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(Tues., Nov. 22, 2011)—The City and County of Honolulu is launching its new Mobile Video Security System, or MVSS, that will be installed and operated on TheBus fleet. According to Department of Transportation Services Director Wayne Y. Yoshioka, the new MVSS system is part of the City’s continuing efforts to improve TheBus experience, by enhancing security for both passengers and bus personnel.

            The City will equip each public transit bus with interior and exterior cameras connected to a centralized high-definition digital video recording system for after-the-fact reviews of incidents or events. Installation of the equipment will be completed in phased increments until the entire 525-vehicle fleet is equipped. A mini-fleet of ten buses operating on various routes for a 30-day test period is expected to begin tomorrow, Wednesday, November 23, 2011.

            The project utilizes Federal Transit Administration (FTA) funds specifically earmarked for enhancing safety and security for transit operations. The current project cost of $1,025,575 includes $820,461 in FTA funds and $205,114 in City funds and will equip 158 buses in Phases 1–3, as well as the central control systems at the Kalihi and Pearl City Bus Facilities. The City’s consultant for the planning, design and project management services for the MVSS project is LM Telecommunications. The equipment vendor is Safety Vision, LLC.


Contact:  Wayne Y. Yoshioka, Department of Transportation Services Director, 768-8303