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      Mayor Mufi Hannemann today announced four new initiatives aimed at reducing the waste stream to the Waimanalo Gulch Sanitary Landfill.

      The City will issue requests for proposals (RFPs) – two in the summer and two in early fall – aimed at food waste/green waste/sewage sludge, Demonstration Technologies, along with handling ash and residue from H-POWER.

      “My administration continues to work to significantly reduce the amount of opala heading to the landfill,” Mayor Hannemann said.  “In our 25-year Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan, the constant theme is the reduction of dependency on landfill disposal.  With the addition of the third boiler at H-POWER, island-wide recycling and these new initiatives, we are working towards slicing the percentage of our island’s trash going to the landfill in half by 2012.”

      The City is currently well above the national average, diverting from the landfill about 59 percent of the 1.795 million tons of garbage collected annually on Oahu.  When curbside recycling is fully implemented in May 2010, the diversion rate will increase another five percent.  By 2012, when the third boiler is operational, the City will be diverting approximately 80 percent from the landfill.

      This summer, the City is issuing two RFPs.  The first is targeted for an In-Vessel Conversion Facility that will process green waste, food waste and sewage sludge.  The second is for Demonstration Technologies using gasification, plasma arc, anaerobic digestion or a similar process to convert municipal solid waste and other waste presently being land filled. 

      In the fall, two more RFPs will be issued looking to handle both ash and residue from H-POWER into a usable product.

      Should the City be successful in all these efforts, the amount of material disposed of at the landfill will be approximately 10 percent of the waste generated on Oahu.

      “Few municipalities in the country can divert 80 percent of waste generated from a landfill and very, very few can achieve 90 percent diversion,” Mayor Hannemann added.





Bill Brennan, Mayor’s Press Secretary, 768-6829

Markus Owens, ENV Public Communications Officer, 768-3454