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(Wednesday, July 14, 2010) --- The City & County of Honolulu’s Department of Parks and Recreation is advising that the parking lot for Halona Lookout and access to the lookout and cove will be closed on Thursday, July 15, 2010 through Friday July 16, 2010 out of concern for public safety while a film crew works with large pieces of equipment in the area, and to keep a portion of the area clear for ‘picture,’ what is seen from the camera’s vantage point.  There are no public restrictions elsewhere on the coast, just in the immediate filming area.


Public access to the hilly area mauka of the cove will also be restricted to keep the area clear for the camera’s vantage point.


Additionally, the rifle range will be closed to the public on the same two days July 15 -16, 2010.  It will be used as a working basecamp for production that will house the trucks and equipment in a contained area that will minimize the impact of production in the area to the general public. 


The production company will be required to cover the costs of opening the rifle range on two future dates that would normally be closed to the public to make up for the Thursday and Friday closure.


“We appreciate the public’s patience over the next two days,” said Mayor Mufi Hannemann.  “We want to continue to encourage the growth of the film industry in Hawaii.  At the same time, we appreciate the production company’s offer to cover the cost of opening the rifle range on two future dates.  We’ll likely use the funds to keep open the range on tow of the furlough days when it would normally have been closed.”


Hawaii’s film industry has grown in recent years to a $200 million-per-year industry and is responsible for generating over $500 billion in economic activity since 2007 while creating hundreds of jobs and providing millions of dollars of free advertising for the state.


Contact:           Bill Brennan