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Honolulu Director of Parks and Recreation Lester K.C. Chang today released the following statement regarding the replacement of Poinciana Trees near Kailua District Park.


            “We are in the process of replacing 17 trees that were properly inspected by qualified arborists and determined to be diseased, decayed or otherwise damaged to the extent that they presented a danger to the public. This has been properly documented and extensively reviewed.


            “In addition, my staff had informed The Outdoor Circle and the Lani-Kailua Outdoor Circle weeks ago about our plans to replace these damaged trees. We also sought input regarding the type of replacement trees to be planted.


            “The contractor hired by the City to remove the damaged trees was required to inform the City prior to beginning any actual removal, so that additional information could be shared with the public in advance. Unfortunately, the contractor did not inform the City prior to beginning work on Saturday. The work has been temporarily suspended so that the community may be informed.


“This tree replacement project will resume soon, and we thank the public for their understanding that this work is necessary to protect public health and safety, and that the trees will be replaced.”




Media contact: Bill Brennan, 768-6928