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            Due to potentially dangerous weather conditions and high winds expected throughout the City & County of Honolulu, Mayor Mufi Hannemann has granted administrative leave to City & County of Honolulu workers tomorrow (Friday, January 16th).  


            "Public health and safety is my number one concern," said Mayor Hannemann.  "And that includes the safety of our city workforce."


            Only 1)First Responders from the Honolulu Fire Department, the Honolulu Police Department, the Department of Emergency Management and the Emergency Services Department and their essential support staff;  2) Departmental Emergency Coordinators and Alternate Coordinators for the Board of Water Supply, the Department of Transportation Services, the Department of Facility Maintenance, The Department of Environmental Services and the Department of Parks and Recreation; and 3) Disaster Response Workers are not covered and are expected to report to work as scheduled.


            "I appreciate the fact that when there is danger in the air, the City & County of Honolulu has the some of the finest and best trained emergency workers in the country to assist our residents and visitors" said Mayor Hannemann.


            Hannemann is monitoring the situation on Oahu from Washington, where he'll be leading the Hawaii Council of Mayors in meetings tomorrow with members of Hawaii's congressional delegation to discuss their respective economic stimulus proposals. On Saturday, Mayor Hannemann presides over the meeting of the US Conference of Mayors Tourism and Arts Committee, which he chairs.  Sunday, the Mayor addresses the USCM Plenary Session on the Olympic Task Force that he co-chairs with Chicago Mayor Richard Daley to bring the 2016 Olympics to the United States.  And on Monday, Mayor Hannemann presents USCM Leadership in the Arts awards to national figures who have made significant contributions to the arts world. 


            While many city services will be closed, there will be regular trash pick-up.  TheBus will run on its state holiday schedule, and Handi Van service will run as scheduled.  TheBoat service has been cancelled.  The Customer Services Department's information and complaint lines will be staffed to provide information to island residents and to answer questions they may have.


            The Honolulu Zoo and the City's municipal golf courses will be closed, as will city parks and satellite city halls.  Park permits will have to be cancelled.  Motor vehicle licensing and permit locations as well as commercial driver's licensing centers will also be closed.


            Mayor Hannemann said, "I believe having our city workers remain at home will be a help to those who have children in school and who would otherwise need to find child care due to the school closings.  And having fewer cars on the road should also contribute to a safer situation.  We prepare for the worst, and hope for the best."