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(Thur., May 12, 2011) –Mayor Peter Carlisle said today that the last bale of waste at the Hawaiian Waste Systems (HWS) facility in Campbell Industrial Park has been removed and delivered to a City waste disposal facility.


         The final 11 tons of waste went to H-POWER Tues., May 10. In all, HWS delivered 14,779 tons to H-POWER (76%), the City’s waste-to-energy facility, and 4,565 (24%) tons to Waimanalo Gulch Sanitary Landfill (WGSL). HWS was able to extract and recycle 1,525 tons of metal.  HWS also pulled out 49 tons of E-waste and sent it to WGSL.


         From Sept. 28, 2009, to March 21, 2010, the City delivered 20,918 tons of waste to HWS as part of a contract to ship 100,000 tons of Oahu’s waste annually to a Washington landfill. However, HWS experienced difficulties in securing permits and a protest by the Yakama Nation that eventually led to a settlement agreement between the City and HWS to transport the waste to H-POWER, where it was combusted to produce electricity. Waste not suitable for combustion was trucked to WGSL. As part of the settlement, the City absorbed the tipping fees.


         The waste consisted mostly of bulky items and similar material from convenience centers normally destined for WGSL. However, because HWS processed the waste – crushing it to make it suitable to bale for shipment – the majority of the material was accepted at H-POWER.






Media Contact:  Markus Owens, ENV Public Communications Officer, 768-3454