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CALL TO ORDER: With a quorum present, Chair Canopin called the meeting to order at 7:22 p.m.


MEMBERS PRESENT: James Bannan, Al Canopin, Jr., Remy Luria, Mason Aiona, Wendy Young Ogawa, Sylvia Young, Patt Spencer, Dean Asahina, Audrey Hidano, Paula Kurashige, Philip Nerney.


MEMBERS ABSENT: Rae Gee and Richard Carreira.


GUESTS: Barry Usagawa, Glenn Oyama, Greg Shiu, Su Shin, and Iris Oda (Board of Water Supply), Mike and Aileen Tang, Sgt. Gordon Costa and Officer Jeff Simmons (Honolulu Police Department, District 5, Kalihi), Lt. C. Loui, Sgt. C. Lai, and Officer R. Dagan (Honolulu Police Department, District 1, Honolulu), Eric Hirano (Department of Land and Natural Resources), Captain David Yamada Honolulu Fire Department, Nu'uanu Station), Senator Suzanne Chun Oakland, Dennis Kamimura (Division of Motor Vehicles), and Nola Frank (Neighborhood Commission Office Staff).


VACANCIES: (1) Subdistrict 1 – There were no interested persons to fill the vacancy. Subdistrict 2 – There were no interested persons to fill the vacancy.




HONOLULU FIRE DEPARMENT - Captain Yamada reported the following:


  1. Statistics for the month of October included fires – 2 structures and 1 vehicle (Tantalus Drive, maliciously set, $5,000 loss and probably stolen); emergencies – 25 medical, 16 miscellaneous (activated alarms, flooded conditions, etc.), and 6 auto accidents.


  1. Flood Conditions – On October 1, 2005 between the hours of 10:30 and 11:30 p.m. Nu'uanu Valley received heavy rainfall. Other HFD units also responded to assist with incidents caused by the rain, which also caused Nu'uanu and Waolani Streams to overflow.


  1. Safety Tip: The holidays are times for celebration and that means more cooking, home decorating, entertaining, and an increased risk of fire due to heating equipment.


Ø       Unattended cooking is the leading cause of home fires in the United States.

Ø       After a party, check for smoldering cigarettes.

Ø       Use caution with holiday decorations and whenever possible, choose those made with flame-resistant, flame-retardant, or non-combustible materials.

Ø       Purchase only lights and electrical decorations bearing the name of an independent testing lab, and follow the manufacturer's instructions for installation and maintenance.

Ø       Do not overload extension cords.

Ø       Try to keep trees as moist as possible by giving them plenty of water daily.

Ø       When purchasing an artificial tree, be sure it is labeled as fire-retardant.


Questions, concerns and comments: (1) Spencer thanked Captain Yamada and the Nu'uanu Fire Station for responding to an emergency call at her residence although she was not at home. (2) Kurashige reported 15 to 19 floods in Nu'uanu on October 1, 2005. Several homeowners with severe damage did not call 911. Captain Yamada and the Nu'uanu Fire Station were commended for going to the Nu'uanu Valley Park to assist without calls made to 911. She noted that half of a piece of property on Country Club Road was destroyed. (3) Aiona also thanked the Nu'uanu Fire Department for assisting him with Booth District Park and in the Pauoa area.

Captain Yamada was thanked for attending the meeting.


Ogawa arrived during the above portion of the meeting (9 members present)




District 1, Honolulu – Officer Dagon reported the following: statistics for the month of October compared with the previous month included robbery 2/0, burglary 2/0, UEMV (unauthorized entry into a motor vehicle) 9/4, auto theft 21/7, aggravated assault 0/1, simple assault 0/4, sex assault 0/1, family offense 3/5, drug offenses 1/1, and graffiti 0/0.


Questions, concerns and comments: (1) Spencer reported that at the first hairpin turn on Pacific Heights Road an accident occurred when someone hit an SUV parked in front of a fire hydrant. She mentioned that about thirty years ago she started a campaign was started to prohibit cars from parking in front of fire hydrants. The response was that violations are taken seriously, with cars towed away. If the fire hydrant is not completely obstructed, the vehicle is given a citation.


Officer Dagan, Sgt. Lai, and Lt. Loui were thanked for attending the meeting.


Luria and Young arrived during the above portion of the meeting (11 members present).


District 5, Kalihi – Sgt. Costa reported the following: (1) Statistics for Beats 572 and 573: Sex offense 0, robbery 1, burglary 7, theft 1, UEMV (unauthorized entry into a motor vehicle) 22, motor vehicle theft 5, assault 2, property damage 0, drugs/narcotics 0, family offenses 3, DUI 3, MVC (motor vehicle collision) 29, and arguments 21. (b) Sgt. Costa also reported there was an increase in UEMV's mostly at the Pali Lookout. The security camera at the lookout, operated by AKAL, a security company, is functioning. An officer is posted there on his down time.


Sgt. Costa and Sgt. Iwane were thanked for attending the meeting.


Chair Canopin called a ten-minute recess. At 7:47 the agenda resumed.


Agenda item 4, Approval of The Regular Meeting Minutes of October 18, 2005 and Agenda item 5, Secretary/Treasurer's Report were deferred.


CHEVRON GAS STATION PROPERTY (Nu'uanu Avenue/Pauoa Road) – Michael Tang, a Hawaii Kai resident, was seeking Board support for a zone change from R-3.5 to B.1 (business) for the property he just acquired located at the intersection of Nu'uanu Avenue and Pauoa Road. According to the Department of Planning and Permitting (DPP) one of the requirements is to come before the Neighborhood Board.  The reason for the zone change is to correct the records from a residential zoning to a business zone. However, the property will continue to be leased to Chevron, which occupies the site. Letters have been sent to the four surrounding neighbors of the property regarding tonight's proposal.


Questions, answers and comments: (1) The reason for the zone change is to correct the records with the City and County of Honolulu regarding usage. (2) Tang recently purchased the property from the Gilbert Trust. (3) Other businesses eligible with a B-1 zoning are a shopette with a gas station or a coffee shop. (4) Relative to other requirements with the application, after attending a Board meeting the next step would be to meet with DPP. (3) The address of the property is 1901 Nu'uanu Avenue. However, a resident said that the address is 1909 Nu'uanu Avenue. Tang responded that across the road of property are two homes, Hawaii Baptist Academy across the street, Foster Family Planning on the other and Kawananakoa Middle School on the south side. (5) The zone change would not be refused as long as the property is leased to Chevron.


Hidano moved, seconded by Bannan that the Nu'uanu/Punchbowl Neighborhood Board No. 12 supports the zone change for the property located at 1901 Nu'uanu Avenue.

Discussion followed: Young disclosed that Mr. Tang is related to her late husband. The motion was unanimously adopted, 11-0-0.


Michael and Aileen Tang were thanked for attending the meeting.


NU'UANU RESERVOIR DAM (Maintenance & Deteriorating Condition):


STATE DEPARTMENT OF LAND AND NATURAL RESOURCES – Eric Hirano, Chief Engineer of the State Department of Land and Natural Resources Engineering Division, reported the following: The Department of Land and Natural Resources Engineering Division administers the Hawaii Dam Safety Program. Only dams of a certain size (height and volume) criteria are regulated under the Hawaii program. Generally, regulated dams have a dam height over 25 feet and impound more than 5 million gallons of water (some exceptions apply). The general duties of the DLNR Dam Safety Program are: (1) Establish policies and guidelines; (2) Conduct investigations; (3) Review Plans and Issue Permits; (4) Emergency Action Planning; (5) National Inventory of Dams; (6) Training and Awareness; (7) Enforcement.


Due to a newspaper article dated October 23, 2005, his office received several calls and inquiries relative to classification of dams, high hazards from dam safety regulations such as loss of life and property damage below the dam structure. However, the stability of the Nu'uanu Reservoir was not addressed.


An assessment report found vegetation overgrowth, which must be removed or maintained. DLNR is working with the Board of Water Supply regarding this matter.


The dam serves as an important control feature, but there are no guarantees.


Questions, concerns and comments: (1) In response to a question asked by Luria regarding who in DLNR has experience in damming, Hirano replied that Edwin Matsuda is the dam engineer. (2) Relative to the question asked if more engineers in the State are needed to monitor dams. Hirano answered that there is a Flood Control Safety Program. The head of that program has retired, but is currently working on a part-time basis. Hirono stated that he works half time with dam safety and the other half on other projects due to budget cuts. DLNR will be submitting new budget requests and Hirano asked for support. (3) In response to Nerney, the inundated area is half a foot to three feet. (4) Bannan asked if the dam is basically a catchment area. The reply was that the reservoir (dam) was built for BWS purposes, but is now used for flood control. (5) Hidano mentioned that about eight or ten years ago she did a site visit and that the reservoir was leaking and continues to leak today, and asked what the BWS has done to fix the problem. (6) Kurashige asked the following: (a) eight to ten inches of rain in Nu'uanu caused flooding. (b) how much water is being released from the reservoir during heavy rains, because people are losing properties. She said that soon there would be more development (Nu'uanu Valley), which will cause more flooding to the people living in the lower areas.


Eric Hirano was thanked for attending the meeting.


BOARD OF WATER SUPPLY (BWS)Barry Usagawa, of BWS Water Resources Division, introduced Greg Shiu, and Su Shin. He presented the following:


  • The Nu'uanu Dam eighteen hundred feet long and sixty-five feet wide, was built in 1910 for flood control and hydropower; never as a water supply. Currently, water rising to sixty-feet on the east side will spill over. In the mid 1990's, the Phase 1 assessment was done by DLNR, that recommended that the water level be reduced, which was done.


  • A profile map was distributed. As of last week the water level at the dam was at twenty-nine feet. Maximum water level is sixty-feet. The dam continues to maintain enough water for the catfish (25 feet). If it rains, two of the three sluice gates are opened to release some of the water. However, the water level in the dam need not be high. The dam usage is basically for fishery and flood control.


  • Regular inspections are done by DLNR and documented. Recommendations are to remove the vegetation and maintain the embankment. The dam is monitored for leakage, and the water level is kept low.


  • There is a leakage of 17 million gallons per day down Nu'uanu Stream. Rainfall is monitored. A weekly report of the height of the reservoir level. The last time the dam overflowed was in 1951.


Glenn Oyama, Geologist for the BWS, presented the following – Water is discharged from the Nu'uanu Reservoir from a twenty-four foot outlet, with an average daily discharge of below 27.5 million gallons daily. Monitoring is done weekly and the reservoir's height water level recorded. According to records the average discharge for 300,000 gallons of water per day is below 27.5 feet. Some diameter wells located up stream are used for measuring water levels within the wells. The water level of wells on the mauka side is the same as the reservoir, but water levels are lower on the makai side.


Questions, concerns and comments:


  1. Luria asked if the water level at the dam is kept at 25 to 29 feet for the catfish, could the catfish be eliminated and the dam drained. Oyama replied that there are approximately 9, 000 or more anglers who request permits to fish at the dam for catfish.


  1. Nerney questioned if the recreational activity of fishing for catfish is more important than lives of people living down stream. He noted that flooding has increased with each heavy rain. In response, there is no higher priority than loss of life. Oyama noted that he is sure some kind of compromise could be reached and common ground founded. Response from DLNR was that on the catfish side some type of saturation is needed within the dam's structure. From a safety point of view, the dam must always be partially saturated.


  1. Nerney commented that at the start of the DLNR presentation it was said that the dam poses no immediate danger. He noted that fishermen go to the sea to fish, and that he is a resident who lives on Nu'uanu Stream. He did not want to hear about sophisticated analysis of what streams are. In response, BWS does basic flood control, which includes FEMA, and the Army Corps of Engineers. However, additional studies have not been done. It was noted that a lot of flooding was from the auwai systems.


Barry Usagawa and Glenn Oyama were thanked for attending the meeting.


BOARD OF WATER SUPPLY – Iris Oda introduced Su Shin who reported the following: A map of the Nu'uanu Water System on Alika Avenue, Dowsett Avenue, Puiwa and Wood Streets was shown. She explained that the addition of new water mains and additional fire hydrants would be installed. Changes to the plans have been made because the hydrant spacing must be equally spaced at three hundred feet apart. Guidelines followed parking and property line issues. It was considered keeping the fire hydrants equally spaced with the exception of one hydrant at three hundred fifty-one feet from the other. BWS is trying to upgrade the system and is working within the Fire Departments regulations.


Questions, concerns and comments: (1) In response to a question to Chair Canopin and the distance between fire hydrants, it depends on usage. For example for agricultural use the fire hydrants are placed seven hundred fifty feet apart, whereas for single-family communities three hundred fifty feet apart. Guidelines are based on use; it is not a law but a statewide guideline. However, every island is different. (2) Kurashige mentioned that the previous chair had received information relative to the project but it was not passed on to Board members.


Su Shin and Iris Oda were thanked for attending the meeting.


DEPARTMENT OF MOTOR VEHICLES – Director, Dennis Kamimura, reported that statistics as of October 2005 included 634 abandoned vehicle complaints filed, with 324 complaints closed due to the vehicle being attended to, not found at reported location, or located on private property; 57 vehicles were towed, 155 derelict vehicles towed, and 128 turned over by the legal owners.


According to Section 290-1, HRS, and per the courts, the Abandoned Vehicle Division must try to locate the owners of cars unattended and unlawfully parked before issuing a citation for removal. As long as a car is moved, even an inch, it is considered attended and cannot be cited or removed. If citations are removed from the vehicles windshield, it is deemed attended.


Hawaii Revised Statutes 290-8 contains the rulings on derelict cars. To be considered derelict, a vehicle must have major parts missing (removed), or the owner no longer resides at the registered address, the vehicle identification number (VIN) and license plates removed, the car is not registered or no records are found, etc.


Parking restrictions could be enforced if signage is posted.


One of the major problems of concern is that the Motor Vehicles Division does not receive reports of abandoned vehicles cited in a timely manner. If a marked abandoned or derelict vehicle has not been removed after the vehicle has been ticketed, the public should contact the Motor Vehicle Control Section to obtain an update as to the expected removal dates. If the vehicle has been scheduled for removal and not removed immediately action will be taken against the contractor and the suspected vehicle. To report problems contact Abandoned Vehicles at 733-2530 or log on to the City's website at


Questions, concerns and comments:


  1. Luria commented the problem is that vehicles marked are not removed. He asked why the registered owners of vehicles are not held responsible for the citations on a vehicle. Kamimura responded that the dispositions of citations should be addressed to the Traffic Violations Bureau. It was suggested to approach your legislators to have the law changed.


Chair Canopin relinquished the gavel to Vice Chair Kurashige.


  1. Spencer requested a determination as to whether the parking of her car adjacent to her Pacific Heights Road address is on a public roadway and subject to abandoned vehicle proceedings if an abandoned vehicle complaint is filed. Kamimura responded that according to Section 291-1 HRS, and Section 15-2-23 ROH, it was determined that where Spencer parks her vehicle meets the definition of a public roadway and therefore would be subject to abandoned vehicle proceedings.


  1. Kamimura said that if one sees an abandoned vehicle they should inform Chair Canopin for a follow up status.


  1. Young asked how to determine if a used vehicle had citations that currently the new vehicle owner is required to pay. Kamimura referred her to the Motor Vehicles Title Division. The website is Violation follow the car, not the car owner, was the response.


The Chair resumed the meeting.


  1. In response to Bannan's inquiry, cars parked on all streets must be moved every 24 hours. If HPD marks an illegally parked car, returns in 24 hours and the vehicle has not been moved it may be towed.


  1. In response to Aiona, a derelict vehicle is one that has major parts, such as the engine, tires, doors, etc. removed.


Aiona reported that this past Saturday there was a vehicle on the side of Pauoa Road (around the corner from Namilimili Street) with two missing tires and still up on a car jack at a forty-five degree angle. He noted that within three months' time the car had received two citations, which were removed. However, an officer responded, cited the car again, and had the vehicle towed. Aiona wanted to know why the removal took so long because the vehicle was parked in a school zone on a heavily traveled road. The response was that HPD gives citations to cars that are hazardously parked or for a safety issue. The vehicle was towed because of the safety issue.


Mr. Kamimura was thanked for attending the meeting.


Nerney moved, seconded by Bannan to adjourn the meeting. Discussion followed: Luria asked that agenda item 8, Approval for Resolution On Abandoned/derelict Vehicles, be discussed and Board action be taken prior to adjournment. The motion failed 5-6. Aye: Bannan, Young, Aiona, Ogawa, Nerney; Nay: Canopin, Luria, Spencer, Asahina, Hidano, Kurashige. A motion needs eight (8) voted to pass.


The meeting continued.


APPROVAL FOR RESOLUTION ON ABANDONED/DERELICT VEHICLES – Luria reported that he presented last month this resolution requesting information on the removal process, and arrange a county wide audit to determine how long it should take, how long it actually takes for vehicles to be ticketed and removed. Luria moved, seconded by Bannan to vote for the abandoned vehicle resolution and then adjourn the meeting. The motion was adopted unanimously, 11-0-0.



ADJOURNMENT – Chair Canopin adjourned the meeting at 9:45 p.m.



Submitted by Nola Frank, Neighborhood Assistant

Reviewed by Chair Al Canopin, Jr. and Secretary Patt Spencer



Nuuanu/Punchbowl Neighborhood Board

Inventory of Community Concerns

January 17, 2006


·            Inquiry by Paula Kurashige:  What is the City Ordinance - regarding to the placement of fire hydrants?

Response by the Board of Water Supply:


The placement of fire hydrants is not dictated by a City ordinance.  The placement of hydrants is dictated by the Board of Water Supply's guidelines and the spacing of the hydrants is dependent on the population density. 


·        Drainage Canal behind 145 Puiwa Road (Nuuanu)


Constituent concern forwarded to the City Administration for referral and action, via Councilmember Rod Tam’s office.


Last year heavy rains destroyed the concrete lining in the drainage canal behind 145 Puiwa Road.  To this date, the City has not repaired the concrete lining.  As such, there has been severe erosion to the land of abutting properties.  It has been reported that due to this sever erosion, abutting property owners are losing large amounts of land and are in danger of losing large trees.   It is also reported that this erosion is coming dangerously close to an adjacent sewer line.

  • Please have City crews immediately revisit this site to reassess the severity of this problem.

Please expedite the timetable for repair of the concrete lining of this drainage canal.

NOTE:  The Department of Design and Construction had previously reported that the reconstruction of the concrete lining is scheduled to start sometime in ’06.  However, residents are requesting an immediate expedition of this project due to the growing severity of erosion.


Status:  Pending Response from the City Administration


Niniko Place

Paula Kurashige’s concern was forwarded to the City Administration for referral and action, via Councilmember Rod Tam’s office.


  • Please inspect the trees and shrubbery located on the Makai side of Niniko Place (across from 24 Niniko Place and 3890 Old Pali Drive in Nuuanu).  Residents in the area are complaining that there is overgrowth into the sidewalk area and will soon grow into the street.
  • Also, there are complaints from residents that City crews have left grass trimmings on the sidewalk.
  • Please update complainant on the status of Notice of Violation No. 2005/NOV-05-223, which was issued for unauthorized trees in the sidewalk.

Status:  Pending Response from the City Administration

Country Club Road Bridge & Kimo Drive Bridge

Paula Kurashige’s concern forwarded to the City Administration for referral and action, via Councilmember Rod Tam’s office.


  • Inspect both bridges identified at the location; determine who has ownership and responsibility.  If the bridge(s) is in the city’s inventory, make an assessment of its deterioration, and need for repair.
  • If it belongs to the city, provide a cost price for its repair, and ensure that funding appropriations be made into the 2007 Mayor’s CIP budget.
  • Respond to the requestor and our office with your findings, recommendations, and a timetable in bringing these requests to a closure.

Status:  Pending Response from the City Administration

Bridge at Auwaiolimu Street


Dayne Kahau shared a concern that the bridge on Auwaiolimu and Pauoa was used by children to get to school, was torn down and never replaced.









Response by Laverne Higa - Director from the Department of Facility Maintenance:

The bridge was not removed by city forces.  Not sure who originally constructed the bridge.  However, we were under the impression the bridge belonged to the “state”.  The bridge may have been removed because it appears the structure and approaches were not ADA compliant.  Should there be any questions, please call Melvin Miyata, District Road Maintenance Superintendent of the Halawa Corporation Yard at 484-7630.

Ref: RISR Dart #119501


  • Booth District Park

-  Replace all faded “No Parking” signage throughout the perimeter of Booth District Park.


      -  Consider installing a crosswalk near the intersection and bus stop of Huanu Street & Kanealii Avenue.

      -  Install yellow-neon colored crossing signage (identical to signage at the intersection of Pauoa Road and Namilimili Street) on both sides of Kanealii Ave (to face oncoming traffic) at the intersection of Huanu Street & Kanealii Avenue.


      -  Install an additional “handicap” parking stall in the recreational parking lot area, and appropriate signage.


      -  Repaint all parking lines and handicap symbol in the recreational parking lot.


      -  Repaint all adjoining crosswalks and stop lines (street intersections) to Booth District Park and Pauoa Elementary School.


      -  Repaint all crosswalks and stop lines at the intersection of Kanealii & Pauoa Avenues.


      -  Repaint all crosswalks and stop lines at all intersections beginning with Kanealii & Pauoa Avenues THRU and including Lae Street.


      -  If funding is not allocated for this request, please notify requestors, and ensure that funding appropriations be made in the Mayor’s FY 2007 CIP budget.

Response by Acting Director Alfred A. Tanaka from the Department of Transportation Services:


We have completed our evaluation, which included an analysis of the traffic counts and a review of the accident history, and have found that marked crosswalks were not warranted.  However, we will be issuing a work order to install “Playground” warning signs on Kanealii Avenue to alert motorists approaching Booth District Park.  Should you have any questions, please call Leon Lau of my staff at 523-4676.  The Department of Facility Maintenance is responsible for scheduling and installing the “Playground” warning signs.


Contact info for problems regarding Auwai(s) or the drainage gate



Response by the Mayor’s Representative Gail Haraguchi, Deputy Director, Enterprise Services:


In reference to the request of how the public notifies the City & County of Honolulu of problems that occur at the Nuuanu Valley Neighborhood Park.  The following are procedures in which the public can access the Department of Parks & Recreation (DPR).


If there is a problem regarding the auwai or the drain grate in the park, the following would be appropriate to follow:


  • Call the District II Office at 522-7070 for any concerns regarding the Nuuanu Valley Neighborhood Park.  The hours in which the office is open is Monday through Friday from 7:45 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.  After business hours, there is a code-a-phone which will record your call, but the message will be picked up at the next business day.  If this is an emergency and it is after hours, please contact HPD.  They will be able to contact DPR.


  • DPR clears the debris from the metal grate covering the culvert.  The timeframe in which this happens will depend upon when the call is retrieved.  The timeliness could be a day or two.  But if heavy equipment is required, DPR will contact another department for assistance.


This should suffice to assist the public in getting the information to the Department of Parks & Recreation.




Response by Su Shin – Board Of Water Supply Chief Communications Officer:


Regarding the hydrants on Dowsett, we've moved them to the mauka side of the street, which is the existing no parking side of the street.  Also, the entire stretch of Puiwa is no parking on both sides of the street, so the placement of this hydrant will not affect parking.  As for any additional cost we will incur because of these changes...we are hoping to avoid them by doing what is called a 'field adjustment/change' to prevent any change orders, which would result in additional cost.  We are hopeful that this will be possible because we have not made any major changes to the original design, like adding additional hydrants, we've simply moved them around.




Response by Su Shin – Board Of Water Supply Chief Communications Officer:


As with most major emergencies/disasters, the Oahu Civil Defense (OCDA) is the lead agency responsible for notifying and evacuating residents in the case of an emergency.  The BWS would alert the OCDA of the potential/imminent danger and the OCDA would then direct the activation of roadblock, warning, evacuation, and sheltering operations.  However, if there is a rapidly developing or instantaneous (local earthquake) situation, the HPD, in coordination with the HFD, will immediately implement the procedures and notify OCDA.  When OCDA is activated, they will assume emergency management operations.






3051 & 3059 Nu’uanu Pali Drive


  • DFM - Street Cleaners to properly dispose of the debris fronting the location, and throughout Nuuanu Pali Drive.
  • DDC to provide cost estimates, and a scheduled plan to make the location and surrounding areas ADA compliant.
  • Provide funding appropriations in the Mayor’s CIP budget for the ADA project.
  • Respond to the requestor and our office with your findings, recommendations, and a timetable in bringing these requests to a closure.



3501 Nu'uanu Pali Drive fronting the house, in front of the wall...........between that and the curb, and onto the road side.  The street cleaner does not clean close enough either......sticks left also.........Person is legally blind.....ADA standards are not being met, as person cannot get to bus without going into the road.  Please ask city to get hold of the landowner, or clean it as soon as possible, so that person can get to the bus stop independantly.

 Also, can the road cleaner get closer to the curb to get rid of the debris, mud, etc.


RESPONSE by Laverne Higa – Director/Department of Facility Maintenance as follows:


Some debris is left when a mechanical sweeper makes a U-turn to go back in the other direction.  The debris collected along the curb goes outside of the broom width.  We will ensure the operator be more aware and sweep the area again to remove this debris.


Should there  be any questions, please call Melvin Miyata, District Road Maintenance Superintendent of the Halawa Corporation Yard at 484-7630.







































Performer access to stage – must go up/down stairs closest to door on City Hall side of auditorium.

Toni to get two volunteers frm United Korean Assoc to help performers up/down stairs to prevent falls.

Press release needed

Diane will help Toni prep info to send to Michael; his office will prep PR

Performer access to stage – must go up/down stairs closest to door on City Hall side of auditorium.

Toni to get two volunteers frm United Korean Assoc to help performers up/down stairs to prevent falls.

Press release needed

Diane will help Toni prep info to send to Michael; his office will prep PR

Performer access to stage – must go up/down stairs closest to door on City Hall side of auditorium.

Toni to get two volunteers frm United Korean Assoc to help performers up/down stairs to prevent falls.



Tuesday, January 17, 2006

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