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(Tues., June 21, 2011)—The City Department of Emergency Management is requesting the public's help in monitoring outdoor warning sirens for vandalism and reporting any suspicious activity.


Thieves have broken into the Haleiwa Beach Park siren and stolen batteries three times in the past several months. Other sirens have also been broken into and had batteries removed.


These thefts cost taxpayers between $400.00 and $600.00 per siren.


More importantly, the loss of batteries can make a siren inoperable during the next tsunami or other disaster, endangering local communities.


The public is asked to help prevent these thefts by becoming aware of nearby sirens and monitoring them for vandalism and/or suspicious activity.


Any vandalism, damages, or missing sirens or components should be reported to the Department of Emergency Management at 723-8960.


Any suspicious activity should be reported to the Honolulu Police Department by calling 911.




Peter J.S. Hirai

Deputy Director

Department of Emergency Management

(808) 723-8960  Office