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Kuliouou/Kalani Iki Neighborhood Board







CALL TO ORDER: Chair Bob Chuck called the meeting to order at 7:04 p.m. with a quorum present. 


MEMBERS PRESENT: Bob Chuck, Al Andrews, Bernie Boltz, Jeannine Johnson, Bertha Leong, Karen Narimasu, Michael Parke, P. Anne Rautio, Ed Schell, Sheri Spangler, Linda Starr, Kimo Sutton and Joseph Young.


MEMBERS ABSENT:  Ted Ashworth (excused), Fran Kagawa, Jack Schneider (excused) and Jamal Siddiqui (excused).


GUESTS:  Senator Sam Slom and Melvin Ah Ching (Senator Slom's Office staff); Representative Barbara Marumoto, Representative Lyla Berg; Dr. Libby Char (Director, Emergency Services Department, Mayor Mufi Hannemann's representative); Francisco "Chico" Figueiredo and Nolan Kido (Councilmember Djou's Office); Captain Robert Green, Lt. Garret Kurihara, Sgt. Lloyd Dabaluz, Detective Steve Foreman and Officer Jason Hendricks (Honolulu Police Department, District 7); Scot Muraoka (Board of Water Supply), Myron Fujimoto (City & County of Honolulu, Department of Design and Construction), Charles Palumbo, Carmen Hagloch (Waialae Ike Ridge Board member); Clement Ching, Eleanor Ching, Heidi Hong, Laurel Portner, Sharon Shimono, Michael Miller, Fran Margulies, M. Hirakami, David Finger, Bruce Asayama, and Lillian Asayama (Niu Valley); Tai Hong (Livable Hawaii Kai Hui), Art Murakami and Tanya Reed (Niu Valley Assn.); Brian Groelsma, Cindy Schultz, Harry Yee, Ed Fong, Nelson Chang, Greg Smith and Westley Chun (CH2MHill); Kris Young, Sheryl Au, Lorraine Rezents, Bob Hinazumi, Shirl Nozoe, Richard Nozoe, Bob and Sue Johnson, Brian Goldsmith, Ed Van Dyke (Aina Haina), Richard Bass, Carmen Emerson Bass, Suzanne Roig (Honolulu Advertiser), and K. Russell Ho (Neighborhood Commission Office staff).




Board member Al Andrews nominated Bob Chuck for Chair.  No second is required for nominations.  Board member Andrews moved and Board member Karen Narimatsu seconded that the nominations be closed.  The motion carried unanimously, 13-0-0.  Bob Chuck was elected Chair by unanimous consent.


Board member Andrews nominated Ed Schell for Vice Chair.  No second is required for nominations.  Board member Andrews moved and Board member Bertha Leong seconded that the nominations be closed.  The motion carried unanimously, 13-0-0.  Ed Schell was elected Vice Chair by unanimous consent.


Board member Andrews nominated Jeannine Johnson for Secretary.  No second is required for nominations.  Board member Andrews moved and Board member Anne Rautio seconded that the nominations be closed.  The motion carried unanimously, 13-0-0.  Jeannine Johnson was elected Secretary by unanimous consent.


Board member Rautio nominated Al Andrews for Treasurer.  No second is required for nominations.  Board member Narimatsu moved and Board member Rautio seconded that the nominations be closed. The motion carried unanimously, 13-0-0.  Al Andrews was elected Treasurer by unanimous consent.


Board member Michael Parke left the meeting.


Vice Chair Schell moved and Board member Rautio seconded that the Kuli'ou'ou-Kalani Iki Neighborhood Board No. 2 continue to meet on the first Thursday of the month and to recess in July 2006 and January 2007The motion carried unanimously, 12-0-0.


Vice Chair Schell moved and Board member Andrews seconded that the Kuli'ou'ou-Kalani Iki Neighborhood Board No. 2 continue to meet at the Aina Haina Public Library.  The motion carried unanimously, 12-0-0.


HONOLULU FIRE DEPARTMENT (HFD)- No representative was present.


HONOLULU POLICE DEPARTMENT (HPD): Lt. Garret Kurihara distributed the monthly report and highlighted the following:


1.  Statistics for May compared to April included: Beat 768- burglaries 6/3, thefts 7/0, unauthorized entry into a motor vehicle (UEMV) 3/3; Beat 770- burglaries 4/1, thefts 1/4, UEMV 1/2 and Beat 772- burglaries 2/0, thefts 2/0, UEMV 2/1.


2.  The HPD handout had a map showing the beat locations and the Section of the Hawaii Revised Statutes that pertain to "Pedestrians' Right of Way in Crosswalks" with drawings.


Questions, answers and comments followed.


1.  Board member Linda Starr observed two unsafe situations on Kalanianaole Highway at East Hind Drive, near the Bayer Estate and the Calvary By The Sea Church.  Although it was permissible, it looked like an accident waiting to happen.  Traveling east on the makai lanes, she saw a white station wagon trying to exit a driveway and cross Kalanianaole Highway to get to the far left lane to make a U-turn.  She also observed a car making a left turn from the Bayer Estate on to Kalanianaole Highway going west.  Chair Chuck suggested that HPD monitor that intersection.  HPD replied that there are broken lines that allow drivers to cross three lanes to get to the left-turn lane, as long as it is safe to do so.  If HPD sees an unsafe change of lane, they would issue a ticket.


2.  Captain Robert Green reported that last month they were requested to watch the Kalani High School area in the mornings.  They did and will work on proposals for Department of Transportation Services (DTS) to present at the next Board meeting.  Board member Sheri Spangler requested the information for her next community association meeting on June 15.


Captain Green added that concerning graffiti, they made 20 arrests, all in this area.  He encouraged the residents to continue reporting the graffiti and they will make the arrests and help educate the public.


Concerning speeding and flow of traffic, Captain Green reported that there were 500 citations and warnings issued last month.   They are also monitoring driving under the influence (D.U.I.).


3.  For Beat 761 (near Kahala Mall), Detective Foreman mentioned that they are taking measures to address the increase in thefts.


4.  For Beat 768, Captain Green mentioned that during the summer, there is usually a spike in property crimes, as school is out.  If you see anything suspicious, call HPD.  Board member Johnson mentioned that a neighbor had called the police to check out an unmarked van with Kirby Vacuum salesmen because they were suspicious and the police did.


5.  Board member Rautio mentioned that on May 4 before the Board meeting, there was a broken gas line.  She asked if officers had come out to control traffic.  Captain Green replied that from Ainakoa Avenue, they posted an officer at every other intersection.  They had considered opening a contraflow lane, but it was only a short distance and the traffic flow was moving okay.  Unfortunately, the traffic light at Ainakoa went out.  Board member Rautio asked if the manager of  the Hawaii Loa Ridge  association could be notified if the traffic pattern is altered.  Captain Green mentioned that they put the lights on "flashing" and were more concerned with east-west traffic.  He suggested that the manager call 9-1-1 and ask for a HPD supervisor. 


On Saturday, May 6, there was a motorcycle fatality.  Board member Rautio was trying to get to the airport, but there was a lot of traffic and no one had any information.  She listened to the radio but got no information, except from a police officer.  Captain Green replied that they usually notify the bus and the media when they close the roads.  This was an unusual accident as it extended for two miles.  The Harley-Davidson motorcycle has an automatic gyroscope, so it went two miles without a rider.  The bus and the media were notified, but the radio station may have chosen not to air any advisory.

(7:20 p.m.) Board member Parke returned to the meeting.


Citizens' Concerns Regarding Police: - Including Responses from Police

There were none.


They had included in their report, information about the pedestrian laws.  Board member Starr asked what happens to the pedestrian who runs out into the crosswalk when the light is red.  If the officer sees that, he could issue a citation.


Chair Chuck thanked the Honolulu Police Department (HPD).


Board member Spangler left the meeting.


APPROVAL OF THE MAY 4, 2006 REGULAR MEETING MINUTES: The following corrections were made:


Page 1, at the bottom, it should read, "1. Board member Anne Rautio asked about the recent fatality of a woman about two weeks ago in the early morning. HPD replied that it might have been due to the inattention of one driver and speeding of the other driver."


Page 13, under Questions, answers and comments followed, it should read, "2.  Board member Johnson thanked Representative Berg for her efforts in obtaining Niu Valley's playground equipment funding."

Page 14, at the bottom, it should read, "8. Board member Johnson questioned why Councilmember Djou voted for the reappointment of Liquor Commission Chairman Dennis Enomoto even though he felt the Commission was so corrupt.  Councilmember Djou said he thinks the new Liquor Commission Administrator Dewey Kim can turn the office around.  But if he cannot, he would favor a Federal government takeover."

Page 16, under REPORTS FROM COMMUNITY ASSOCIATIONS, it should read, "Niu Valley Community Association- No report.

Aina Haina- Board member Leong reported that there is a meeting on May 22 on the recent landslides and she would report back next month."

Vice Chair Schell moved and Board member Andrews seconded that the May 4, 2006 Regular Board meeting minutes be approved as amended.  The motion carried unanimously, 12-0-0. 




Chair Chuck announced agenda items 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3




7.2  LUCAS TRUST REQUEST TO USE THE BOARD OF WATER SUPPLY’S NIU VALLEY ACCESS ROAD AS ACCESS TO ITS PROPERTY- Rick Lee, Bank of  Hawaii, was not present, but Chair Chuck asked Board of Water Supply (BWS) representative Scot Muraoka to stay to answer questions about the access road.  Chair Chuck mentioned that in December 2004, the Kuli'ou'ou-Kalani Iki Neighborhood Board No. 2 voted not to support this project.


7.3  POSSIBLE HILLSIDE DEVELOPMENT IN NIU VALLEY (110 HAWAII LOA ST.)- This agenda item was recently in the news and many residents had concerns.


Chair Chuck mentioned all three as they all seem inter-related and the discussion may go back and forth.  Chair Chuck asked resident Charles Palumbo to give the zoning information before his presentation.  Palumbo mentioned that there are three parcels of land, but the two largest parcels are zoned by the county P-1 (Preservation) and classified by the State for conservation. 


DEVELOPMENT OF PAIKO RIDGE- (7:25 p.m.) Niu Valley resident Charles Palumbo presented a slideshow and reported that he saw an on-line advertisement that mentioned a property for sale for possible future development.


Of the 330 acres, most of the property is outside of the urban growth boundaries defined in the East Honolulu Sustainable Communities Plan (EHSCP).  The 132 acres, now-zoned P-1 and about 205 acres, now-zoned P-1, could be zoned R-7.5 (residential).  While he is not against all development, he is concerned about drainage, the increased traffic and over-development.  He mentioned the Pflueger property, which already has R-7.5 zoning.  He wants the Niu Valley community to work with the Hawaii Kai community on development issues.


(7:26 p.m.) Board member Kimo Sutton came into the meeting.


(7:34 p.m.)  Board member Spangler returned to the meeting.


Hawaii Kai resident Tai Hong, Livable Hawaii Kai Hui, mentioned the Sanford Carr's proposed development of 200 to 500 homes on 87 acres of farmland in Kamilonui Valley.   Hong is "for keeping the valley green in agriculture" and inside the urban growth boundaries.    He described Livable Hawai'i Kai Hui's goals which include educating residents on issues that impact the quality of our lives, increasing community involvement, sharing the knowledge about our wetlands, natural and scenic resources, cultural and historic landmarks, encouraging community stewardship and preserving the agricultural lots in Kamilonui Valley as it serves as a natural watershed and open space for the community.   He also stated that the Livable Hawaii Kai Hui is a "watchdog" group to monitor the urban growth boundaries.

Councilmember Djou had introduced a resolution to maintain the urban growth boundaries and it passed the nine City Councilmembers.  Hong urged unity with the Hawaii Kai Neighborhood Board, who last month passed a motion to support the urban growth boundaries.  The two communities share similar issues of transportation.  Hong distributed the Livable Hawaii Kai Hui brochure, mentioned their website and that they held two community forums on Kamilonui Valley.


In order for a developer to develop 200 to 500 homes on land on which the majority of people are farmers, he must get the zoning changed, change the urban growth boundaries and work with the Hawaiian Burial Council, the Land Use Commission (LUC)   and the Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR).


Concerning Paiko Ridge, Hong found out that there were no sales in over a year.  The owner/developer had talked with Bob Stanfield, Department of Planning and Permitting (DPP) a year ago and Paiko Ridge Partners might want to sell the property.  Hong is also concerned about the Paiko Ridge sewers, safety of the mountain and water run-off.


Board member Spangler asked about Resolution 90.  Francisco "Chico" Figueiredo mentioned that the nine City Council members supported urban growth boundaries.  The East Honolulu Sustainable Communities Plan (EHSCP) is supposed to have two community presentations before the Council vote by December 2006.


Board member Spangler mentioned that the City Charter Commission had not placed on the ballot Proposal 47, which concerns the urban growth boundaries and Department of Planning and Permitting (DPP) administration.  Palumbo said that he had testified in favor of Proposal 47 in May.  Hong detailed the "inter-relatedness" of local real estate developers with various law firm principals, politicians  and government entities/departments.


Board member Johnson mentioned  that Mrs. Laura Lucas Thompson is a member   of Tiara Partners, which owns the property  in the back and east side of Niu Valley with  the Humane Society.  Charles Palumbo showed pictures of the Le'olani, a development by Schuler of single family homes at the end of Hawai‘i Kai Drive in the back of Kamiloiki Valley.   He stated that Le'olani should never have been allowed to be developed because it was on land zoned agricultural and the scars left on the mountain behind this development can be seen from miles away. 


Comments followed.


Board member Spangler wanted to know how many people in the audience wanted to preserve the urban growth boundaries.  Over 30 people raised their hands. 


110 Hawaii Loa Street- (7:50 p.m.)  Niu Valley resident Fran Margulies reported that Jimmy Pflueger has some undeveloped property (over 300 acres), zoned P-1 (preservation), R- 7.5 and R-10 (residential) and Special Management Area (SMA).  According to the East Honolulu Sustainable Communities Plan (EHSCP), this is a "gray area."  There were rumors that Pflueger and Cassiday wanted to develop their property.  At 110 Hawaii Loa Street they had large earthmovers grading with no permit.  Like on Kauai, Pflueger was moving earth within his property without the permits.  Pflueger has three "rights of way" to develop his property.  There is a "30-day window" for Pflueger to publish a draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on the Office of Environmental Quality Control (OEQC) bulletin.  She suggested that the community be alert for it or lose the opportunity to oppose or modify the development of TMK- 3 7 003 073.  These notices are posted on the 8th or 23rd of the month in the Environmental Notice on-line at


Board member Spangler suggested that Margulies to get on the mailing list and form an ad hoc group to write letters to the Department of Planning and Permitting (DPP), to Pflueger and to the OEQC.


Board member Sutton mentioned that the Board usually gets someone from the developers' side to present their proposal before the Board passes any resolution.  Chair Chuck acknowledged Sutton's comments and wanted to get more community input on the two previous agenda items before the Board takes any action on a rough draft resolution.


Vice Chair Schell mentioned that on 330 acres that are zoned P-1 with an R-7.5 zoning, they could build 1,980 homes and with an R-10 zoning, they could possibly build 1,320 homes.  After complying with various restrictions, it would come to 1,290 or 880 homes respectively.


(8:05) Resident Ed Fong has been a resident of Nui Valley for the last 37 years.  Several years ago six people tried to start a petition to oppose a First Hawaiian Bank project.   However, FHB made an economic threat so they backed off.  Although the project was approved, one issue was low water pressure, which may be an issue here.


Board member Spangler added that this area has unstable, shifting soil.


Board member Narimatsu suggested that the Board notify the Hawaiian activists as the area by the Board of Water Supply (BWS) property has cultural significance, including heiaus and there are rumors of the "Hawaiian Marchers" at night.


Board member Joseph Young asked Tai Hong questions about Kamilonui Valley.   Hong replied that some of the Bishop Estate land is leased by farmers.  In the instructions by Bernice Pauahi Bishop; she did not want the Bishop Estate land sold, if they had other assets to run the Kamehameha Schools.  He suggested that the community should be organized and ready to respond.


Board member Spangler mentioned that in the past, the Board has requested a public hearing.


Charles Palumbo thanked the Board for allowing him to make his presentation on Paiko Ridge.  It is very early in the development process, but he did not want to repeat previous lack of information and disorganization.


Chair Chuck asked if the Board was getting nearer to an action or Board vote.  Board member Johnson wanted a vote on the Board of Water Supply (BWS) agenda item.  Chair Chuck mentioned that Rick Lee, Bank of Hawaii, was not here, but had asked to be placed on the agenda, even though the Kuli'ou'ou-Kalani Iki Neighborhood Board No. 2 voted not to support the request for road access through the BWS property.  Scot Muraoka from the BWS and the December 2004 meeting minutes verified that the Neighborhood Board did not approve the Lucas project.


Board member Sutton asked if any neighboring property owners offered to donate land to the BWS land and if there were any plans for expansion.  Muraoka was not aware of offers.


Marcia Ikuta submitted written testimony and Chair Chuck wanted it "entered into the minutes."  She is against any development at the access road or Paiko Ridge.


"June 1, 2006

Testimony regarding possible development on the ridges enclose Niu Valley and Niu Estates


Mr. Chairman and Members of the

Kuliouou/Kalani Iki Neighborhood Board:


            Thank you for the opportunity for expressing my concern regarding the possible development on the ridges that enclose Niu Valley and Niu Estates.  I will be out of town on the day of the meeting and would have preferred to be at the meeting in person.  I am especially concerned about the possible development by Paiko Ridge Partners of California and the Lucas Trust’s request to use the Board of Water Supply’s Niu Valley access road.


            I would be opposed to the use of the Board of Water access road for the following reasons: (Please also pass this on to the representative of the Board of Water Supply. Thank you.)

1.     Traffic:  The access road utilizes Panio and Mahimahi Streets.  The traffic on Mahimahi Street is especially heavy since it is only one of two ways out of Niu Estates.  Heavy traffic is created by cars going to and from the valley but also from 1) the Waldorf School, 2) the care home situated on Panio Street, and 3 & 4) the pre-school and elderly care facility situated at Kilohana Methodist Church on Mahimahi Street.  Sometimes it is difficult to cross the street or leave my home on Mahimahi Street at certain peak times during the day and sometimes at night when the church has activities.  Adding more homes utilizing the Board of Water access road will create even a higher volume of traffic.

2.     Safety:  The owners of homes situated near the road are close neighbors.  There are small children living in the homes and they play and congregate outside.  A hazard may be created as cars come speeding down the hill from the access road.  In Aina Haina, speeding cars have jumped curbs and crashed into yards.  Already, drivers do not follow the speed limit on Mahimahi Street as they are in a hurry to get to their homes.


Please do not permit conservation lands to be changed in status and then developed.  I would be opposed to any development on Paiko Ridge for the following reasons. (I would appreciate that this testimony be sent to the Planning and Permit department if any development is up for a permit. Thank you.)

1.     Risk of flooding and erosion: Some of the homes on the Kuliouou side of Paiko Ridge already experience a lot of water flowing from the ridge into their yards when there are heavy rains.  I fear that if a development is placed on top of the ridge, rocks and mud will also fall into the homes below.  The home that is directly below the Board of Water access road could suffer much damage if this was to happen.  I would hate to see another person killed by a falling boulder.  If the worse case scenario would happen, if development causes rocks and mud fall unto the highway, it would cause havoc for the commuters of Hawaii Kai. 

2.     Security and Crime: The ridge is not that high and if “million” dollar homes are built on the ridge, low lying homes may experience more break ins such as in Wailupe Circle.  Residents of Wailupe Circle know that criminals come down the side of the mountain after committing crimes on Waialae Iki above their valley.  Residents have spotted and experienced strangers hiding on their properties after coming down from the ridge.

3.     Loss beauty of the land: I have heard friends from the mainland say that Honolulu is not a good place to visit because of all of the development.  I would formally disagree with them but now I feel I cannot.  Just by flying into Honolulu either on the west side and, if the ridge is developed, the east side, locals cannot argue that Honolulu is not over developed.  Presently, the spacious view of Paiko Ridge can be seen by air and even boaters and surfers can appreciate the view of the undeveloped ridge.


Because of these concerns, please do not allow any more development on the slopes of Niu Valley and Niu Estates.  It’s sad as I drive through Hawaii Kai, which was once a nice scenic route, turned into urban congestion.  Please do not allow Niu Valley to be another “Hawaii Kai”.  We must stop over construction of our beautiful lands."


Board member Starr asked if the BWS has enough water designated for the almost 3.200 more units for East Honolulu that is already in the East Honolulu Sustainable Communities Plan.  Muraoka replied that the majority of the fresh water in East Honolulu comes from the primary urban center.


Board member Johnson wants to pass a resolution this meeting to preserve the urban growth boundaries, as the Board will recess in July.  She distributed a draft resolution.

Board member Leong mentioned that the Aina Haina Community Association opposes further development, as they have lawsuits concerning unstable soil and favor the urban growth boundaries.


Board member Spangler repeated her request for a letter to request a public hearing.


Vice Chair Schell asked for a copy of the (Pflueger) violation, mentioned in the draft resolution.  It is public record in DPP.


Board member Starr had some problems with items 3) and 4) of the proposed resolution. 


Vice Chair Schell suggested to eliminate the "Whereas" part and make motions on the bottom part.


Board member Sutton moved to combine #1 and #2.  The motion died for lack of a second.


Vice Chair Schell moved and Board member Sutton seconded that the Kuli‘ou‘ou-Kalani Iki Neighborhood Board No. 2 strongly supports upholding the urban growth boundary as delineated by the existing East Honolulu Sustainable Communities Plan, and keeping the last remaining agricultural lands and open spaces (including Conservation and Preservation lands) in East O‘ahu from development.  The motion carried unanimously, 13-0-0.


Vice Chair Schell also mentioned that the Board is especially concerned about those developments on ridges or steep ridges which demonstrated a safety risk for residential neighborhoods located below such areas. 


Vice Chair Schell moved and Board member Andrews seconded that the Kuli'ou'ou-Kalani Iki Neighborhood Board No. 2 request that all permitting authorities (Department of Permitting and Planning, Land Use Commission, Office of Conservation and Coastal Lands, Department of Land and Natural Resources and Honolulu City Council) be given a copy of this resolution and to inform them of this Boards' opposition to any boundary changes, variances or rezoning of Conservation, Preservation and/or Agricultural lands in East Honolulu.  The motion carried unanimously, 13-0-0.


Vice Chair Schell moved and Board member Sutton seconded that Kuli'ou'ou-Kalani Iki Neighborhood Board No. 2 request that City Department of Planning Permitting Director Henry Eng provide this Board with a copy of the violation given to the owner of 110 Hawai‘i Loa Street for illegal grading without a permit.   The motion carried, 12-1-0.  Nay- Starr.


Vice Chair Schell moved and Board member Sutton seconded that the Kuli'ou'ou-Kalani Iki Neighborhood Board No. 2 request that the City Administration strictly enforce the City’s existing zoning and permitting laws.  The motion carried, 10-3-0.  Nay- Parke, Starr and Sutton.


Board member Spangler requested separate letters on each subject.


Board member Spangler moved and Board member Andrew seconded that the Kuli'ou'ou-Kalani Iki Neighborhood Board No. 2 insist that Department of Planning and Permitting (DPP) and/or the Office Environmental Quality Control to hold a public hearing on TMK 3-7-003:073 owned by Pflueger and the development of two parcels, TMK 3-8-014:001 and TMK 3-8-013:001,  by Paiko Ridge Partners and further request notification of the day and time of meeting so that the Board and members could react and testify at these meetings.  The motion carried unanimously, 13-0-0.


Board member Parke asked if the Board members were protected from lawsuits by the developers.  The response was that the Board asks for information from City agencies and makes recommendations only.


Chair Chuck announced that the sewer force main would be the next agenda item.


(8:45 p.m.)  Board member Johnson introduced a resident, who wanted to remain anonymous.  He reported that the Waldorf School had stakes with red ribbons in the ground.  Chair Chuck added that the expansion project was not approved yet, but they could continue planning.  The Board is only a recommending body and has opposed the getting of the Land Use permit.  Francisco "Chico" Figueiredo from Councilmember Djou's office would follow up.


Board member Spangler requested a BWS written response of denying road access to the Lucas Estate.  Scot Muraoka would follow up for the August meeting.




CONSTRUCTION OF PERMANENT SEWER FORCE MAIN ON KALANIANOLE HIGHWAY FROM NIU VALLEY TO KAWAIKUI PARK- (8:47 p.m.)   Kris Young introduced Greg Smith and Westley Chun to give the report on force main and handed out the public notice, as follows:


"The City and County of Honolulu will be starting the permanent replacement of the Niu Valley Wastewater Pump Station Force Main.  The force main is located along Kalanianaole Highway between Kawaikui Beach Park (near Puuikena Drive) and Niuiki Circle.  To help determine the subsurface conditions and the appropriate method of construction, twelve borings will be performed within proximity to the proposed alignment toward the end of April 2006 through the end of May 2006.


This work will mainly be done during the day, from about 9 a.m. (after morning contra flow ends) to 3 p.m. There will be some disruption to traffic.  Signage will be posted alerting the public to changes in the traffic pattern.  After determining how the new force main will be installed, the City will be coming to the community for input.  We anticipate meetings with the community to occur in the next several months.


If you have any questions, please call Kris Young at 738-7393 or email her at"


Smith and Chun reported that here would be noise and traffic disruption and removal of the temporary by-pass.


Questions, answers and comments followed.


1.  Vice Chair Schell asked if the remediation of the temporary by-pass has been budgeted in.  The response was yes.


2.  Board member Starr suggested coordinating with State Department of Transportation who had widened Kalanianaole Highway in the early 1990's, to learn of any other utility lines that may have been placed underground in the project area; and to use flexible bendable pipes that would not expand/contract with changing soil conditions. 


3.  They mentioned that most of the Kawaikui Park would remain open and they plan for a 50 -year life of the pipes.  The hotline phone number is 216-8874.  They will abandon the present pipe in place.  The project should run July 1 to December 2006.  There would be no open trenches as they would be tunneling underneath the surface.


4.  Myron Fujimoto, City & County of Honolulu, Department of Design and Construction, mentioned that the force main in Kahala is by the beach park near the Waialae golf course.


5.  Board member Starr cautioned not to have abrupt bends in the force main, like some of the storm drain laterals that had been constructed during the Kalanianaole Highway Widening Project.


6.  They would drill deep, so there would be no open trenches, and they will drill far below any existing underground utility lines.


7.  There is no back-up plan if the Nui Valley sewage treatment plant "goes down."  Board member Johnson mentioned that she was told the Paiko Ridge Partners had asked the Hawaii Kai private sewage company (Hawaii American Water Co.) for hook up, but was denied.


Board member Parke asked if there were any plans to upgrade the pumping station; consultants are responsible for the entire pipeline, not the pumping station.


As there were no further questions, Chair Chuck thanked the City for the presentation.


CLEARWIRE PROPOSED ANTENNAE- Test Results- Chair Chuck mentioned that at the last meeting Matt Miura was requested to do some tests and report back.  However, he was not present.  As the Board has not taken a position on this proposal, Chair Chuck deferred this item to a future meeting.


Board member Leong left the meeting.




Councilmember Charles Djou: (9:05 p.m.) Francisco "Chico" Figueiredo distributed Councilmember Djou’s newsletter and highlighted the following:


1.  There will be a City Council meeting on June 7 to discuss the budget.  They passed a $200 credit for homeowners and lowered the residential real property tax rate from $3.75 per $1,000 to $3.59 per $1,000.  However, the commercial/non-residential property tax rate was increased from $11.59 per $1,000 to $11.97 per $1,000.  They may pass on the increases to the consumers by raising prices for their goods and services.


2.  Concerning the leaning rock wall mentioned by Board member Rautio, there was no response yet from the State government.


3.   Board member Narimatsu had mentioned the mixed use on park use, mixing adults with younger kids.  Figueiredo had talked with the park director, who said that they don't usually allow mixing adults with young children.   Pony league baseball is okay with younger children, if they have the permits.  She would check.


4.  Concerning moving the bus stop from Kalanianaole Highway near Halemaumau Street to Niu Valley Middle School, Councilmember Djou had sent a letter, but there was no response yet.  Board member Narimatsu and Chair Chuck asked Figueiredo to follow up again as school starts in July and the Board will be taking a recess.  Board member Johnson saw the children behaving badly on Kalanianaole Highway just recently and she was concerned about the safety of the Niu Valley Middle School students.


Questions, answers and comments followed.


Last month Board member Spangler had brought pictures of the storm drain near the Waialae Golf Course and had asked Councilmember Djou's office to follow up.  She asked Figueiredo to follow up again.


Chair Chuck thanked Figueiredo.


Representative Barbara Marumoto:  Representative Marumoto left the meeting earlier, but left her newsletter.


Representative Lyla Berg:  (9:12 p.m.) Representative Berg distributed her newsletter and highlighted the following:


1. There was a chart showing where part of the $20 million was allocated to area schools to adjust for projected negative impact from the Weighted Student Formula (WSF).  All showed increases.  She plans to have orientation sessions for new parents in August.


2. She was shepherding early childhood education bills.  The Legislature passed   funds for an Early Learning Educational Task Force.


3.  Tonight, we heard about the Pflueger property.  Representative Berg had called the Attorney General and found out that Pflueger is on probation.  On Kauai there was a citizens' group filing lawsuits on county issues.


4.  Concerning the playground equipment for Niu Valley, Representative Berg requested that before they designate which parcel of land to place the equipment, come to the Neighborhood Board.  It should be placed in the sunny area, not the shade.


5. Representative Berg requested that Neighborhood Board No. 2 to work with Neighborhood Board No. 1 and the City and County of Honolulu to maintain the Athletic Department (track) at Kaiser and Kalani High School.


A resident asked why, since the schools are State facilities, not the City's.


Representative Berg explained that since many community people use the school athletic facilities, the City & County of Honolulu could help out with the repair and maintenance of the track, field and tennis courts.  Also, this is an invitation to the county to participate in education.


6.  She asked what information that she could provide each month to help the Neighborhood Board to do their work.


7.  She learned many new ideas when she attended the JFK (President John F. Kennedy) leadership program at Harvard.


Board member Sutton left the meeting.


Questions, answers and comments followed.


Board member Spangler reported loud sounds from Kalani High School during the day and night.  Representative Berg suggested contacting the principal.


Chair Chuck thanked Representative Berg.


Senator Sam Slom: (9:21 p.m.) Senator Slom distributed his newsletter and highlighted the following:


1.  The "Beverage container tax" will increase by 1/2 cent.  It now includes the 2-liter bottle, up to 68 ounces.   The bill is now In the Governor's Office.  She has to July 11 to act on the bills.  There will be a few amendments to the State Constitution on the ballot this fall.


2.   Pflueger is being investigated on Kauai by a specially-appointed Attorney General.


Question, answers and comments followed.


Board member Johnson asked the status of the "wiretap bill."  Senator Slom thinks that the Governor has signed it, but he would have a full Legislative report for the next meeting.  He would e-mail her the answer.


Chair Chuck thanked Senator Slom.


MAYOR MUFI HANNEMANN’S REPRESENTATIVE- (9:24 p.m.) Dr. Libby Char, Director, Emergency Services Department distributed Mayor Hannemann's newsletter and reported the following to previously submitted questions:


1.  Concerning the flooding from the recent rains, the Department of Design and Construction (DDC) response was that the City will program future funding in the Capital Improvements Program to evaluate the area’s existing drainage system, and to implement appropriate improvements, subject to the availability of funds.


From Environmental Services Department (ENV)- Regarding the comment about the sewers being greatly exceeded during the recent storms, the Department of Environmental Services is proceeding with the capital improvement projects to replace and/or rehabilitate the sewer lines by priority; to reduce infiltration and inflow due to damaged pipes.  Also, the department is continuing its smoke-testing program to find illegal storm drain connections to the sewer system


2.   Concerning road repair, the Department of Facility Maintenance (DFM) response was that the prior practice of paving over the existing pavement is no longer done.  Existing paved areas having improved shoulders (curbs, gutters, etc.) that exhibit this condition will be "cold planed" during the next resurfacing or reconstruction project.  This work will need to be done by contractor because the City does not have the equipment or capability to perform this work.


3.  Concerning the storm drains, Department of Facility Maintenance (DFM) responded that the inspection and cleaning of the drain system has been performed.  One line has been cleaned and the others have been checked and found to be clear.


4.   From Department of Transportation Services (DTS) - We found the traffic by Kalani High School backing up between 7:45 and 8:00 a.m.  This type of traffic is typical around all schools, and it is due to students arriving at the school during a short period of time.  We adjusted the traffic signals, and will continue to monitor the intersection and make further timing adjustments as necessary.


5.  From Department of Facility Maintenance (DFM) - Both intersections at Kumakani Loop and Kihi Street and Kumakani Loop and Laukahi Street were checked. The separation noted is the result of the A.C. spalling out at the joint between the asphalt and concrete.  Filling of the A.C. will be scheduled this week.  UPDATE: Spalls were patched on 4/27/06.


DFM-No evidence of any sidewalk settlement at both areas were noted during the inspection.


DFM-Note:  Later request for pothole patching additional streets: Kuhi Street, Kamakani Loop and Laukahi Street.  Potholes on these streets were patched on May 6, 2006.


Question, answers and comments followed.


1.  Board member Starr mentioned that cold planing the street without altering the storm drain gutters, driveways, and sidewalks would make it hard for her to travel from Opihi Street.  Mayor's representative Char would follow up.


2.   Board member Johnson mentioned that the traffic signal timing at Paiko Street and Kalanianaole Highway is four minutes.  So, the left turn lane backs up.  She suggested that changing the timing to two minutes may speed up traffic and prevent accidents.


3.  Board member Spangler asked why does the traffic light turn red if there is no traffic on Waiele Street, waiting to turn left onto Kalanianaole Highway.  A Board member mentioned for traffic control on Kalanianaole Highway.


4.  Aina Haina resident Brian Goldsmith mentioned the February 2005 landslide which involved six properties.  He met with Councilmember Djou, who advised him to sue the City & County of Honolulu Department of Facility Maintenance (DFM).  Chair Chuck asked Figueiredo to follow up.  Goldsmith had filed a claim with Corporation Counsel.


Board member Spangler suggested calling the media.


Goldsmith mentioned that the sidewalk on  Ahuwale Street has been in disrepair for a year and a half.  Chair Chuck asked Mayor's representative Char to follow up.


Chair Chuck thanked Mayor's representative Char.


Governor Linda Lingle's Representative- No representative was present.


BOARD OF WATER SUPPLY (BWS)- (9:40 a.m.) Scot Muraoka reported the following:


1.   There were two water main breaks in May, one in Aina Haina on Hao Street and one in Waialae Iki on Ihiloa Loop.


2.  He distributed the Hawaii Backyard Conservation brochure, which was created by a partnership of the BWS and Federal, State and County agencies.


Questions, answers and comments followed.


Board member Spangler asked for an update of the Kalani Iki water tank.  Muraoka mentioned that it is "on the radar screen" for construction in the next twenty years.   It would be a larger size.  In 2014-2015 it is scheduled to be evaluated.


Chair Chuck thanked Muraoka.


NEW BUSINESS- There was none.


TREASURER’S REPORT- (9:42 p.m.) Treasurer Andrews reported that there was $718.60 in the Operating Account, $1,211.00 in the Publicity Account and $120.00 in the Refreshment Account.  It was not necessary to transfer the $1,000 last month, as the new fiscal year starts on July 1, 2006 and the Board will have a new budget.


The Treasurer’s report was accepted as read.




Niu Valley Community Association- No report.


Aina Haina- No report.


Waialae Iki Ridge- No report.


Waialae Golf Course- No report.


Wailupe Peninsula- No report.




1.  Board member Rautio mentioned that there was no Governor's representative present.    Dr. Rosen needs to be reminded of the reason she is invited to come to the Board meetings.  Other government officials send a representative if they cannot come.  Board member Rautio feels insulted.  A few months ago, the Board tried to get another representative.  Per Dr. Libby Char, Dr. Linda Rosen has been appointed the State Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Director.  The Board would ask for another Governor's representative.


2.  Board member Johnson mentioned that she has enjoyed serving on the Board this past year.  She would like to to see  repeated absentee Board members  replaced with people who want to serve their communities and can make the monthly meetings in August.  Chair Chuck mentioned the rules stating that after three absences in twelve months, the Board may replace members.


Chair Chuck announced that Board member Fran Kagawa had resigned.


Board member Jamal Siddiqui had called earlier to be excused.


Chair Chuck said that he would talk to Siddiqui and that since this matter has been brought up by Board member Johnson, the Board would look into it, be reasonable and have replacements for the next meeting.


ADJOURNMENT:  Hearing no objections, Chair Chuck adjourned the meeting at 9:45   p.m. until August.


Submitted by K. Russell Ho, Neighborhood Assistant


Reviewed by Board Chair Bob Chuck, Secretary Jeannine Johnson and Board member Linda Starr.


Wednesday, July 26, 2006

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