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(Thursday, March 18, 2010) --- On Friday, March 19, 2010, traffic operation at the Kapolei Parkway/Kolowaka Drive intersection in `Ewa will be changed from a two-way STOP to a four-way STOP control.


This means that ALL vehicles that use the intersection must STOP before proceeding through the intersection.  Previously, only vehicles on the Kolowaka Drive approaches were required to STOP.  Now, vehicles on both the Kolowaka Drive AND the Kapolei Parkway approaches must STOP.  There are various warning signs and devices designed to reinforce driver awareness that ALL VEHICLES MUST STOP.


The four-way STOP is being installed as an interim measure prior to the signalization of the Kapolei Parkway/Kolowaka Drive intersection.  The signalization is expected to be in place within two to three months and is being installed by Gentry Homes as part of a zoning requirement.  Recently, the City Department of Transportation Services (DTS) met with Gentry to accelerate the implementation schedule of the traffic signal, similar to what DTS had already done at the Kapolei Parkway/Renton Road intersection located mauka of the Kolowaka Drive intersection.


These measures were triggered by the recent opening of the North-South Road (now named Kualaka`i Parkway) and the connection of Kapolei Parkway between Renton Road and Kualaka`i Parkway.  This created continuous routes between Papipi Road in `Ewa Beach to H-1 Freeway and to Fort Barrette Road in Kapolei.