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Mayor Mufi Hannemann today unveiled the Compo bus, a demonstration model that the City will be evaluating over the next month for possible future use in the city bus fleet.

“We are constantly looking for ways to improve our public transportation system,” Hannemann said.  “The Compo bus certainly has the potential to be a benefit to our already award-winning bus system.”

The Compo bus body is made from an innovative composite material that is neither steel nor aluminum and may well hold up with less maintenance for corrosion issues.  It is 45 feet long and provides more capacity than the standard 40-foot bus the City now uses….46 seats instead of 37 with an increase in standing room as well.  The Compo bus has a spacious interior with large windows.  Hybrid systems can be installed, or the bus can be operated with new 2007 EPA Clean-Diesel technology.

“We expect that the Compo bus will be less costly to operate on routes where a 40-foot bus does not now provide sufficient capacity what with our increase in ridership and where a 60-foot articulated bus is too large,” Hannemann said.

The City plans to place the bus into service as early as tomorrow, initially on TheBeachBus run.  It will be tested on a variety of routes where extra capacity is needed, such as Route 1, Route 40 and Route 52 around the island. 

Hannemann said, “We look forward to hearing from passengers and our bus operators about the Compo bus as we determine whether to include this model in our city fleet in the future.”