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(Friday, September 18, 2009) – The 21st Century Ahupua‘a Youth Ambassadors held its first meeting of the 2009-10 year this past Sunday.  This marks the third year for the group as 14 returnees welcomed 17 new members.  The group is comprised of public and private high school students across Oahu.

         Mayor Mufi Hannemann, who established the group in 2007, addressed the youth with encouraging and inspiring words asking them to be a difference maker in the environment. 

         “The positive actions taken by our youth today will impact our environment greatly for generations to come,” Mayor Hannemann said.  “I want these outstanding young people to take action and be tremendous stewards of the environment.  Our young people are the voice of tomorrow and can be very influential towards a sustainable future for our island.”

         The City’s Department of Environmental Services will oversee the group and engage them in various activities from community service projects, hands-on environmental activities, public service announcements and sustainability issues that face our island.

         The group’s first function will be the Henry Kapono “Aloha Green Concert” in Waikiki October 23.



Mayor’s 21st Century Ahupua‘a Youth Ambassadors


Returnees                                          School

Kapua Paikai                                      Sacred Hearts Academy

Elizabeth Naai-Walker                         Sacred Hearts Academy

Alana Yokooji                                    Sacred Hearts Academy

James Pentz                                       Maryknoll High

Geena Fong                                        Maryknoll High

Andrew Simeona                                Castle High

Timothy Ho                                       Iolani School

Ian Franklin                                        Iolani School

Kaela Shiigi                                        Iolani School

Jonathan Paeste                                  Damien Memorial High

Michael Monis                                    Damien Memorial High

Yvonne Yoro                                     Leilehua High

Jordan Perkins                                    Mililani High

Max Chenevert                                   Mililani High


Newcomers                                       School

Christinn Pacheco                               Sacred Hearts Academy

Cecilia Wong                                      Sacred Hearts Academy

Richel Cole                                        Sacred Hearts Academy

Laurie Tam                                        Sacred Hearts Academy

Kalani Mejia                                       Sacred Hearts Academy

Jamie Tamayose                                 Iolani School

Joana Yasui                                        Iolani School

Iris Saragena                                      Campbell High

Uzma Hussain                                    Campbell High

Aysia Ripani                                       Campbell High

Keenan Kurihara                                Maryknoll High

Kendal Kagawa                                  Maryknoll High

Jaclyn Khil                                         Punahou School

Tiffany Li                                          Punahou School

Katherine Clifton                                Punahou School

Janae Rasmussen                                University Lab School

Danielle Snodgrass                              Mililani High





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