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HONOLULU, HAWAI'I (October 4, 2012) The Honolulu Zoo Society has donated 11 new directional signs to guide visitors and kama'aina to the Honolulu Zoo. The new signs feature a white elephant on a brown background, with 'Zoo' printed in both English and Kanji characters, and an arrow pointing in the direction of the Honolulu Zoo. The signs have been placed on poles on Kalakaua, Kuhio, Paki and Kapahulu avenues. In the past, there were only two city street signs directing visitors to the zoo. The old signs were heavily faded and hardly noticeable. 
 "These new, beautiful elephant inspired signs will undoubtedly increase awareness of the location of the Honolulu Zoo, our hidden treasure in Waikiki. Our visitors will be able to enjoy the serene environment, the incredible wildlife, and the beautiful flora on the grounds of the Zoo," said Jason Ito, Honolulu Zoo Society board president. "These new signs are another testament to the wonderful partnership between the City and the Honolulu Zoo Society."
The elephant themed signs were inspired by the Honolulu Zoo's newly completed elephant exhibit. The multi-million dollar exhibit, which was completed last year, has been wildly popular with the zoo's patrons and has continued to draw excitement and garner interest from guests.
"The Department of Enterprise Services appreciates this gift to the City by the Honolulu Zoo Society and realizes the importance to capitalize on this marketing and branding opportunity to our visitors," said Randy Leong, Department of Enterprise Services, deputy director. "This signage will no doubt help to increase our revenues at the Zoo through admissions at the gate and retail spending."
The Honolulu Zoo is the third most visited attraction on Oahu.
About the Honolulu Zoo Society
Founded in 1969, the Honolulu Zoological Society is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization whose purpose is to support the Honolulu Zoo and its mission, to educate the public about the importance of wildlife and conservation issues, and to provide for the needed capital improvements to the Zoo through fundraising efforts. For information on how to support the Honolulu Zoological Society, visit the HZS website at or call (808) 926-3191