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CALL TO ORDER: Chair C.O. “Andy” Anderson called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. A quorum was present.


MEMBERS PRESENT: C.O. “Andy” Anderson, Marty Burke, Lorraine Duhaylonsod, Julie Duldulao, Irene Elston, Reggie Garcia, Connie Herolaga, Thomas Maus, Kerry Nishimoto, Richard Oshiro, Craig Richter, Russell Roller, Rito Saniatan, George Yakowenko.


MEMBERS ABSENT: John Daniel (excused), Constante Domingo (excused), Kelani Lessary.


GUESTS: Maureen Andrade (Mayor’s Representative/Neighborhood Commission Office), Councilmember Nestor Garcia, Karen Scharfenstein (Councilmember Gary Okino’s office), James Nakatani (Congressman Ed Case’s office), Frank Lopez (Governor’s Representative), Senator Brian Kanno, Donna Chun (Senator Kanno’s office), Senator Clarence Nishihara, Larry Takahashi and Bert Warashima (Senator Nishihara’s office), Carlton Saito (Senator Will Espero’s office), Representative Jon Karamatsu, Representative Ryan Yamane, Kym Sparlin (Representative Yamane’s office), Park Kaleiwahea (Representative Alex Sonson’s office), Representative Rida Cabanilla, Representative Mark Moses, Evelyn Souza (Representative Mark Moses’ office), Captain Bert Nakamura (Honolulu Fire Department), Lt. Keith Lima and Lt. William Weisskopf (Honolulu Police Department), Officer Brian Navares (Weed & Seed), Brian Suzuki (Department of Transportation Services), Jane and Rodney Nishihara (Board of Water Supply), David Hirano (Waipahu Community Association), Manuel Ayala (Leeward YMCA), Mindy Norris (LOTMA), Rod Ohira (Honolulu Advertiser), Don Robbins (West O’ahu Current), Manuel Cano, Jr. and Sparky Rodrigues (Olelo Community TV), Calvin Ho (Waipahu Clubhouse), Kim Lee and Jody Serikawa (O’ahu Head Start), Larissa Sato and Wayne Yoshioka (Parsons Brindeerhoff), Jamie Gonzales, Cal Kawamoto, David Pagan, Linda Ward, Steve J. Rodrigues (Neighborhood Commission Office staff).


INTRODUCTION OF GUESTS AND BOARD MEMBERS – Everyone introduced themselves at this time.


FILLING OF VACANCIES IN SUBDISTRICT SUBDISTRICT 8, SUBDISTRICT 9 – Chair Anderson asked if there were anyone willing to fill the vacancies in subdistricts 8 and 9. There were no candidates


APPROVAL OF FEBRUARY 17, 2005 REGULAR MEETING MINUTES: Duldulao moved and Yakowenko seconded that the Board approve the minutes with the follow correction:


            Page 1, under Guests, add “Lailani Simolin”.


The motion carried unanimously.


TREASURER’S REPORT – Yakowenko read the Financial Statement for February 2005. The Operating Account expenses were $61.19, leaving a balance of $1,051.28. The Publicity Account did not incur and expenses, leaving the balance at $1,164.05. The Refreshment Account did not incur any expenses, leaving the balance at $120.00. The report was accepted subject to audit.


(Herolaga departed at this time due to illness).



HPD Weed & Seed – Officer Brian Navares reported: 1) He apologized for not attending the last two Board meetings. Unfortunately, both meetings were dates that search warrants were scheduled on. One of the search warrants involved an apartment building on Pupumomi Street. Illegal narcotics and paraphernalia was found. Two females were arrested. Weed & Seed is assisting HUD and the Attorney General’s Office Nuisance Abatement Unit





Page 2


in an ongoing investigation concerning illegal narcotic trafficking of several apartments. 2) Concerning Leolua Street, a operation was conducted by Weed & Seed, Crime Reduction Unit (CRU), and patrol officers. Seven people were arrested for various offences. 3) A recent complaint from the Mayor’s Office identified the bridge over Waikele Stream on Farrington Highway as a home to several people. Seven people were given Trespassing warnings from DOT, documented by HPD, and two people were arrested for outstanding contempt warnings. 4) Weed & Seed, CRU and District Resource Officers will be on night operation patrol starting April 9. They will be relieving normal night operations for Annual Recall Training. 5) CRU and Weed & Seed have been making regular checks of Waipahu Family Cue and have made numerous Dangerous Dogs arrest from the parking lot area. 6) Patrol officers in marked and unmarked vehicles have made efforts to drive around the area of Hoomakoa and Hualani Streets. Unfortunately, the people who are causing the nuisance are not in the area at that time. 7) While on uniformed patrol, officers were sent to numerous complaints of gambling and illegal drug activity on the dead end area of Kahuailani Street. CRU and Weed & Seed has been addressing the situation. Two males were arrested for drug offenses. 8) Upcoming events: a) Light House Church Easter Egg Hunt on March 19, Waipahu Town Center, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. b) Easter Eggstravaganza and 3 on 3 basketball tournament will be held on March 26, August Ahrens Elementary, 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. c) Waipahu Graffiti Paint Out was moved to April 2, meet at the Leeward YMCA at 9:00 a.m.


(Duldulao and Maus arrived at 7:04 p.m.)


Honolulu Fire Department (HFD) – Captain Bert Nakamura reported: 1) For the month of February, the Waipahu and Waikele Fire Station responded to 7 fires, 150 medical emergencies, 6 hazardous incidents, and 5 false alarms. 2) Fire Safety Tip: “Cooking fires are the leading cause of home fires and the second major cause of death among older adults. If you are cooking and must leave the kitchen, even for only a few minutes, turn off the stove. Keep a fire extinguisher (with a minimum rating of 2A10BC) in or near your kitchen and learn how to use it. Inspect the fire extinguisher regularly to ensure that it has not expired.” 3) They have been having problems with vehicles and trash blocking fire hydrants. If you see this occurring, call 911.


Honolulu Police Department (HPD) – Lt. Keith Lima reported: 1) The statistics for the month of February in the Waipahu area (see attachments). 2) There were two recent drug-related arrests: a) After he left last month’s meeting, two individuals were arrested on Pupumohi Street; b) On February 22, a plainclothes officer arrested a 30-year old female who was consuming alcohol and weighing “ice” in his vehicle at the Waipio Soccer Park.

Concerns and comments followed:

1)       A resident said she was a victim of a hit-and-run this past Saturday. The driver of the vehicle totaled his blue pickup truck. She called police on Tuesday but they didn’t have a report and kept giving her the roundaround. Lt. Lima will follow-up.

2)       Yakowenko mentioned that this Board has been working for the past year to install a “No Parking” sign on Mokuola Street. The City recently installed the signage, but there are four to five vehicles that park in the no parking zone. Area businesses won’t call 911 because it would hurt their business. He asked police to patrol the area and issue citations. Lt. Lima will follow-up.




Leeward Community College Second Access Road – Former Senator Cal Kawamoto said the State administration is reneging on a second access road for Leeward Community College that he has been working on for the past 10 years. This project would take away 1,500 vehicles from the H-1/H-2 merge. Approximately $5 million was appropriated for this project 6 years ago. He asked everyone to write to the Senator Taniguchi, Chair of the Senate Ways and Means Committee, and Senate President Bunda to support SB 426. Discussion ensued.




A&B – No report or representative was available.







Castle & Cooke – Chair Anderson said Garret Furukido sends his regrets. He had nothing new to report, but would like to make a presentation in April or May for a new 66-unit project in Waipahu


Central O'ahu Regional Park/Waipio Soccer Facility – Burke circulated his monthly report and highlighted the following: 1) There is still no movement on the BWS restoration project at the makai entrance to Central O’ahu Regional Park. BWS used the site as a Waipio Wells construction supply yard. The Central O’ahu Regional Park Advisory Committee will write a letter to the Mayor asking his help with this matter. 2) Drug activity (an after-dark “supermarket” at the makai entrance to the park) has been reported to the police.


Hawai'i Plantation Village (HPV) – Chair Anderson announced that Relive the Plantation Days program, which was held the first Saturday of the month, has been cancelled. Also, scheduled tours are available upon request.


Leeward YMCA – Manuel Ayala, Executive Director, stated: 1) Security is still a problem. The Leeward YMCA was broken into and $300 wroth of equipment was stolen. They will ask Weed & Seed to look at the designs of the new building. Hopefully, they will install more lighting on the premises. Also, they will contract with Ace Towing to tow unattended vehicles in the parking lot. 2) He is humbled by the generosity of the community for raising $45,000 for their A-Plus Program. Hopefully, it will carryover to their Capital Campaign. 3) Leeward YMCA serves over 1,800 children in 14 different schools.


Leeward O’ahu Transportation Management Association (LOTMA) – Mindy Norris distributed “LOTMA’s Top 8 Tips to Beat the Traffic Jam Blues”. She highlighted a few of the tips: Compress Your Work Schedule – work four ten-hour days per week or eight nine-hour days and one eight-hour day every two weeks. You’ll get an extra day off every week or every other week; Avoid Peak Commute Hours – traffic on H-1 generally peaks between 6:00 a.m. and 7:15 a.m. and between 3:15 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. Try working a 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. schedule to avoid the worst traffic; Telecommute – skip your commute and work at home instead. Even if you can’t telecommute every day, you may be able to do it once a week to catch up on special projects.


O’ahu Arts Center – Duldulao had no report. She said she would continue to represent the Board for the O’ahu Art Center until a replacement is found.


OMPO Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) – Richter said the Citizen Advisory Committee met yesterday at the Mayor’s Conference Room. A presentation was made on the O’ahu Regional Transportation Plan. Areas such as North Shore and Waimanalo are non-growth areas. Central O’ahu will have tremendous growth. The presentation was interesting and a lot of questions were asked.


Waipahu Community Association (WCA) – David Hirano, Weed & Seed coordinator, stated: 1) WCA has a Grant in Aid application in the Legislature for $500,000 for the Waipahu Festival Marketplace. He encouraged everyone to call their legislators for their support. 2) The Community Action project is in the planning stages with six faith-based organizations to develop an athletic and fun program for children in the Pupu area. 3) The Honowai Elementary Community Drug Free Pep Rally was a success. 4) The Graffiti Paint Out scheduled for last Saturday was cancelled because of rain. It will be reschedule for April 2, Leeward YMCA, 8:30 a.m. They received donations from Home Depot, Lowe’s Home Improvement and City Mill. 5) Easter Eggstravaganzza and 3 on 3 basketball tournament on March 26, August Ahrens School, 10:00 a.m. 6) Positive Action Program, a tutorial/mentoring project at Waipahu Elementary and Intermediate Schools have begun. 7) If anyone wants a WCA’s newsletter, call WCA at 677-6939.


Waipahu Community Foundation (WCF) – Roller said the next grant application deadline is Friday, June 3, 2005. He encouraged non-profit youth organizations in the Waipahu area to apply. Applications are available through him or at the Waipahu High School administration office. If anyone needs assistance in filling out the application or want an electronic copy of the application, please contact him at 671-6636.




Improvements to Waipio Point Access Road – Brian Suzuki, Department of Transportation Services (DTS), and Larissa Sato, consultant, briefed the Board on their plans for improvements to Waipio Point Access Road between







the OR&L right-of-way and the entrance to the Waipio Soccer Park. The City was granted a right-of-way easement for the soccer park for that portion of the roadway by the Navy. As part of easement agreement, the City agreed to certain improvements for the roadway including drainage, parking, sidewalks, lighting, landscaping and traffic flow. They have already completed a traffic study and alternative analysis for the roadway and published a Draft Environmental Assessment (EA).


Concerns and comments followed:


1)       Chair Anderson inquired if there will be parking for fishermen. Sato stated the fishermen are not supposed to park their bicycles in the area. Suzuki said he spoke with the Navy and the representatives from the golf course and it was a very contentious issue. The golf course objected to have parking because the fishermen would jump the fence and use their bathrooms.


2)       In response to Chair Anderson, Sato stated the project will cover 2,500 feet or a half of a mile.


3)       Roller asked what would be the impact if the City sold the golf course to a private business. Suzuki answered there wouldn’t as much seniors playing golf because of the increased in price.


4)       Senator Kanno said the Waipahu Aloha Clubhouse has been asking for sidewalks. Calvin Ho, Waipahu Aloha Clubhouse, mentioned when it rains members have to walk in the rain. Duldulao stated the lack of sidewalks is a safety issue.


5)       Chair Anderson said he will include all the issues in his letter. He stated the community has been trying to get improvements in the area for many years.




Restricted Parking on Mokuola Street – Yakowenko reiterated that the City installed “No Parking” signs on Mokuola Street. Illegal parking is occurring near Jack-in-the-Box. As a result of the violations, only one lane of traffic is able to drive through. He suggested Don Robbins of West O’ahu Current write an article on the issue. Duldulao noted that the problem is enforcement, but when you call police it’s classified as low priority.




City Council Proposal to Sell Alcohol at Hans L’Orange Park, Central O’ahu Regional Park and Waipio Soccer Complex – Burke mentioned that this issue was discussed at the recent Central O’ahu Regional Park Advisory Committee meeting. According to Councilmember Garcia’s monthly report and Budget Chair Kobayashi’s representative, the proposal will not pass. Burke said it would’ve been better if they polled the Waipahu and the Mililani Neighborhood Boards. Yakowenko, who requested this item on the agenda, thanked Burke for following-up.




Mayor's Representative – Maureen Andrade announced that the Diabetes Walk will be held on Saturday, March 19, 2005, Kapiolani Park, 8:00 a.m. In addition, she was available for questions.


Board of Water Supply (BWS) – Jane and Rodney Nishihara circulated BWS monthly report. In addition, Jane Nishihara reported: 1) There was three main breaks in Waipahu for the month of February. The breaks occurred on Moloalo Street, Waipahu Street, and Nalii Street. 2) Rainwater catchment is something BWS has looked into and continues to explore. However, at this time no plans are in place for such a system, as development, installation, and maintenance of it would be cost-prohibitive, and detract from upkeep of our current water delivery system. 3) BWS produces about 12 million gallons of recycled water a day. This water is used for agricultural and industrial use. 4) Due to the rainy weather, BWS have not been able to install the irrigation at Central O’ahu Regional Park.








Councilmember Nestor Garcia – Herolaga circulated Councilmember Garcia’s monthly report. In addition, Councilmember Garcia stated the proposal to sell liquor at Central O’ahu Regional Park, Hans L’Orange Park and Waipio Soccer Complex is all but dead. He suggested the Board write a letter to the Mayor and the City Council expressing their displeasure. The Board would be on record if the City decides to sell liquor. The new administration will be hiring a consultant to look into a fee structure.


Yakowenko moved and Duldulao seconded that the Waipahu Neighborhood Board No. 22 strongly oppose the City to sell alcohol at Central O’ahu Regional Park, Hans L’Orange Park and Waipio Soccer Complex. The motion carried unanimously.


Councilmember Gary Okino – Karen Scharfenstein circulated Councilmember Okino’s monthly report and was available for questions.


Governor's Representative – Frank Lopez circulated the “Governor’s Update”. In addition, he stated: 1) The Governor released $300,000 for the Commuter Ferry System. 2) There is $104 million of unclaimed money for Hawai’i residents. For more information, visit


Senator Willie Espero – Carlton Saito circulated Senator Espero’s monthly report and highlighted the following: 1) Senator Espero sends his regrets. 2) The Senate Transportation and Government Operations (TGO) Committee (Senator Espero is the Vice Chair) passed SB 1362, which would permit DOT to tow abandoned vehicles from state roads. 3) Senator Espero and Senator Nishihara co-sponsored SB 1081, to restore habitat in Pouhala Marsh and to develop a comprehensive natural resource management education and internship or job training program.


Chair Anderson said he emailed testimony in support of the Pearl Harbor Historical Trail but it was returned undeliverable. Saito noted that testimony can be submitted to Senator Lorraine Inouye, Chair of TGO Committee.


Senator Brian Kanno – Senator Kanno circulated his monthly report and highlighted the following: 1) The Legislature is discussing a measure to fund mass transit to help alleviate traffic. The measure provides the counties the option to raise the General Excise Tax by a maximum of 1%. 2) SB 35 SD 2 creates a two-year pilot program for universal access to early childhood education for children. SB 486 funds non-school-hour programs for children and youth enrolled in school. 3) The UH Board of Regents approved Dr. Gene Awakuni as the new Chancellor of UH-West O’ahu effective March 1. He was the vice-provost for student affairs at Stanford University. 4) Mahalo to everyone who volunteered for the Village Park/Royal Kunia Easter Egg Hunt and Costume Contest at Kalei’opu’u Elementary. 5) An Easter Egg Hunt will be held this Saturday, Honokai Hale, 9:00 a.m.


Senate Clarence Nishihara – Senator Nishihara circulated his monthly report and highlighted the following: 1) He attended a meeting this past Tuesday at LCC regarding a second access road. The Governor called him that she will have Rodney Haraga, Director of DOT, to meet with him. Also, the Governor will fund the project. He said a project that will benefit the community will help everyone. The road would extend to Waipahu High School. 2) There is a bill moving forward to allow voting by mail. More people would vote if this measure passes.


Congressman Ed Case – James Nakatani circulated Congressman Case’s newsletter and highlighted the following: 1) About $12.7 million in federal grants will be available this year to fund educational programs for Native Hawaiians through the Native Hawai’i Education Program. The Second Congressional District has the most Native Hawaiians than any other congressional district, and Congressman Case wants to make sure all interested groups are aware of the grants. Two workshops will be held on O’ahu. 2) Congressman Case has reintroduced a bill that would change immigration restrictions and enable non-immigrants to enter the United States under “urgent and compelling circumstances” involving individuals in emergency or life-threatening situations such human organ donations, terminal illnesses and death. 3) Proposed changes to the Social Security system continues to be one of the major items in Congress.


Representative Jon Karamatsu – Representative Karamatsu circulated his monthly report and reported that five of the 24 bills he introduced are still alive. The bills are: 1) HB 1171 - establishes the offense of criminal impersonation, making it a misdemeanor to impersonate another person with the intent to deceive and harass;







2) HB 1162 - proposes to correct a flaw in the Hawai’i Liquor Tax Law, providing equal treatment and fairness throughout the beverage; 3) HB 531 - allows the Director of Finance to invest up to 10% of State short-term investment monies in linked investments; 4) HB 1161- grants contractors additional time to file a mechanic’s lien if they have previously given the owner a conditional lien release but have not subsequently received full payment; 5) HB 1657 – authorizes the issuance of special purpose revenue bonds to assist Hoku Scientific with research equipment and infrastructure.


Representative Mark Moses – Representative Moses circulated his monthly report and highlighted the following: 1) He encouraged the Board to send a letter to the Legislature supporting a second access road for LCC. 2) HB 1309 doesn’t specifically state that the tax would use for light rail. 3) The Super Ferry will go an as planned in 2007 barring any roadblocks. 4) There is a survey on back of his report regarding light rail, etc. If light rail is successful it would take five percent of traffic (30,000 vehicles) off the road. It would cost $2.6 billion to go from Kapolei to Downtown, but the route needs to go further. 5) A batch of bad bills are going through the Legislature. 6) He introduced a resolution to look into bus service to Waipahu to Royal Kunia and to Schofield Barracks.


Representative Alex Sonson – Park Kaleiwahea circulated Representative Sonson’s monthly report and highlighted the following: 1) Representative Sonson sends his regrets. 2) HB 1709 attempts to address our graffiti problem. The bill creates a class C Felony offense of aggravated criminal property damage (CPD) for intentional damage to the property of another if the person has two or more convictions for CPD in the 3rd or 4th degree in the preceding five years. 3) The Waipahu High School Athletic Booster Club is looking for a place to store empty aluminum cans and plastic bottles for their fundraising event.


Representative Ryan Yamane – Representative Yamane circulated his monthly report and highlighted the following: 1) He introduced his aide Kym Sparlin, who will be attending the Board meetings when he is not able. 2) His office will be participating in a graffiti clean-up. 3) HB 1309 authorizes the counties to temporarily levy a county surcharge or no greater than one percent on state tax to fund public transit. He’s been working closely with Councilmember Garcia and Council Chair Dela Cruz. 4) HB 1029 would allow the Office of Veterans’ Services to send out four newsletters per year to Hawai’i veterans. 5) He sits on the Finance Committee and they just finished the House budget last week. 6) If anyone has any questions or concerns, please contact his office at 586-6150.


Representative Rida Cabanilla – Representative Cabanilla briefed the Board on a proposed Ewa tunnel. The reliever tunnel would cut the commute from Ewa to the Honolulu Airport to under 10 minutes from over an hour in rush hour. It would take 9000 vehicles an hour off the H-1 Freeway easing traffic flow for other communities on the H-1. A study into the tunnel would cost $400,000. The estimate cost of the tunnel is $170 million. User fees and private capital financing or public bonding financing is being studied. The military supports this initiative. 


Concerns and comments followed:


1)       Yakowenko asked what percentage of vehicles from the Ewa side would be using the tunnel. Representative Cabanilla answered 80%.


2)       Burke said this project would ease the pain, but it won’t solve the pain.


Burke moved and Oshiro seconded that the Waipahu Neighborhood Board No. 22 support a study to determine the feasibility of a road/rail tunnel beneath Pearl Harbor to connect Ewa with the H-1 near Hickam Air Force Base. The motion carried 12-0-1. Abstain: Duldulao.




ADJOURNMENT: By consensus, the meeting adjourned at 9:27 p.m.


Submitted by:

Steve J. Rodrigues

Neighborhood Assistant



Monday, April 18, 2005

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