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NOVEMBER 9, 2004




CALL TO ORDER: Chair Roy Wickramaratna called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. with a quorum present.


MEMBER’S PRESENT: Roy Wickramaratna, Ben Sanchez, Jeanette Nekota, Ed Gall, Pohai Ryan and Clara Ching.


MEMBER’S ABSENT: Ben Gudoy and Kalene Sakamoto


GUESTS: Debbi Glanstein (Kailua Neighborhood Board No. 31), David Pagan, Albert Furuto, Michael Golojuch (Makakilo/Kapolei/Honokai Hale Neighborhood Board No. 34), Henry McCullough V, John Kaeo and Jennifer Waihe’e (City Corporation Counsel).  McCully/Moiliili Neighborhood Board No. 8: Clifton Takamura, Gordon Furuto and Ron Lockwood.  Diamond Head/Kapahulu/St. Louis Heights Neighborhood Board No. 5: Wayne Gau, Barbara Miller, Karen Ah Mai and Bert Narita.  Tom Heinrich (Manoa Neighborhood Board No. 7)


STAFF: Ben Kama, Sheri Kajiwara and Elwin Spray.




(1)                Henry McCullough V distributed material with background information about himself and expressed concern regarding a vacancy in subdistrict 2 of the Makiki/Lower Punchbowl/Tantalus Neighborhood Board No. 10.  McCullough stated that he previously served on the board as the representative of subdistrict 2 but resigned earlier this year for personal reasons.  Since his resignation, the seat is still vacant.  He noted his interest in filling the vacancy but was unsuccessful as board members felt that he is emotionally unstable and did not obtain a majority vote.  McCullough also expressed concern that subdistrict 2 of the board area is not being represented.


(2)                Debbi Glanstein, Board member, Kailua Neighborhood Board No. 31, raised concern regarding threats received from a supervisor of a  “clean & sober” project in Kailua.  She added that board members were told that the eligible members of the project would run against those members who opposed the home in Kailua.  She also raised the following questions:


(a)            What is the status of the Neighborhood Plan?


Ed Gall noted that an update on the Plan would be given at a later time on the agenda.


(b)            Has training for board members on the Sunshine Law been scheduled?


Kama reported that David Arakawa, Director, City Corporation Counsel is working on plan on developing a workshop.


(c)            Regarding City Charter Amendment No.2 which requires 5 of the 9 Commissioner’s to serve at least 1 full term on a Neighborhood Board before being eligible to serve as a Commissioner, does the City Corporation Counsel review the explanation before it is sent to the electorate and placed on the ballot?


            Jennifer Waihe’e, Corporation Counsel was unsure and will follow-up on the question.


Kama stated that the explanation of the proposed amendments are reviewed by Corporation Counsel but not specifically by the Attorney assigned to the Neighborhood Commission Office.


Ryan questioned if the “temporary address” used by patients of a halfway house allows eligibility for them to serve on the board as a resident of the area.


Kama reported that as long as the candidate is at least 18 years old and resides in the board area, he/she is eligible to serve on the board.


McCullough V added that treatment facilities may not provide a proof a residency for its patients for confidentiality purposes.  However, the candidates case manager may be able to provide such proof if requested.


(3)                Nekota reported calling the NCO and speaking to Elwin Spray for clarification on the physical address of a board member.  She explained that there have been reports of a board member who owns a property in the board area but does not reside there.  Also, that person uses a “P.O. Box” as the mailing address.   She was told by Spray that a person may declare where they physically live.


Kama stated that persons serving on a board must reside in that board area.  If not, the member will be sent a letter from the NCO indicating that he/she is no longer eligible to serve on the board.  However, a P.O. Box may be used as a mailing address once residency is established.


Clifton Takamura, Member, McCully/Moiliili Neighborhood Board No. 8 reported that according to the State law, there is a penalty for those who are not honest about their physical address for the purpose of serving on a board.


(4)                Albert Furuto expressed disappointment by a statement made by John Steelquist of the Makiki Neighborhood Board No. 10 at the last McCully/Moiliili Neighborhood Board meeting indicating that complaints filed against a board have no merit and is disregarded.


Nekota stated that the Commission previously requested a listing of all outstanding complaints but it has not yet been received.


Chair Wickramaratna informed the Commissioners that the report was sent to him as the Chair.  Copies were made and distributed to all.


APPROVAL OF REGULAR MEETING MINUTES OF JULY 13 & OCTOBER 12: Nekota moved seconded by Sanchez to defer the approval of the October 12 Regular Meeting Minutes.  The motion carried unanimously, 6-0-0.


July 13, 2004 Minutes – In reference to page 10, Kama reported that the “unidentified speaker” listed as Clara Ching, is not Clara Ching.  The unidentified speaker is assumed to be a member of the audience.


Ching moved seconded by Sanchez that the verbatim section of the July 13, 2004 Regular Meeting Minutes be summarized by the Neighborhood Assistant and reviewed by the NCO.




Ching stated that the minutes should reflect what was done and not said.  In particular, she would like it to also reflect the professionalism of the Commission and the NCO.  She added that the verbatim section should not have been included in the minutes.


Nekota noted that the end of the July 13 meeting, a question was raised and it was unclear as to what happened or who made a motion.  She added the transcript was done because the original minutes did not reflect what happened.


Kama added that a summary was provided, but there was disagreement on the wording and the Commission chose to defer the minutes.  Kama decided to provide the verbatim transcript of the portion in question allowing the commissioners to determine the appropriate wording.


Ryan called for the question.

The motion carried unanimously, 6-0-0.


ANNOUNCEMENTS: (1) Ed Gall suggested that the Commission send a congratulatory letter to Mayor-elect Hannemann.  He presented a letter he drafted to the Commission for their review and comment.


Ryan moved seconded by Nekota to use the letter as drafted by Gall as a Congratulatory Letter to Mayor-elect Hannemann.  The motion carried unanimously, 6-0-0.




Gall reported that he was unable to attend any board meetings as he was on the mainland at the Police Business Academy.


There were no other reports.




1.                  Nekota reported receiving a phone call that questioned the role Corporation Counsel.  It is alleged that the chairperson of the Mililani Mauka Neighborhood Board consulted with Corporation Counsel regarding utilizing the board’s publicity funds to place an ad in the newspaper without the boards’ majority vote.  Concern was raised that the Chair used board funds without board approval.


Kama reiterated that all boards were instructed many times that they not contact Corporation Counsel directly.  Requests should go through the NCO who will then seek assistance from the counsel.


Nekota suggested that another notice be sent to the boards reminding them to contact the NCO should they need assistance from Corporation Counsel.  She also suggested utilizing the website to convey important messages.


REPORT BY EXECUTIVE SECRETARY: Kama reported the following:


1.                  Several complaints have been filed against board members using their title to support a specific political candidate.  He added that the newsletter sent to all members in August clearly indicated that board members are not to use their title or position in support of a candidate.


2.                  Michelle Matson submitted her corrections to the Commission’s October 12 Regular Meeting Minutes for the Commission’s review.


Ryan noted that it is inappropriate for Matson to submit corrections to the Commission’s minutes, as she is not a Commissioner or staff.  However, she may submit her corrections as a separate document.




Boundary changes of the McCully/Moiliili Neighborhood Board No. 8 – Kama reported receiving a letter from Chair Ron Lockwood of the McCully/Moiliili Neighborhood Board indicating that the item has been referred back to committee and will be revisited in February.   Lockwood reiterated the same explaining that the board will recess in January.


It was clarified that the boundary changes, if passed, will not be in effect until the 2007 Neighborhood Board elections.


Furuto corrected an earlier statement made by Lockwood and stated that the board did not vote unanimously to refer the issue back to committee.  Instead, there was one abstention.

Tom Heinrich noted his support of the original proposal and reiterated that any decision made at this point would not take effect until the next election cycle in 2007.




Appointment of Chief Monitoring Officer for 2005 Neighborhood Board Elections: Robert Chung – Elwin Spray explained that the Neighborhood Plan requires the NCO to have a Chief Monitoring Officer who is not a part of the Neighborhood Commission Office.  He added that Chung served as Chief Monitoring Officer during the last election term in 2003.


Ryan moved seconded by Gall to appoint Robert Chung as Chief Monitoring Officer for the 2005 Neighborhood Board Elections.  The motion carried unanimously, 6-0-0.


Executive Session: None.


COMPLAINT APPEAL FILED BY KIONI DUDLEY: Kama reported that the item has been deferred until the next Commission meeting.  The agenda sent to Dudley was mailed to the wrong address.




Neighborhood Plan – Gall reported that the third draft was completed and copies were given to the Commissioner’s and Corporation Counsel for their review.


Budget – No report.


Elections – No report.


Training – No report.


SCHEDULING OF THE NEXT NEIGHBORHOOD COMMISSION REGULAR MEETING: The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 11, 2005.




ADJOURNMENT: Ryan moved seconded by Sanchez to adjourn the meeting.  The motion carried unanimously, 6-0-0.


Wickramaratna adjourned the meeting at 8:15 p.m.


Submitted by:


Kelley Santiago

Thursday, May 26, 2005

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