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The City and County of Honolulu's new fireworks ordinance allows only firecrackers to be used.  Therefore, people may possess leftover fireworks that are illegal and dangerous to the community.


The Honolulu Fire Department and the Honolulu Police Department have created the Honolulu Fireworks Amnesty Program, which may reduce fireworks-related accidents and fires.  The program allows the public to safely dispose of unwanted/illegal fireworks by dropping them off at designated fire stations without fear of legal ramifications.


Between June 18-26 and July 9-17, 2011, four fire stations will serve as designated drop-off sites each weekend from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  Only fireworks will be accepted.  Explosives and contrabands, including guns and ammunition, will not be accepted.  It is recommended that the public utilize the closest fire station.  No questions will be asked, no names taken, and all items will be disposed of by the proper authorities.


See below for more information:


       Honolulu Fireworks Amnesty Program


A listing of acceptable and unacceptable items and how to transport fireworks


       Honolulu Fireworks Amnesty Program Schedule


A listing of dates, times, and locations


       Important Changes to the City's Fireworks Regulations


Honolulu Fireworks Amnesty Program


Acceptable Items


      1.   Small fireworks


Firecrackers of all sizes, cracker balls, fountains, sparklers, smoke balls, toy snakes, ground spinners, pinwheels, fireballs, toy trick noisemakers, and toy smoke devices


      2.   Large fireworks


Aerial shells, aerial tubes, Roman candles, and skyrockets


Unacceptable Items


      1.   Homemade or modified fireworks


      2.   Improvised explosives or other explosives


      3.   Guns and ammunition


Transporting Fireworks


Follow these safety tips and use extreme caution when transporting fireworks:


      1.   Prior to transport, store fireworks in a cool, dry place away from sparks or heat.


      2.   Keep fireworks in its original packaging if possible.


      3.   Do not smoke while handling, loading, or transporting fireworks.


      4.   Prepare fireworks for transport by placing them in a cardboard box or a plastic bucket with a lid.


      5.   Do not transport fireworks in the passenger compartment of a vehicle.  Always transport fireworks in the trunk.  In the absence of a trunk, transport fireworks in a plastic bucket or tub with a lid.


      6.   Do not put fireworks in your vehicle until you are ready to drop them off.


      7.   Go directly to an amnesty site, and drop off fireworks before driving elsewhere.



Honolulu Fireworks Amnesty Program Schedule


June 18-19, 2011           

Kapolei Fire Station, 2020 Lauwiliwili Avenue

Waianae Fire Station, 85-645 Farrington Highway

Waiau Fire Station, 98-1109 Komo Mai Drive

Waipahu Fire Station, 94-121 Leonui Street


June 25-26, 2011           

Kahuku Fire Station, 56-460 Kamehameha Highway

Kailua Fire Station, 211 Kuulei Road

Kaneohe Fire Station, 45-910 Kamehameha Highway

Waimanalo Fire Station, 41-1301 Kalanianaole Highway


July 9-10, 2011           

Mililani Mauka Fire Station, 95-1990 Meheula Pkwy

Moanalua Fire Station, 2835 Ala Ilima Street

Sunset Beach Fire Station, 59-719 Kamehameha Highway

Wahiawa Fire Station, 640 California Avenue


July 16-17, 2011        

Hawaii Kai Fire Station, 515 Lunalilo Home Road

Kakaako Fire Station, 555 Queen Street

Kalihi Kai Fire Station, 1334 Nimitz Highway

McCully-Moiliili Fire Station, 2425 Date Street


Fireworks will only be accepted between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.


Fireworks may not be dropped off at nondesignated fire stations.


This schedule is subject to change.  Changes will be publicized as early as possible.

Important Changes to the City's Fireworks Regulations



The Honolulu Fire Department (HFD) reminds the public of the following changes to the sale and use of consumer fireworks that became effective on January 2, 2011:


      1.   Consumers may only purchase firecrackers.


      2.   Consumers must apply for a firecracker permit no less than ten days before the date they wish to use firecrackers.


      3.   It is unlawful for any person(s) having the custody or control of a minor to permit the minor to set off, ignite, or otherwise cause to explode firecrackers.


There are no changes to the following requirements for the sale and use of firecrackers:


      1.   A permit is required to use firecrackers on New Year's Eve, Chinese New Year's Day, and Fourth of July (also known as Independence Day) and for cultural uses.


      2.   Firecracker permits must be displayed where firecrackers are used and state the applicant's name, age, and address and the date, time, and location of firecracker use.


      3.   Each firecracker permit costs $25.  Consumers may purchase multiple permits.


      4.   Each firecracker permit authorizes the purchase of up to 5,000 firecrackers.


      5.   Firecracker permits for New Year's Eve, Chinese New Year's Day, and

            Fourth of July are issued at Satellite City Halls.


      6.   Firecracker permits for cultural uses are issued at the HFD's Fire

            Prevention Bureau (FPB), which is located at 636 South Street.


      7.   Firecrackers must be purchased from licensed retailers no more than five days prior to its use.


      8.   The penalty for fireworks violations is a fine of up to $2,000 or imprisonment of up to five years.


Should you have any questions, please call the FPB at 808-723-7162.