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Mayor Mufi Hannemann is putting his energy saving message where it can be most effective„Ÿat the light switch.  The mayor is holding an art contest this month to promote energy conservation as part of the Cityfs Earth Month events.

The Energy Savings Contest is open to all Oahu residents who care about conserving electricity, and desire to pick up a paint brush or colored pens to design an eye-catching light switch cover that conveys a message to greduce electrical use.h  Entrants will be judged on artwork and creativity and must use a slogan with a green message. 

The contest is presented by the Mayorfs 21st Century Ahupua`a and the Department of Customer Services in partnership with Aloha Pacific Federal Credit Union.  gThe light switch designs serve as a reminder of how easy it is for us to play our part in conserving energy,h said Mayor Hannemann.  gThough the Brookings Institution rates Honolulu as the U.S. city with the smallest carbon footprint, we can still find ways to reduce energy consumption. Flicking the light switch off when we leave a room is a great way to start.h

Contest winners will receive cash prizes between 25 to 100 dollars.  The contest is open to Oahu residents of all ages and runs April 1 - 30, 2009.  Entry forms are available at all Satellite City Halls and online at and  For contest information, email or call Bob Rock at 768-3736.

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