            (Estimated completion date, January 2009)



Guardrail Improvements - FY2006  Kaneohe on Kamehameha Hwy at Heeia Kea and Lilipuna Road)  Lilipuna Road site: existing guardrails and posts removed, new guardrails and posts installed.  Work completed.  Heeia Kea site:  existing guardrails and posts removed, new guardrails and posts installed.  Site signage to be completed.



Extension of Kapolei Parkway, Phase 8B (North-South Road to Renton Road):  Clearing, grubbing and mass grading for construction of new 6-lane wide roadway with bike lane, raised median strips, sewer, water, drainage, street lighting and traffic signal systems, fences, sidewalks, curbs, gutters and subdrains, irrigation and landscaping, pavement markings and traffic signs.  Installation of erosion controls and dust fences throughout the project.

            (Estimated completion date March 2009)



Bridge Rehabilitation Palahia Street Bridge over Awanui Stream repair spalling in bridge elements, replace deck expansion joints, construct new concrete approach slabs, reconstruct gutters, and repair settlements in sidewalk.

            (Estimated completion date, February 2009)



Rehabilitation of Streets, Unit 50 Kalawao Place (Kalawao St to end), Kalawao Street (Kahaloa Drive to private road), Kalehua Street (Kahaloa Dr to end), Kaloaluiki Street ( Lowrey Ave to Kalawao St), Kanu Street (Lowery Ave to Loi St), Loi Street (East Manoa Rd to Woodlawn Dr), Kahawai Street (Lowrey Ave to Huapala St), Woodlawn Drive (Lowrey Ave to Kahaloa St), Lowrey Avenue (Woodlawn Dr to Kalawao St), Kaaipu Avenue (Oahu Ave to end), Loomis Street (Mauka end to Makai end), Hiehie Street (Kaloaluiki St to end) and Vista Place (Lowrey Ave to end).  Work includes reconstruction and resurfacing of the above roadways; reconstruction of curbs, gutters, sidewalks and driveways; tree removal, pruning and trimming; installation of pavement markings

            (Estimated completion date, December 2008)


University Avenue/Maile Way Retaining Wall Repair:  Demolish and reconstruct existing retaining wall including new railings.  Replace affected sidewalks, curbs, gutters and asphalt pavement.  Construct new wheelchair ramps, install new crosswalks, replace street markings, signs and traffic signals. Adjust utility frames and covers; manhole frames and covers; and utility boxes to new finish grade.

            (Estimated completion date, February 2009)



Seismic Retrofit Of City Bridges, Pelekane Drive Bridge Over Nuuanu Stream (Bridge No. 267)

Work involves installation of concrete shear keys, dowels for shear keys and girder strengthening for Pelekane Drive bridge.  Bridge repairs will be provided for the spalled areas along the girders, bottom of bridge slab and sidewalk, corroded rebars along the bridge bottom slab and shear cracks along the girders.  BMP measures and traffic controls will be installed.

            (Estimated completion date, November 2009)



Bridge Rehabilitation, Salt Lake Boulevard Bridge Over Halawa Stream:  Repair cracks at bridge abutments and deck.  Provide concrete in-fill and reinforcing at spalled areas on bridge girders.  Strengthen girders with reinforce fabric material.

            (Estimated completion date, December 2008)



Hihmanu Street Sidewalk Improvement:  Installation of sidewalks; curbs and gutters along the makai side of Hihimanu Street.  Also work includes constructing curb inlets, headwalls, retaining walls, steel pipe railings; adjusting manhole covers and fire hydrants; and reconstructing driveway aprons.

            (Estimated completion date, December 2008)




December 7, 2008 Sunday
7:00AM Starts
9:00AM Ends

SAMS MEMORIAL 5K RUN sponsored by RRCA/Mid Pacific Roadrunners Club. The event is expected to have 200 runners.  It will start on Monsarrat Ave. near Waikiki Shell, to Paki Ave., to Kalakaua Ave., to Monsarrat Ave., to Paki Ave., to Kalakaua Ave., end at Honolulu Marathon finish/Kapiolani Bandstand.  Contact: John Simonds 373-3609, E-mail   For more info, visit their website:


December 7, 2008 Sunday 11:00AM Starts 
1:00PM Ends

STREET BIKERS UNITED-TOYS FOR TOTS CARAVAN sponsored by Street Bikers United Hawaii. The event is expected to have 4,000 motorcycles.  It will start at Magic Island, to Ala Moana Blvd., to Kalakaua Ave., to Monsarrat Ave., to Diamond Hd. Rd. to end at Kapiolani Community College-DH campus.  Contact:  Ray Pagan 282-6419  E-mail:


December 7, 2008 Sunday 4:00PM Starts 
5:30PM Ends

PEARL CITY SHOPPING CENTER CHRISTMAS PARADE sponsored by Pearl City Shopping Center. The event is expected to have 1,000 marchers, 20 vehicles, & 5 floats.  It will start at Momilani Elementary School, to Hookiekie St., to Hoomoana St., to Hoolaulea St., to end at Pearl City Shopping Center.  Contact:  Kristin Anderson  593-1533  Fax: 593-0569


December 8, 2008 Monday
6:30PM Starts
8:30PM Ends

WAHIAWA TOWN CHRISTMAS PARADE sponsored by Wahiawa Community & Buisness Association. The event is expected to have 300 marchers, 10 vehicles, 2 floats & 2 bands.  It will start at Kaala Elementary School, to California Ave., to North Cane St., end at Center St., Contact: Elizabeth Smithe  621-7097, E-mail:


December 10, 2008 Wednesday
6:00PM Starts
10:00PM Ends

MURPHY'S MIRACLE ON MERCHANT STREET FESTIVAL sponsored by Murphy's Bar & Grill. The event is expected to have 300+ participants.  The event will close MERCHANT ST., all traffic lanes/sidewalk areas, from Nuuanu Ave. to Bethel St.  Contact Don Murphy 531-0422, 754-1502 Fax: 533-4943


December 11, 2008 Thursday
6:30PM Starts
8:00PM Ends

KAPAHULU MOILIILI CHRISTMAS PARADE sponsored by Kapahulu-Moiliili Lions Club. The event is expected to have 250 marchers & 5 vehicles.  It will start at Kuhio Elementary School, to King St., to Beretania St., to Isenberg St., end at Old Stadium Park.  Contact: Glen Takamori 479-7139 Fax:  532-0110, E-mail:


December 12, 2008 Friday
6:00PM Starts
8:00PM Ends

HALEIWA CHRISTMAS PARADE sponsored by North Shore Community Chamber of Commerce/Haleiwa Main Street. The event is expected to have 500 marchers, 45 vehicles, 10 floats, 3 bands and 2 horse units.  It will start at Weed Circle, to Kamehameha Hwy., thru Haleiwa Town over Anahulu Bridge, to end at Haleiwa Beach Park.  Contact: Antya Miller  637-4558 Fax:  637-4556, Email:  Website:


December 13, 2008 Saturday
8:30AM Starts
10:00AM Ends

AIEA COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION CHRISTMAS PARADE sponsored by Aiea Community Association. The event is expected to have 150 marchers, 8 vehicles, & 3 bands.  It will start at Pearlridge Elementary School Parking Lot, to Moanalua Rd., to Kaamilo St., to Ulune St., to Aiea Heights Dr., to Halewiliko St., to end at Aiea Sugar Mill Park.  Contact:  Claire J. Tamamoto 429-1282, Fax:  946-8347, E-mail:


December 13, 2008 Saturday
10:00AM Starts
11:30AM Ends

GENTRY WAIPIO COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION CHRISTMAS PARADE sponsored by Gentry Waipio Community Association. The event is expected to have 800 marchers, 13 vehicles, & 1 band.  It will start at Gentry Waipio SC, to Waipio Uka St., Ukee St., to Ka Uka Blvd., to Waipio Uka St., to end at Gentry Waipio SC.  Contact:  Sheryl Kaseli 671-2272  Fax: 671-0993, E-mail:


December 13, 2008 Saturday
10:00AM Starts
11:30AM Ends

WAIMANALO CHRISTMAS PARADE sponsored by Waimanalo Construction Coalition. The event is expected to have 250 marchers, 8 vehicles, 4 floats & 3 bands.  It will start at Waimanalo District Park, to Hihimanu St., to Kumuhau St., to Humuniki St., to Kalanianaole Hwy., end at Waimanalo Beach Park. Contact:  Patty Teruya 527-5759 Fax:  550-6707


December 13, 2008 Saturday 5:00PM Starts 
7:00PM Ends

MANOA COMMUNITY CHRISTMAS PARADE sponsored by East Manoa Lions Club. The event is expected to have 800 marchers, 15 vehicles, 2 floats, & 4 bands.  It will start at Noelani School., to Woodlawn Dr, to Kolowalu St., to East Manoa Rd., to Lowrey Ave., to Manoa Rd., to Manoa Park finish.  Contact: Miyuki Matsuno 988-3819, E-mail: 


December 13, 2008  Saturday          6:00PM Starts     8:00PM Ends

WEST OAHU HOLIDAY ELECTRIC LIGHT PARADE/STREET FEST sponsored by Kapolei City Lights Committee. The event is expected to have 25  vehicles, 3 floats, & 3 bands. It will start at Kapolei Fairgrounds at Kealanani Ave., to Farrington Hwy., to Kamokila Blvd., left into Uluohia St., left onto Haumea St. and finish. Street Fest will be on Uluohia St., between Haumea St. & dead end, Kapolei Hale parking lot.  Contact:  Patty Teruya 527-5759, Fax:  550-6706



- 30 -


Contact: Department of Design and Construction, Civil Design Division, Construction Management - 768-8839, Wastewater Management Division, Construction Management - 768-8794, Department of Transportation Services, TST Division 768-8390.

Monday, December 08, 2008

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