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Mayor Mufi Hannemann will join Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley in that city on Sunday to present to the International Olympic Committee’s Evaluation Commission the United States’ proposal to host the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games.


“The Olympics are a wonderful opportunity for our country and its athletes to shine on the international stage,” Mayor Hannemann said. “Hosting the Olympics in the U.S. would also boost the nation’s travel industry and create many opportunities for cities like Honolulu to draw international visitors and to host athletic training programs and events. Additionally, America stands to renew and develop friendships that will bolster our image and reputation internationally.”


Chicago is competing with Madrid, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo to host the games. The International Olympic Committee will meet in Copenhagen on October 2 to make a final decision. President Obama has extended his personal support and endorsement of Chicago’s proposal.


Mayor Hannemann is chairman of the U.S. Conference of Mayors’ Tourism, Arts, Parks, Entertainment and Sports Committee. He also co-chairs, with Mayor Daley, a special USCM public- and private-sector task force working to support Chicago’s Olympic bid.


The USCM has announced plans for cities across the nation to sponsor Olympic Day sporting events in June to support and raise public awareness about Chicago’s proposal. The group will also work with sister cities in other nations to urge their support.


The Olympic Games are expected to substantially increase international travel to the U.S., and to draw international attention to Chicago and other cities. The Games will also provide an opportunity to inspire young people in cities across the country and around the world to participate in sports.


The USCM is creating an Urban Youth Sports Initiative to promote healthy sports activities and combat childhood obesity, especially in cities.


Mayor Hannemann will travel to Chicago at no cost to Honolulu taxpayers. He will return Tuesday, April 7.




Media contact: Bill Brennan, Mayor’s Office, 527-6928