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CALL TO ORDER: Chair Tesha Malama called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. with quorum of 10 members present. Chair Malama stated that she invited both the James Campbell High and Ilima Intermediate Schools to help open the meeting. The meeting opened with members of the Campbell High School Drill Team under the leadership of Commander Hutchison performed the presentations of colors. All rose to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Chair Malama pointed out that for the past few years, Campbell High School has one of the best high school drill teams in the United States. Chair Malama noted that a number of Neighborhood Boards start their meetings with the presentation of colors. Alexander objected strongly. Chair Malama replied that opening of Board meetings would be discussed later.    

MEMBERS PRESENT: Jeff Alexander, Gary Bautista, Tom Berg, Genaro Bimbo, Kurt Fevella, Coby Lynn, Eileen Lynn, Tesha Malama, Kenneth Perel, Normand Robert and Darrel Young.    


GUESTS: Lieutenant Frank Pugliese and Sergeant Javier Hypolito (Honolulu Police Department), Captain Calvin Kealoha and Fire Fighter III Charles Grace (Honolulu Fire Department), Ali Cudzilo (Councilmember Mike Gabbard’s Office staff), Representative Tulsi Gabbard-Tamayo, Sai Tagovaiola-Amosa (Representative Tulsi Gabbard-Tamayo’s Office staff), Kerry Britanik (Senator Willie Espero’s Office staff), Kimberly Marcos Pine and Milo Thompson (Representative Romy Mindo’s Office staff), Skippa Diaz (Mayor’s Representative), Ernie Lau (Governor’s Representative), Debbie Luning (Gentry Homes), Nancy Maeda, Bob McGrew and Sharlene Saito Tam (Haseko), Mindy Norris (Leeward Oahu Transportation Management Association), Wayne China (T-Mobile), Roy Yee (Fluor Hawaii), Don Clegg (Analytical Planning Consultants, Project Consultant for Synagro), Jim Hecht and Lorrie Ledar (Synagro), Cliff Lum (Limtiaco Consulting Group, Project Consultant to Environet), Roger Taylor (Olelo), Colonel Hutchison (Director, Campbell High School Drill Team(, Dee White, Glenn Oamilda, David Anako Agpaoa, Ikuyo Kato, Mark Coulbourne, Frank and Lieselotte Waipa, Susan Baca, Scott Osborn, Henry Chang Wo, Roger Taylor (Olelo) and Jamal Siddiqui (Neighborhood Commission Office staff). 

INTRODUCTION OF BOARD MEMBERS: At this time, the Board members introduced themselves to the community. Chair Malama thanked everyone for their presence and patience. 

APPROVAL OF REGULAR MEETING MINUTES FOR NOVEMBER 13, 2003: The following corrections were made: 

·         Page 2, last paragraph, item 1, under Honolulu Police Department – Weed and Seed Division, should read: “E. Lynn stated that whenever she drives at night she notices drunk drivers on Hanakahi Street and Fort Weaver Road where there have been numerous vehicular accidents.”

·         Page 4, paragraph 4, line 1, under Announcements – Homeless Shelter at Kalaeloa Harbor, delete “C. Lynn” and insert ‘E. Lynn”

·         Page 7, paragraph 10, line 2, delete “Ilima Elementary School” and insert “Ilima Intermediate School”    

Alexander moved and Bimbo seconded that the Board approve the Regular Meeting Minutes for November 13, 2003 with amendments. The motion was adopted by a unanimous vote of 10-0-0. Note: The Board’s December 2003 meeting was cancelled.   

TREASURER’S REPORT: Robert reported that the Board received the following financial statement ending November 30, 2003: The previous operating account balance was $1,092.54; previous expenditures totaled $427.46; current expenditures were $51.74; total expenditures to date is $479.20; current operating account balance is $1,040.80. The previous publicity account balance was $1,770.00; previous expenditures totaled $500.00; expenditures in November 2003 was $250.00; current expenditures to date is $750.00; the current publicity account balance to date is at $1,520.00. The Refreshment account balance of $120.00 has been moved into the Board’s publicity account. Robert also reported the following financial statement ending December 31, 2003: The previous operating account balance was $1,040.80; previous expenditures totaled $479.20; current expenditures for December 2003 was $99.15; current expenditures to date is $578.35; and the current operating account balance to date is $941.65. The previous publicity account balance was $1,520.00; previous expenditures were $750.00; expenditures for December 2003 was $100.00 (late cancellation of December 2003 Board meeting); current expenditures to date is $850.00; and the current publicity account balance to date if $1,420.00. C. Lynn inquired to how much the videographer charges for filming Board meetings. The videographer replied $250.00 per three hours. Alexander moved and Bautista seconded that the Board approve the November 2003 and December 2003 both treasurer’s report to be filed subject to audit. The motion was adopted by a unanimous vote of 10-0-0. 


Honolulu Fire Department: Fire Fighter III Charles Grace reported the following: (1) Statistics for December 2003: Fires – 7 structure, 7 rubbish, 2 vehicle and 1 brush. Emergencies – 49 medical calls, and 24 miscellaneous. (2) On December 25, 2003, seven fire stations including Ewa responded to a major building fire at 91-560 Akua Street where it took three hours to extinguish the flames. (3) Safety Tip of the Month: “Prepare a fire escape plan. Map out your escape routes with at least two ways out of each room. Designate a location outside of the house where everyone can meet. Know where the closest phone is located to call 911.”

Questions, comments and concerns: (1) Noting the heavy rains that occurred on New Year’s Eve, Robert inquired if HFD received numerous fireworks related calls that day. Grace replied that the heavy rains lighted the workload for HFD personnel. (2) Chair Malama inquired to when the new Ewa Fire Station would be operational. Grace replied the year 2006. (3) E. Lynn noted that she witnessed the trash bins fronting Ilima Intermediate School were set on fire on December 24, 2003 and asked if HPD responded to this situation. Captain Calvin Kealoha replied that HPD responded immediately. Captain Kealoha suggested that these dumpsters should be covered in order to reduce the amount of loss. (4) Chair Malama informed HFD that there is a water main installation project along with sidewalk improvements on Pohakupuna Road. (5) Bautista commented that there is house on Fort Weaver Road near Parish Drive that has building code violations.  

Perel arrived at 7:18 p.m. (11 members present) 

Honolulu Police Department: Lieutenant Frank Pugliese reported the following: (1) Statistics for December 2003: 1 robbery, 20 burglaries, 38 thefts, 15 auto thefts, 16 thefts from vehicles, 33 persons, 5 identification thefts, 85 motor vehicle collisions, 5 driving under the influence, 21 criminal property damages and 3 drugs. (2) There were 390 arrests (283 adults and 107 juveniles) at the Kapolei Police Station. (3) (3) Safety Tip of the Month: NO LEEWAY ON THE HIGHWAY: What parents should know regarding Hawaii State Laws affecting teen drivers. (a) Mandatory Seatbelts: All youths under 17 years of age must use safety belts when riding in back seat of vehicles – this limits the number of passengers to the number of available safety belts. (b) Mandatory Driver Education: All youths age 18 and under seeking a driver’s license are required to attend a driver education course prior to obtaining a driver’s license. (c) Zero Tolerance for Alcohol: All drivers under age 21 found to have blood alcohol content level of 0.02 or higher will be penalized as an impaired driver. First time offense penalties include a 180-day license suspension, an alcohol education program and counseling. It may also include community service and/or a fine. (d) Implied Consent: When your teen get his/her drivers’ license, he/she agreed to have an alcohol or drug test conducted if a police officer has probable cause to believe he/she committed the offense if impaired driving. If testing is refused, his/her drivers’ license is immediately revoked for a one-year period. (e) No Drinking or Possessing Alcohol on Public Roadways: Hawaii Revised Statutes Chapter 291-3.1 states that no driver or passenger shall drink from or have in possession an opened container while driving a motor vehicle or moped on the public streets, road or highways. Further, no vehicle or moped on any public street, road or highway, or at any scenic lookout shall have an opened container in the trunk or other area of the vehicle. Lieutenant Pugliese noted that teen drivers are the highest at risk on our highways. Traffic crashes are still the leading cause of death for youths between 15 and 24 years of age. 

Questions, comments and concerns: (1) Robert expressed alarm regarding the number of identity thefts occurring especially when purchasing items over the internet. (2). C. Lynn inquired if there is a correlation between the number of burglaries and identification thefts. He also thanked the police for implementing their zero tolerance policy when it comes cracking down on drunk drivers. (3) Chair Malama thanked HPD for placing speed monitors on Hanakahi Street and in addressing complaints regarding illegal activities occurring at Pu’uloa Playground. E. Lynn mentioned that she has witnessed illegal drugs being sold to kids at the park. Since then that drug dealer has been removed from the residence located near the park. In addition, other residents have come forward in providing further information to HPD to track down the suspects including giving out suspects’ driver’s license plates. C. Lynn mentioned that area residents are forming their Neighborhood Security Watch by canvassing the area. Fevella mentioned that improvements have been completed at Pu’uloa Playground, however dumping as well as other illegal activities occurring at the park during school hours. (4) Bautista reported that Kilaha Street, the roadway that intersects with North Road and Fort Weaver Road, there is excess speeding by motor scooter riders that occur in the mid-afternoon. (5) Robert commented that there were no roadblocks on Fort Weaver Road during the holiday season. Citing the high number of vehicular accidents/fatalities occurring on Farrington Highway, Lieutenant Pugliese replied that majority of HPD’s District 8 personnel (Waianae Coast/Ewa/Kapolei/Makakilo/Honokai Hale) closely monitored Farrington Highway from Ko Olina to Makaha. Federal monies were used to pay for police overtime.   

Honolulu Police Department – Ewa Weed and Seed Division: Lieutenant Pugliese reported the following: (1) Arrest statistics regarding arrests made by HPD’s Ewa Weed and Seed Division that occurred in December 2003. Juveniles: 10 runaways, 3 truancies, 1 abuse, 1 drug paraphernalia, 8 assaults, 4 harassments and 1 threatening. Adults: 3 assaults, 9 abuse of a household member arrests, 1 drug paraphernalia, 1 temporary restraining order violation, 17 bench warrants, 3 auto thefts, 1 harassment and 1 theft. Noting that these arrests are in the Weed and Seed area, punishment is much harder. (2) The new HPD Ewa Weed and Seed Coordinator is Sergeant Jason Kawaneole.                          

Questions, comments and concerns: (1) Chair Malama asked if these weed and seed arrests were included with the total number of arrests in the December 2003 statistics. Lieutenant Pugliese replied yes. (2) Fevella asked if drug crimes that occurred in Ewa before being designated a Weed and Seed community, would the perpetrators get the same harsh punishment as is applies to those committing similar crimes now. Lieutenant Pugliese could not give a definitive response. (3) Lieutenant Pugliese noted that the Waianae Coast is applying to be a Weed and Seed community.   

COMMUNITY CONCERNS: Concern with graffiti at Ewa Beach Community Park Comfort Station – Chair Malama informed the Board that she received a complaint regarding graffiti at Ewa Beach Community Park Comfort Station. E. Lynn announced that Ewa Weed and Seed Restoration Committee would coordinate efforts to help restore the comfort station. For further information, call 689-3219.  

ANNOUNCEMENTS: (1) Chair Malama acknowledged Dee White for successfully chairing the 2003 Ewa Beach Christmas Parade. White thanked the community for their support. (2) C. Lynn announced that the Ewa Beach Lions Club would be having a chicken sale fundraiser on Saturday, January 17, 2004, 9:00 to 11:00 a.m., Ewa Beach Shopping Center. (3) Chair Malama congratulated the Ewa/Kapolei/Makakilo Vision Team 2001 and 2002 for agreeing to build an amphitheater to be located next to the Honolulu Advertiser Building in Kapolei. Funding will be done through private entities working with area residences and businesses. (4) Chair Malama announced that the World Pacific Championship Wrestling Extravaganza taking place on Thursday, January 29, 2004, Campbell High School Gymnasium. One of the wrestlers is Campbell High School graduate Lee Manu. (5) Mindy Norris announced that the Leeward Oahu Metropolitan Management Association (LOTMA) is continuing their carpool program where anyone participating in the program could win two movie tickets. LOTMA is establishing a new emergency ride home program where taxis and/or rental cars could be utilized. Chair Malama stated that with the widening of Fort Weaver Road, she suggested that LOTMA work on transportation alternatives when the Fort Weaver Road widening project begins. (6) Henry Chang Wo announced that the State Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) would be holding a community meeting on Thursday, January 15, 2004, 6:30 to 9:00 p.m., Ewa Beach Elementary School to discuss the state of Hawaii’s environment.  


Update on the water main project on Pohakupuna Road – Cliff Lum informed the Board that Environet will be doing improvements to the existing sewer line by replacing the deteriorating 24-inch sewer line with a new 36-inch sewer line and increase the size and capacity of the Ewa Beach Wastewater Pump Station from its existing 9 million gallons a day to 18 million gallons a day. Microtunneling will be the method used to install the new sewer lines from near the intersection of Papipi Road and Pupu Street, northeast along Papipi Road, to the intersection with Papipi Road to Pohakupuna Road. Environet plans to submit their final design by the end of January 2004. Environet will be coordinating with the City and County for the Pohakupuna Road sidewalk improvement projects. Lum noted that the project would not affect the street fronting the Ewa Fire Station and not impede traffic flow. 

Questions, comments and concerns: Chair Malama asked Lum if Environet informed affected residents regarding this project. Lum replied yes by mailing out flyers and canvassing door to door as well as being presenting information to this Board for community input.  


Iroquois Point/Kalaeloa Project – Roy Yee, representing Fluor Hawaii, stated that four years ago, the United States Navy came to the Ewa Neighborhood Board for input on their proposed Ford Island Master Plan. It was noted that construction of the Ford Island Bridge was completed in 1998. The proposed master plan included building the infrastructure that included 430 new housing units (private) on 34 acres of land on the island. Regarding Iroquois Point, Fluor Hawaii has built 1,400 homes (40% of the homes are occupied). As for Kalaeloa, Fluor Hawaii is in the process of cleaning up the area before it proceeds with plans to construct a gated community. Yee noted that in the case that a fire occurs at the proposed gated community in Kalaeloa, the Honolulu Fire Department as well as the federal fire services would be granted access to the site.  

Questions, comments and concerns: (1) Chair Malama inquired to what the likelihood is to have a ferry system running from Pu’uloa to Pearl Harbor being reinstated. Yee replied once construction of the ferry terminal located on the north side of Iroquois Point is completed. Alexander pointed out that the State has the funds to resume ferry services. (2) Robert reported that at the Ewa Transportation Coalition meeting he attended today, he learned that $5 million is available to fund a ferry route from Pu’uloa to Downtown Honolulu that would alleviate traffic from Fort Weaver Road heading to the H-1 Freeway. Yee replied that $5 million would be used for operational expenses. (3) Glenn Oamilda inquired to why with a 60% vacancy in the 1,400 homes at Iroquois Point that Fluor Hawaii should focus on affordability including rentals. Yee replied that he is open to rental use for those homes. (4) Gentry Homes representative Debbie Luning inquired to what the price ranges are for the 1,400 homes. Yee replied $120,000. Fevella asked if Fluor Hawaii plans to include Section 8 housing for those homes. Yee replied no.    

Erecting a 77-foot monopole at the Ewa Beach Shopping Center – Wayne China informed the Board that Voice Stream PCS II Corporation, subsidiary of T-Mobile, plans to erect a 77-foot monopole at the Ewa Beach Shopping Center behind Star Markets in order to improve wireless telecommunications coverage on the makai portion of Ewa Beach. T-Mobile is asking for Board support for their Minor Conditional Use Permit – Type I for a Utility Installation Type B and a waiver from the City’s Land Use Ordinance pertaining to height requirements from the City Department of Planning and Permitting (DPP). China noted that the City encourages wireless carriers to share co-locator monopoles. Fevella moved and E. Lynn seconded that the Ewa Neighborhood Board No. 23 supports erecting a 77-foot monopole at the Ewa Beach Shopping Center to improve coverage at the makai portion of Ewa Beach. 

Questions, comments and concerns: (1) Alexander stated his strong opposition to the proposed plan where it reminded him of a time when there was a proposal to place a radio station tower over Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church to which the Board opposed. (2) Chair Malama inquired about comparing this proposal other wireless poles already place in the Ewa community. China replied that the 77-foot pole being proposed is small as compared to the 100-foot monopole located at Geiger Road. (3) Bautista inquired if other sites were considered. China replied that T-Mobile chose the Ewa Beach Shopping Center where it would provide coverage to the makai portion of Ewa Beach. (4) Perel noted that numerous residents have complained about the inadequate coverage for wireless communication on the makai portion of Ewa Beach. (5) C. Lynn inquired if an antenna would have been sufficient enough to improve wireless service. China did not give a response. 

The motion was adopted by the by a vote of 8-2-1. Ayes: Berg, Bimbo, Fevella, E. Lynn, Malama, Perel, Robert, Young. Nays: Alexander, Bautista. Abstain: C. Lynn.   

There was a break from 8:22 to 8:27 p.m.  

Egregious Residential Zoning Violations in Ewa, Revised Ordinance of Honolulu, Chapter 21, Section 3.70-1 – Chair Malama mentioned that there have been numerous complaints regarding residential properties in Ewa that are not up to the current City Building Code where residents have contacted the police, fire as well as the Department of Planning and Permitting (DPP) that must enforce their rules and collect the fines from the violators. A long time Ewa resident since 1968 reported that her situation has recently become unbearable where she and her family cannot get their vehicle out of their driveway that has been blocked. She has asked DPP to do something where they have issued fines but have done nothing unless they enforce the City Building Code. Chair Malama stated that numerous steps should be taken to resolve this problem including writing a letter to DPP asking then to issue fines and would like to see DPP expedite their process to remove the eyesore that is afflicting the Ewa community. Alexander pointed out that he has been working with the Honolulu City Prosecutor’s Office to resolve this problem. In addition, he has asked Ali Riggs from Councilmember Mike Gabbard’s office to see if the Councilmember would write changes to add teeth in enforcing existing ordinances that violates City Building Codes. Former Department of Land Utilization (DLU) (prior name to the current Department of Planning and Permitting (DPP)) Director Don Clegg, stated that the process to remove a resident violating the area land use ordinance begins with that resident given a 30-day notice. If nothing is done afterwards, then the fines go up. Clegg noted that not paying fines includes the possibility losing ones drivers license or having ones property taxes go up. Clegg referred to Mike Freidel, Chief at DPP’s Building Violations Branch who should be contacted to take the necessary actions to remove the violators. Chair Malama asked if there are ways to expedite the process to remove the violators. Clegg replied that this is a rules and regulations issue. Perel strongly disputed with Clegg’s assertion by noting that this issue has nothing to do with regulations, this is a legal problem where if that property continues to be in violation of the City Building Code, then the City should condemn the land, and asked Councilmember Gabbard’s office to author legislation that would expedite the process by pressuring the City and County to enforce the law. Clegg replied that individuals could change the rules and regulation by getting a court order to place a lien on the property in question. Clegg also noted that letter from the Board as well as individuals alike would carry a lot of weight for DPP policymakers.   

Perel moved and Alexander seconded that the Ewa Neighborhood Board No. 23 send a letter to the Honolulu City Council asking them to place a 90-day time frame to enforce the laws regarding egregious violations in City Building Zones. 

Questions, comments and concerns: (1) Alexander asked Councilmember Gabbard’s legislative aide Ali Riggs asking how the community should be vigilant in fighting crime. Riggs replied that the response from Clegg is the same as before. (2) Robert noted that he received a letter from DPP Director Eric Crispin stating that the Hawaii State Legislators have placed restrictions on enforcement.  

The motion was adopted by a unanimous vote of 11-0-0. 

Old Ewa Beach Bowling Alley Site – No representative was present to provide a report. 

Review of the Sand Island Sludge Processing Plant – Don Clegg from Analytical Planning Consultants, stated that current operations at the Sand Island Waste Water Treatment Plant process 70 million gallons of sewage a day where 99% is water with the remaining 1% as solids. Currently about eight trucks per day transfer the sludge from Sand Island to the Waimanalo Sanitary Landfill Gulch (located in the Waianae Coast). Jim Hecht, representing Synagro stated that his company is planning to build a 110-foot high and 83-foot wide egg shaped digester that heated at 150 degrees would convert sludge into biosolids such as pellets that is used for fertilizers. Clegg mentioned that numerous organizations such as the Sand Island Business Association (SIBA), Matson and the Kalihi/Palama Neighborhood Board No. 15 have expressed their opposition by citing numerous health and safety concerns. Clegg pointed out that various City, State and Federal departments/agencies have been approved of the new egg-shaped digester. Clegg noted that Synagro is applying for an SMA – Special Management Area Use Permit that up for a full vote at the next City Council meeting on Wednesday, Janaury 28, 2004. Clegg noted that the Waianae Coast Neighborhood Board No. 24 voted to approve this project at their meeting held on Tuesday, January 6, 2004. 

There was a one-minute break at 9:05 p.m. 

Questions, comments and concerns: (1) Robert stated his appreciation to Clegg for this comprehensive presentation. However, he expressed concern regarding reliability of plant safety. (2) Hecht noted that the University of Hawaii’s Water and Resource Division are advising the City and State on this issue. He further noted that Dr. Roger Fujioka, a specialist on this subject matter, would testify before the City Council in support of this project. (3) Alexander stated his opposition to this project citing environmental concerns. (4) Bautista asked how long does it take to dry up the sludge in the egg-shaped digester. Hecht replied 19 days.  

E. Lynn moved and Fevella seconded that the Ewa Neighborhood Board No. 23 support the placement of the new egg-shaped digester at the Sand Island Wastewater Treatment Plant. 

Questions, comments and concerns: (1) Glenn Oamilda inquired to why the Board should support a project that is opposed by affected residents including the Kalihi/Palama Neighborhood Board No. 15 along with the Sand Island Business Association (SIBA) and area Councilmember Romy Cachola concerned with the spread of pathogens, thus making conditions hazardous for them. (2) Hecht noted that the new technology would eliminate shipping items from Sand Island to the Waimanalo Gulch Sanitary Landfill. (3) C. Lynn asked if Synagro would work with local suppliers. Hecht replied that Synagro is working with Hawaiian Earth Projects regarding Greenwastes. 

The motion was adopted by a vote of 8-0-3. Ayes: Bautista, Berg, Fevella, C. Lynn, E. Lynn, Malama, Perel, Robert. Abstain: Alexander, Bimbo, Young. 

Board position on a resolution adding language to the Land Use Ordinance mandating developers, applicants, etc. to return to the Neighborhood Boards to explain why there is a change in their project(s) as originally presented – Chair Malama mentioned that she has consulted with developers on the resolution that was approved by the Hawaii Kai Neighborhood Board No. 1 that would add language to the Land Use Ordinance to be known as Section 21-2.45: “Notwithstanding any provisions herein written, if an applicant, prior to or subsequent to the granting of a major permit, substantially amends the project plans upon which such permit application was or might be granted after said applicant has met the pre-application requirements of Section 21-2.40-2 (b) (2), said applicant/grantee/assignee shall immediately request to present in detail said substantial amendment for review by the Neighborhood Board of the district where the project will be located.” Chair Malama noted that the Ewa community is lucky to have area developers who look out in the best interests for the community. However, if the situation changes where a developer presents a plan that the Board supported but then turns out to be different, then they should be required to comeback the Neighborhood Board and explain why the changes. Robert moved and Bautista seconded that the Ewa Neighborhood Board No. 23 take no position on the proposed additional language to the Land Use Ordinance.

 Questions, comments and concerns: (1) Numerous Board members had difficulty in understanding what the term “substantially” means noting that the proposed language is vague. (2) Gentry Homes representative Debbie Luning noted that plans presented would change, but that the Board would be informed regarding these proposed changes. (3) Chair Malama noted that once a developer presents a plan that the Board supports and is granted a permit by the City Department of Planning and Permitting (DPP), then the developer does not have to come back to the Board. Chair Malama noted that in Hawaii Kai their resolution was a result of one developer not listening to the needs of the Hawaii Kai community. The item was referred to the Board’s Planning and Zoning Committee. Robert withdrew the motion and Bautista withdrew the second. 


Governor’s Representative: Ernie Lau reported the following: (1) The Governor has released $1.5 million for lighting improvements at James Campbell High School. (2) The State Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA) has moved its offices to the Old Post Office Building (King David Kalakaua Building), located in downtown Honolulu. Lau noted that King Kalakaua was Postmaster General from 1863 to 1865. (3) The State’s economy is improving with the visitor count going up. (4) The Governor’s top priority for the 2004 state legislature is education reform by replacing the centralized elected Board of Education with seven locally elected school boards. 

Questions, comments and concerns: Robert made the following comments regarding transportation: (a) The placing of the traffic light on Honowai Street could make the State liable by pointing out that the traffic light is not warranted, therefore the Board is requesting an opinion from the State Attorney General’s office regarding its legality. (b) He attended the Ewa Transportation Coalition’s meeting where State Department of Transportation (DOT) Director Rod Haraga mentioned plans to start the interisland ferry service. Robert suggested that DOT start the interisland ferry service from Iroquois Point to Honolulu Harbor to alleviate traffic on the H-1 Freeway going eastbound from Ewa to Downtown Honolulu in the mornings. (c) He inquired to when the last time State street sweepers were present in cleaning Fort Weaver Road. (d) He reported that the crosswalks on intersecting James Campbell High, Ilima Intermediate and Pohakea Elementary Schools have been repainted. (e) He suggested that the State Department of Transportation purchase from Campbell Estate land fronting Old Fort Weaver Road as part of the Fort Weaver Road Widening Project. Bautista added that placing traffic lights fronting the Hawaii Prince Golf Course is also not warranted. 

Mayor’s Representative: Skippa Diaz reported the following: (1) Distributed the following handouts: Budget summaries on where the City gets its sources of revenues and where it is allocated; a graph showing the cost of pay increases for police officers for the next four years based on a decision reached by arbitrator; City Services that helps diversify the economy (i.e. Waipio Soccer Complex hosting various soccer tournaments, Central Oahu Regional Park, Honolulu Film Office, etc.); and the list of what Neighborhood Board and Vision Teams submitted their capital improvement project requests to the Department of Design and Construction (DDC). (2) The Mayor’s State of the City Address is on Thursday, January 15, 2004, 6:30 p.m., Honolulu Hale Courtyard. Everyone is invited to attend the event. (3) Sunset and Brunch on the Beaches takes place this weekend.  

Questions, comments and concerns: (1) Fevella inquired if the City looked at other avenues to fund police pay raises before the City Council voted to raise the motor vehicle tax. Diaz replied that after much consideration, the City Council voted to raise the vehicle weight tax to fund the police pay raises. (2) Robert suggested that the City and State jointly purchase the road fronting the Child and Family Services Building to help alleviate traffic. (3) Alexander asked Diaz to what the Mayor is doing to reduce debt services. (4) Berg mentioned that the abandoned vehicles left on the shoulder of Geiger Road fronting the fronting Ewa Beach Golf Course makes the area unsafe. (5) Chair Malama noted that based on the handouts distributed, the City Budget does not take into account the amount of fines collected for violations. She suggested that the City Auditor look into this matter and added that the fines should be used to fund police pay raises, not raising the motor vehicle tax. (6) Chair Malama asked for City support for the upcoming community fellowship concert in February 2004 at Oneula Beach Park. (7) Bautista suggested that only local vehicles be allowed to access Renton Road.   

Councilmember Mike Gabbard: Ali Riggs reported the following: (1) Councilmember Gabbard is on Maui meeting with officials to discuss the feasibility of shipping out Oahu’s trash to the mainland. In a related matter, Councilmember Gabbard will be traveling to the mainland to tour landfill facilities owned and operated by national waste management firms. (2) She announced that the City Department of Transportation Services (DTS) has awarded a contract to construct the Kamokila Boulevard Bridge. (3) Will be working with HPD Sergeant John Ayat and Oahu Civil Defense to provide security at the upcoming Bash at the Bush in Oneula Beach Park on Saturday, February 28, 2004.  

Questions, comments and concerns: (1) Bautista thanked Councilmember Gabbard’s office for having the City Department of Transportation Services (DTS) install a u-turn sign on Renton Road. (2) Berg reported that DTS has not placed streetlights at the intersection of Renton Road and Roosevelt Road. Riggs replied that Councilmember Gabbard’s office with work the landowner, the U.S. Navy, to install streetlights at the Renton Road/Roosevelt Road intersection. (3) C. Lynn thanked Councilmember Gabbard for successfully sponsoring Bill 64 – volunteer police force comprised of citizens to patrol Oahu’s neighborhoods by keeping an eye for abandoned and derelict vehicles and parking violations so that this could free up the police to combat serious crimes – was signed into law by Mayor Harris. (4) Chair Malama commented that the Ewa Neighborhood Board No. 23 Capital Improvement Project (CIP) budget did not include needed improvements to the new Gateway Park.  

Representative Tulsi Gabbard Tamayo: Representative Tamayo reported the following: (1) Invited everyone to attend opening day of the 2004 State Legislature on Wednesday, January 21, 2004, ceremonies starting at 10:00 a.m. Refreshments will be served from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. Hawaii State Capitol, Room 313. (2) The State Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) will be holding a public hearing on Wednesday, January 28, 2004, 7:00 p.m., Asing Park, 91-1450 Renton Road, discussing their proposed Habitat Conservation Plan for Abutilon Menziesii (Red Ilima) at Kapolei. (3) Attended a Board of Water Supply (BWS) meeting where they plan to use non-potable water to irrigate golf courses thus freeing up potable water for human consumption. (4) The deadline for public comments on the City’s Rail Transit Project is February 2004.  

Questions, comments and concerns: Chair Malama acknowledged that Representative Tamayo was the only elected official to attend the Board’s Legislative Committee Meeting that was held on Tuesday, January 6, 2004, Asing Park, 91-1450 Renton Road.  

Senator Willie Espero: Kerry Britanik reported the following: (1) Senator Espero hosted a community meeting in November 24, 2003, 7:00 p.m., Asing Recreation Park Meeting Room, 91-1450 Renton Road where representatives from the United States Attorney’s Office and the Ewa Weed and Seed Program addressed prosecution methods and progress being made in combating illegal drugs in the Ewa community. (2) State Department of Transportation (DOT) Director Rodney Haraga held a community meeting on November 18, 2003 at Waipahu Intermediate School to discuss the fixed rail system. (3) November 20, 2003 was the Great American Smoke Out Day at the Hawaii State Capitol. (4) Sent a correspondence dated December 23, 2003 asking Governor Lingle to reconsider her decision to placing a traffic light at the Honowai Street/Kunia Road Intersection where it is not warranted. (5) Governor Lingle informed Senator Espero on the following correspondences: December 17, 2003 – released $1,150,000 for electrical improvements at Campbell High School; November 24, 2003 – released $1,475,000 for the Fort Weaver Road widening near Laulaunui Street; and November 19, 2003 – released $1,200,000 for planning and design funds for Ocean Pointe Elementary School. (6) In a letter dated November 12, 2003, Senator Espero requested to House Finance Committee Chair Dwight Takamine to support Senate Bill 1404 – legislation endorsed by the State Department of Transportation (DOT) that requires developers to pay impact fees in order to proceed with need transportation projects for the fast growing Ewa/Kapolei region. (7) Senator Espero received a response letter from the City Department of Planning and Permitting (DPP) regarding the storage of scrap metal at 91-585 Fort Weaver Road where the property owner has been fined for this egregious violation. (8) Senator Espero distributed in his written report agency reports on projects related to the Pearl Harbor Historic Trail. 

Questions, comments and concerns: (1) C. Lynn thanked Senator Espero’s office for distributing a comprehensive written report at the monthly meetings. Robert concurred. (2) Alexander used an expletive term in stating his point that Senator Espero is not doing anything for the Ewa community.    

Representative Romy Mindo: Milo Thompson reported that Representative Mindo received correspondence dated December 17, 2003 from Governor Lingle who has released $1,150,000 for electrical system improvements at Campbell High School. 

Questions, comments and concerns: Alexander used an expletive term in stating his point that Representative Mindo is not doing anything for the Ewa community. C. Lynn called for a point of order by stating that individuals can raise concerns with their elected officials without using vulgar language.   


Transportation: Committee Chair Robert reported that he is working to hard to find solutions to alleviate traffic when the Fort Weaver Road Widening Project commences. He has asked State Department of Transportation (DOT) Director Rodney Haraga and City Department of Transportation Director (DTS) Cheryl Soon to help increase bus services to alleviate traffic in Ewa while the Fort Weaver Widening Project is in duration.  

Planning and Zoning: No report.  

There being no objections, Legislative Committee Report was added to the Board’s agenda. Chair Malama relinquished the gavel to Vice Chair Fevella. 

Legislative: Malama reported that at the Legislative Committee meeting held on Tuesday, January 6, 2004, Asing Park, 91-1450 Renton Road, the committee agreed to prioritize the issues in five categories: Education; Economy; Environment; Infrastructure/Transportation; and Other. Malama noted that 2004 is carryover year from the 2003 State Legislative Session where bills that did make in 2003 are alive in the 2004 session. 2004 Legislative Proposals as prioritized by the Ewa Neighborhood Board No. 23:  

Education – (a) Ewa Beach Elementary School: Funding for a six-classroom building (Note: The State Department of Education has put this in their supplemental budget which will go to the Legislature to be approved this session); (b) Ocean Pointe Elementary School: Funding request for $13 million has already been released by the Governor for the first half of the project); (c) Gentry Middle School: Process needs to begin to get design monies appropriated. Gentry needs to put in for the fast-tracking middle school; (d) Ilima Intermediate School: Funding for electrical upgrades; and (e) Solicit input from principals/schools for capital improvement projects.  

Economy – (a) Concurrent Resolution: A dinner train from the north to south shore, using existing right of ways, and also could function as a means of transportation. Similar projects are very successful on the mainland; (b) Privatization of drug rehabilitation/prisons both in building and running the facilities? (c) 4% Residential Remodeling Tax Credit: Currently on the books but sunsets in 2004. Extend current tax credit and change to include all commercial construction. (d) Act 221: Operating tax credits are a problem?  

Environment – (a) Senate Bill 29: Cathode Ray Tubes disposal bill sponsored by Senator Willie Espero. (b) Red Ilima: Make sure that it includes the whole area and is not specific to certain roads/projects.  

Infrastructure/Transportation – (a) North-South Road: Make a proviso that commits the three to six lane conversion and gives a solid timeline (including interchanges). (b) Equipping and Widening Fort Weaver Road: Need a concrete timeline (including interchanges). (c) Honowai Traffic Light Removal: The Ewa Neighborhood Board needs to send a letter to the State Attorney General’s Office for their opinion on the State’s liability for installing a traffic signal that’s unwarranted. (d) The 1997 plans for Kunia do not include traffic light on Honowai Street; (e) allocating $4 million for the Kamokila Extension Project. (f) Studying the ferry/buses route from Ewa to Downtown Honolulu as a way to alleviate vehicular traffic. (g) Ford Island redevelopment, plan for public access. Build underground tunnel to allow travel from Pu’uloa to Pearl Harbor. (h) State needs to purchase/condemn Campbell and to extend right of way, linking Old Fort Weaver Road and Renton Road.  

Others – (a) Counties need to keep uncontested fines from traffic violations. (b) Taxing authority for counties? For general use or for designated rail transit use?; (c) Resolution to the State Department of Transportation and the City Department of Parks and Recreation to allocate more funds to maintenance of parks and roads. (d) Collect all uncollected fines to bring in more come. Malama moved and Robert seconded that the Ewa Neighborhood Board No. 23 support their 2004 Legislative Proposals (as mentioned above). The motion was adopted by a unanimous vote of 11-0-0. 

Vice Chair Fevella handed back the gavel to Chair Malama. Robert left at 10:43 p.m. (10 members present) 

Parks and Recreation: Committee Chair Fevella reported the following that occurred at the Parks and Recreation Committee Meeting held on Monday, January 5, 2004, Ewa Beach Community Park, 91-955 North Road:  

Planning for the One’ula Beach Clean Up – (a) the event takes place on Saturday, January 24, 2004, 8:00 to 11:00 a.m. (b) Haseko will be working with Campbell Estate to provide lunch for the volunteers. (c) Ali Riggs, from Councilmember Mike Gabbard’s office, will make arrangements with the Department of Parks and Recreation along with the Honolulu Police Department to provide security. (d) C. Lynn will be getting the Boys and Girls Club, along with students from Ilima Elementary and Campbell High School, to participate in the clean up and earn extra credits. (e) Chair Malama will be working to publicize the event. (f) Fevella and C. Lynn will set up a tent and two water coolers by the comfort station. (g) Fevella and Rita Curran will notify area churches to do a concert performance along with cleaning up the beach.  

Tentative Plans for Malama O’ One’ula (Bash at the Bush) – (a) The event takes place on Saturday, February 28, 2004, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., One’ula Beach Park (Hau Bush) and is co-chaired by Chair Malama and Vice Chair Fevella, Ewa Neighborhood Board No. 23. (b) The Board along with the Ewa Beach lions Club, Ewa Beach Community Association, Ocean Pointe Community Association as well as Haseko and Gentry companies is co-sponsoring this event. Among the entertainers scheduled to perform include Kapena, Del Beazley and Councilmember Mike Gabbard. (c) Coordinating the vendors and crafters will be Sai Tagovaiola-Amosa. (d) Event Logistics – Set up/Clean up: Linda Darden; Permits/Applications: Ali Riggs, from Councilmember Mike Gabbard’s office; Parking Security: Campbell High School’s Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) under the direction of Commander Hutchison; Traffic Control: Oahu Civil Defense; Hospitality Tent: Ewa Beach Lions Club; Church Participation: Rita Curran; and Sports Teams Participation: Barbara Abaya.  

Education: No report.  


Board of Education Representative: No representative was present to provide a report. 

Board of Water Supply: No representative was present to provide a report. 

Military Representative: No representative was present to provide a report. 

CORRESPONDENCE: Item deferred due to time constraints.   

BOARD CONCERNS: Chair Malama stated that she placed on the agenda the following suggestions in how to open future Ewa Neighborhood Board meetings: opening prayer, pledge of allegiance to the United States flag and/or singing of Hawaii Pono’i just for starters. C. Lynn commented that having an opening is a better way to begin future Board meetings in a more organized manner. Fevella stated his support for any of these suggestions stating that it bring a sense of community unity. Fevella noted that the Waianae Coast Neighborhood Board begins their meetings with a prayer. Bimbo stated that he has no objections to it but that beginning the meetings with the above mentioned suggestions is not a wise use of time. However, Bimbo noted that the legislature opens its day with prayers. Bautista stated his preference for beginning the meetings with the pledge of allegiance. Noting that Board meetings are public meetings, Young stated his discomfort to beginning Board meetings with an opening prayer. Berg pointed out that public school students are allowed to have a moment of silence. Alexander suggested that this item be discussed in a future Board meeting under New Business. Chair Malama thanked Board members for their input. She stated if Board members have further suggestions; let her know as soon as possible.  

ADJOURNMENT: There being no further business, Bautista moved and Alexander seconded that the meeting be adjourned. The motion was adopted by a unanimous vote of 9-0-0. The meeting adjourned at 10:54 p.m. 

Submitted by,  

Jamal Siddiqui

Neighborhood Assistant 




Thursday, February 05, 2004

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