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(Wed., January 11, 2012)Now that the holidays are over and decorations are being put away, the Honolulu Fire Department (HFD) encourages you to remove and recycle your natural holiday tree as soon as possible.   


"A dry holiday tree is a serious fire hazard.  While the tree itself won't start a fire, it is a fuel source that burns very fast and hot and can cause a fire to spread rapidly," said Fire Chief Kenneth Silva.  "An outdoors holiday tree fire can send flames, heat, and smoke billowing into a structure, thus endangering lives and property."


The HFD offers the following tips to help reduce the risk of a holiday tree fire:


       Never burn a holiday tree or tree clippings in a fireplace.  This is likely to deposit highly flammable creosote in the chimney and may cause a fire to extend to the rest of your home.


       Never burn a holiday tree in a bonfire.  The pitch in the wood is likely to generate big, fast-moving sparks, which can spread a fire.  Remember, rubbish fires are illegal.  Other open burnings, such as bonfires, require the Fire Chief's approval.


  • Do not leave your holiday tree outside for a long period of time.  Someone may be tempted to ignite the tree, which will endanger life and property.

  • Place your tree at the curb on your green waste collection day or drop it off at the nearest City Convenience Center or composting facility.  For more information, visit




CONTACT:  Fire Captain Terry Seelig, Public Information Officer, 808-723-7117