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Neighborhood Commission


MONDAY, JANUARY 23, 2012   



CALL TO ORDER: Chair Sylvia Young called the Regular Neighborhood Commission meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. with a quorum of seven (7) Commissioners present. Note – This is a nine (9) member Commission and requires five (5) members to establish quorum and take official Commission action.


Members PresentEd Gall, Loryn Guiffre, Kekoa Ho, Jeanette Nekota, Kathleen Pahinui, Bob Stubbs, Claire Tamamoto (arrived at 7:06 p.m.) and Sylvia Young.


Members Absent – Bob Finely.


Guests – Charles Zahn (Makakilo/Kapolei/Honokai Hale Neighborhood Board No. 34); Ron Lockwood (McCully-Moiliili Neighborhood Board No. 8); Ariel De Jesus, Deedee Oshiro, John Gollner (Ewa Neighborhood Board No. 23); Barbara Miller (Diamond Head Neighborhood Board No. 5); Debbi Glanstein (Kailua Neighborhood Board No. 31); Glenn Oamilda; Henry Chang Wo; Marilyn and Doug Correa; Kamilla Chan (Deputy, City Corporation Counsel); J. Thomas Heinrich (Executive Secretary); Bryan Mick, Marie Richardson and Theona Kapoi (Neighborhood Commission Office).   


ROLL CALL OF COMMISSIONERS: A roll call of members established a quorum of seven (7) Commissioners present.  




Commissioner Tamamoto arrived at 7:06 p.m.; Quorum of eight (8) Commissioners present.


Ewa Neighborhood Board (NB)


·         Committee Meetings – Ewa resident Henry Chang Wo noted that the Ewa NB is dysfunctional and some board members exhibit favoritism. The neighborhood board is supposed to be a place where community members can go to meetings and raise concerns with hopes that the concern will be addressed. The Ewa area is a growing community and there is no communication by the Ewa NB to inform the community about what is going on. The neighborhood board members are supposed to be leaders in the community, but the same problems happen over and over in the Ewa NB area.

·         Oneulua Beach Park – This beach park, also known as “Hau Bush” is of concern to many of the Ewa residents. However, Ewa resident Doug Correa does not feel that he is being well represented due to the recent activities occurring with Hau Bush. The neighborhood board is supposed to be a channel to go to in order to get through to the government officials. If the Board continues to be dysfunctional and not help the community as a whole, the Ewa NB doesn’t seem to have a purpose. Correa also commented that if a member is not elected by the choice of the people, they should not have the opportunity to become a member of the board.


Questions, comments, and concerns followed:


1.       Councilmember – It was questioned if residents were able to speak with their Councilmember. Correa responded stating that many residents have tried to do so.

2.       Neighborhood Plan – It was commented that the Commission should somehow be able to address these concerns right away. It was noted that Commissioner Finely is the Committee Chair of the Neighborhood Plan Committee and will be reviewing some areas in the Neighborhood Plan that may need adjusting.


  • Function of Ewa NB – Ewa resident Marilyn Correa noted that she was concerned with the conduct and function of the Ewa NB. She is concerned particularly with the Parks Committee Chair Coby Lynn because no information is being directed to the public. Concern was raised about the community not being properly represented.
  • Strengthening NB Committees – Ewa resident Glenn Oamilda expressed concern about the Ewa NB and how as an advisory Board they are not committed to benefiting the community by informing everyone about activities of what is going on. It was suggested that the Ewa NB be restructured and not dissolved completely. It was also suggested that the committee process be strengthened so that the issues can be discussed further and more focused for the entire Board to review at a full Board meeting. Some fault seen with the current Ewa NB agenda set up is that it is too vast and vague. It was also suggested that there be term limitations.
  • Agenda Items – Ewa NB Member Deedee Oshiro noted that as a resident she understands what has been brought up by people before her. There is no participation form the Ewa NB to benefit the community. It was noted that many of the Ewa NB meetings are uploaded on to the internet for entertainment purposes. Oshiro noted that she joined the Ewa NB so that the community could get their ideas heard by higher levels of government, but it doesn’t seem to be getting done. The Ewa residents do not have trust in the Board and the Ewa NB Chair does not add items to the agenda at the request of other Board members.
  • Frustrations with the Ewa NB – Ewa NB Member Ariel DeJesus commented that he was the deciding vote for who was voted as Chair of the Ewa NB. DeJesus commented that the workshop held by ES Heinrich was a positive learning experience. It was noted that the Chair of the Ewa NB has no communication with the rest of the Board and as a member of the Ewa NB, DeJesus commented that he was getting frustrated. DeJesus does not support the Chair because he says one thing and will vote another way and it seems as if his personal interests are being placed before the community’s interests. It was also commented that there are not enough votes from the Ewa NB to remove the current Chair.
  • Ewa NB Member – Ewa NB Member Gollner commented that he has attended other Neighborhood Board meetings and they share responsibilities with one another. Gollner feels the Ewa NB has taken great strides to move in the correct direction but could use the Commission’s assistance with removing one member of the Board who does not seem to want to move in the direction that many of the other members are moving in. Removal of one board member may send a message and actions taken by that board member will not be tolerated.


Neighborhood Plan – Kailua NB Member Debbi Glanstein requested a hard copy of the Neighborhood Plan.




October 24, 2011 Regular Meeting MinutesHo moved, Pahinui seconded that the October 24, 2011 regular meeting minutes of the Commission be approved as corrected. The MOTION was ADOPTED by UNANIMOUS CONSENT, 8-0-0, (AYE: Gall, Guiffre, Ho, Nekota, Pahinui, Stubbs, Tamamoto, and Young; NO: None; ABSTAIN: None). The corrections are as follows:


November 28, 2011 Regular Meeting MinutesWithout objection, the November 28, 2012 regular meeting minutes of the Commission were ADOPTED as corrected, 8-0-0, (AYE: Gall, Guiffre, Ho, Nekota, Pahinui, Stubbs, Tamamoto, and Young; NO: None; ABSTAIN: None). The corrections are as follows:




Discussion Concerning the Membership, Activities, and Conduct of the Ewa Neighborhood Board (NB) No. 23 – ES Heinrich noted that this agenda item was to provide a basis of discussion for what the overall activities of the Ewa NB have been. The intent was not to get into detail about particular individuals, but only to provide a brief report as to recent activities and to receive further direction from the Commission as to what direction to go.


There are 10 members on the Ewa NB, with one vacancy. On Tuesday, January 10, 2012, seven of the 10 members attended a non-public workshop requested by the Board to be directed by ES Heinrich. ES Heinrich noted that in his opinion those who did not participate in the non-public workshop would have benefited the most from it. Standard of conduct was a topic stressed at the workshop so that the board members understood that the public may justifiably have trust and confidence in the integrity of the neighborhood board system.

It was reminded that a change in leadership of the Ewa NB is entirely up to the Ewa NB at this time. The Commission may, by the rules and procedures of the Neighborhood Commission, Chapter 11, potentially remove a board member from the Ewa NB and should it be necessary to do so, it is an alternative for the Commission to consider. The Commission should consider in general terms as a complaint initiated by ES Heinrich as stated in the Neighborhood Plan, so that the allegations are set forth in an organized manner and the Commission may best consider what the circumstances are and range of potential actions.


Commissioner Tamamoto moved, Pahinui seconded to move all the Ewa Neighborhood Board No. 23 complaints to the top of the list to deal with them first and have the Neighborhood Commission do its due diligence in addressing them. Discussion followed:

  • Commission Pahinui commented of what’s the sense of having rules if they are not following them? The people need to be addressed and if a complaint is filed, it should be followed through by the Neighborhood Commission and the Neighborhood Commission Office.
  • Commissioner Gall questioned if Kurt Fevella attended the workshop. ES Heinrich clarified that the only member not in attendance at the workshop were Steve Knauer, Celeste Lacuesta, and Coby Lynn.
  • Commissioner Stubbs received clarification that many of the complaints are filed by one individual. ES Heinrich noted that there are 65 outstanding complaints, 29 of which are related to the Ewa Neighborhood Board, and 24 of them are filed by Steve Knauer.
  • Commissioner Ho received clarification that the Commission does have the authority to remove a board member from a neighborhood board.
  • Ewa NB Member Gollner requested the Commission send a message to all the Boards about situations such as this, however, also requested that the Commission not adopt the motion at hand. This may give Mr. Knauer the opportunity to state what he thinks is wrong with the world. Gollner noted that he and many other members have refrained from filing complaints against Mr. Knauer hoping that productive discussions would work out differences on the Board. Commissioner Pahinui questioned how the remaining Ewa residents and members feel about the motion.
  • Ewa resident Oamilda does not was the Ewa Complaints made as a priority.
  • Ewa NB Member Oshiro requested the complaints be prioritized. Oshiro made mention of a petition being circulated in Ewa for the removal of the Ewa NB Chair and Ewa NB Parks Committee Chair.
  • Ewa NB Member DeJesus noted that there are no restrictions for past board members to be appointed or elected back on the board when there is a vacancy, although they may have caused some dysfunction.


The motion was ADOPTED, 6-2-0, (AYE: Gall, Guiffre, Nekota, Pahinui, Stubbs, and Tamamoto; NO: Ho and Young; ABSTAIN: None).


Update on Complaints Filed with the NCO – ES Heinrich noted that the letter requesting Complainants to withdraw their complaint had not been mailed. Follow ups have to be completed and there is still much to do. There are a total of 65 complaints that need to be heard by the Commission.


Appointment of Hearings Officers – Chair Young stated that she has two people in mind to assist with clearing the backlog of complaints. She noted that they have experience in conducting hearings and are attorneys. However, they would like to know the duties and responsibilities before committing to assist the Commission.


Questions, comments, and concerns followed:


1.       Cost for Hearing Officers – Commissioner Gall questioned if funding would be available for using non-City Hearing Officers. Chair Young noted that the work would be done pro-bono.

2.       Biography Information – Commissioner Pahinui questioned if biography information would be provided so that the Commission may look over the candidate information prior to appointing anyone to assist as a Hearing Officer. Chair Young stated that the two people she had in mind were well known.

3.       Enough Hearing Officers – Commissioner Tamamoto questioned if two Hearing Officers were enough to assist with the backlog of complaints. ES Heinrich noted that the process for the Hearing Officer is detailed in the Neighborhood Plan; however, the duties and responsibilities will have to be discussed with Corporation Counsel.


City Council Bill 58 (2011) Relating to Sunshine Law Training – ES Heinrich noted that Bill 58 (2011) is a proposal to amend Section 3-12.4 and Section 3-12.5 of the revised Ordinances of Honolulu 1990 (“Sunshine Law Training”). This Bill will be in second reading and public hearing on Wednesday, January 25, 2012. This Bill may authorize the satisfaction of Sunshine Law Training by watching a video and doing some sort of self-certification. The State Office of Information Practices’ supports this Bill.


Commissioner Pahinui moved, Stubbs seconded that Commission Chair Young send a letter of support for City Council Bill 58 (2011) relating to Sunshine Law Training. The motion was ADOPTED by UNANIMOUS CONSENT, 8-0-0 (AYE: Gall, Guiffre, Ho, Nekota, Pahinui, Stubbs, Tamamoto, Young; NO: None; ABSTAIN: None.)


Commissioner Pahinui departed at 8:50 p.m.; quorum of seven (7) Commissioners present.


City Council Resolution 11-353 Relating to Video Recording ServicesCommissioner Tamamoto moved, Stubbs seconded, that the Neighborhood Commission support Resolution 11-535 relating to authorizing the NCO to enter into agreements with the State of Hawaii for videographer services for the Neighborhood Boards. Discussion followed:

  • Commissioner Tamamoto noted that particular high schools do not need to be named.
  • ES Heinrich noted that this will not affect the Olelo Broad casting as they do not do the video recordings of the neighborhood board meetings. It was noted that the motion should at least state a Hawaii Public School due to City and State agreements needing City Council approval.


Commissioners Tamamoto and Stubbs withdrew the motion and stated a new motion.


Commissioner Tamamoto moved, Stubbs seconded that the Neighborhood Commission support Resolution 11-535 relating to authorizing the NCO to enter into agreements with public schools in the State of Hawaii for videographer services. Discussion followed:

  • ES Heinrich noted that vendor conditions are being worked on especially during the summer months where high schools are on summer break. It was also noted that high schools are not the only vendors considered by the City Department of Budget and Fiscal Services (BFS) to be contracted for the neighborhood boards. It was also clarified that high school vendors are treated the same as other vendors contracted by BFS.
  • It was commented that part of the problem with having a high school vendor is that work is done only during school hours and there has been a problem with airing the most current Ewa Neighborhood Board meeting.


The motion was ADOPTED by UNANIMOUS CONSENT, 7-0-0 (AYE: Gall, Guiffre, Ho, Nekota, Stubbs, Tamamoto, Young; NO: None; ABSTAIN: None.)


Commissioner Stubbs departed at 9:03 p.m.; quorum of six (6) Commissioners present.


State of Hawaii Office of Information Practices’ (OIP) 2012 Legislative Proposals – ES Heinrich noted that a hard copy of the proposals have been provided to the Commission. OIP has taken a proactive approach in requesting the NCO consider supporting their Legislative Proposals. The NCO will reserve judgment and the proposals are for awareness only at this point. Commissioner Gall noted that the proposals are still restricted. 


Neighborhood Commission Calendar Planning – Chair Young noted that the Neighborhood Plan states the Commission is required to meet for a minimum of six meetings. Chair Young suggested that the Commission meet every other month and should a situation arise that needs to be addressed, a meeting can be called. It was suggested that during the months that a regular Commission meeting is not held, the Commission Committee meetings may be held. By general consensus, the Commission will recess in March and May 2012.




Relocation of NCO – ES Heinrich noted that confirmation was received on January 6, 2012 by Managing Director Doug Chin that the NCO will move to the second floor of the Mission Memorial Building at 550 South King Street. It was noted that the NCO will share the second floor with the Mayor’s Office of Culture and Arts (MOCA) and will have to be moved Friday, January 27, 2012.


Fiscal Year 2013 Budget Preparation Process – Commissioner Tamamoto stated that she will contact the Finance Committee members and hold a meeting regarding the upcoming fiscal years’ budget.


Neighborhood System Revitalization Program – ES Heinrich distributed a handout to the Commission noting that it is a brief description of the points that will be covered in the Neighborhood System Revitalization Program. 


Sunshine Law Training Requirement and Training Program Planning – There are no specific dates targeted for training. The NCO is working with the Office of the Mayor to schedule a training date. It was noted that depending on Bill 58 (2011) in City Council, the training may be able to be done via the internet.


Neighborhood System Elections Planning for 2013 – ES Heinrich noted that the election is one year out and planning needs to begin. It was suggested that the Elections Committee meet soon to plan and address concerns relating to the 2013 Neighborhood System Election.


ANNOUNCEMENTS: The Neighborhood Commission’s next regular meeting is scheduled for Monday, February 27, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. at the City Council Committee Meeting Room, Honolulu, Hale, Room 205, 530 South King Street. The Commission’s regular meetings are scheduled for the fourth Monday of each month, unless otherwise noticed.


ADJOURNMENT: The meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.


Submitted by Theona Kapoi, Neighborhood Commission Office


Reviewed by J. Thomas Heinrich, Executive Secretary, Neighborhood Commission Office


Last Reviewed: Tuesday, July 24, 2012