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CALL TO ORDER:  Chair Grant Tanimoto called the meeting to order at 7:12 p.m.


ROLL CALL OF COMMISSIONERS:  The following Commissioners answered that roll call – Apisa, Ching, Gall, Makapagal, Nekota, Sakamoto, Tanimoto, and Kaahanui. Eight of nine Commissioners were present.


Members Absent:  None


Guests:  Clifton Takamura (McCully Neighborhood Board No. 8), L. Gary Bautista (Ewa Neighborhood Board No. 23), Larry Veray (Pearl City Neighborhood Board No. 21, Ron Lockwood (McCully Neighborhood Board No. 8), Tom Heinrich, D. Keala Naluai, Tom Smyth (Downtown Neighborhood Board NO. 13), Jennifer Waihe’e (Corporation Counsel); Joan Manke (Executive Secretary), Ron Mobley (Aiea Neighborhood Board No. 20), Michelle Kidani, Nola Frank (Neighborhood Commission Office staff).




Executive Secretary’s Report – Joan Manke reported the following updates:


·         Kalihi Palama Neighborhood Board No. 15 – The Board finally attained a quorum and was able to fill five of the nine vacant seats; Board members credited the Commission for their assistance.

·         City Council Task Force – Related to the audit of the Neighborhood Commission Office, the task force has had one preliminary meeting and will schedule a meeting every two weeks until completion of the review.

7:15 p.m. Young arrived, nine Commissioners present.

Questions and answers followed:


In response to Ching’s inquiry regarding the recording of the minutes, Manke explained the process and said that all neighborhood assistants have taken classes. Ching stated that all minutes should be uniform with consistent guidelines. Manke replied the staff minutes are checked for accuracy; the chairs play an important part by reviewing the draft for finalization prior to the mail out and posting on the website.


Committee Reports:


Budget CommitteeCommittee Chair Sakamoto had no report and thanked Commissioner Nekota for chairing the Training Committee.


Questions and answers and comments followed:


Regarding videotaping of board meetings, Ching said that an official DVD should be provided by the videographers to the NCO. At the last meeting Mr. Farrant said that would not be a problem and added if this matter has been looked into. Kidani explained there is an Agreement in place with the videographers to tape gavel-to-gavel meetings up to 2 hours and 58 minutes. Vendors are not required to provide a copy of the tape, because the purpose is to put it on Olelo and not for doing minutes. Several venders indicated it would be a hardship to require them to produce a DVD as copying requires the same amount of time of the actual meeting. Ching added the videographers should be required to provide a transcript of the meeting. Kidani disagreed stating that the neighborhood assistants take the official minutes and unless the Commission wants to change the policy to make DVD’s the official transcript a copy should not be required. Not all boards videotape their meetings and Olelo can provide a copy of the tape for $25.00. This matter was referred to the Training Committee. Chair relayed that the issue would be discussed at a conference for chair’s meeting.


Training CommitteeNekota reported:


  • The next Training Committee meeting is scheduled for Monday, December 11, 2006, Kapolei Hale Conference Room at 6:00 p.m.
  • Explained the questions on the Training Committee survey.
  • Some surveys have been compiled and thanked the NCO and neighborhood assistance for their help.


Permitted Interaction Group (PIG Group):


Neighborhood Plan Presentation of PIGroup’s findings and recommendations – Tanimoto thanked Commissioners and Board members for assisting with the RNP.


The final Draft RNP will be sent to Corporation Counsel for review and posted on the NCO website.


Audit PIGroup– Nekota reported the audit PI Group would be intertwined with the training committees. The purpose is to find the missing link from the Neighborhood Plan to increase community participation.


Questions, answers and comments followed:


1.         Heinrich said that some of the Plan proposals under consideration may require changes to the Section 14.101 of the City Charter that section which deals with the definition of neighborhood boards coming from the Neighborhood Commission.


2.         Concern was raised that boards having trouble determining what information requires certain parties to appear before the board, such as permits, antennas, etc. This concern was referred to Waihee for follow up. Chair stated follow up would be done and the matter discussed at a future meeting. Chair noted the Liquor Commission and the Department of Planning and Permitting are the main departments that require on the application that one must approach the Board. Waihee stated notice must be provided to the Board, but the Board is not required to put the item on the agenda and the board is not obligated to take action. In general, no department can tell another department what to do.




Approval of Regular Meeting Minutes of October 23, 2006 – In the interest of time, this item was deferred.


Approval to accept Recommendations of the Proposed Draft Plan of the RNP Group – There were no objections to accepting recommendations to the Proposed Draft Plan of the RNP Group.


Forward Proposed Draft Plan to Corporation Counsel for Review and Public Hearings – Discussed earlier in the meeting; there were no objections.


Formation of Committees:


Elections Committee and Candidate Recruitment Committee – Nekota said there has always been a public relations committee. Gall noted at an RNP meeting it was discussed to have a chief monitoring officer and one commission member to observe the process.  Previously there was a standard elections committee.


Questions, answers and comments followed:


1.   Chair asked if Commissioners would like to have one or two committees. Gall replied two separate committees. Sakamoto moved and seconded by Gall to formulate two committees, first and second to be put on the monthly agenda with an update. The motion carried unanimously, 9-0-0.


  1. Nekota expressed concern from the training committee the recruitment committee must act soon because in December/January candidate forms are sent out. Manke stressed the importance of formulating a committee, to assist with issues such as online voting, PSA, videotaping to target difficult communities.


2.       Kaahanui volunteered to chair the Elections Committee and Apisa volunteered to chair the Recruitment Committee.


Makakilo/Kapolei/Honokai Hale Neighborhood Board No. 34 Vacancy – Chair reported receipt of a letter from Board member Keoni Dudley stating that the board has nine seats and, one is vacant. They have been unable to reach a majority vote on any of the candidates interested. Manke reported this is different from the Kalihi-Palama board situation, as this Board has not fallen below quorum. Section 8-203 of the proposed Revised Neighborhood Plan was circulated to point out that the Plan doesn’t allow the Commission to intervene in this case. Chair stated the Commission does not have the power to take action on the issue.


Questions, answers and comments followed: Gall mentioned with only eight members there is definitely a four/four split. Several persons were nominated but none could get the required votes to fill the vacancy.



Complaint Issue – Residency: Naluai read in full a November 27, 2006, letter addressed to the Commissioners dealing with a complaint against the Kahalu’u Neighborhood Board No. 29 for allowing a non-resident to continue to be seated as a Board member. She reported she has not received the response letter that was supposed to be forwarded to her after the October Commission meeting and demanded this matter be resolved no later than December 1, 2006.


ADJOURNMENT – Apisa moved and seconded by Nekota to adjourn the meeting. There were no objections. The meeting adjourned at 8:25 p.m.


Submitted by,

Nola Frank

Neighborhood Assistant

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

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