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(Friday, January 29, 2010) -- Mayor Mufi Hannemann today announced that the City and County of Honolulu and its sister counties will introduce a redesigned Hawaii driver license with a new look and enhanced security features.

He said the new cards are in compliance with federal regulations.  Driver license offices statewide will began issuing the new licenses on Monday, February 1.

“There are 615,000 licensed motorists in Honolulu who, within eight years, will eventually be issued the new cards before their expiration dates,” said Hannemann.  The City’s Department of Customer Services recently awarded a new contract to Marquis ID Systems, with the requirement that the cards meet all federal security mandates.  “Because the contract expired, it was an opportune time to shift gear and revamp the card with additional security features,” said the mayor.  “The makeover also integrates the popular rainbow, state flag, and island chain logo into the new look.”

The new license has more security layers making it difficult to copy.  The increase in cost for production of each card is approximately $1 more than the existing $3.50 during the eight-year contract period.  The fees are as follows:

25 to 71 years of age        8 years  =  $24

17 to 24 years of age        4 years  =  $12

72 years of age or older    2 years  =  $  6

The cost to obtain a duplicate is $5. 

Current driver licenses are still valid and will be phased out in 2018.  They may be renewed six months before their expiration dates.  The last redesign took place in January 2005.