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(Mon., Aug. 2, 2010)—Acting Mayor Kirk Caldwell today demonstrated a new technology the city is using to combat graffiti on city roadway signs.


“This new approach in removing graffiti from street signs will help ensure the safety of our drivers and pedestrians by keeping traffic signs clear and readable,” Caldwell said.The new technique will improve our city’s appearance and save taxpayers money by allowing easy cleaning of road signs rather than costly replacements.”


The city Department of Facility Maintenance will now add a protective coating on all new city street signs, allowing the quick removal of spray paint and ink graffiti, as well as stickers. Cleaning the treated signs will only require a biodegradable spray cleaner or the use of masking tape.


The city replaces about 300 signs a month because of graffiti and routine maintenance needs. Cleaning agents previously used to remove graffiti from signs were either too weak to be effective, or caused damage because they were too abrasive.


The city will also partner with organizations like the Mililani Town Association, which will help clean the newly-installed city roadway signs in Mililani on a voluntary basis.


“This new technology is a great asset in the fight against graffiti, and partnering with the community and the Honolulu Police Department is the best way to truly solve this problem,” Caldwell said.




Media Contact: Scott Ishikawa, 768-4810