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CALL TO ORDER:  Chair Bernie Young called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. without a quorum present.


MEMBERS PRESENT:  Ken Akamine, John Dell, James Hakuole, Robert Mitchell, Eric Purcell, Casey Sakai, Tracy Sakai, Betty Wong, Bernie Young.


MEMBERS ABSENT:  Elenita Endrina, Ken Harding, Jamie Harvest-Silva, Irene Takizawa.


GUESTS: Director Kurt Kawafuchi (Governor’s Representative – Department of Taxation), Keoki Miyamoto Dennis Galolo (Councilmember Romy Cachola’s Office staff), Jenny Quezon (Senator Suzanne Chun Oakland’s Office staff), Maxine Shea (Senator Donna Mercado Kim’s Office staff), Ann Stevens (Senator Gordon Trimble’s Office staff), Representative Corinne Ching, Jake Manegdeg (Representative Jun Abinsay’s Office staff), Warren Aki (Honolulu Fire Department – Kalihi Kai Station), Owen Harada, Robert Green, Albert Someda, and J. Pedro (Honolulu Police Department – Honolulu Station); Lieutenant Lester Hite (Honolulu Police Department – Kalihi Station), Lorraine Robinson (T.J. Mahoney); Claudio Tapec (Min Plastics); Bob Ko (Korean Christian Church); Keoni Fox (T-Mobile); Almo Paraso, Joey Manahan (Neighborhood Commission Office staff).


There is a 3-minute time limit on presentations and a 2-minute time limit on other reports except for certain “New Business” items.  All guests, residents and Board members should be recognized by the Chair before speaking.




RESIDENTS’ CONCERNS:  Concerns were raised by area residents regarding State legislation, that would restrict public access to shorelines statewide.


The agenda was taken out of order at this time.




AALA PARK SKATING RINK:  The following concerns were raised regarding the park:  1) Park users are concerned regarding the issuing of citations when lights are turned off at the park.  2)  Park users are concerned with illegal use of parking stalls by non-park users.  3) Park users feel hours of operation should be extended to be the same as other district parks.  4) The City is storing garbage by the skating rink and park users are complaining of the smell.


Discussion followed:


1) In response to park users concerns of citations, the Board and HPD representatives suggested park users organize to work out an early warning system with HPD and the Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) to notify park users of the park’s closure.  2) In response to illegal parking, the City Council is looking into the possibility of installing parking meters.  3) In response to park users request to extend the hours of operation of the park, HPD: a) noted that the park is in a Weed and Seed designated area and the park must be cleared by 9 pm. or citations may be issued, b) suggested coordinating efforts with Weed and Seed efforts if park users for the possible extension of hours of operation for the skating rink, and c) extended hours of operation may be an issue for them due to noise complaints made by area residents. 




T-MOBILE (CUP) AT PALAMA SETTLEMENT: A T-Mobile antenna to enhance Personal Communication Systems (PCS) is being installed at Palama Settlement.  Palama Settlement is not opposed nor did the Board take any action against the project.  A representative from the Korean Christian Church, which owns an elderly care home nearby, however, is concerned of the long-term effects of electromagnetic waves that will be generated by the antenna.  The T-Mobile representative assured the Board and residents that the transmission output is no more than 1500 watts, the same as that of a light bulb.  The issue will be the subject of further discussion at the next regular meeting of the Kalihi Palama Board and the item will be placed the on the next agenda.  The chair suggested that the Church and T-Mobile come to a favorable agreement that will benefit those involved.  The Chair also encouraged concerned area residents to attend the next meeting.


KAAAHI STREET:  Local business owners are concerned about illegally parked abandoned vehicles on Kaaahi Street, where homeless people are living.  Lorraine Robinson from T.J. Mahoney offered to help Claudio Tapec from Min Plastics, two local area businesses, to document the problem and work out a solution in conjunction with HPD.


SENATOR GORDON TRIMBLE – Ann Stevens distributed Senator Gordon Trimble’s report and highlighted the following: 1) The Legislature debates legislation for only three days during an entire Legislative Session.  2) The Senate spends more time on opening ceremonies and introductions rather than debating bills.  3) Certain Senators would like to give tax credits to targeted groups.


The Board recessed from 7:42 to 7:49 p.m.


Ken Akamine left the meeting during the recess.


The order of the agenda resumed--no quorum was present.




HONOLULU FIRE DEPARTMENT (HFD) – Warren Aki, of the Kalihi Kai Station, reported the following for the Kalihi-Kai and Kalihi Stations:  1) Statistics for last month included 5 fires—vehicle, structure, and rubbish, 69 responses to medical emergencies, and 22 miscellaneous—service calls, good intent, false alarms.  2) Fire safety tip for the month of March: Cooking fires are the leading cause of home fires and the second major cause of death among older adults.  If you are cooking and must leave the kitchen, even only for a few minutes, turn off the stove.  Keep a fire extinguisher (with a minimum rating of 2A10BC) in or near your kitchen and learn how to use it.  Inspect the extinguisher regularly to ensure that it has not expired.  3) Keep fire hydrants in your neighborhood clear of obstructions, including parked cars, debris, and weeds.


HONOLULU POLICE DEPARTMENT (HPD) – Owen Harada, of District-1, Honolulu, reported the following statistics in Beat 150, for the month of February 2005:  There were 0 robberies, 0 burglaries, 6 unauthorized entry into a motor vehicles (UEMV), 0 auto thefts, 3 simple assaults, 19 motor vehicle collisions (MVC), 0 driving under the influence (DUI), 0 family offenses and 2 drug offenses.


Lieutenant Lester Hite, of District-5, and reported the following:  1) Follow up on Kohou Street parking—43 parking citations, 6 tows, warrants issued for arrest, 25 field interviews.  2) Weed and Seed enforcement included one arrest on Banyan Street Pedestrian Mall.  Bail has been set at $1000, and suspect has been sent to Weed and Seed Court.


BOARD OF WATER SUPPLY (BWS) – Bob Mitchell reported the following:  1) There were two main breaks for the month of February 2005.  2) Projects on Liliha Street and Kanakanui Street to King Street.  3) BWS produces about 12 million gallons of recycled water a day, which helps to reduce the use of potable water for irrigation.  4) Leaky toilet flappers can waste 60 gallons of water a day.










DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION (DOT) UPDATES:  No representative was present.




MAYOR’S REPRESENTATIVE – Keoki Miyamoto was available for questions and said he would follow up on residents’ concerns regarding the park. 


Chair Young announced that it was indicated to her that part of the Neighborhood Commission Office will be relocated to Kapolei Hale.


COUNCILMEMBER ROMY CACHOLA – Dennis Galolo distributed Councilmember Romy Cachola’s monthly report and highlighted the City’s plans for an islandwide recycling project where all proceeds from the effort will be contributed to the Tsunami Relief Fund intended to help the victims of the December 2004 Tsunami.  The City will have recycling carts and select fire stations have been designated as drop off points.  For more information, please call Councilmember Cachola’s office at 547-7007.


REPRESENTATIVE CORINNE CHING – Representative Ching distributed her report and highlighted her work on legislation pertaining to public safety, elections, education, and announced the governor’s release of $461,000 earmarked for improvements to three public libraries in the Honolulu area.


SENATOR NORMAN SAKAMOTO – Senator Norman Sakamoto’s report was distributed. 


SENATOR SUZANNE CHUN OAKLAND – Jenny Quezon distributed Senator Suzanne Chun Oakland’s reported and announced that they have noted potholes in their area to be submitted to the State and City transportation departments.


SENATOR DONNA MERCADO KIM – Maxine Shea distributed Senator Donna Mercado Kim’s report and highlighted the Senator’s work on key measures pertaining to the State’s Tourism industry, which include legislation to establish a Museum of Hawaiian Music and Dance and legislation establishing a state cultural public market for vendors and artists to showcase their products and talents.  Both bills are intended to promote cultural awareness, education, and diversity of the Hawaiian culture and that of other ethnic groups throughout the islands.


In response to Senator Trimble’s report, Shea noted that Trimble’s observations were subjective and inaccurate.


REPRESENTATIVE KEN HIRAKI – Representative Hiraki’s report was distributed.


REPRESENTATIVE JUN ABINSAY – Jake Manegdeg highlighted the Representatives work on key issues including transportation, education, drugs and ice, housing, and the environment.  Manegdeg also reported on CIP appropriations for House District 29.


GOVERNOR’S REPRESENTATIVE – Director Kawafuchi reported on the State’s revenues overall and noted that they have been good, but they may be reduced over a long haul.  He reminded everyone to file their taxes by April 15, 2005 and reported on the standard deviation tax credit to help those families in need.  He estimated that the standard deviation tax credit may benefit up to 60% of the community at large. 




ADJOURNMENT:  It was the consensus of the Board to adjourn at 8:58 p.m.

Submitted by,


Joey Manahan
Thursday, April 14, 2005

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