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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                       June 12, 2012




(Tue., June 12, 2012)—The Department of Parks and Recreation’s popular Summer Fun Program, which attracts more than 9,000 youths on Oahu annually, has just announced it will be implementing a healthier “Get Active, Get Fit…E Oni Kakou” theme this summer.


            In an effort to help combat the obesity epidemic in Honolulu, Parks and Recreation will be offering healthy beverage alternatives in their vending machines.  Parks staff has replaced the sugar-sweetened beverages and sodas with 100% fruit juices and water in all their drink dispensers at the 60 Summer Fun Program sites. Children participating at these sites will also be encouraged to take the “Soda-Free Summer Challenge,” a pledge to abstain from drinking sugar-sweetened beverages for the duration of the Summer Fun Program.

            In addition, Parks and Recreation will continue to promote physical activity in the Summer Fun program as they have done in previous years.  This year, current and former NFL players will visit selected summer fun sites on Oahu and will be promoting the NFL Play60 movement for active generations.  Players will interact with summer fun keiki through physical activities and Play60 events like the Punt, Pass, and Kick Competition.


            In Hawaii, almost one in three children kindergarten are overweight or obese, and the percentage of high school students who are obese increased 26% from 1999 to 2011. Almost one in five high school students report consuming at least one sugary drink per day, accounting for about 10% of their overall diet. Additionally, four out of five high school students fail to meet national recommendations for physical activity. Changing our environment to make healthy food and beverage options more accessible and increasing opportunities for physical activity are critical steps in reversing this trend.    


            “It’s more than changing drinks.  It’s really altering children’s lifestyles and habits.  By making healthy foods and beverages available, accessible, and affordable, and incorporating different physical activities into the program, we hope to influence healthy choices,” said Mayor Peter Carlisle.  “More than one-third of adults and close to one-fifth of children and adolescents in the United States are obese, accelerating to epidemic proportions.  We have to work together to effect change.  Success requires action from all of us,” added Carlisle  


           The State Department of Health is partnering with the City in this initiative.  According to Director of Health Loretta J. Fuddy, these positive changes are another exciting step toward improving the health of our keiki.  "This is a great example of government being proactive and making healthy food choices, and beverages accessible at places where our children learn and play, and families and communities gather," said Fuddy.


           The Department of Parks and Recreation offers seven weeks of Summer Fun at 60 sites throughout the island of Oahu.  Children enjoy a wide variety of arts and crafts, sports and games, excursions, and special events.  There is a $25 registration fee, which is waived for eligible families, and up to $75 for activity fees.


           For more information of summer fun programs, contact the Department of Parks and Recreation,






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