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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

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Crews begin cutting Ala Wai 'Black Noodle'

Pipe to be removed by the end of month



Mayor Caldwell holds a press conference along the Ala Wai Canal. Construction workers can be seen beginning to cut the "black noodle" in the background.


Moiliili - Mayor Kirk Caldwell today said contractors are making excellent progress in removing the emergency sewer pipe that was installed in the Ala Wai Canal seven years ago.


"We are working steadily to get the 'black noodle' out of the canal safely," Mayor Caldwell said during a briefing on the canal banks in Moiliili. "We are also taking steps to minimize the impact of this pipe removal on the paddling community."


Contractors have assembled a large barge and positioned it near portions of the pipe now floating in the canal. They will cut sections of the 5,135 foot long pipe, cap the pipe ends and then pull sections to the canal banks. Those sections will then be cut into smaller sections in a staging area behind Ala Wai and Iolani School.


Workers hope to have the pipe removed by the end of this month.


Measuring 48 inches in diameter, the pipe was part of the Beachwalk Wastewater Emergency Bypass (BWEB) project.  The BWEB project followed the March 2006 break of a force main on Kaiolu Street in Waikiki. The emergency lines are no longer needed thanks to the newly installed 5,800 foot Beachwalk Force Main line and a rehabilitated existing line.


"The good news is we will have redundancy that was missing in 2006, and that means we are confident that what happened seven years ago will not be repeated," Mayor Caldwell said.


 "These emergency pipes, including the ones above ground in Waikiki, Moiliili and the Ala Moana area, did their job, but we are all thankful they will be gone and replaced by two very reliable ways of transporting waste out of Waikiki," said Chris Takashige, director of the Department of Design and Construction.


Once the pipes are cut up and hauled away, the city will work to reopen the walking and bike path along the Ala Wai Canal. Workers will also remediate various park areas and streets impacted by the project. The city expects the entire Beachwalk Force Main project to be finished later this year.


Additional information can be obtained at the website or by contacting Jim McCoy at or at 282-3440