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Neighborhood Commission


MONDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 2012   



CALL TO ORDER: Chair Sylvia Young called the Regular Neighborhood Commission meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. with a quorum of eight (8) Commissioners present. Note – This is a nine (9) member Commission and requires five (5) members to establish quorum and take official Commission action.


Members Present – Bob Finely, Ed Gall, Loryn Guiffre, Kekoa Ho, Jeanette Nekota, Bob Stubbs, Claire Tamamoto and Sylvia Young.


Members Absent – Kathleen Pahinui.


Guests – Charles Zahn (Member Makakilo/Kapolei/Honokai Hale Neighborhood Board No. 34); Ariel De Jesus (Member Ewa Neighborhood Board No. 23); Bert Narita (Member Diamond Head Neighborhood Board No. 5); Kamilla Chan (Deputy, City Corporation Counsel); J. Thomas Heinrich (Executive Secretary); Bryan Mick, Marie Richardson and Theona Kapoi (Neighborhood Commission Office).   


ROLL CALL OF COMMISSIONERS: A roll call of members established a quorum of eight (8) Commissioners present. Executive Secretary (ES) Heinrich noted that Commissioner Pahinui contacted him and was unable to attend tonight’s meeting due to a migraine.




Video Recording – Board Member Zahn noted that he as tried to download meetings from Olelo on demand but there is a server error. It was noted that the same individual video records the Makakilo and Kailua Neighborhood Board meetings may be the cause for the recordings not being available.




January 23, 2012 Regular Meeting Minutes – ES Heinrich noted that the minutes are being reviewed as there were many concerns noted regarding the Ewa Neighborhood Board, the summary of the meeting should be accurate. Chair Young requested the minutes of January 2012 and February 2012 be available for approval at the April 23, 2012 Regular Committee Meeting.




Ala Moana Neighborhood Board Member – ES Heinrich noted that this agenda item was to provide a basis of discussion. Board Member Sean Newcamp has not been present at the Ala Moana Board meetings for seven months of the term. All the mail sent to his address on file has been returned and there has been no letter of resignation received by the Board or the NCO. The Board opted to have Mr. Newcamp remain on the board at their January 2012 meeting; however they listed on their February agenda that they would like to declare his seat vacant. The Board was told they do not have the power to do so and only the Commission is able to remove board members from the board. Mick noted that the NCO did not want another problem to occur as it previously did with the Makakilo Neighborhood Board.


ES Heinrich noted that after further research by Mick, a Mr. Newcamp has a residential address in Waianae. It was noted that the a letter will go to the Mr. Newcamp at the Waianae address, confirming that it is him and requesting he send in a letter of resignation. ES Heinrich noted that although there is no specificity in the Neighborhood Plan, it may be something the Neighborhood Plan Committee can look into in regards to changing the language of this section.


Commissioner Tamamoto noted that if the board member is in violation of another section of the Neighborhood Plan why the Commission couldn’t remove the board member for being outside of the board district. ES Heinrich noted that at this point, section 2-14-107 does not provide a direct penalty for the violators. Also, it is not known if Sean Newcamp in Waianae is the same Sean Newcamp from Ala Moana. Chair Young stated that until the residency is established, this issue is not a Commission problem. Commissioner Tamamoto and Ho noted that the NCO should not have to waste their time chasing someone, if it seems the Commission could do something about it. ES Heinrich noted that issues like this point out inadequacies of the Neighborhood Plan. Commissioner Finley noted that he looks forward to written requests for changes to the Neighborhood Plan.


Update on Legislative Measures Relating to the Sunshine Law – ES Heinrich noted that Senate Bill (SB) 2234 has to do with electronic notification. This allows for the primary source of posting meeting notices via the internet and it seems that many people are in favor of this Bill. It was noted that a section of the Bill states that any written material referenced should be attached to the minutes. It was suggested that the Neighborhood System be excluded from this Bill and the focus should first be on the State.


ES Heinrich noted that at the last full City Council Bill 58 (2011) regarding self certification of the Sunshine Law was passed. It was noted that there are roughly 190 members of the Neighborhood Board that have not satisified the Sunshine Law certification. The State Office of Information Practices has already prepared a video for anyone to view.


Neighborhood System Evaluation Activities by the Neighborhood Commission – ES Heinrich questioned if the Commission had any ideas or if they wish to establish a committee to do some kind of evaluation of the Neighborhood System as required by section 2-14-102 of the City Charter. It was noted that there is no substitute for the Commission to not see how Neighborhood Boards operate first hand.


Commissioner Nekota noted that they need a checklist for what needs to be looked for. Commissioner Finely noted that it’s more about getting the visitations out. Commissioner Nekota noted that the Commissioners had designated areas to go to first. Kapoi reminded the Commission of the calendar indicating the date and times of all Neighborhood Boards for the remainder of the year. Commissioner Tamamoto noted that it is the role of the Neighborhood Commission to go out and do its due diligence to evaluate the system.


ES Heinrich commented that the City Charter and Chapter 11 of the Neighborhood Commission’s Rules and Procedures give very little guidance for how the Commission should evaluate the Neighborhood Boards. Commissioner Guiffre requested clarification for the protocol of attending meetings and the follow ups. Chair Young noted to inform her as well as the NCO of a meeting you will be attending. The Commission should be looking to see if something is or isn’t working in the Neighborhood Plan and how different sections affect different Neighborhood Boards. Mick noted that Commissioners should keep broad themes in mind when attending meetings. Commissioner Finley reminded all the Commissioners to be open minded when attending other Board meetings.


Board Member De Jesus requested that the Commissioners attend Board meetings more than once. The behavior of a Board depends on the agenda items. Commissioner Tamamoto noted that it will be the Commissions intent, to attend all Board meetings more than once. Commissioner Stubbs requested that the Commission Chair and Vice Chair divide and assign the tasks.


Neighborhood Commission Calendar Planning – ES Heinrich reminded the Commission they opted to recess in March and May 2012. July 2012 will be the election of new officers. There will also be a Neighborhood Plan Committee meeting on Wednesday, March 21, 2012. It was questioned if the Commission will host another Conference of Chairs.


COMMITTEE REPORTS: ES Heinrich noted that he will have to confirm with Roberts Rules of Order regarding Commission Chair Young’s position as an ex officio member of each committee and if she counts as a part of the quorum. It was also reminded that all committees will also have to complete a set of minutes from their meetings.


Neighborhood Plan Committee – Committee Chair Finely noted that Mick has sent a copy of the proposed amendment changes to all the Chairs of the Neighborhood System. The committee will meet on Wednesday, March 21, 2012. The agenda is forth coming.


Finance Committee – Committee Chair Tamamoto noted that the committee met on Wednesday, February 23, 2012. Tamamoto noted that she will have a complete report for the full commission and the next meeting in April. Tamamoto noted that the committee discussed facility rentals which the commission should have some means to control it; they could do so by setting up guidelines for the Boards. It was noted that the elections will be allocated $180,000 for the electronic election. The NCO salaries are also consistent with the HGEA City positions. Tamamoto suggested that a survey form for guidelines and budget planning be created so that all the Boards can be proactive with their budgets. 


Chair Young requested clarification of the budget for Boards receiving funds for 10 meetings when the minimum for Boards to meet is nine meetings. ES Heinrich noted that there is some cushion money should Boards go over budget, but it is not encouraged that they do so. The Neighborhood Commission has the flexibility to do things as necessary.


Chair Young noted that the Commission could meet every other month, totaling six times a year, do hearings and committee meetings in the off months and a conference of chairs could be done once every six months. ES Heinrich noted that the language for the rules of the commission is to consider moving away from pre-established days.


Commissioner Gall questioned if the NCO has looked in to using “Hiki No” for video recording services.


Elections Committee – Committee Chair Nekota noted that the committee has decided to meeting on Saturday, March 24, 2012 and will finalize the meeting time at a later date. The agenda will be forth coming.




Update on the Relocation of NCO – ES Heinrich noted that 5 of the 15 NCO Staff members have been relocated to the Mission Memorial Building 2nd Floor. The remaining staff members will be relocated as soon as possible. There have been some issues to getting keys to the building, which after three weeks ES Heinrich has received a copy for himself for the side entrance. After all staff members have been relocated a house warming will take place. 


Fiscal Year 2013 Budget Preparation Process – ES Heinrich noted that Mick, Commissioners Tamamoto and Ho recently met for the Budget Committee meeting. Emphasis was placed on the NCO and Neighborhood Commission to work together and start in advance determining necessary funding for each neighborhood board. It was requested that the Commission hold off on submitting a letter of support for the NCO’s budget at this time as the numbers from the Mayor’s Office have yet to be released on a more formal basis.  


City Council Adopted Bill 58 (2011) – This item was previously addressed.


NCO Video Recording Program – ES Heinrich wanted to highlight that the City Department of Budget and Fiscal Services is moving forward with getting the request for bids out noting many conditions that will be required of the videographer vendors. The bidders may have a renewable contract for up to four years depending on the evaluation received. There will also be distinction between private vendors and public high school vendors. Question was raised if the NCO and the Boards are getting the best “bang for the buck.” It was noted that there is no determination as to when the Boards are aired on Olelo Broadcasting Television by the NCO. The NCO is going to try to work with the Olelo Broadcasting Television to make the submission deadlines more reasonable.


Neighborhood System Elections and Alternatives Planning for 2013 – ES Heinrich noted that planning for the election is slightly behind schedule and with the help of the Elections Committee; it can be put back on track.


Mayor’s Representatives Program – ES Heinrich requested to defer this item. However, Commissioner Gall requested clarification as he read the minutes from a Neighborhood Board meeting under the Mayor’s Representative and wanted clarification on what “Code for America” relates to. ES Heinrich noted that “Code for America” is an opportunity that was granted to the City and County of Honolulu for increasing civic engagement and transparency in government. Both the City and State are working on Social Media policy guidelines as well.


Neighborhood Board Conduct and Parliamentary Issues Update – ES Heinrich stated there is only one incident to note regarding action taken by the Ewa Neighborhood Board. The Board improperly removed Chair Kurt Fevella as the Chair because they did not add the item to the agenda with a two-thirds vote. However, Vice Chair John Gollner will be drafting and submitting the next Ewa NB Agenda.


Fortieth Anniversary of the Establishment of the Neighborhood Board System – Further research will have to be completed as it is known that the Neighborhood System was placed on the 1972 General Election Ballot to amend the Charter and include the System. There should be activities to mark the 40th Anniversary of the System.




  • Neighborhood Plan Committee – The Neighborhood Plan Committee will meet on Wednesday, March 21, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. at the Mayor’s Conference Room, Honolulu Hale, Room 301, 530 South King Street.


Regular Neighborhood Commission Meeting – The Neighborhood Commission’s next regular meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 23, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. at the City Council Committee Meeting Room, Honolulu, Hale, Room 205, 530 South King Street. The Commission’s regular meetings are scheduled for the fourth Monday of each month, unless otherwise noticed.


ADJOURNMENT: The meeting adjourned at 8:53 p.m.


Submitted by Theona Kapoi, Neighborhood Commission Office


Reviewed by Bryan Mick, Community Relations Specialist III, Neighborhood Commission Office


Reviewed by J. Thomas Heinrich, Executive Secretary, Neighborhood Commission Office


Last Reviewed: Tuesday, July 24, 2012