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MARCH 9, 2005



CALL TO ORDER:  The meeting was called to order by Chair Woods at 7:15 p.m.  No quorum was present.


MEMBERS PRESENT:  Lance Bateman, Kanoa Bristol, Lisa Mitchell, William Woods.


MEMBERS ABSENT: Sharon Cabrera, Jory Watland.


GUESTS:  Dottie Pregil and Wilton Ching (Faith Action for Community Equity [FACE]), Howell Hswain (HPU Student), Patricia Jones; Officer A. Kalahvi, Sgt. John Vines, Lt. Lester Hite (HPD), Rhoda Kuluai, Pascual Dabis (Kalihi Uka Booster), Hazel Murakami, Wilton Ching, Elena Lao (Councilmember Romy Cachola’s Office), Maxine Shea (Senator Donna Mercado Kim’s Office), Lisa Ginoza (Governor’s Office), Noel Ono (Mayor’s Office), John Bowers (HFD-Kalihi Uka Station), Lan Yoneda (Board of Water Supply), Joe Wolf, Tia Reber, Jacqueline Kamai, Ted Saribay, Reverend Eddie Laulu, John Mizuno (Representative Dennis Arakaki’s Office), Karl Rhoads (Weslin Consulting, Inc.), Joey Manahan (Neighborhood Commission Office staff).




HONOLULU FIRE DEPARTMENT – Capt. John Bowers reported the following:


1.             Statistics for last month included 1 vehicle fire and 1 building fire, 63 responses to    

            medical emergencies, and 4 miscellaneous.


2.             Fire safety tip for the month of March: Cooking fires are the leading cause of 

            home fires and the second major cause of death among older adults.  If you are       

            cooking and must leave the kitchen, even only for a few minutes, turn off the 

            stove.  Keep a fire extinguisher (with a minimum rating of 2A10BC) in or near your 

            kitchen and learn  how to use it.  Inspect the extinguisher regularly to ensure that

            it has not expired. 


3.             Keep fire hydrants in your neighborhood clear of obstructions, including parked

                         cars, debris, and weeds.



HONOLULU POLICE DEPARTMENT – Lt. Hite reported the following:


1.              Statistics for last month included 104 arguments, 14 assaults, 14 burglaries, 31 drug/narotics, 10 family offenses, 2 harassments, no homicides, 41 miscellaneous public cases, 150 miscellaneous service calls, 1 motor vehicle thefts, 67 motor vehicle collisions, 11 nuisance complaints, 146 parking violations, 20 property damage, 2 robberies, 0 sex offenses, 69 suspicious circumstances, 15 thefts, 20 unauthorized entry into motor vehicles (UEMV), 31 vehicles towed.


2.              Work is being done with Chair Woods regarding a concern with residents with too many chickens being kept on their properties creating noise and other problems.  Chair Woods provided additional background on efforts to address this problem with the police department, City Council, and State Legislature.


                 Lt. Hite noted that noise is defined as a gross deviation from the normal conditions.  Such conditions can result in a citation.  He noted that names of complainants calling police are kept confidential and reviewed procedures used in addressing noise complaints.  Some cases may be referred to a mediation process through the Mediation Center of the Pacific.


Lt. Hite was thanked for attending the meeting.






BOARD OF WATER SUPPLY  - Lan Yoneda, from the Board of Water Supply, reported the following:


1.              There were no water main breaks in the area last month.


2.                 BWS project to install water main on Kam IV Road is 30% complete.


3.                 The annual Detect-A-Leak Week takes place from March 6 to 12, 2005.  Toilet tank leak detection tablets will be available at the Board of Water Supply on Beretania Street and all satellite city halls.  Free leak detection services are being offered to 75 single-family homeowners via contest.  Details and contest applications are available at BWS or in the daily newspapers.


4.         Rainwater catchment is something BWS has looked into and continues to explore, however at this time, no plans are in place for such a system as development, installation, and maintenance would be cost-prohibitive.  BWS constantly evaluates new opportunities, and all ideas will be looked at seriously.


Yoneda was thanked for attending the meeting.




1.      Graffiti is an issue in the Kalihi area and on Oahu.  HPD is sponsoring an Island-wide clean up in cooperation with Weed and Seed Programs and the Neighborhood Boards of Oahu in order to address the problem.


2.      Chair Woods announced that he is planning to make public parks an agenda item in the coming months, and he would like a representative from the Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) to attend the meetings.


3.      Dottie Pregil from FACE and area residents have formed a task force to identify those areas in upper Kalihi Valley (Kalihi Uka Elementary area) that are in need of footpaths in order to make it safer for pedestrians, children and the elderly especially.  So far, 215 homes were surveyed, and the response has been positive.  This may become an issue for the City in the future depending on the area and jurisdiction.  Neighborhood Board 16 will be following this issue.


4.   2841 Numana Rd—Area residents are concerned about dumping of dirt and bulky items in the stream along Numana Rd. 


5.      Rev. Eddie Laulu, area resident, reported a fallen tree on his property, 3544 Kalihi Street.  The

tree once stood in the area between his property and the Likelike Highway.  Laulu asked for the

proper government agency to take responsibility for clearing the fallen tree from his property.


6.       Ted Saribay complained of speeding as well as abandoned vehicles on Nalani Street.  Chair Woods suggested calling in complaints to HPD regarding speeding vehicles, and HPD said they would look into the matter of the abandoned vehicles.  Saribay suggested traffic calming methods such as speed bumps.  In response, Chair Woods suggested writing to the Board with specific reasons supporting the need for speed bumps on Nalani Street.   


7.   Chair Woods gave the Chair’s Report summarizing the concerns listed above,

and he announced the following:  If anyone wants to receive agendas and minutes regularly of Neighborhood Board 16, they may do so by signing up on the attendance sheet in the back of the room.   











FILLING OF NEIGHBORHOOD BOARD NO. 16 SEATS – Deferred.  Chair Woods announced the resignation of Board members John Orendt and V. Taiaopo Tuimalealiifina.


AD HOC TASK FORCE ON KALIHI STREET HEALTH AND SAFETY – FOOTPATHS AND PARKING REPORT AND RECOMMENDATIONS:  Dottie Pregil reported 215 homes were surveyed, and response to the survey has been positive.  Chair Woods has been attending meetings regarding the footpaths, and along with FACE volunteers and residents, has made preliminary plans for a footbridge in the area.  Neighborhood Board 16 will be following this issue. 


FUTURE OF BOARD – ISSUES BOARD MEMBERS WOULD LIKE TO REVIEW OR ADDRESS IN COMING BOARD SERVICE YEAR?  RESIDENTS WILL BE WELCOME TO MAKE SUGGESTIONS FOR FUTURE BOARD ACTIONS:  Chair Woods will be including an assessment of park programs of Kalihi District Park and other regional parks in the April and May agendas.  The Department of Parks and Recreation is encouraged to send a representative to attend these.  Woods will focus on the need for enforcement of zoning laws, development of a skate park, and update on Kokua Kalihi Valley’s development plans for 100-acre park at the end of the Kalihi Street.




COUNCILMEMBER ROMY CACHOLA – Elena Lao distributed the monthly report and highlighted the following:


1.                  Councilmember Cachola’s work on the 2006 Fiscal Year budget—budget bills and proposed revenues will undergo first reading on March 16 with follow-up hearings on April 14 and 15.


2.                  During the month of April, the City will be involved in an islandwide recycling project where all proceeds from the effort will be contributed to the Tsunami Relief Fund intended to help the victims of the December 2004 Tsunami.  The City will have recycling carts and select fire stations have been designated as drop off points.  For more information, please call Councilmember Cachola’s office at 547-7007.


3.                  Kaiulani School is having a penny drive to aid tsunami victims.  If you have pennies to donate or to pick up please call Councilmember Cachola’s office at 547-7007.


Questions and comments followed:


1.                  Chair Woods requested a map that illustrates where Councilmember Cachola’s

district overlaps with Neighborhood Board 16’s district boundaries. 


2.                  In response to Board member Mitchell’s question regarding the status of the sludge treatment facility at the Sand Island, Lao had no details at the moment. 


Chair Woods requested results of sludge tested at Sand Island treatment facility and thanked Lao for attending the meeting.


COUNCILMEMBER ROD TAM  - Al Canopin distributed the monthly report and highlighted the following:


1.            The written report includes a legislative update on bills being worked on by  

various committees.


2.             A letter thanking Mayor Hannemann for his cooperation on and commitment to  

pedestrian safety in Kalihi Valley.


3.           A letter to Mayor Hannemann regarding the assessment of roads, that need  repair in Council

    District VI.  A list of roads that need resurfacing in Council District VI is also attached.


4.       Canopin reported on the ownership of sections Nihi and Kamanaiki Streets stated in the report.


Canopin was thanked for attending the meeting.


MAYOR’S OFFICE – Noel Ono, Assistant Director of the Department of Human Resources and representing the Mayor’s Office, reported the following:


1.                  Ono confirmed with the Deputy Director of DPR regarding Landscape issues in Kalihi Uka.


2.                  Announced budget hearings on March 10 and 11 to continue on March 14 for the Kalihi Valley area.


Ono was thanked for attending the meeting.


REPRESENTATIVE DENNIS ARAKAKI  - John Mizuno, from Representative Arakaki’s Office, reported the following:


1.              Mizuno will notify the Attorney General’s Office, the U.S. Attorney General, as well as the Department of Health and the Department of Land and Natural Resources, regarding the illegal dumping in Kalihi Stream.


2.              A constituent called regarding poor road-work done on Wailele Street.  After further investigation, it was found that the road was last worked on by the gas company who was repairing pipes in the area.


3.             Representative Arakaki recently held the annual ‘Kids in Sports’ tournament.


4.             Representative Arakaki is currently working on the passage of House Bill 1304  

             relating to Universal Health Care and encourages support of the measure.


5.            Some 739 letters were sent to various people regarding unclaimed property.  If anyone

needs assistance in claiming unclaimed property, please call Representative

Arakaki’s office at  586-6050.


Mizuno was thanked for attending the meeting.


SENATOR DONNA MERCADO KIM – Maxine Shea distributed the monthly report and highlighted/added the following:


1.             The Community Bulletin outlining Senator Kim’s priorities has been sent to   

constituents.  The Senator encourages everyone to fill out the questionnaire, so she can receive feedback on issues.  If anyone has not received a copy or would like one, please call the Senator’s office at 587-7200.


2.              Six of the Senator Kim’s bills have passed third reading including Senate Bill   

             967, which establishes a Museum of Hawaiian Music and Dance and Senate Bill 

             1721, relating to the State Cultural Public Market in Kakaako.


Shea was thanked for attending the meeting.





GOVERNOR’S OFFICE – Lisa Ginoza, representing the Governor’s Office, reported the following:


1.              In response to the coordination of traffic signals on Nimitz at the end of the zipper

    lane,  the State is working with City to coordinate the lights for better

    flow of traffic.


2.              Governor’s update was passed out and copies can be found in the table on the

             back of the room.


Ginoza was thanked for attending the meeting.




1.                            Kalihi Uka Boosters Easter Egg Hunt, March 20, DeCorte Park at 12:30 p.m.  Dabis thanked Senator Donna Mercado Kim and Representative Dennis Arakaki for their contribution of gift certificates to be used as prizes for the kids.  


2.            The next Board meeting is scheduled for April 13, 2005.


ADJOURNMENT:  The meeting was adjourned at 9:20 p.m.



Submitted by,


Joey Manahan

Neighborhood Assistant





Wednesday, April 06, 2005

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