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(Wed., April 18, 2012) Pursuant to Chapter 107, Hawaii Revised Statutes, the 2006 International Building Code became effective on April 16 as the new State Building Code.


            The four counties were required by state law to adopt the state code, but each was allowed to amend the state model as it applies to their respective jurisdiction. The Department of Planning and Permitting is in the process of modifying the new State Code for the City’s Building Code by adding local amendments that apply specifically to Oahu.


            Bill 35, currently before the Honolulu City Council, would formally adopt the new 2006 International Building Code with the local amendments. In the meantime, the new code will be in effect on an interim basis. Applications submitted to DPP prior to the April 16 effective date will not be required to be updated.


            Bill 35 is available for review on the City Council website,




Media contact: Tim Hiu, DPP Building Division Chief, 768-8220.