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(Fri., July 13, 2012) The Department of Environmental Services (ENV) has revised restrictions on new sewer connections from Halawa to Pearl City after developing an interim solution that addresses concerns about sewer system capacity.


Installing new valves and separating sewage flows through pipes from the Pearl City and Waipahu pump stations will allow the City to continue processing applications for new sewer connections.


This interim solution will allow timely connections for the larger construction projects proposed in the area, including The Plaza assisted living development project in Pearl City and the planned redevelopment of the old Kam Drive-In site, as well as smaller projects and individual home connections.


Sewer connection applications for projected flows of 2,000 gallons or more per day will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. The outlook is optimistic for projects that are in the early development stage since they will not impact the system for several years. A major new sewer pipe from the Waipahu Pump Station is required by a federal consent decree and is expected to be completed in 2018.


In view of the consent decree, ENV had in April 2012 restricted certain new sewer connections because of concerns about the capacity of pipes servicing the Pearl City area. The interim solution will maximize existing capacity in a pipe from the Pearl City Pump Station by separating it from flows originating in Mililani and Waipahu, which will be directed through a pipe from the Waipahu Pump Station. Flows from Mililani and Waipahu currently enter both pipes during certain peak periods.


The previous restrictions had affected new construction on undeveloped lots, but had not affected one-for-one replacement connections for structures that were demolished and replaced, or simple additions to homes already connected to the sewer system. The restrictions on new construction are now revised.






Contact:  Markus Owens, ENV Public Communications Officer, 768-3454