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(Friday, Sept. 18, 2009)—In an ongoing joint promotion with ClearChannel Entertainment’s local radio stations, Mayor Mufi Hannemann and partner Myron Thomson, CEO of 21st Century Technologies, have hit the airways to promote energy conservation and “Honolulu City Lights Out.”

Hannemann is asking everyone to turn off non-essential lights and appliances tomorrow for one hour, and on every future third Saturday of the month, from 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

“We are doing this to remind people about the importance of conserving electricity,” Hannemann said. “It’s a way of keeping this issue one everyone’s mind so they will ask themselves whether they really need lights and appliances turned on all the time.”

Originally an offshoot of Earth Hour, the annual global lights out project, Honolulu City Lights Out was the answer to local residents asking, “Why just one hour a year?”

The monthly event bolsters the City’s nationally recognized and award-winning 21st Century Ahupua’a sustainability plan and other public outreach efforts that encourage energy conservation and sustainable practices.

“This was just another way to reach people, and we appreciate the active involvement of ClearChannel and 21st Century Technologies to make this possible,” Hannemann said.