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(Mon., Mar. 12, 2012)Mayor Peter Carlisle today opened six new roadways in Kapolei as part of an ongoing effort to improve traffic flow in the area and stimulate job creation. The City and County of Honolulu spent $4.75 million for the Kapolei Parkway extension and Kapolei Property Development spent approximately $20 million to construct new sections of:

         Kapolei Parkway

         Manawai Street

         Kama'aha Avenue




            The roads add new alternate routes to connect residential areas with job and commercial centers and further improve traffic flow in Kapolei.

            "Kapolei is Oahu's second city, bustling with growth, commerce and opportunity," Carlisle said. "Kapolei Parkway is an important thoroughfare that the community depends on, so the completion of this extension is great news." 

            Carlisle noted that the roadway provides access to 34 acres of City property along the road and the uses of the property will ultimately improve mobility and provide additional services to the public. One of the lots being served by Kapolei Parkway is slated for a bus transit center.  The City will determine possible uses for the other lots.

            "These new roads do more than just improve traffic flow," said Richard Dahl, CEO of the James Campbell Company, the parent company of Kapolei Property Development. "These roads stimulate job creation. By providing access to the commercial lots in the City of Kapolei, these roads attract additional investment and encourage companies to locate their businesses in Kapolei. This results in more jobs and more opportunities for residents to work where they live.  We appreciate Mayor Carlisle's vision and strong commitment to making Kapolei a vibrant city in which to work and live."  

            Dahl added that Kapolei Parkway is part of a future planned route for rail transit and he thanked Mayor Carlisle for his leadership in that area as well. "We believe the rail transit project is an important investment in Hawaii's future," Dahl said. "It improves mobility and quality of life and complements our efforts here in Kapolei.

            More than $1.5 billion has been invested in the City of Kapolei by private and government sources. Kapolei Property Development has invested more than $450 million in Kapolei, including roadways and other public facilities.

Media contact: Louise Kim McCoy, Mayor's Office, 768-7798.