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(Saturday, February 27, 2010) --- Beginning Monday, March 1, workers will be removing the Parkia tree at Foster Botanical Garden. It is growing near the road on Vineyard Boulevard between Nuuanu Avenue and the Maunakea gate.


Most of the work will be done from Vineyard Boulevard.  A street use permit to close the road has been obtained from the State Dept. of Transportation. The City has also requested a special duty officer to assist with traffic control.  No parking signs have been posted to warn drivers that they will need to make other parking arrangements next week.  The works is scheduled to last through Wednesday.


An independent arborist has determined numerous branches have substantial decay.  These findings were independently confirmed by Urban Forestry Division's horticulturist and arborist. As much of the canopy overhangs Vineyard Boulevard, it is in a high target area frequented by many pedestrians and vehicles on all six through lanes, a parking lane, and left turn stacking lane on Vineyard.  The other side of the canopy overhangs city Parks Department offices and an employee parking area, putting them at risk as well.


The current location of the tree is not conducive to replanting so a replacement tree will be planted in the garden somewhere nearby.