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Kalihi-Palama Neighborhood Board No. 15






CALL TO ORDER: Chair Donald Guerrero called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m., with a quorum of seven (7) members present. Note: This 13 member Board requires seven (7) members to establish quorum and to take Board action.


Board Members Present: Cardy Fang, Donald Guerrero, Rodolfo Ibay, Fetu Taua Kolio, Roland Louie, Pauni Nagaseu-Escue (arrived at 7:10 p.m.), Gloricel Rone, and Bernadette Young.


Board Members Absent: Cy Feng and Darryn Ng.


Guests: Marc Ioane, Victor Samson, Lori Wong, Hin Hauiki, Dennis Galolo (Office of Councilmember Romy Cachola), Norma Batangan, Edna Mau, Sandi Kamalu, Leilani Oyama (Office of Senator Suzanne Chun Oakland), Richard Ching, Gary and Lucy Taketa, Capt. K. Lyons (Honolulu Fire Department), Justin Kessler (Board of Water Supply), Loretta Fuddy (/Governor’s Representative/State Department of Health), Luella Forsyth, Mary Hoopii, Jessie Matsuda, Sgt. Douglas Vollrath (Honolulu Police Department and Lt. Benjamin Mahi (Honolulu Police Department-District 1), Corporal Lawrence Peralta (Honolulu Police Department-District 5), James Hightower (PSK), Philip and Ellen Hightower, Bert Kaizuke, Dale Uno (Office of Senator Brickwood Galuteria), William Nhieu and Nancy Bernal (Office of Senator Donna Mercado Kim), Lindsey Barron (Office of Representative Corrine Ching), Addie Dorsey, Pat Lee (Honolulu Rail Project, Representative Karl Rhoads, Tom Enos, Fred Cadiz, B. Spencer, Erin Kealoha Fale and Carole Kaapu (Office of Representative Aaron Ling Johanson), Keoki Miyamoto (Office of the Mayor), Major William Chur (Honolulu Police Department), Claude Carvalho (Citizens Patrol Group), and Nola J. Frank (Neighborhood Commission Office staff).


Vacancies: Two (2) At-Large Seats.


FILLING OF BOARD VACANCIES: Chair Guerrero asked if there were any individuals interested in filling the at-large vacancies. There being no interested individuals, filling of the at-large vacancy was deferred to the next meeting.


ELECTION OF BOARD SECRETARY: Chair Guerrero asked if any Board members were interested in serving as Board Secretary. There being no interested Board members, the election of a Secretary was deferred to the next meeting.




Honolulu Fire Department (HFD): Captain Kevin Lyons reported the following:


December 2011 Statistics – Included 5 structures and 3 rubbish fires, 81 medical and 44 miscellaneous calls. One major incident occurred on December 9, 2011 at 1135 N. Nimitz Highway with eight (8) companies responding.


Fire Safety Tip – In an emergency, it is critical that first responders quickly identify the correct location. Fire, building, and U.S. postal codes and City ordinances state that property owners shall place their house numbers so it is legible and readily visible from the street. This will assist HFD and other first responders to quickly locate your home in the event of an emergency. If your property is difficult to locate and/or access, provide 911 dispatchers with additional information to assist them in locating your property during an emergency.


Questions, comments and concerns:


  1. Commendation – HFD was commended for controlling a fire on Haleakala Street in Nanakuli.
  2. Home Addresses – It was asked and clarified that it is a City ordinance for residences and businesses which requires addresses to be visible. It was asked are citations issued for not having an address visible/legible.

7:10 p.m. Board member Pauni Nagaseu-Escue; eight (8) members present.


Honolulu Police Department (HPD):


District 1: Sgt. Douglas Vollrath reported the following:


  • December 2011 Statistics – Included 1 burglary, 3 drug offenses, 2 driving under the influence (DUI), 12 motor vehicle collisions, 1 motor vehicle theft, 2 property damages, and 28 miscellaneous calls.
  • Handout – Circulated was children pedestrian safety tips.


District 5: Corporal Lawrence Peralta reported there was an increase in burglaries and unauthorized entry into motor vehicles (UEMV).


Questions, comments and concerns: Illegal Fireworks Calls – Follow up will be done regarding illegal fireworks call statistics.


Weed and Seed (W&S) Updates: No report.


Mayor Peter Carlisle’s Representative: Keoki Miyamoto reported the following:


  • Bulky Items on Leilani Street – A response is still pending regarding bulky items put out for pick up before the designated day.


Questions, comments and concerns:


  1. No Visible Address – It was asked and clarified that there is no penalty per say for not having a visible address, but it is for the safety of the residents. Follow up will be done.
  2. Banyan Street – It was reported that a camera system were previously request for this banyan tree area due to drugs, alcohol, and graffiti. Major Chur replied that resources are limited. HPD was given a grant a year ago from Target for surveillance cameras in different areas. At the time HPD was told that the Kalihi area would receive five (5) cameras, which the Banyan Street area was considered. When the grant is received this area will be considered a priority.
  3. Firework Sales Enforcement – In general, fireworks are illegal without a permit. In Kalihi this New Year’s Eve there was less fireworks starting before 9:00 p.m. At midnight there were a few aerials with the noise decreasing about 12:30 a.m. HPD has the authority to check on fireworks sales and violations.
  4. Leilani Street Issues – Discussion for Leilani Street options is pending Corporation Counsel’s (COR) response to the Board for legal clarification and opinion.


    • Short Cut – Major Chur added that a complaint a few months back related to cars using Leilani and Fernandez Streets as a cut through to Likelike Highway. He noted being that the streets is privately owned enforcement rules are slightly different. However, the area is monitored for speeders. Thus far, no excessive speeding has been observed. The streets are narrow and speed limit is unclear.
    • Posted Signs – The yellow posted signs on Fernandez Street are not enforceable. There is a 15 miles per hour (mph) sign is posted on Leilani Street makai bound. Lohilani Street has two 25 mph posted signs; but one sign does look like an official City sign.
    • Comment – It was asked if residents are allowed to install speed bumps on a private road. In answer, a study will determine ownership of the road. However, there are issues of who will maintain the road. On occasion the City does do paving on private roads.
    • Comment – Requested in writing was the rights of residents living on private roads such as Kalama Road. Cars are parked illegally fronting residences and blocking garages. Drug addicts leave vehicles for a long time with swapped license plates on stolen cars; trash cannot be picked-up. According to HPD it is limited on what they can do. Chair Guerrero encouraged everyone to keep trying, keep documentation, and to call the Mayor’s complaint office regarding trash pick-up.
  1. Neighborhood Security Watch (NSW) – It was reported that people are sleeping in cars on Kam IV Road and Kalama Street. There was an inquiry made if HPD can tow cars left on private roads. In answer, a law was passed two (2) years ago allowing towing of vehicles on private roads. However, the property owner must have the vehicle towed. Major Chur noted that HPD may tow a vehicle if the private road is open to the public. The issue will be researched. Chair Guerrero asked the representative and senators to look into the matter.


Board of Water Supply (BWS):  Justin Kessler reported the following:


§         Water Main Breaks – No water main breaks during the month of November 2011.

§         Revised Water Rate Schedule Adopted – The BWS Board of Directors has approved a revised water rate schedule to fund the operation, maintenance, and replacement of Oahu’s water infrastructure. The new rate schedule, which took effect on January 1, 2012, will be spread over a five-year schedule at 9.5 percent increase each year. The increase will allow the BWS to accelerate its capital improvement program, and ensure the delivery of a safe and dependable water supply to the customers.

§         Water Conservation Calendar and Contests – The BWS is new 2012 Water Conservation Calendar was distributed to Board members. The calendar features the winning artwork and poetry submitted from Oahu’s keiki in last year’s Water Conservation contests. Coupons, helpful tips, and contest sponsors are included in the calendar. The 2012 poster contest is open to students in grades Kindergarten to sixth grade and the poetry contest is open to students to grades 7-12. The deadline for entries is Wednesday, March 7, 2012.

§         New Year’s Resolution to Save Water – The New Year is a great opportunity to start to make positive changes in our lives. One such change can be to cut down on household water usage, and reduce water waste. This will help save money and conserve the water resources. We can all make a difference and have a positive impact on the future of Oahu’s precious water supply.

§         Information – For more information call BWS Communications Office at 748-5041 or visit


Questions, comments and concerns:


  1. Rate Increase – The Capital Improvement Project (CIP) is not progressing as well as it should due to the budget shortfall. Old water main infrastructure must be replaced. There has not been an increase in rates for the last 10-11 years. If it does not happen now, it will cost more in the future.
  2. Older Homes – Fees will be accessed if the home has been renovated with new fixtures. All renovations require a permit.
  3. Rate Increase – There was an inquiry if the rate increase is enough to complete the renovations. In answer, a combination of things such as the (CIP).
  4. Online Bill Payment – The online payment has been stopped. BWS is currently converting to a new computer system. Follow up will be done.
  5. Grants – Kessler was not aware of any grants. Per the Charter, BWS can only generate funding to pay staff and for renovations.


Councilmember (CM) Romy Cachola: Dennis Galolo reported the following:


§         Trip – CM Cachola has just returned from San Francisco where wastewater treatment centers were inspected.

  • Leilani Street Residents – Galolo apologized to Leilani Street residents and noted that according to DTS Director Yoshioka, he is in favor of closing on end of Fernadez Street, but awaiting a response from Corporation Counsel (COR).
  • Kalama Street – The office received a call and is doing research relating to signage and street lamps.
  • North School Street Trash Concerns – The issue was raised at the Kalihi Valley Neighborhood Board NO. 16. The City’s Department of Environmental Services (ENV) and follow up will be done.
  • State to Implement Legal Presence Act Requirements for Hawaii Driver Licenses – Starting March 5, 2012, proof of “legal presence” will be required for driver licenses and learner’s permit throughout Hawaii. The State Department of Transportation Services (DOT) and all County Motor Vehicle, Licensing and Permits Divisions will implement the Legal Presence Act requirements in accordance to Act 28 of the 2010 state legislative session. This is a federally mandated major component of the REAL ID Act of 2005. Individuals must provide a valid or certified copy of their Social Security card, passport, or resident card. In addition, to demonstrate legal presence, the Drivers Licensing Offices will also require at least one other document (listed in the written report). Everyone was encouraged to review the requirements.


Honolulu High Capacity Transit Corridor Project (HHCTCP): Pat Lee reported The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) has accepted the Honolulu rail transit project into Final Design – the final phase of the project’s development before executing a Full Funding Grant Agreement (FFGA) with the FTA. In a letter from FTA Regional Administrator Leslie T. Rogers, the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation (HART) was advised of the favorable decision in writing. The Honolulu rail transit project’s entry into final design demonstrates the FTA’s continued acknowledgement that the project is progressing through the various FTA requirements toward a federal contribution of $1.55 billion. As is the case with all projects that progress through the Final Design process, FTA Regional Administrator Rogers noted that the Honolulu project’s financial plan will be subject to an even more intensive review before FTA enters into an FFGA with HART. As previously announced by Senator Inouye, the Fiscal Year 2012 Transportation Appropriations measure includes a total of $510 million for those transit New Starts projects that will enter into an FFGA in calendar year 2012. When Honolulu enters into an FFGA with the FTA, it will become eligible for a portion of these funds in the year ahead. Excise tax collections for the rail project were $179.1 million for the past fiscal year, which was 9 percent ahead of the amount the city had projected. The most recent quarterly excise tax collections basically continued that trend, coming in at $46.4 million, or about 6 percent ahead of the city's latest projections for the quarter. The state began collecting the half-percent excise surcharge on behalf of the city in 2007, and the city expects to receive a total of $3.532 billion from the rail surcharge during the 16 years the extra tax is in effect. The surcharge applies only on Oahu, and expires at the end of 2022. HART has also awarded a $38.8 Million contract to AECOM Technical Services to design the airport segment of the Rail Transit project. This is a 5.2 mile segment between the Aloha Stadium and Middle Street transit stations.  Design work is expected to be completed by early next year. Following the design, a separate contract will be put out for bid for the construction work. Rail station design and construction for this segment will also be awarded as separate contracts which will be forthcoming. The local AECOM office was formally M&E Pacific, which was founded in Honolulu in 1959.  Some of the other locally based subcontractors to this design work include Wilson Okamoto, Yogi Kwong Engineers, Geolabs, Group 70 and PBR Hawaii, all long time kama’aina firms.


Questions, comments and concerns:


  1. Rail Transit – The rail transit is being built for the future because there will be an increase in population and traffic.
  2. Rail Safety Concerns – There was an inquiry about affects to the rail system caused by earthquakes. Per a safety and security briefing, rail can withstand earthquakes. All requirements are under study before the rail cars are built.
  3. Population Growth – The Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization (OMPO) and the State Department of Business, Economic Development (DBEDT) projects population growth.




  1. Rubbish – (A) Reported was three (3) areas of piled rubbish on the sidewalk at 2011 N. School Street near Sunny’s Market; the area is zoned residential/business. The problem is that a private trash service contracted by the City does not provide trash bins in the School Street area. Bulky items are also left out for pick up along the sidewalks and spilled onto the street creating hazardous conditions for elderly pedestrians having to step onto the street and traffic. The store owner agreed to comply with the law. However, the pile of trash is moved from one area to another. Chair Guerrero stated the fine for putting out bulky items before the date is $250.
  2. Leilani Street – It was request to have DTS Director Wayne Yoshioka attend the February Board meeting.
  3. Shipping Container Terminal at the Military Reservation – Sandi Kamalu raised concern that the State Department of Transportation (DOT) is asking 80 businesses to relocate and turn the property over to Matson. It was noted that an area at Barbers Point in Ewa was dredged to accommodate containers, but Matson refused due to economics. It was stated that Pier 35 stows containers from Indonesia with illegal fireworks. She asked for Board support. An update will be reported at the next meeting. Other members of the audience expressed their concerns.


Sand Island Recreational Park – No representative was present.


Discussion three (3) Absence of Cardy Fang and Fetu Kolio – Chair Guerrero asked Fang and Kolio who both have three (3) absences what is their intent. Fang and Kolio both stated that they would like to continue as Board members.


Planning of Future Meeting Presentations and Topics: Deferred.




Approval of the November 17, 2011 Regular Meeting Minutes and December 21, 2011 Memorandum for the Record:


  • November 17, 2011 Louie moved and Nagaseu-Escue seconded to ADOPT the regular meeting minutes of November 17, 2011 as circulated, 8-0-0 (Aye: Fang, Guerrero, Ibay, Kolio, Louie, Nagaseu-Escue, Rone and Young).
  • December 21, 2011 Memorandum for the RecordLouie moved and Nagaseu-Escue seconded to ADOPT the December 21, 2011 Memorandum for the Record as circulated, 8-0-0 (Aye: Fang, Guerrero, Ibay, Kolio, Louie, Nagaseu-Escue, Rone and Young).


Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Rone reported November 2011 expenditures were $26.91, leaving a balance of $430.70; expenditures in December 2011 were $102.45 leaving a balance of $328.00.


Elected Officials:


Senator Donna Mercado Kim: William Nhieu reported the following:


  • New Staff Aide – New Neighborhood Board staff member Nancy Bernal was introduced.
  • Hawaii Public Access Room – The public access room is located on the 4th floor at the Hawaii State Capitol, which helps the public will all questions and more. Call 587-0478 or visit for more information.
  • Farrington High School 75th Anniversary and Redesign Groundbreaking – Groundbreaking took place on December 15, 2011 on a 20-year $100 million redesign process to celebrate the school’s anniversary. The renovation serves to improve student lives including fixing outdated facilities, establishing higher learning environments, and educational structural changes.


Reports were provided by Senator Suzanne Chun-Oakland, Senator Brickwood Galuteria, and Senator Glenn Wakai.


Governor Neil Abercrombie’s Representative: Loretta Fuddy reported the following:


  • The state has turned its finances around and entered the New Year with a strong foundation for a sustainable economy. With today’s start of the Legislative session, the administration is looking forward to working with the state Legislature to continue on a positive track. By working with the federal government, the kupuna are being taken cared of, county and community partners to establishing the Aging and Disabilities Resource Centers, which will serve as a single point of entry for all long-term care support and services in the state. The centers will streamline eligibility, determination, minimize the need to navigate multiple bureaucracies, and facilitate informed choice about long-term care.
  • Last the Governor expedited the quick release of more than $63.7 million for various Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) that will further stimulate the economy, create jobs and invest in the people of Hawaii. This month an additional $16.6 million was released for school, library and Honolulu International Airport projects.
  • Applications are being accepted for service on numerous boards and commissions The Governor’s office oversees more that 160 boards and commissions.


Questions, comments and concerns:


  1. Mahalo – The Governor was thanked for helping with Mayor Wright Housing issues.
  2. Department of Health Survey – Surveys are conducted periodically.


Representative Corrine Ching: Lindsey Barrow circulated a newsletter and reported that the 2012 Legislative Session opened today.


Questions, comments, and concerns: Likelike Elementary School – Concern was raised regarding the proposed closure of Likelike Elementary School.

Representative Karl Rhoads: Rep Karl Rhoads reported the following:


  • Homeless – A complaint about the homeless blocking Summer Triangle was referred to the State Department of Transportation (DOT).
  • Homeless Encampment on Iwilei Road from N. King Street – The property where the homeless encampment is situated is owned by the State Department of Hawaii Housing, Finance, and Development Corporation (HHFDC), that is scheduled for senior residency. Construction is scheduled to start in February or March of this year. According to Bill 54, a notice will be issued on January 23, 2012 to homeless to remove items from the sidewalk by the City Department of Facility Maintenance (DFM) on January 23, 2012. Item left on the sidewalks will be picked up and put in storage by DFM on January 24, 2012. The Institute for Human Services is doing outreach and some people are in shelters, while others decline the help.
  • Bills – A list of proposed bills were read, which included a deposit of $50 when purchasing a new car battery in the event the old one is not returned.
  • Private Lands – If the City/State takes ownership of an abandoned lane (ownership unknown) this would allow having to bring the lane to normal standards allowing public access.


Questions, comments and concerns followed: Used Dumped Tires – Please call the office for the number of the one (1) recycling company who takes in 4 tires per day.


Representative Joey Manahan: No representative present; report not available.


Representative Aaron Johanson: Erin Kealoha Fale introduced staff member Carole Kaapu, distributed the monthly report, and highlighted:

§         Legislative Packages – Rep. Johanson is working on legislative packages focusing on public housing and veterans.

§         Public Workshops – “We The Powerful” workshops at the State Capitol, hosted by the Public Access Room (PAR) will be held weekly in room 401 every Tuesday at 12:00 noon and Thursday at 5:30 p.m.; free.




  • The next Regular Meeting to be held on Wednesday, February 15, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. at the Kalihi Union Church, 2214 North King Street.


ADJOURNMENT: The meeting adjourned at 9:20 p.m.



Submitted by Nola J, Frank

Neighborhood Assistant


Reviewed by,

Donald Guerrero, Chair









Last Reviewed: Thursday, February 09, 2012