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REGULAR COMMISSION MEETING MINUTES                                                              




CALL TO ORDER:  Chair Brendon Bailey called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.; a quorum was present with five (5) Commissioners present.


  • There was a brief introduction of the newest Commission member to the Neighborhood Commission, Claire Tamamoto. Tamamoto, a resident and member of the Aiea community, began attending neighborhood board meetings as a requirement of the Boys Scouts and has continued attending meetings regularly, and not as a board member.   


Members Present – Brendon Bailey, Bob Finley, Ron Mobley, Jeanette Nekota (arrived at 6:37 p.m.), Bob Stubbs (arrived 6:46 p.m.), and Sylvia Young.


Members Absent – Ed Gall and Wilson Kekoa Ho.


Guests/Staff – Debbi Glanstein and Linda Ure (Members, Kailua Neighborhood Board No. 31), Ron Lockwood (Chair, McCully-Mo’ili’ili Neighborhood Board No. 8), Greg Knudsen (Chair, Hawaii Kai Neighborhood Board No. 1), Jon Chinen (Member, Kailua Neighborhood Board No. 31), Roger Olegario (Member, Pearl City Neighborhood Board No. 21), Rae Gee (Executive Secretary), Theona Kapoi (Neighborhood Commission Office staff).




Election of ChairYoung nominated Brendan Bailey as Chair. Hearing no other nominations and/or discussion, a roll call of Commissioners commenced. Brendon Bailey was elected Chair, 5-0-0 (Aye: Finley, Bailey, Mobley, Tamamoto and Young). 


Election of Vice ChairFinley nominated Sylvia Young as Vice Chair. Hearing no other nominations and/or discussion, a roll call of Commissioners commenced. Sylvia Young was elected Vice Chair, 5-0-0 (Aye: Finley, Bailey, Mobley, Tamamoto and Young).    


Election of SecretaryFinley nominated to delegate the authority of secretary and all duties following there under to the Executive Secretary (ES), Rae Gee. Hearing no other nominations and/or discussion, a roll call of Commissioners commenced. Rae Gee was elected Secretary, 5-0-0 (Aye: Finley, Bailey, Mobley, Tamamoto and Young).   




Executive Secretary – Rae Gee reported the following:


  • Ewa Neighborhood Board Sanctions Training – The first of two sanctions training sessions was conducted by Commissioner Mobley on Thursday, August 12, 2010, at Kapolei Hale Conference Room. The two training sessions will be reported to the City Council as “gifts to the City”, will be done after-the-fact. Nonetheless, the NCO wants to comply with City Council’s gift policy. A resolution and report will need to be drafted and submitted to the Council.


      All Ewa board members attended the training. There were two outbursts with board members and the           trainer. Security provided assistance. The training was video recorded by an amateur and copies are being         made if anyone wants to review the DVDs. Parts of the training could be used by the Training Committee.


      Evaluation of the training noted that most members at the end of the night, “thanked the ES and      Commissioner Mobley” for the class. Many felt the information was informative. However, unsolicited    comments from a board member indicated that the training may not improve behavioral patterns of         member’s personal arguments against each other. The ES will continue to monitor the sanctions training.


  • Fiscal Year 2011 Budget – The Budget used was based on what the boards expended last year. There was no historical data as to how money was budgeted in the past. The NCO will revisit allocations overtime and revisit when they reallocate and be glad to reallocate to boards that need it. Starting to look at 2012 Budget, if there is no historical data found, will determine budget by using past budget.


  • Facilities – The NCO is still working on reviewing the NB’s facilities that charge high usage fees. Staff will assist neighborhood board Chair’s by providing research and suggestions to find other suitable / alternate facilities to hold meetings even across the boundaries. Research is currently in progress and when findings are finalized, a report will follow.


  • Olelo Archiving and the City’s Docushare Program – The NCO is working on trying to get space on the City’s docushare to allow NB meeting videos to be archived. If this is approved without cost to the NCO, then the NCO can post the videos indefinitely for the pubic to view. Right now the NCO relies on Olelo TV which only archives the past year’s videos. There was a pilot program with Olelo that expired back in 2008.


  • Elections – Deferred until Bryan Mick returns with more information.


Questions, comments and concerns followed:


  1. Ewa Sanction Training – In response to an inquiry whether Ewa’s sanctions training meeting was open to the public; it was clarified that this was a sanctions training therefore not open to the public.


      It was also questioned whether the Neighborhood Plan was addressed. The training was conducted by       Commissioner Mobley, who trained on points of Parliamentary Procedure and will follow-up on the    Neighborhood Plan.


      There was also concern whether it was appropriate to suspend the community’s right by cancelling the        board meeting.


  1. Video Archiving – A question regarded video archiving and if video recordings of the meetings continue or will they just phase out. It was strongly encouraged that the details be given to the Boards and members.


  1. Facilities – In relations to facilities, an inquiry was will the Neighborhood Boards jointly conduct training with board members as stated in the NP.


Commission Chair – Chair Bailey had nothing new to report.


Board member concerns:


  • Commissioner Mobley asked if the percentage increase to the budget reflects the change in population increase for the neighborhood boards.  The ES responded that she is unsure of the exact increase but the budget does reflect a percentage increase and will need to verify with the staff.




  • Invitation to Discuss Budget Issues – Debbie Glanstein, member of the Kailua NB inquired about the invitation to the ES to discuss budget issues. ES Gee acknowledged invitation however was unable to respond at the time because of budget demands.


  • Budget Cut Protest – Greg Knudsen, Chair of Hawaii Kai Neighborhood Board spoke in protest of 50 percent cut in budget being Imposed upon 33 boards. Videotaping of meetings is essential and infallible record of proceedings. New videographer has of yet, not returned call.


  • Board Training Committee – Ron Lockwood, chair of McCully-Moiliili Board concerned that there is no board training committee meeting and also has budget concerns.


  • Historical Data – Commissioner Tamamoto asked if NB’s could provide their own historical data.


Commissioner Nekota arrived at 6:37 p.m., during the above portion of the meeting; six Commissioners present.



Regular Meeting of July 26, 2010 – Commissioner Mobley made a modification to vote from yes to no vote modifying the result from 7-1-0 to 6-2-0 on page 2 regarding the neighborhood plan guidebook.


Stubbs arrived at 6:46 p.m., during the above portion of the meeting; seven Commissioners present.




Disband the “Guidebook for the Neighborhood Board Members” Permitted Interaction Group (PIGROUP) – The ES was informed by Committee Chair Gall that although he could not attend, he recommends that Guidebook committee stays as Permitted Interaction Group.


Mobley interjected that he felt he knew the reason for Chair Gall’s recommendation. The assignment of the group was to work with ES to update the guidebook. If the commission didn’t own the document, then forming a committee to open up to public on the document that does not belong to the commission is senseless.


Formation of a Committee for the “Guidebook for the Neighborhood Board MembersAfter discussion regarding the responsibility of the commission to lead or assist the Neighborhood Commission in completing the assignment of the Guidebook, Commissioner Stubbs made a motion to defer items A and B to the next meeting. Motion carried.


Determination of the Method for the Fiscal Year 2011 Neighborhood Board ElectionsMick presented the budget and determination for the Fiscal Year 2011 Neighborhood Board Election. He detailed the points for methods of voting for the neighborhood boards and the history of neighborhood board voting. Need to have more voter education prior to election to avoid confusion in voting process.


Discussion followed focusing on the methods of Neighborhood Board Elections is held. The Commission determined that a method of voting decision was not necessary at this time. If necessary, the Commission will ask for the additional money to cover an increase in the amount of offices.




Neighborhood Plan Committee – Commissioner Bob Finley deferred to next meeting


Neighborhood Board Training Committee – Commissioner Nekota went through the 2009 orientation tape recordings and pulled out topics for everyone to look at instead of watching the whole thing again.




Next Regular Commission Meeting – Scheduled for Monday, September 27, 2010 at Honolulu Hale, Council Meeting Room, at 7:00 p.m.  


ADJOURNMENT: The meeting adjourned at 7:40 p.m.


Submitted by


Marie Richardson

Neighborhood Assistant

Monday, September 27, 2010

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