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Thursday, August 1, 2013
Contact: Jesse Broder Van Dyke 768-6928

 Grants in Aid Advisory Commission releases recommendations for GIA funding

 Honolulu—The Grants in Aid Advisory Commission has released its recommendations for grant proposals to the Honolulu City Council.  The commission was able to recommended funding for 41 of the 134 proposals submitted for a total of approximately $5.1 million. 

 Grant proposals were scored on a scale of 1 to 100, with the score being used to determine recommendations for funding. 

 "The new Grants in Aid process generated significant interest from deserving nonprofit organizations and provided the transparency and accountability that we owe to the taxpayers of the City and County of Honolulu," Mayor Caldwell said.

 "The Grants in Aid Advisory Commission spent hundreds of hours reviewing proposals and worked very hard to ensure grant recommendations were merit-based using fair and objective criteria," said Letitia N. Uyehara, Chair of the Grants in Aid Advisory Commission. "We hope the City Council will recognize the time and effort that went into this process, and concurs with the Commission's recommendations."

 The commission's recommendations are subject to the approval of the Honolulu City Council.  The Fiscal Year 2014 budget bill (Bill 11 [2013], CD2, FD1) contains the language:

"All projects recommended by the Commission shall be subject to the review of the Honolulu City Council which reserves the right to amend such recommendations but will limit its amendments to projects that have complied with the Grant-In-Aid submission process as initiated by the department.  These aforementioned funds shall be expended for no other purposes.  A maximum of 5 percent of the fund may be used for the administration of the fund."

 The commission's recommendations are as follows:

 Organization                                                                                   Recommended Grant

 After-School All-Stars Hawaii                                                           $70,000.00

Aloha Medical Mission                                                                       $95,957.80

Alu Like, Inc.                                                                                       $30,000.00

American National Red Cross                                                             $50,000.00     

Bishop Museum                                                                                    $66,470.20

Boys and Girls Club of Hawaii                                                            $100,000.00

Coalition for a Drug-Free Hawaii                                                         $75,000.00

Domestic Violence Action Center                                                         $128,315.00

Friends of Hawaii Robotics                                                                  $25,000.00

Girls Scouts of Hawaii                                                                          $125,000.00

Hale Kipa, Inc.                                                                                      $60,000.00

Hawaii Agricultural Foundation                                                           $120,023.87

Hawaii Home Ownership Center                                                          $404,229.95

Hawaii Literacy                                                                                    $89,080.00

Hawaii Meals on Wheels                                                                      $364,095.00

Hawaii Public Television Foundation                                                  $121,500.00

Hawaii Youth Symphony                                                                      $131,500.00

Helping Hands Hawaii                                                                         $131,087.00

Hina Mauka (The Alcoholic Rehabilitation Services of Hawaii)        $250,000.00

Honolulu Community Action Program (HCAP)                                   $160,540.67

Honolulu Theatre for Youth                                                                  $40,000.00

Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii                                                     $55,790.00

Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children                            $117,127.68

Key Project                                                                                          $114,404.16

Kokua Kalihi Valley Comprehensive Family Services                        $130,350.00

Malama Maunalua                                                                                $140,875.00

Pacific Islands Fisheries Group                                                           $73,090.00

Pali Momi Medical Center                                                                   $150,000.00

Project Vision Hawaii                                                                          $88,400.00

Read Aloud America                                                                            $196,059.24

Special Olympics Hawaii                                                                     $96,080.00

Susannah Wesley Community Center                                                    $221,404.00

St. Francis Healthcare Foundation of Hawaii                                       $125,000.00

Sutter Health Pacific, dba Kahi Mohala                                               $100,000.00

The Children's Alliance of Hawaii, Inc.                                               $79,920.00

Volunteer Legal Services of Hawaii                                                     $152,393.54

Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center                                      $117,183.00

Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center                                      $90,563.96

Waikiki Community Center                                                                   $75,000.00

Waikiki Health Center                                                                          $300,000.00   

Young Women's Christian Association                                                 $75,000.00


Total:                                                                          $5,136,440.07


The Grants in Aid Fund was created by a charter amendment approved by voters in November 2012.  The amendment mandates that half a percent of the City's general fund be set aside for the fund, intended for qualified non-profit organizations which serve economically and/or socially disadvantaged populations or provide services for public benefit in the areas of arts, culture, economic development, or the environment.