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Pearl City Neighborhood Board

NOVEMBER 29, 2001

CALL TO ORDER: Chair Albert Fukushima called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m. with a quorum present.

MEMBERS PRESENT: Sheila Fukuda, Albert Fukushima, Thomas Graves, Breene Harimoto, David Howton (left early), May Imamura, J. Joshua Kaye, Christopher Souza (late), William Sullivan, Nathan Takeuchi, Antonio Velasco, Brian Winter.


GUESTS: Councilmember Gary Okino, Robert Sato (Councilmember Gary Okino's Office), Linda Asato-Kaichi (Representative Nobu Yonamine's Office staff), Representative K. Mark Takai, Senator Cal Kawamoto, Lieutenant Mark Ross and Officer Fred Degala (Honolulu Police Department _ Pearl City Station); Captain Wayne Yasutomi (Honolulu Fire Department _ Waiau Station), Lan Yoneda, Gayson Ching and Lisa Lee (Board of Water Supply); Harold Doran and Cass Kasparovitch (Department of Parks and Recreation); Pamela Kaneko (Pearl City Satellite City Hall), Mark Silliman (Leeward Community College), Ruth Nakasone and Dr. Allen Price (Hawaii Citizens for Safe Drinking Water); George Coates (Department of Design and Construction), Loren Matsunaga and Chad Hiyakumoto (Urban Works), Pat Liu and Toshi Hosoda (Gentry Homes); Greg Nishihara and Darren Yamane (Department of Health); Stanford Yuen (U.S. Navy), Sean Enos (Ideal Construction), Phyllis Toyofuku, David Lee Pagan (Waipahu Neighborhood Board No. 22), Andrew Fox (Aiea-Pearl City Business Association), Floriana Coffman (Pearl City Library), Nancy Giles (UH Manoa), Y. Yoshimura, Nurbert and C. Houges (Boy Scouts), Kevin Cassel (Olelo), Mahealani Hanohano (Neighborhood Commission Office staff).

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE _ Velasco led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance.

INTRODUCTION OF BOARD MEMBERS AND GUESTS: The guests and Board members introduced themselves at this time.

Souza arrived at 6:38 p.m. (12 members present).

_ Chair Fukushima explained the policy as follows: Individual citizen input and Board members' comment - ONE MINUTE; oral input/reports from organized groups, legislators, government officials - THREE MINUTES (written reports are recommended); formal presentations - TEN MINUTES; follow up questions - ONE MINUTE; and responses to follow up questions - TWO MINUTES. Other time limits are noted on the published agenda; each person that would like to give input must be recognized by the Chair and go up to the provided microphone to give their comments.

There were no interested candidates at this time. The matter was deferred to the January 2002 Board meeting.


Captain Wayne Yasutomi, of the Waiau Station, reported the following for November 2001: 1) Statistics for the Pearl City Station _ 6 structure, 5 brush and 1 vehicle fires; and 25 medical emergencies. 2) Statistics for the Waiau Station _ 2 structure, 1 brush and 2 vehicle fires; and 55 medical emergencies. 3) Christmas Safety Tips: “A fresh Christmas tree will stay green longer and be less of a fire hazard than a dry tree. Water the tree daily. Place the tree out of the way of

traffic, do not block doorways and do not place under stairwells. Use only lights that have been tested for safety; i.e., Underwriters Laboratory (UL) or Factory Mutual (FM). Do not use more than three standard-size sets per single extension cord. Never use lighted candles on or near a tree. Practice an emergency escape plan with your family for use in the event of a fire. Remember, there is no substitute for common sense. Look for and eliminate any potential dangers.” 3) Fire Safety Tip: “If your clothes catch on fire, stop, drop and roll. Stop where you are and drop to the ground. Cover your face with your hands and roll back and forth to smother the flames. Do not run, it will only fuel the flames.”

HONOLULU POLICE DEPARTMENT (HPD) _ Lieutenant Mark Ross, District 3, introduced Officer Fred Degala and reported the following: 1) Statistics for October 2001 as follows: There were a total of 6,211 calls for service in District 3; and 1,562 calls for service in Beats 356 and 358 (Pearl City area). 2) When leaving your vehicle in a shopping center parking lot, leave presents and other valuables in your trunk or out of view. 3) There are currently no crime trends in the area. 4) The number of auto theft cases have increased in October. Surveillance will be done in the near future. 5) Noelani Street will be monitored for speeding and it will be determined if there is a need for speed bumps. 6) Follow up will be done on the residents' concerns regarding organization announcement banners being stolen from private residences' fences.

Imamura stated that she filed a police report, number 1427016, regarding two of the Board's Regular meeting announcement signs that were stolen from Pacheco Park and Waimano Home Road and Noelani Street. Lieutenant Ross stated that he would look into the matter.

BOARD OF WATER SUPPLY _ The report was deferred to later in the meeting.

(DPR) _ Harold Doran, of the Department of Parks and Recreation-Pearl City District Park, reported that the Spring Program will begin on Tuesday, January 22, 2002.

(LCC) _ Provost Mark Silliman reported the following: 1) Wished the Board and residents Happy Holidays. 2) The Nutcracker Ballet will be performed from December 8 to 16, 2002, Saturdays at 2:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. and Sundays at 2:00 p.m. at the LCC Theatre. 3) The Fall 2001 Commencement will be held on Friday, December 21, 2001, 5:00 p.m. at LCC Theatre. 4) Registration for the Winter Session will run from November 13 to December 20, 2001. The Winter Session will begin on December 21, 2001. 5) He will notify the Board of the Sunday Easter Scholarship Brunch to be held in February 2002.

Silliman and LCC were thanked for hosting the first Benchmarking Conference.

BOARD OF EDUCATION _ There was no representative present.

PEARLRIDGE SATELLITE CITY HALL _ Pamela Kaneko, of the Pearlridge Satellite City Hall, reported the following for the month of November 2001: 1) A total of 8,100 total transactions were processed: 6,631 motor vehicle and 1,469 other transactions. 2) Disabled parking permit changes effective January 1, 2002: a) revised instruction and application forms; b) recertification as disabled by physician _ every 4 years for permanent and every 1 to 6 months for temporary disabled parking placard; c) no charge for initial permanent placards; d) $10 fee charged for a temporary placard; e) $10 replacement fee charged for each lost, stolen or mutilated placard. Those that are certified as disabled by their physician have a respiratory condition or cannot walk 200 feet alone. The disabled parking placard is used specifically for the disabled person and monitored by HPD and volunteers who can cite those misusing the placard or confiscate it on the spot. She will bring statistics of violators. 3) A representative from the Department of Customer Services (DCS), Elderly Affairs Division will be available at the Pearlridge Satellite City Hall every second and fourth Wednesday of each month from 9:00 a.m. to 12 noon to provide assistance and information for senior citizens and their families. 4) The new City & County of Honolulu “America United” themed license plates are successful.

FRIENDS OF PEARL CITY LIBRARY _ Floriana Coffman reported the following: 1) Christmas Program: a) Preschool Storytime with Christmas Crafts _ Wednesday, December 12, 2001, 10:00 a.m. b) The Peace on Earth Children's Christmas Program _ December 12, 2001, 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 a.m. Children are encouraged to bring handmade ornaments to decorate the Friends of Pearl City Library Christmas tree. 2) A free Ribbon Leis for Christmas workshop with demonstrator, Shelaine Carvalho, will be held on Saturday, December 15, 2001, 10:30 a.m. to 12 noon. 3) The internet connection is not running tonight, but will be available for use by the next Board meeting date.


WAIAU, KAMEHAMEHA HIGHWAY, LEHUA AVENUE WATERLINE PROJECT _ The mater was deferred to later in the meeting.


        1)    Kaye stated that Momilani Elementary School principal is concerned about the delay in the dedication of Hookiekie Street, which is owned by the Department of Education (DOE), to the City due to the bureaucratic process.

    Harimoto stated that Bob Kubo, of the Pearl City Community Association (PCCA), has been working on the ongoing issue and can be contacted for an update. Chair Fukushima stated that the State awarded the contract for the improvements, but there was no coordination with the City to assure that the improvements were completed in accordance with the construction plans. Robert Sumitomo, of the Department of Planning and Permitting (DPP), indicated about seven months ago, that they would start inspections, although the process has not yet commenced. Harimoto will look into the matter.

        2)    Chair Fukushima reported the following Manana Apartment resident's concerns regarding Pearl City Bus Facility access road to Waimano Home Road: a) The employees and bus drivers do not stop before making the left turn from the facilities parking lot onto the access road; therefore a stop sign and speed bumps should be installed for the Bus Facility parking lot exit. b) The access road be repaved. c) Traffic signals at the intersection of the access road and Waimano Home Road be installed.

    Harimoto will look into the matter.

        3)    Souza stated that Waiau Burger King lot needs to be maintained due to the brush and rubbish accumulating on the site.

    Harimoto will look into the matter.

        4)    Senator Cal Kawamoto reported the following concerns raised by Lehua Elementary School administration regarding the adjacent City and County park: a) Users of the City facility, park on the sidewalks and grass area of the school grounds. It was requested that signs be posted indicating that the school's parking lot is the property of the Department of Education (DOE). b) There is poor landscaping of the City park. Since there is no grass in the park, the school grounds get muddy during heavy rains and dusty when it is dry.

        5)    Graves stated that the Pearl City Lion's Club banner announcing the Fun Walk was stolen from a private residence's fence at the corner of Waimano Home Road and Moanalua Road. Harimoto stated that the City will remove signs from public property, if a complaint is made.

APPROVAL OF OCTOBER 25, 2001 REGULAR MEETING MINUTES: The following correction was made:

    Page 4, last paragraph, fourth line of the motion should read: “.elevator shafts and architectural embellishments.”

Harimoto moved and Graves seconded to approve the October 25, 2001 Regular meeting minutes, as corrected. The motion carried unanimously, 12-0-0.

APPROVAL OF OCTOBER 2001 TREASURER'S REPORT: Howton reported the following for the month ending October 31, 2001: The Board has balances of $851.48 in its Operating Account; $1,806.60 in its Publicity Account; and $49.86 in the Refreshment Account.

The Treasurer's Report was accepted, subject to audit.


BOARD OF WATER SUPPLY (BWS) _ Lan Yoneda reported the following for the month of October 2001: 1) There were two main breaks: a) an 8-inch main break on Komo Mai Drive in Pacific Palisades. b) an 8-inch main break on Hoomalolo Street in upper Momilani. 2) Residents can still apply for e-bill services though the BWS website, Customers may also apply for e-bill services through Bank of Hawaii, various brokerages, etc. The monthly service rates vary according to the server selected. BWS offers automatic bill payments through customer's checking or savings accounts. For further information call BWS's Customer Care Services at 527-6127 or 527-5246. 3) Investigations are still ongoing regarding evidence of tampering by employees of the new electronic meter readers. The matter is confidential and no one has been determined guilty. 4) Security guards at the entrance of the Beretania Street Public Service Building allow people that they recognize and frequent the building and who have been carded in the past to access the building without identification checks. 5) It was noted that the sprinkler heads for irrigation of Manana Community Park are facing the street and water is running down Waimano Home Road and Spine Road. To report matters of this kind contact BWS at 527-5200.


WAIAU WATER SYSTEM IMPROVEMENT PROJECT _ Lisa Lee, BWS Project Manager for the waterline project, distributed maps of the proposed improvement area, introduced Gayson Ching of BWS and Sean Enos of Ideal Construction and reported the following: The project will replace water mains and fire hydrants in the Pearl City area. Construction is scheduled to begin in January 2002. The area of construction includes the Pearl City Shopping Center, the two Zippy's locations along Kamehameha Highway and the Sears Distribution Center. Residents will be informed of any water “shut-offs”.

Sean Enos, of Ideal Construction reported the following: 1) Construction of Phase I on Kuleana Road, Kuleana Place and Kauhihau Place will occur during normal working hours, 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. for the duration of approximately three to four months. 2) Construction of Phase II on Road “A”, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Streets will occur during normal working hours for the duration of three to four months. 3) Construction of Phase III on Kamehameha Highway from Waimano Home Road to Hila Place will occur during the evening from 8:45 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. and is scheduled to begin in June or July 2002. Ideal is applying for a noise variance to the Department of Health (DOH) for night work construction for Phase III. Traffic patterns will
be coordinated with the State Department of Transportation (DOT) and BWS. 4) Residents will be notified by flier of construction in their area. 5) The entire project will take approximately seven to nine months.

Enos made the following statements in response to questions asked by Board members and guests: 1) If necessary, construction will be deferred during the holiday season to accommodate the heavy traffic in the area. 2) A lane will always be open for local traffic; businesses and homeowners will be able to access their properties at all times. Signs will be posted indicating how patrons can access businesses. Flag

personnel will be utilized. 3) American Disability Act (ADA) ramps were not included in the contract. 4) There is a possibility that construction of Phases I and II can occur concurrently. 5) Spray painted markings of the construction area on Kuleana Road will be undertaken in December 2001.

Discussion followed: 1) It was suggested that local businesses be informed of the construction schedule. 2) It was suggested that the residents of Kamehameha Highway be relocated during the portion of construction in their area due to the night work. Enos stated that the issue of construction in the residential areas still needs to be addressed. 3) Representative Takai stated that the Mayor indicated that there would be full repaving of roadways where trenching is done. Enos stated that repaving of the ewa-bound roadway of Kamehameha Highway is not presently in the contract, but he will bring the matter to the attention of BWS. Gayson Ching, of BWS, stated that the construction that will be done is not a full curb-to-curb project. Councilmember Okino stated that he would look into the matter and how it applies to state roadways. 4) Ching stated that Ideal Construction will be offered to add ADA compliant ramps, etc. to their project. 5) Chair Fukushima requested that the Board be notified of responses to concerns brought up at Board meetings as soon as possible. 6) Councilmember Okino mentioned that property on Hila Place will be consolidated and redeveloped and may not require the proposed waterlines. Enos will look into the matter. 7) Senator Kawamoto stated that any trenching done on Lehua Avenue should be repaved. He requested that the grade of the intersection of Kaluamoi Place and Kamehameha Highway be adjusted to eliminate the problem of cars “bottoming out”. Enos stated that Ideal could taper the area.


YARD OF THE MONTH AWARD FOR NOVEMBER 2001 _ Imamura announced that the November 2001 Yard-of-the-Month awardees, Harriet and Herbert Yoshino of Komo Mai Drive, Pacific Palisades, were not able to attend tonight's meeting.

Imamura presented Phyllis Toyofuku with a rose and thanked her for preparing the refreshments during Imamura's absence in October 2001.

George Coates, of the Department of Design and Construction (DDC), introduced Loren Matsunaga and Chad Hiyakumoto, of Urban Works.

Loren Matsunaga reported the following: Phase II of the Manana Community Park project includes construction of the following: a) A 10,000 square foot skateboard park located on the lower portion of the Manana Community Park. b) A lighted parking lot with 30 stalls located on the lower end of the site with access at Waimano Home Road and potential connection with the Pearl City Bus Facility. There will be only right-turn exit and entrances with traffic control signage. c) A medium-sized City prototype comfort station (women - four stalls, men _ two stalls and two urinals). d) Lighted paved volleyball and basketball courts, two per sport, located on the upper end of the park site near the recreation building. The project will go out to bid on December 6, 2001 and construction is expected start in February 2002 and be completed within 420 calendar days. The existing soccer field fencing along Waimano Home Road will be replaced with fencing of the same height, but will not be extended further mauka to Kuala Street.

Chad Hiyakumoto, consultant for Urban Works, reported the following regarding the skateboard park: The goal of building the skateboard park is to get children off of the streets. There is a five-foot tall landscape berm, that encloses the skateboard park on three sides with two entrances. The berm also directs noise from the park upward. The park features two aspects, ramp and “street” (rails and benches) obstacles for different skill levels. Bicycles will not be allowed in the park due to the safety hazard. Most common injuries include bruised shins or hips and sprained and broken wrists. Liability disclaimer signage will be posted around the park. The eight-foot fence will ensure the intent of the park closure times. The various skateboard parks around the island have their own “original” elements and users will tour the island to experience these unique features.

It was suggested that park users be presented with the rules and regulations of the park. Harimoto stated that he will coordinate a presentation for the Pearl City YOUTH group.

The Board recessed from 8:05 to 8:15 p.m.

Tosh Hosoda of Gentry Homes introduced Pat Liu and reported the following: Gentry Homes will be submitting a zone change application to the Department of Planning and Permitting for a 198-acre (Phase II) portion of property adjacent to the 874-acre (Phase I) approved zoned land for their Waiawa Community Development Project, which is the ridge opposite Gentry-Waipio. Previously approved zoning: B2 (commercial); IMX1 (industrial-mixed use); R5 (single-family residential); A1 (apartment); P2 (open space/park). Additional requested zoning includes: A2 (apartment) and AMX1 (apartment-mixed use). AMX1 will allow for combining residential apartments with a town center. An elementary school and parks are being planned for the initial stages of the development.

Hosoda provided the following responses to questions asked by Board members and guests: 1) One alternative in providing educational facilities for a major project is to provide the property and infrastructure for a school and then dedicate it to the Department of Education (DOE). There is also a standard formula, which the State would use to assess impact fees for education purposes of large developments. 2) The improvements to the Waipio Interchange and the H-2 Freeway will be able to handle the capacity from the project. 3) The original plan to keep the development more apartment than residential was withdrawn due to the recent market trend for lower density dwellings. 4) The original plans to focus on a retirement community setting were withdrawn due to numerous retirement housing projects being planned in the Central Oahu area.

Discussion followed: 1) Discussion ensued on the already difficult access to the H-1 Freeway at Waihona Street. It is yet to be determined if another access is feasible. The primary access to the project is at the Waipio Interchange. 2) Chair Fukushima stated that the Board will work with Gentry Homes to arrange a community benefits package. 3) Kaye stated that the density may be too large and the Board may request density restrictions. Hosoda stated that the infrastructure is being designed to handle more than the expected occupancy. 4) Chair Fukushima stated that Gentry Homes will need to come to the Board when the zoning application is submitted to gather additional input and comments.

Pat Liu of Gentry Homes reported the following: The entire project will take approximately 15 years to complete and the estimated start date is in 2005. Approximately 400 units will be built per year. The access bridge from Waipio Interchange will take approximately 2 years to complete.

UPDATE OF U.S. NAVY PROJECTS IN PEARL CITY/AIEA AREA _ Stanford Yuen, representing the U.S. Navy, reported the following: 1) The U.S. Navy is in full support of the Pearl Harbor Recreation Center proposed by the Aiea-Pearl City Vision Group. 2) The Pearl City Peninsula Housing Project to construct 192 homes is estimated to be completed by Summer 2002. After construction of the new homes and demolition of some of the existing homes, the number of homes will total 664. Demolition of the fuel farm, tanks and well sites would create green space and buffer space for security. 3) The U.S. Marine Corps deferred the City's request to use their warehouses on Lehua Avenue as a result of the increased need for warehouse space due to the September 11, 2001 tragedy. 4) The U.S. Marine Corps is willing to make a future presentation to the Board regarding the Pacific Command Headquarters Project at Camp Smith, Halawa Heights. 5) Ford Island Development Project will cost approximately $300 million. The U.S. Navy transient lodge groundbreaking was held in August 2001. The transient lodge project involved the reconstruction of an existing building and can accommodate about 200 Navy personnel. About 185 replacement homes will be constructed on Ford Island in 2002. Within 15 years, some 600 homes in the Pearl Harbor area are anticipated to be replaced by homes on Ford Island.

Yuen made the following statements in response to questions asked by Board members and guests: 1) Possible plans for inactive ships being held in the area: a) sale to a foreign government; b) sale for scrap metal; c) eventual Navy use. 2) There are approximately 7,000 Navy homes located in the Pearl Harbor Complex. 3) There is one local contractor and one mainland contractor proposing to manage the Ford Island Development Project and both companies have engaged the services of local consultants and contractions. Both companies will need to be aware of concerns addressed in the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

The EIS Record of Decision and contractor proposals should be completed by March 2002. 4) The Navy is obligated to stay within the capacity threshold of the entry intersection on Kamehameha Highway into the Ford Island project. 5) Copies of all EIS drafts will be available at the Pearl City Public Library.

Discussion followed: 1) Senator Kawamoto stated that Building B at Lehua Elementary School is federally owned and proposed improvements are still incomplete. Yuen stated that he would look into the matter. 2) Concern was expressed regarding the impacts to the school system and area traffic flow. 3) Representative Takai suggested that the traffic from Ford Island be routed through Pearl Harbor to mitigate Pearl City traffic impacts and security concerns. 4) Councilmember Okino stated that a community benefits package will be requested for improvements outside of the project. Increased traffic volumes for Ford Island Boulevard would adversely affect the proposed major Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Center near Salt Lake Boulevard and Kamehameha Highway. He suggested that a road parallel to Kamehameha Highway be constructed with an exit at the Arizona Memorial entrance. Yuen stated that studies are being conducted regarding the feasibility of routing traffic from Ford Island via Navy property. 5) Senator Kawamoto stated that a possible ferry system is being looked into and that the community should recognize that the development project would bring jobs and money into the community as well as house U.S. Navy sailors.

Ruth Nakasone also introduced Dr. Allen Price and reported the following: Hawaii Citizens for Safe Drinking Water is a volunteer organization that shares knowledge of the effects of water fluoridation on the well-being of humans, living things and the environment. Efforts have been increased to put sodium fluoride in Hawaii water, due to the supposed dental crisis of baby bottle tooth decay in Hawaii. The Department of Health (DOH) is seeking federal funding for water fluoridation. A hazardous substance label is placed on a container of sodium fluoride, which also contains lead with traces of arsenic and radon. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has never approved the product. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has published a report that states that fluoride is more effective as a topical application rather than by ingestion. There have been many studies that prove that water fluoridation programs which have existed in America, result in dental fluorosis.

Dr. Allen Price stated that the Hawaii Citizens for Safe Drinking Water has drafted resolutions regarding moratorium or a ban on water fluoridation, until there is sufficient evidence that it is safe. He requested that the Board review the resolution, stated that information on the matter has been misinterpreted and suppressed. The Makakilo-Kapolei Neighborhood Board passed a resolution calling for the moratorium on water fluoridation, until its safety could be demonstrated.

The matter was referred to the Legislative and Capitol Improvement Program (LCIP) to schedule action at the January 2002 Regular Board meeting.



Committee Chairs will announce the appointment of recorders during Committee reports.

Howton left at 9:15 p.m. (11 members present).

PROPOSAL TO RECESS IN DECEMBER 2001 _ Fukuda moved and Imamura seconded that the Board recess the December 2001 Regular Board meeting. The motion carried unanimously, 11-0-0.

Chair Fukushima announced that the next Regular Board meeting will be held on January 31, 2002.

REFERRALS _ The following matters were referred to the Legislative and Capital Improvement Program Committee (LCIP): 1) Board tour of Hickam Air Force Base. 2) Consideration of having representatives from the Navy and Air Force make monthly Board reports. The matter of the Pearl Harbor Restoration

Advisory Board presentation regarding projects in the Pearl City area was referred to the Development Plan and Zoning Committee (DPZ).

Committee Chair Kaye reviewed the following:

COMMITTEE RECORDER _ Winter will be the DPZ Committee Recorder.

HECO--WAIAU PONDS TIMBER PILE RENOVATION, DRAFT ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT (EA) _ The matter was deferred until the Board receives a copy of the Draft EA.

Councilmember Gary Okino reported the following: 1) The Pearl City Task Force submitted a letter of support of the Board's recommendations to include the 40-foot height limit and to require that landscaping plans include the existing City facilities in the zoning conditions. 2) Bill No. 84 relating to the Manana Warehouse Properties Rezoning was deferred and a 120-day extension was granted. The City Council is still reviewing the Board's recommendations. 3) There are no other proposals for the use of the Manana Warehouse Properties. 4) The Department of Planning and Permitting (DPP) has set height restrictions for a property zoned IMX and wants to keep it at 60 feet to maximize the use of the property. Reducing the height limits would reduce the value of the property by 15%.

The Draft Primary Urban Center (PUC) Development Plan is being finalized by the Department of Planning and Permitting (DPP).

FORD ISLAND FAMILY HOUSING PROJECT ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT _ The matter was covered earlier in the meeting. The matter was referred back to Committee for action.

There was no update. The final community meeting to discuss the matter will be held on December 5, 2001, 7:00 p.m. at Pearlridge Elementary School.

TRAFFIC AND TRANSPORTATION (TT): Committee Chair Sullivan reviewed the following:

Souza will be the TT Committee Recorder.

The matter was deferred to the January 2002 Regular Board meeting.

Sullivan attended the OMPO Citizen Advisory Committee last night and will need to attend additional meetings within a one year period to become a permanent member.

MANANA SUB-AREA TRAFFIC STUDY _ The matter was deferred to the January 2002 Regular Board meeting.

Chair Fukushima requested a presentation by the Department of Transportation Services because the funding for this project will lapse in December 2001 and a contract has still not been awarded. Okino stated that the contract has not gone out to bid yet.

Committee Chair Harimoto reviewed the following:
Souza will be the HEW Committee Recorder.

PEARL CITY “BENCHMARKING” CONFERENCE _ The first Pearl City Benchmarking Conference, which was held on November 10, 2001, at Leeward Community College, to discuss ways to solve current problems of Pearl City and develop a plan of action to resolve the issues, was very successful. The conference was made up of six focus groups (traffic, crime, education, business, youth services and elderly services) that presented different priorities. A list will be available for future Board comments and input.

“SMART BOARDS” _ PRESENTATION AT FUTURE COMMITTEE AND REGULAR BOARD MEETINGS _ There was no report. The matter was referred back to Committee.

Committee Chair Fukuda reviewed the following:

_ There was no update.


2003 FUNDING FOR CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT PROJECTS ($1 MILLION): INPUT FROM NEIGHBORHOOD BOARD _ The Board's list of recommendations for Fiscal Year 2003 Capital Improvement Projects was submitted to the City. We are awaiting receipt of cost estimates from the Department of Design and Construction (DDC).

NEIGHBORHOOD PARKS: INTRODUCTION OF LEGISLATION FOR OFF-STREET PARKING: The matter was deferred until the Board receives legislation regarding this matter from Sullivan.

The matter was deferred until the Board receives the results from the Manana Sub-area Study.

Committee Chair Imamura reviewed the following:

Imamura moved and Fukuda seconded to add an item to the agenda to appropriate funding of $120 to purchase two replacement Board meeting announcement banners that were stolen. The motion carried unanimously, 11-0-0.

CHRISTMAS DECORATED YARD OF THE MONTH AWARDEES _ Anyone who wishes to provide input for Christmas Decorated Yards should contact Imamura at 455-7033 with the name and address of nominees.

YARD OF THE MONTH FOR JANUARY 2001 _ Winter moved for the Committee that the January 2001 Yard of the Month be awarded to Morris and Jane Ishisaka, of Komo Mai Drive, Momilani. The motion carried unanimously, 11-0-0.

Imamura stated that Executive Secretary, Ben Kama, indicated that the Neighborhood Commission would purchase a new Polaroid camera for the Board's use for taking Yard of the Month pictures. It was suggested that a digital camera be used. Kama also indicated that the Board is allowed to borrow the Commission's digital camera.

APPROPRIATION OF FUNDING TO PURCHASE REPLACEMENT BOARD MEETING ANNOUNCEMENT BANNERS _ Imamura moved for the Committee to appropriate funding of $120 to purchase two replacement Board meeting announcement banners.

Discussion followed: The announcement banners are placed at Pacheco Park, Pearl City Library and the Oshita's residence. Representative Takai mentioned that the announcement banners may have been taken down due to the Board's and community's campaign to remove banners. HPD started enforcing the City Ordinance that does not allow signs at any place other then the meeting site. Harimoto stated that the City or HPD did not remove the Board's signs.

The motion carried, 10-0-1. Abstain:

Imamura thanked the Leeward Current for publicizing Pearl City issues.

Imamura presented Neighborhood Assistant Hanohano with a rose for providing members with Neighborhood Board business cards.


MAYOR'S REPRESENTATIVE _ Harimoto reported the following: 1) Honolulu City Lights ceremony will be held on Saturday, December 1, 2001, 6:00 p.m. 2) The Toys for Tots Waikiki and Electrical Light Parade will be held on Sunday, December 2, 2001. 3) The next “Brunch on the Beach” will feature SOS and will be held on Sunday, December 16, 2001, 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. 4) “Sunset on the Beach” will be held every Saturday and Sunday, 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the Kapahulu Pier on Kuhio Beach, except this weekend. Due to Honolulu City Lights, “Sunset on the Beach” will be held on Friday, November 30 and Sunday, December 2, 2001. Live entertainment and food vendor sales begin at 4:00 p.m. with a feature movie after dark. “Sunset on the Beach” will also visit other communities once a month beginning in January 2002. 5) The Mayor is endorsing for $200 million in construction projects between October and December 2001 to boost the economy. As of November 2001, $94 million in contracts were awarded and another $54 million in wastewater projects was started in October 2001. 6) The three street signs that were knocked down on Komo Mai Drive in Waimano Gulch across from Children's House were replaced. 7) Contractors have the option to use flagmen or police officers for traffic control operations unless the work impacts public safety, wherein police officers are required. 8) The Department of Transportation Services (DTS) indicated that there were no permits issued for the past two months involving roadway construction at the intersection of Waimano Home Road and Komo Mai Drive. The reported damaged traffic detectors were found, but DTS does not have the equipment to replace them. DTS will seek funding during the next fiscal year to hire a contractor to do the repairs. Harimoto will further look into this matter.

Discussion followed: Chair Fukushima stated that BWS constructed a waterline project on Komo Mai Drive at Waimano Home Road; this could have been the cause of the damaged traffic detectors. Harimoto will look into the matter.

COUNCILMEMBER GARY OKINO _ Councilmember Okino distributed his monthly report and highlighted the following: 1) Wished the Board “Happy Holidays”. 2) The Navy supports the Pearl City Recreation Complex and Senior Center. The parcel was a landfill and wetlands are located on the site; a feasibility study needs to be conducted. The Navy should remove existing abandoned pipelines. 3) It was determined that the Waiau Gardens Mini Park is not a suitable location for a “bark park”. The Department of Land and Natural Resources' open field mauka of the existing Waimano Home Administration Building is being sought as a possible location. 4) The Pacific Palisades Community Park Entry Road project is moving forward and the roof repair should also be completed this year. 5) City Council took action on the following: a) Bill 96 relating to real property tax waivers for a period of seven years for qualified new construction passed first reading. He is opposed to the bill because there is not much incentive, but the financial impact to the City would be large. b) Bill 83, CD1 relating to the establishment of regulations and registration requirements for alarm systems passed second reading. He opposed the bill, but had the number of allowable alarms increased and obtained approval to require a cost impact and effectiveness report in one-year. c) Bill 78 relating to the prohibition on smoking to include restaurants failed. 6) The City Reapportionment Committee approved a new redistricting plan for the Honolulu City Council. Council District 8 encompasses the area from Moanalua Valley through Halawa, Aiea and Pearl City, it also includes Seaview Village, Crestview and Waipio Gentry communities. The new Council District 9 includes Waipahu, Mililani and Makakilo. 7) The Aiea/Pearl City Vision Team Pearl City Gateway Sign Project has gone out to bid.

_ Senator Kawamoto reported the following: 1) HB/SB 16 raises small purchase procurement exemptions temporarily and includes a state resident preference for those contracts to speed up the construction process. 2) Only $8 million was appropriated from the Capital Improvement Project (CIP) funds for construction on the West Oahu Campus. 3) HB/SB 8 (relating to income tax credits)

amends and provides residential construction and improvement tax credits for hotel construction and remodeling. 4) The bill to ban the use of cell phones in moving vehicles failed. 5) The State of Hawaii was granted the Aikahi Award for traffic safety. 6) The zipper lane will be open for two-occupant weekday use from 7:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.

REPRESENTATIVE NOBU YONAMINE _ Representative Yonamine's monthly report was distributed by Linda Asato-Kaichi earlier in the meeting.

_ Takeuchi was available to take provide comments to Representative Takumi.

_ Representative Takai reported the following: 1) The Aiea-Pearl City Graffiti Busters conducted a clean up on November 17, 2001 at Hooiekie Street and the Pearl City High School area. He thanked Ameritone Maui, Jake's Cleaning, Home Depot, City Mill, McDonalds _ Pearl Kai and Pearl City, Aiea-Pearl City Business Association and Waiau Elementary School for their efforts and donations in the clean up. Business looking to adopt areas to keep graffiti clean may contact his office. A volunteer coordinator is needed to head the Graffiti Busters. 2) Thanked Councilmember Okino, former Councilmember Hanneman and Harimoto for their efforts in the opening of the YOUTH Center at Manana Community Park. There is a need for additional parking. 3) Call area Legislators with ideas for future town meetings. 4) Thanked the Leeward Current for its support of the community. The Leeward Current will be inserted into the Honolulu Advertiser for home subscribers. 5) The State Reapportionment Committee will finalize their proposal on Friday, November 30, 2001. 6) The State has instituted a campaign to enforce vehicles speeding and running red lights laws through cameras. Tickets will be mailed to the registered vehicle owner. 7) Wished Board members and guests “Happy Holidays”.

The Board congratulated Representative Takai on the birth of his baby.

No report.

_ No report.

_ Howton stated that the Pacific Palisades Community Association Craft Fair on October 20, 2001, was a success.

Harimoto reported that the PCCA Annual Membership Meeting held on November 19, 2001 discussed crime in the community with HPD.

Harimoto reported the following: 1) The 501(c)3 application has been approved by the IRS and the Momilani Community Center ownership will be transferred to the Pearl City Foundation. 2) Thanked the Pearl City Lions Club and Pearl City Longs Drug Store for their efforts in the Momilani Recreation Center clean up on November 24, 2001. 3) Party rentals at the Momilani Recreation Center will be available from February 1, 2002. Call Harimoto at 225-0368 to make reservations.

PCC YOUTH _ No report.

Reports were made earlier in the meeting.

PEARL CITY LIONS CLUB _ Graves reported the following: 1) The Weinberg Foundation donated $10,000 to the Pearl City Community YOUTH Center for the Lions Club's efforts in the clean up of Waimano Home. 2) The 1st Annual Fun/Jog Walk along the Pearl Harbor Bike Path on October 28, 2001 was very successful.

AIEA-PEARL CITY BUSINESS ASSOCIATION (APCBA) _ Andrew Fox reported the following: 1) Wished the Board members and guests “Happy Holidays”. 2) APCBA meets on the 3rd Thursday of each month at Pearl Country Club. He invited everyone to attend next month's luncheon on Thursday, December 20, 2001 and to bring a $10 gift for exchange. 3) He announced the new slate of members elected to the APCBA Board of Directors in October 2001.

Chair Fukushima announced the following:

        1)    Wished Board members and guests a happy holiday season.

        2)    The next Committee meetings are scheduled for January 24, 2002 (4th Thursday), 7:00 p.m. at Pearl City Library Auditorium.

        3)    The next Regular Board meeting will be held on January 31, 2002 (5th Thursday), 6:30 p.m. at the Pearl City Library Auditorium.

        4)    Imamura announced that the UH Warriors Football Team will play Brigham Young University, Saturday, December 8, 2001, 11:00 a.m. at Aloha Stadium.

ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 10:10 p.m.

Submitted by:

Mahealani Hanohano
Neighborhood Assistant


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Wednesday, April 03, 2002

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