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            Mayor Mufi Hannemann today announced his signature of Bill 10 (2008), which defines the city’s approach to Transit-Oriented Development around stations for the planned rail transit system.


“I am pleased that the City Council has taken action on this important measure,” Mayor Hannemann said. “It takes us another step forward in our commitment to revitalize neighborhoods using rail transit as the catalyst. We will continue working with the council to ensure that the community is involved with the TOD planning.”


Bill 10 creates a framework for neighborhood TOD plans to be adopted later by City Council resolution. The plans will focus on creating economically vibrant communities that are healthier and more pedestrian-friendly. These plans will become the foundation for specific zoning regulations and financial incentives. Zoning regulations will address parking standards, new density provisions, open space and affordable housing. Financial incentives could include public-private partnerships, real property tax credits and infrastructure financing.


The council unanimously approved Bill 10 on March 18, 2009.


            The Mayor said he is pleased with the first neighborhood TOD draft plan, focused on the two transit stations planned for Waipahu, and with community participation at recent public meetings regarding TOD plans for Kapolei.


Waipahu stakeholders are proud of the two areas, and their recommendations for each station are quite different, responding to unique opportunities and challenges of the Leoku Station and the Mokuola Station,” Mayor Hannemann said. “Based on the enthusiasm we received from the community last Wednesday in Kapolei, we expect the same kind of open dialogue in preparing the next sets of neighborhood TOD plans for the three proposed transit stations in east Kapolei.”


Following is information regarding transit-related bills under consideration by the Legislature:


·        SB 442, SD 2, HD 1 – Relating to transit-oriented development.

Introduced by Sen. Norman Sakamoto, this bill creates the county infrastructure revolving fund within the State Department of Budget and Finance to provide no-interest loans to the counties for the development, predevelopment, or construction of infrastructure projects to expedite the building of transit-oriented development, especially that involving affordable housing.  HB 863, HD 1 is a similar bill.



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