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Mayor Caldwell signs bills banning smoking at parks and bus stops, signs 'Ewa Development Plan 

Waikiki Mayor Kirk Caldwell held a signing ceremony Sunday at Kuhio Beach to enact two bills banning smoking at city parks and at TheBus stops. 

"This is about the health of the people of Oahu," said Mayor Caldwell.  "We have one of the longest life expectancies in the country, and we achieve that by looking out for one another.  These smoking bans are intended to allow our keiki, residents, and visitors to enjoy our beaches and parks without being exposed to cancer-causing second-hand smoke, or to ride TheBus without being exposed." 

Bill 25, introduced by City Council Vice Chair Ikaika Anderson bans smoking at all city parks and beaches, except city golf courses. 

"If the city is to prohibit smoking at City parks to protect the public from the dangers of secondhand smoke, we must prohibit smoking at all city parks and not just a select few," said Councilmember Anderson.  "I am pleased that my colleagues on the City Council agree with this uniform no-smoking policy at our city parks, and that Mayor Kirk Caldwell promptly signed this ordinance.  Congratulations to all members of the community who worked very hard to protect public health in Honolulu." 

Bill 28, introduced by Councilmember Ron Menor, bans smoking at all TheBus stops.  The ban applies within 20 feet of any bus stop sign or any bus shelter.

"Bill 28 is about promoting the health and well-being of bus riders who are exposed to second-hand smoke while waiting at bus stops," said Councilmember Menor.  "Exposure to second-hand smoke can be especially problematic at bus stops where bus riders are oftentimes standing or sitting next to one another in close proximity. In these situations, it is difficult for bus riders who are non-smokers to avoid inhaling the second-hand smoke if another bus rider chooses to light up a cigarette right next to them.  This bill would also help to ensure that the City & County of Honolulu remains at the forefront of setting public health policies." 

Councilmember Stanley Chang introduced a bill banning smoking at certain city beaches which was passed and signed into law earlier this year.

"I would like to thank the Mayor for his approval on these two measures which restrict smoking at public areas in the city," said Councilmember Chang. "I have received overwhelming support in favor of having our beaches and open spaces clean and smoke-free, and creating a healthy environment for our residents and guests as well." 

The prohibition against smoking in city parks and at bus stops becomes effective January 1st.   Penalties range from a $100 fine for the first violation to $500 for three or more violations.

In addition, on Monday, July 22, Mayor Caldwell signed Bill 65 (2012), the 'Ewa Development Plan.   

On Tuesday, July 23, Mayor Caldwell returned unsigned Bill 27, relating to city forms, allowing the legislation to become law without his signature. 

All four bills, 25, 27, 28, and 65 (2012), were passed by the Honolulu City Council on July 10. 




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