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November 14, 2013


Road work weekly report


Scheduled road work for the week beginning November 17, 2013, for the Department of Design and Construction, Civil Division (Construction Management Branch), and Wastewater Division (Construction Management Branch) is listed below. Road work is normally done between the hours of 8:30 AM and 3:30 PM unless otherwise noted.



Rehabilitation of Localized Streets, Phase 7B Ewa Village

Alaiki St, Ala Loa St, Alana St, Alanui Mauka Pl, Alanui Mauka St, Auwaha St, Bond St, Bryan St, Burke St, Ekemauu St, Halolani St, Hapaiko St, Garton St, Halemano St, Hapua St, Hei Pl, Hookahe Pl, Hoopio St, Hulili St, Imelda St, Kamahoi St, Karayan St, Kikoo St, Kuali St, Kuapuu St, Kupeleko Pl, Kuuwelu Pl, Lako St, Lauo St, Lehu St, Luahine St, Luluka St, Lunanui St, Mahamoe St, Malako St, Maliko St, Miula St, Nale St, Niulelo Pl, Oha St, Olehala St, Oohao St, Orrick St, Paaniana St, Paeheulu St, Paekii St, Paeko St, Pahe St, Paheahea St, Pahika St, Park Row, Pepper Row, Pihi St, Pipeline St, Pohakulepo St, Pualoalo Pl, Pualu St, Puhiko St, Punako St, Puuhala St, Sisal St, Tenney St, Uluhui St and Wili St.


Project includes: cold planning; resurfacing of asphalt concrete pavements; reconstruction of failed asphalt concrete pavement areas identified by the contractor and confirmed by the City; adjustment of utility manhole frames and covers, and street survey monument frame and covers; installation of pavement markers, striping and markings; installation of vehicle detector loops; locating existing manholes, valve boxes, monuments, etc. with GPS survey equipment and providing ArcGIS data files to City Dept. of Planning and Permitting in required data format.

Paving complete. Adjusting manholes and placing permanent striping on various streets is on going.  Varona Village area will be included.


Rehabilitation Of Streets Renton Road (Between Kapolei Parkway and Asing Park)

The project involves (1) road reconstruction and resurfacing; (2) curb, gutter and catch basin reconstruction; (3) pavement striping, markings and markers; (4) tree trimming and root pruning; adjustment of manholes and utility boxes to new finish grade; (5) installation of speed bumps.

            (Estimated completion date, November 2013)



Rehabilitation of Streets, Unit 25 (Lunalilo Home Road & Mariners Cove):  The work includes localized reconstruction of pavement and resurfacing of the streets indicated below; reconstruction of identified curbs and gutters are included; tree trimming, pruning and removal will be performed as necessary under the guidance of qualified arborist; post paving activities include permanent pavement markings and adjustment of utility manhole frames and covers to grade.  Mariners Cove and Portlock paving complete; and continue constructing concrete bus pads along Lunalilo Home Road; continue paving between Wailua Street and Hawaii Kai Drive.

The affected roadways and limits of work are as follows:


Wailua Street from Hawaii Kai Drive to Lunalilo Home Road, Lunalilo Home Road from Portlock Road to Wainiha Street mauka intersection, Hawaii Kai Drive from Lunalilo Home Road to Kamilo Street, Kamilo Street from Hawaii Kai Drive to Hawaii Kai Drive, Niumalu Loop from Kamilo Street to Kamilo Street, Hoopii Place from Niumalu Loop to End, Kukuii Street from Kamilo Street to Niumalu Loop, Naakea Street from Kamilo Street to Kamilo Street, Olohena Street from Niumalu Loop to Naakea Street, Halaula Place from Kamilo Street to End, Naakea Place from Naakea Street to End, Kokomo Place from Kamilo Street to End, Opoi Street from Niumalu Loop to Kamilo Street, Paoo Street from Niumalu Loop to Kamilo Street.

            (Estimated completion date, March 2014)



Ala Moana Blvd./Auahi Street Sewer Rehab, Phase 2  Rehabilitation of approx. 1,980 LF of existing 6x6 box sewer along Auahi Street from Kamani Street to Keawe Street including relocation of existing waterlines;  installation of 210LF of new 6 sewer line at 711 Ala Moana Blvd.;  and rehabilitation of existing concrete manholes including abandonment of existing 36 sewer line along Ala Moana Blvd.

Estimated completion date for consent decree work along Auahi Street at November 2013

Estimated completion of all other work at June 2014)


Rehabilitation of Fern Street Bridge, Bridge No. 209  Repair concrete piles, repair of spalls, concrete delamination in bridge elements, and new weight limit sign and post.

            (Estimated completion date, continuing through November 2013)


Kapiolani Boulevard Reconstruction (South Street to Ward Avenue): The project will reconstruct the asphalt pavement section and construct new Portland Cement Concrete pavement bus lanes in both directions; reconstruct existing curbs and gutters; reset and installation of rock curbs; installation of a new street lighting and traffic signal system and ancillary pull boxes.  The work includes the coordinating and performing trimming tree canopies and root pruning as necessary under the guidance of certified/qualified arborist.  Also, included will be the adjustment of existing utilities to grade, and permanent pavement markings; and restoration of the traffic loop sensors.  Concrete bus lane, paving and street lights complete; installing traffic signal fiber optic.

            (Estimated completion, continuing through November 2013)


Mapunapuna Industrial Subdivision Phase One of Tidal Flooding Remediation Program: Remove existing flap gates and install new check valves at outlet pipes in State channel fronting Kam Highway. Construct new DMH upstream of new check valves.  Re-grade swale and adjust existing D.I. frame / cover to provide positive runoff flow into existing Drain system. Reconstruct concrete wall at outlet pipes at State channel. Remove debris and sediment from existing storm drains and channel area. Dewater State channel and install temporary dewatering dams. Restore existing chain link fence at outlet area. At the intersection of Ahua Street and Awaawaloa Street, provide permanent concrete plug in existing 24 DL.

            (Estimated completion, continuing through November 2013)


Highway Structure Improvements, Pacific Heights Road Retaining Wall, Vicinity of 2210 Star Road  Removal and reconstruction of approximately 227 L.F. of concrete retaining wall with stone veneer facing; relocate joint utility poles and electrical lines for wall construction; replace existing electrical poles with new poles and lines; relocate existing streetlight fixtures on temporary poles for wall construction; install new streetlight fixtures on new poles; restore AC pavement fronting new wall; restore pavement markings and markers; relocate existing signs and posts; provide traffic controls during working and non-working hours.

            (Estimated completion date, continuting through November 2013)


Palani Avenue Drainage Improvements  Installation of drainage pipes, drainage structures, and check valves within Date Street and Palani Avenue. 

            (Estimated completion date, continuing through November 2013)


Curb Ramps at Various Locations, FY 2010 (B), Pauahi Street (Marks Center Garage); Nuuanu Av. / Merchant St. / Marin Ln.; Merchant St. (Midblock); Kapiolani Blvd. / Isenberg St.

Construction of new curb ramps, sidewalks and A.C. transition.  Installation of regulatory signs. Installation of pavement striping, markings and markers.  Upgrade traffic signal system.  Removal of tree and installation of tree well.  Work continuing on improvements at Kapiolani Blvd/Isenberg St.

            Estimated completion date, continuing through November 2013.


Rehabilitation of Saint Louis Drive Bridge, Bridge No. 334:  Repair of concrete delamination, spalls and cracks on the existing bridge structure; repair of expansion joints; installation of painted steel guardrail extension; and miscellaneous repairs.

            (Estimated completion date, continuing through November 2013)


Wilder Avenue and Metcalf Street Sewer Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation work of approximately 640 feet of 6 sewer along Wilder Avenue, between Metcalf Street and Evelyn Lane.  One lane closure westbound Monday through Friday 8:30am 3:30pm.

            (Estimated completion date at December 2013)



Rehabilitation of Streets Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity IDIQ #3 Aikahi Park.  The scope of work to be performed by the Contractor under this contract may include, but is not limited to: cold planning; slurry seal; crack seal; reconstructing curb and gutters/rolled curbs; resetting of lava rock curbs; aboricultural work; adjusting street survey monuments, utility manholes/boxes, frames and covers; installing pavement striping and markings; and reinstalling vehicle detector loops.  Slurry seal completed.  Kaneohe Bay Drive repair completed.

            (Estimated completion date, continuing through November 2013)



Rehabilitation Of Streets, Unit 57 Kaimuki area

The work includes reconstruction of pavement and resurfacing of streets; reconstruction of curbs, gutters, sidewalks, driveways and bus pads; tree trimming, root pruning and tree removal as necessary; pavement markings and markers, installation of vehicular detector loops, adjustment of street monuments to new finish grade, and adjustment / reconstruction of utility manhole / valve box frames and covers to new finish grade.


The affected roadways and limits of work are as follows:  Waialae Avenue from Kapahulu Avenue to 17th Avenue; 5th Avenue from Waialae Avenue to Harding Avenue; 6th Avenue from Harding Avenue to Pahoa Avenue; 7th Avenue from Waialae Avenue to Pahoa Avenue; 8th Avenue from Waialae Avenue to H-1 Freeway; 9th Avenue from Waialae Avenue to H-1 Freeway; 10th Avenue section crossing H-1 Freeway; 11th Avenue from Waialae Avenue to Harding Avenue; 12th Avenue from Waialae Avenue to H-1 Freeway; 13th Avenue from Keanu Street to Claudine Street; 14th Avenue from Waialae Avenue to Keanu Street; 15th Avenue from Waialae Avenue to Noeau Street; 16th Avenue from Waialae Avenue to end (mauka side); 17th Avenue H-1 Freeway to Noeau Street; and Moi Way, Anuhea Place, Ekaha Avenue, Hoku Avenue, Keanu Street, Noeau Street, Claudine Street, Koko Head Drive.

            (Estimated completion date, January 2014)



Rehabilitation of Streets Unit 69 Lilipuna Road  The work entails the resurfacing of Lilipuna Road from Kamehameha Highway (South End) to Kamehameha Highway (North End).  Some reconstruction of concrete curbs and gutters have been identified within the project limits and are generally associated with roots the require trimming by a qualified arborist.  The removal on one (1) street tree may be necessary and can only be judge during construction.  Other work includes adjusting utility frames and cover to grade, reinstalling pavement markings and traffic loop sensors

            (Estimated completion date, March 3, 2014)



Rehabilitation of Streets Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity IDIQ #3 Honokai Hale.  The scope of work to be performed by the Contractor under this contract may include, but is not limited to: cold planning; slurry seal; crack seal; reconstructing curb and gutters/rolled curbs; resetting of lava rock curbs; aboricultural work; adjusting street survey monuments, utility manholes/boxes, frames and covers; installing pavement striping and markings; and reinstalling vehicle detector loops.  Slurry seal completed.

            (Estimated completion date, continuing through November 2013)



Rehabilitation of Streets Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity IDIQ #3 Aelike Pl, Aelike St, Ahahuina Pl, Ahea Pl, Ahea St, Ahikao St, Ahohui St, Ahokele St, Ahulili St, Ailona St, Ainakuai Pl, Ainamakua Dr, Ainana Pl, Ainana Way, Akaluli St, Akeake St, Alakaina St, Alaoki Pl, Alaoki St, Alaume Pl, Alaume St, Alenale Pl, Anuanu St, Aoakua St, Auina Pl, Auina St, Haakualiki Pl, Haakualiki St, Haike Pl, Hakala St, Halehaku Pl, Halekua St, Haike Pl, Hakala St, Halehaku Pl, Halekua St, Halelau Pl, Haloku Pl, Haloku St, Hoahiahi Pl, Hoahui St, Hoailona Pl, Hoailona St, Hoakua Pl, Hoaluhi Pl, Hoani Pl, Holokia Pl, Hololani St, Hololea St, Hookaau St, Hookanahe St, Hookowa Pl, Hookowa St, Hookupu St, Hoomua St, Hooni Pl, Hoonui Pl, Iimi Pl, Kaapeha St, Kahanui St, Kahele Pl, Kahele St, Kahonua St, Kahualea St, Kailewa St, Kamalino St, Kanae St, Koliliko St, Konaku St, Koolua Pl, Koolua Way, Kopalani St, Kowa St, Kuahaua Pl, Kuahewa St, Kuanoni Pl, Kuanoni Way, Kuaoa St, Kuauli St, Kuauna Pl, Kuena St, Kuhea St, Kuikepa Pl, Kuinehe Pl, Kukini Pl, Lahui Pl, Lahui St, Lapaiki St, Lauae St, Lehiwa Dr, Liho St, Lilii Pl, Luaehu Pl, Luaehu St, Makaikai Pl, Makaikai St, Malielie Pl, Malielie St, Meahou St, Meanui St, Milia Pl, Milia St, Mua Pl, Naaualii Pl, Ohi St, Oliliko St, Paea St, Paeli Pl, Pakau St, Puakai Pl, Puneki Pl, Puneki St, Puneki Way, Puulu St, Ulahea Pl, Ulahea St, Ululele Pl:


The scope of work to be performed by the Contractor under this contract may include, but is not limited to: cold planning; slurry seal; crack seal; reconstructing curb and gutters/rolled curbs; resetting of lava rock curbs; arboricultural work; adjusting street survey monuments, utility manholes/boxes, frames and covers; installing pavement striping and markings; and reinstalling vehicle detector loops.


Slurry sealing Haloku St, Ahulili St, Kukini Pl, Kuinehe Pl, Ahokele St and Kuaoa St. Permanent striping to follow.

            (Estimated completion date, continuing through November 2013)


Rehabilitation of Localized Streets, Phase 8A Mililani Area:

The work includes localized reconstruction of pavement and resurfacing of the streets indicated below; reconstruction of identified curbs and gutters are included; tree trimming, pruning and removal will be performed as necessary under the guidance of a qualified arborist; post paving activities include permanent pavement markings and adjustment of utility manhole frames and covers to grade.  The affected roadways and limits of work are as follows:


            ROADWAY                                       FROM                                                     TO

Aaahi Place                                    Aaahi Street                                            end

Aaahi Street                                   Kamaio Street                                          end

Ahiku Street                                   Ualalehu Street                                        Waioleku Street

Akia Place                                      Lanikuhana Avenue                                 end

Akualele Place                                Holaniku Street                                       end

Alaalaa Loop                                  Kuahelani Avenue                                   Kuahelani Avenue

Alapoai Place                                  Alapoai Street                                          end

Alapoai Street                                 Hokuahiahi Street                                    end

Alula Place                                     Apele Street                                             end

Ao Place                                         Hokulewa Loop                                       end

Aohoku Place                                 Holaniku Street                                       end

Aouli Place                                     Kuahelani Street                                      end

Apele Place                                     Apele Street                                             end

Apele Street                                    Holanialii Street                                       end

Apohele Place                                 Holaniku Street                                       end

Aua Place                                       Kupuku Circle                                         end

Auhaele Loop                                 Kaloapau Street                                       Kaloapau Street

Auhaele Place                                 Auhaele Loop                                          end

Auhaku Place                                 Alapoai Street                                          end

Aumea Loop                                   Kaloapau Street                                       Kaloapau Street

Aumea Place                                  Aumea Loop                                            end

Awiki Place                                    Awiki Street                                            end

Awiki Street                                   Lonomea Street                                       end

Awiwi Place                                   Keaolani Street                                        end

Awiwi Way                                    Awiwi Place                                            end

Elau Place                                      Aaahi Street                                            end

Emoloa Place                                  Holanialii Street                                       end

Hailono Place                                 Alapoai Street                                          end

Hakalauai Place                              Alapoai Street                                          end

Hakupokano Loop                           Kaloapau Street                                       Kaloapau Street

Hikianalia Place                              Lanikuhana Avenue                                 end

Hikiku Place                                   Holanialii Street                                       end

Hilinehu Place                                Kupuku Circle                                         end

Hoeu Place                                     Kailiula Loop                                           end

Hokuahiahi Street                           Kuahelani Avenue                                   Meheula Parkway

Hokuala Place                                 Hokuala Street                                         end

Hokuala Street                                Lanikuhana Avenue                                 Kuahelani Avenue

Hokuhele Place                               Kuahelani Avenue                                   end

Hokuili Place                                  Kuahelani Avenue                                   end

Hokuili Street                                 Hokuala Street                                         Kuahelani Avenue

Hokuiwa Street                               Kuahelani Avenue                                   end

Hokulea Place                                 Kaopua Loop                                           end

Hokulele Place                                Hokuala Street                                         end

Hokulewa Loop                              Kuahelani Avenue                                   Kuahelani Avenue

Hokulewa Place                              Kuahelani Avenue                                   end

Hokuliilii Place                               Hokuliilii Street                                       end

Hokuliilii Street                              Makapipipi Street                                     Makohilani Street

Hokuloa Loop                                 Kuahelani Avenue                                   Hokuloa Loop

Hokupalemo Place                          Hokupalemo Street                                  end

Hokupalemo Street                         Holaniku Street                                       Alapoai Street

Holanialii Street                              Lanikuhana Avenue                                 Meheula Parkway

Holaniku Place                               Holaniku Street                                       end

Holaniku Street                              Kuahelani Avenue                                   end

Huihui Place                                   Alapoai Street                                          end

Huo Place                                       Holaniku Street                                       end

Ialeleiaka Place                               Lanikuhana Avenue                                 end

Ihuanu Place                                  Kealohi Street                                          end

Ihuanu Way                                   Ihuanu Place                                           end

Ikaika Place                                    Kupuku Circle                                         end

Iliula Place                                     Mahinahou Street                                    end

Ipupai Place                                    Awiki Street                                            end

Iupika Place                                    Alapoai Street                                          end

Kaaei Place                                     Kiilani Street                                           end

Kahiku Place                                  Kaloapau Street                                       end

Kohoea Street                                 Kuahelani Avenue                                   end

Kahulialii Street                             Kealakaa Street                                        end

Kailiula Loop                                  Kaloapau Street                                       Kaloapau Street

Kailiula Place                                 Kailiula Loop                                           end

Kaloapau Street                              Kuahelani Avenue                                   Kuahelani Avenue

Kamaio Place                                  Kamaio Street                                          end

Kamaio Street                                 Meheula Parkway                                    Lanikuhana Avenue

Kamalei Street                                Kealakaa Street                                        end

Kaoea Place                                    Hakupokano Loop                                    end

Kaopua Loop                                  Kuahelani Avenue                                   Kuahelani Avenue

Kapae Place                                    Apele Street                                             end

Kauakapuu Loop                            Lanikuhana Avenue                                 Lanikuhana Avenue

Kaukoe Street                                 Lanikuhana Avenue                                 Awiki Street

Kaulua Street                                 Kahoea Street                                          Kawau Street

Kauluikua Place                              Lanikuhana Avenue                                 end

Kauopua Street                               Makapipipi Street                                     Makapipipi Street

Kawau Street                                  Hokuiawa Street                                      Kahoea Street

Kaweloalii Place                             Kaweloalii Street                                     end

Kaweloalii Street                            Hokuahiahi Street                                    Kuahelani Avenue

Kaweo Place                                   Holaniku Street                                       end

Keahilele Place                               Keahilele Street                                       end

Keahilele Street                              Hokuahiahi Street                                    end

Kealakaa Place                                Kealakaa Street                                        end

Kealakaa Street                               Mahinahou Street                                    Nui Street

Kealohi Street                                 Lanikuhana Avenue                                 Makapipipi Street

Keaolani Place                                Keaolani Street                                        end

Keaolani Street                               Keahilele Street                                       end

Keaoopua Place                              Keaoopua Street                                      end

Keaoopua Street                             Lanikuhana Avenue                                 Meheula Parkway

Kehepue Loop                                Kaloapau Street                                       Kaloapau Street

Kehepue Place                                Kehepue Loop                                         end

Kehooea Place                                Makohilani Street                                    end

Keehuhiwa Place                            Makohilani Street                                    end

Keehuhiwa Street                           Makohilani Street                                    Makohilani Street

Kiapaakai Place                               Kealakaa Street                                        end

Kiilani Place                                   Kiilani Street                                           end

Kiilani Street                                  Mahinahou Street                                    Mahinahou Street

Kikalake Place                                Keolani Street                                          end

Kilou Place                                     Keaolani Street                                        end

Kioele Place                                    Mahinahou Street                                    end

Koiula Place                                   Apele Street                                             end

Kou Place                                       Makapipipi Street                                     end

Kumumao Place                             Kealohi Street                                          end

Kupuku Circle                                Kuahelani Avenue                                   Kupuku Circle(end)

Kupulau Place                                Aaahi Street                                            end

Lanikuhana Place                           Lanikuhana Avenue                                 end

Laupalai Place                                Lanikuhana Avenue                                 end

Lea Place                                        Lanikuhana Avenue                                 end

Lealea Place                                    Kailiula Loop                                           end

Leleaka Place                                  Leleaka Street                                          end

Leleaka Street                                 Mahinahou Street                                    end

Leleu Place                                     Mahinahou Street                                    end

Lonomea Street                              Awiki Street                                            end

Lupua Place                                    Apele Street                                             end

Maealani Place                                Keaolani Street                                        end

Mahapili Street                               Kamaio Street                                          end

Mahinahou Place                            Mahinahou Street                                    end

Mahinahou Street                           Keaoopua Street                                      Lanikuhana Avenue

Maiao Place                                    Hakupokano Loop                                    end

Maiaohe Place                                Mahinahou Street                                    end

Makaamoamo Place                        Lanikuhana Avenue                                 end

Makapipipi Place                             Makapipipi Street                                     end

Makapipipi Street                            Makohilani Streeet                                   Makohilani Street

Makohilani Street                           Lanikuhana Avenue                                 end

Mamolani Place                              Makapipipi Street                                     end

Manaku Place                                 Leleaka Street                                          end

Manawahine Place                          Lanikuhana Avenue                                 end

Maukuku Place                               Nahokupa Street                                      end

Mohai Place                                    Kupuku Circle                                         end

Nahokupa Place                              Nahokupa Street                                      end

Nahokupa Street                             Makohilani Street                                    Mahinahou Street

Naika Place                                     Lanikuhana Avenue                                 end

Nanamua Place                               Kiilani Street                                           end

Nape Place                                      Lanikuhana Avenue                                 end

Neleau Place                                   Mahinahou Street                                    end

Nui Street                                       Kahulialii Street                                      end

Oheala Place                                   Lanikuhana Ave                                      end

Oliona Place                                   Makohilani Street                                    end

Opo Place                                       Lanikuhana Avenue                                 end

Paionia Place                                  Lanikuhana Avenue                                 end

Papolohiwa Street                           Makohilani Street                                    end

Pauwala Place                                 Hokuliilii Street                                       end

Pililua Place                                    Kaopua Loop                                           end

Poiki Place                                      Poiki Street                                              end

Poiki Street                                     Lonomea Street                                       end

Polapola Place                                 Kamaio Street                                          end

Puaahi Place                                   Makapipipi Street                                     end

Puuwepa Street                               Keehuhiwa Street                                    end

Ualalehu Place                                Ahiku Street                                            end

Uiwi Place                                      Makapipipi Street                                     end

Ukalialii Place                                 Papolohiwa Street                                    end

Uliuili Place                                    Kaopua Loop                                           end

Ululoa Place                                   Keehuhiwa Street                                    end

Waileia Place                                  Lanikuhana Avenue                                 end

Wainaku Place                                Kupuku circle                                          end

Waioleka Street                              Ahiku Street                                            end

Wenuka Place                                 Papolohiwa Street                                    end


            (Estimated completion date, February 2014)



Kuahea Street Interim Repair, Vicinity of 2395 Kuahea Street: Removing and replacing existing asphalt concrete pavement, extending excavation about 4.5 feet below pavement surface and backfilling with geogrid reinforced soil mat and light weight geofoam structural material, relocating existing gas, water, and sewer lines with new manholes and/or thrust blocks, and installing 6-inch diameter underdrain.

            (Estimated completion date, February 2014)



Rehabilitation of Localized Streets, Phase 8B Whitmore Village (Aheahe Ave., Aheahe Pl., Circle Makai St., Circle Mauka Pl., Circle Mauka St., Ehoeho Ave., Hanau St., Hoihoi Ave., Honehone St., Hoopiha Pl., Ihiihi Ave., Ihiihi Pl., Iomea Pl., Kaniahe Pl., Kaniahe St., Kanikani Pl., Kaniko Pl., Kulia St., Lalawai St., Lohe Pl., Moae St., Nani Ihi Ave., Olokani Pl., Uakanikoo St., Uakanikoo Pl., Uluwale Pl., Uluwale St., Uwalu Circle, Waena St.) and Wahiawa (town area)


The project scope consists of the following, but not limited to:  cold planing, demolition, removal and disposal of existing pavements, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, trees and other incidentals necessary to install all new work; reconstruction of curbs and gutters, and AC curbs; reconstruction of asphalt concrete berms, as necessary; resurfacing/reconstruction of pavement with City Mix #4 Asphalt Concrete Pavement and Asphalt Concrete Base; adjustment of street monuments, storm drain manholes, sewer manholes, Board of Water Supply manholes and valve boxes, Hawaiian Telcom manholes, Hawaiian Electric Company, Inc. manholes, The Gas Company manholes, and all other manhole/box frames and covers and valve boxes as necessary; restoration of all traffic signal vehicle loop detectors, pavement striping, markings and markers; provision of traffic control during construction; provision of access to all businesses during all business hours; tree and root trimming and pruning, as necessary.

            (Estimated completion date, March 2014)



Waiau Area Sewer Rehabilitation/Reconstruction Kuleana Place, Kaulike Drive, Kauhihau Place, and Hile Place:  Excavation and replacement of approx. 728LF of 8 sewer main including reconnection of existing sewer laterals;  installation of new sewer manholes and rehabilitation of existing sewer manholes;  and restoration of existing asphalt pavements, driveways, sidewalks, and curbs.

            (Estimated completion date, continuing through November 2013)



Beachwalk Force Main Phase I:  2 Staging pits to be constructed along Ala Wai Boulevard from Kalakaua towards Ala Moana Boulevard for the microtunneling installation of new sewer line.

            (Estimated completion, continuing through November 2013)


Waikiki Sewers Rehabilitation/Reconstruction:  Installation of cured in place pipe (CIPP), manhole rehabilitation, and lateral rehabilitation along Kuhio Avenue between Namahana Street Kapuni Street.

            (Estimated completion date, continuing through November 2013)



Waimalu Stream Maintenance Dredging   Project consists of maintenance dredging of accumulated sediment in Waimalu Stream and Punanani Channel.  Dredged material will be disposed of at designated ocean disposal site and upland location.

            (Estimated completion date, December 2013)




November 17, 2013 Sunday
5:30AM Starts
9:00AM Ends

VAL NOLASCO MEMORIAL HALF MARATHON sponsored by Mid-Pacific Road Runner Club/808 Hawaii Race. The event is expected to have 900 runners.  It will start at Kalakaua Ave., mauka side Queen Kapiolani Park, to Monsarrat Ave., to Paki Ave., to Diamond Hd. Rd., to 18th Ave., to Kilauea Ave., to Waialae Ave., to Kalanianaole Hwy., turnaround near W. Hind Dr., to Kealahou St., to Kahala Ave., to Diamond Hd. Rd., to Kalakaua Ave., to Queen Kapiolani Park Bandstand/Hon Marathon Finish.  Contact:  John Simonds 373-3609 or Joan Davis 535-9070, Email:  For more info, visit their website:


November 23, 2013 Saturday
8:00AM Starts
11:00AM Ends

ST. JUDE WALK sponsored by St. Jude. The event is expected to have 200 runners.  It will start at Blaisdell Park., Pearl Harbor Bike Path, to Lehua Ave., turnaround (1.5 miles), to finsih at Blaisdell Park.   Contact:  Joan Davis 535-9070, Fax: 537-9070 E-mail:


- END -


Contact: Department of Design and Construction, Civil Design Division, Construction Management - 768-8839, Wastewater Management Division, Construction Management - 768-8794, Department of Transportation Services, TST Division 768-8391.