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A damaged transport container initiates partial evacuation of businesses in the Campbell Industrial Park area

A damaged transport container delivered to Brewer Chemical in Campbell Industrial Park this afternoon leaked an unknown amount of chlorine gas before being contained.  No injuries were reported. 

The transport container appears to have additional damage that could potentially lead to an additional release of the remaining contents.

As a precaution the Honolulu Fire Department and the Honolulu Police Department have begun notifying businesses and residents within a one and one-half mile radius of Brewer Chemical located at 91-0150 Kaomi Loop to evacuate. 

The Honolulu Police Department has set-up road blocks and access into Campbell Industrial Park is for emergency responders only.  The public is asked to please avoid the Campbell Industrial Park area until further notified.

At this time there is no release of chlorine gas and no danger of an explosion.  Businesses and residents in the vicinity are urged to listen to TV and radio for further updates and information.

Representatives from Brewer Chemical are working with the Honolulu Fire Department HAZMAT to contain the incident.

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For more information contact:

Captain Earl Kealoha, PIO

Honolulu Fire Department