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CALL TO ORDER – Chair Tesha Malama called the meeting to order at 6:35p.m. with a quorum present.


MEMBERS PRESENT:  Jeff Alexander, Gary Bautista, Tom Berg, Genaro Bimbo, Kurt Favella, Coby Lynn,

Eileen Lynn, Tesha Malama, Normand Robert.


MEMBERS ABSENT:  Davina Elgarico and Kenneth Perel.


GUEST:  Gary Oliva (HECO), Representative Kimberly Pine, John Gouner (Representative Pine’s Office staff), Rod Ohira (Honolulu Advertiser), Don Robbins (West Oahu Current), Ethelreda Kahalewai (West Loch Elderly Disabled Association), JoAnn Pastol, Al Apodaca, Melissa Kim Tom (Coalition for a Drug Free HI), Debbie Luning (Gentry Homes), James L. Jordan, Capt. Mike Donch (NAVMAG PH), Mindy Norris (Leeward O’ahu Transportation Management Association – LOTMA), Brenda Lowrey (Department of Education – DOE), Sharene Saito Tam (Haseko), Mark Giblin, Kelsey Sears (West Loch Fairways), Joyce Olivera (Mayor’s Representative), Michael Garlla, Mamo Carreira (DOE – Leeward), Tony Becker, Lyle Helverson, Lance Arakawa (Representative Rida Cabanilla), Craig Smallwood, Cachet Tripp, Kihel Chin, Jacqueline Tomisa, John Pacheco (Honolulu Fire Department), Kaleo Malasia, Joshua, Zane Canoy, Eileen Gaury, John Rogue, Scott Belford (HOSEF), Wendy Sefo (Councilmember Todd Apo’s Office staff), Jim Moylan (Private Business Owner), Henry Chang Wo, Gelnn Oamilda, Baybee Hafana- Alban (Executive Secretary, Neighborhood Commission office), Kelley Santiago , Angela Lundgren (Neighborhood Commission Office staff).


INTRODUCTION OF BOARD MEMBERS – Boardmembers introduced themselves to the audience.


APPROVAL OF THE REGULAR MEETING MINUTES OF FEBRUARY 10, 2005 – The following correction/addition was made:


  • Page 1, GUESTS: Glenn Oamilda should also be listed.


  • Page 2, HPD, Questions, number 3 should read: “Robert commented that he noticed when a major situation occurs on the H-1 freeway the police are called all officers are called away.”


  • Page 3, Military Representative, number 2 should read:


  • Page 4, Paragraph 3, should read: “Ewa Beach Lions Club.”


  • Page 4, Paragraph 6, should read: “Ewa Beach Community Association.”


  • Page 7, Committee Reports, number 1, should read: “Normand Robert.”


  • Page 7, Number 2, should read: “Oneula.”


  • Page 8, number 2, should read: “Channel 2.”


Alexander moved seconded by Robert to accept the regular meeting minutes of February 10, 2005 as amended.  The motion carried unanimously.


TREASURER’S REPORT – Normand Robert reported current expenditures in the Operating Account were $51.84, leaving a balance to-date of $1199.25; current expenditures in the Publicity Account were $500.00,



leaving a balance to-date of $650.00; there were no expenditures in the Refreshment Account leaving a balance to-date of $120.00.




HONOLULU POLICE DEPARTMENT (HPD) – A representative was not present.


HONOLULU POLICE DEPARTMENT, EWA WEED AND SEED UNIT – A meeting to discuss the concerns of District 8 will be held on March 17, 2005 at the Kapolei Police Station with the Chief of Police, Boisse Correa.  The meeting is scheduled to begin between 6:30 p.m. and 7 p.m.  Community members were invited to participate at the meeting.


Officer Jason requested that the public use HPD’s website,, to report any abandoned vehicles.


Questions, comments and concerns:


1.       In response to a concern raised regarding drug use at Oneula Beach Park, HPD stated that they are aware of the problem and patrols the park daily.


2.       In regards to the recent outbreak of High School fights, a question was raised if HPD is working with Campbell High School to prevent the same activity at CHS.


Officer Jason noted that HPD is working closely with Dr. Awakuni, Principal, on a more pro-active approach to the problem.  To date, CHS has not had any major problems.


3.       A concern was raised on Ilima Intermediate School student’s jay walking by the 7-11 and Star Market Stores between the hours of 7:00 and 7:45 am. She requested for Officer’s to monitor the area in the morning during school hours and after hours.


4.    Kelsey Sears, a West lock resident, expressed concerns on the high increase of burglaries and crimes in the area.  Sears also added that HPD was called to Aipaola Street on numerous occasions and nothing has done.


Officer Jason responded by informing residents that if they are not satisfied with the service of an officer, to call the HPD supervisor.   


Chair Malama added that another concern of overgrown weeds at the golf course was referred to Councilmember Apo’s Office.  A follow-up was done by Wendy Sefo of Councilmember Apo’s office.  She mentioned that the City does not own the parcel behind Ahala Street. The parcel is privately owned.


Chair Malama recommended working with the owners to request “private property” signs be place on land and the responsibility being placed on the owners.


At this time, Chair Malama recognized and thanked Al Apodaca for his participation with Ewa Weed & Seed.  Apodoca, Coordinator, announced that he resigning as coordinator of the site. He thanked community for their support and encouraged everyone to continue their efforts in supporting the Weed & Seed program.  .




BOARD OF WATER SUPPLY (BWS) – A representative was not present but the BWS monthly report was distributed.


BOARD OF EDUCATION REPRESENTATIVE (BOE) – A representative was not present.


MILITARY REPRESENTATIVE – Captain Mike Donch reported on the following:  1) Naval Magazine Pearl Harbor is on normal operations for the month of February; 2) The military will be participating with a Safety Tsunami Evacuation Drill with some of the public schools in the area.


Questions and concerns followed:  1) The Planning & Zoning Chair, Eileen Lynn, had the opportunity to schedule a meeting with Captain Donch for the first week of March.  Lynn will also work with the board on their position regarding the access of Iroquois Point. 


In response to a question raised on the possibility of relocating Pearl Harbor to Kaneohe, Captain Donch informed that it would not be recommended due to the geographical area of the Harbor.


At this time, the agenda was taken out of order.


HONOLULU FIRE DEPARTMENT (HFD) – Captain Pacheco reported the following statistics for January including 2 structure fires, 3 brush, 5 rubbish, 1 vehicle, 61 medical emergencies, 4 search and rescue and 2 miscellaneous.  There were no major incidents.


Fire Safety Tip of the Month:  Every home should have a smoke detector installed in each bedroom and on every level detectors should be located in or near living areas, such as family rooms, living rooms or dens.  


At this time, the agenda were resumed back to order.




LOTMA – Mindy Norris circulated House Bill 1403 regarding the High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lane; Increase Fine, the description to increase fine for violating HOV land law to $250 for 1st and all subsequent offenses.  She also added that the hearing is scheduled for Monday, February 14, 2005, 8:30 am at the State Capitol.


Questions and concerns:  1) There are signs already posted for all fines; 2) Who will be enforcing this on the freeways.


Chair Malama encouraged everyone to testify at the public hearing or send written testimonies.


Olelo Community Television thanked - Residents showed appreciation for broadcasting of testimonies from the Legislative Ways & Means Committee.  It was mentioned by the Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) that the out planting of the Red Ilima is doing well in Waimanalo and that there will be no delays to the North South Road.


Study for an underwater tunnel - Representative Pine informed the board of a study for an underwater tunnel.  Pine added that this may still be premature but all alternatives must be looked at. For further information or participation call 586-9730.


Ewa Beach Limu Project – Uncle Henry distributed flyers and invited the board to the Ewa Beach Limu Project that meets the second Saturday of each month at Oneula Beach Park (Hau Bush). Participants learn about limu seaweed and other things related to sea life.  Henry also thanked Senator Espero and his staff for the passing of act Bill 895, which is No Pick Zone.


Ewa Makai Middle School – A representative from the Dept. of Education, Mamo thanked the board and representatives who supported the Middle School project. She also added that they were just notified that the design funds were released and design for this project will move forward.


Questions and concerns:  1) A board member who resides near Ewa School on Renton Road recognizes the problems of standing water near the adjacent of the school property.  He asked that this concern be monitored; 2) As a successful project, this should be used for a model for other communities; 3) Concerns were expressed on fire hydrants or fire extinguishers to be placed on school property; 4) The board thanked the representatives for attending and providing the update on the Ewa Makai Middle School project.


Introduction of Executive SecretaryChair Malama introduced Baybee Hufana-Ablan, the newly acting Executive Secretary for the Neighborhood Commission Office.   


Hufana-Ablan expressed the importance of teamwork and noted that she looks forward to working with all neighborhood board members. She mentioned that the Neighborhood Commission Office is available to service the community.


In response to a question from a board member, Hufana-Ablan stated that she would look into obtaining more funding for all the neighborhood boards.


A comment was made that the boards depend on their funding and would not appreciate their funds being cut or services disrupted.


North South Road - Oamilda mentioned that the North South Road is a big lost for the Ewa Beach residents.  He stated that funding should be placed for Fort Weaver Road widening rather than the North South Road project.


Oamilda expressed his dissatisfaction of the decision-making regarding transportation issues. 




Homeless IssuesResident Jackie Tomisa spoke to the board about the increase of homeless people in the Ewa Beach community.  She requested support from the community in giving the homeless more time to find a stable home.


Chair Malama recommended that the group work with the Wai’anae Comprehensive Homeless Workers for immediate services and transitional homes. Chair explained further that the homeless living in the public parks and beaches are in violation of the law.  She insisted that it’s unsafe at the parks and that they work with area representatives who were present at the meeting.


Kaloi Gulch Drainage Improvements – Bimbo requested that this item be place on the agenda for further discussion.


Chair Malama informed the board that due to litigation of this item, it was recommended by the NCO that the board not discuss or take any action on the item.  She added that comments may be submitted to the respective agencies.


Discussion ensued. 1) Craig Smallwood mentioned that he brought this concern at last month’s meeting and he questioned why a final order was not written.  His questioned why the neighborhood board members couldn’t discuss this issue; 2) Genaro requested that the Chair place this item on the next month’s meeting agenda; 3) It was noted that there will be two other public hearings scheduled to make your comments; 4) Sefo informed the board that the Oahu Environmental Quality Control (OEQC) handbook is available for information on the public hearing notice process. 


Chair Malama clarified that she was informed by email from the Neighborhood Commission Office to not discuss this item.



Declaring Seats Vacant – Two Seats Representing the area mauka of Ocean PointeChair Malama informed the board that it was advised by the Neighborhood Commission Office that the board take a position to declare the vacancy of the seats.  Robert moved seconded by E. Lynn. That the Ewa Neighborhood Board No. 23 declares the two seats representing Mauka of Ocean Pointe open.  The motion was unanimously. 

This item will be on the next month’s agenda.  The area of vacancy is located above Ocean Point near Saint Francis West (Sub-district 2).




Salvation Army – BJ Dorman and Joe Nolan shared to the board and the community the proposed Community Center for a 10 acre site, 100,000 sq. feet which is next to the Kapolei Parkway where a proposed swimming pool, a state of the art theater, classrooms, arts & culture building and education rooms for our children and to include a large sculpture. Dorman mentioned that they would be applying for a grant for this project, an estimate of 30 million dollars to fund the entire project.


This proposed community center will be reflected on the community and the values of our children in mind and it must be a 1st class building. 


Dorman presented this concept in the hope that the community would support this exciting project.


Questions and concerns followed:  1) Construction will begin in 2007; 2) Dorman informed that they will be considering scholarship grants; 3) Will they be using the North & South Road; 4) 100 beds will be available but this is not a residential facility, it was mentioned that a residential facility is needed in Ewa; 5) DHHL 450 units, 92 acres was not approved, as a social agency they should look to assist the homeless problems in the community; 6) A letter from community members of support to this project will be appreciated.


Fevella moved seconded by Alexander that the Ewa Neighborhood Board No. 23 send a letter of support for the Salvation Army Community Center project. The motion carried unanimously.    


Ewa Beach Limu Project – Henry Chang circulated an informational flyer regarding the Ewa Beach Limu Project. The project started in 1998 with the financial support from Queen Liliu’okalani Center (QLCC, In 2002 QLCC withdrew funding from a number of community projects due to financial problems, the Limu project also lost sponsorship. The project also received funding from the State Department of Land and Natural Resources Fish and Wildlife Division. Their mission for the project has changed over the years, by becoming a grass root community based non-organization that will focus on three primary goals. The goal is to preserve and the restoration of coastal habitat by replanting native limu once commonly found on our shoreline. There will also be a 3-day workshop in Molokai in October.


Questions and concerns followed:  1) Robert thanked for the “No Pick Zone” Bill and the efforts in educating our community. The area is 1.5 miles near the shoreline to 150 yards out; 2) The landmark is located starting western boundary of the Gunnery Range and Ending at Mumu’u Street; 3) Chair Malama further explained that all DLNR meetings was unanimously supported to this project.


Henry Chang explained that Senator Espero introduced this Bill 895.


Robert moved that the Ewa Neighborhood Board No. 23 support Bill 895 regarding the No Pick Zone.  The motion carried unanimously.


A discussion ensued regarding the plans on how to address future measures of shoreline concerns. To continue marine science education through partnership and resource management plan island wide. 




Planning & Zoning Committee – Committee Chair E. Lynn reported that she will be planning a scheduled meeting with the Navy and Ford Island access. The Military didn’t want to meet because they felt they were attacked. She requested that bad comments not be made to the Military representatives and encourage everyone to work together with the Military.  


Chair Malama added that it took over a year to establish Military representation. She added that they appreciated the opportunity to work with the military.


Parks & Recreation - Committee Chair Fevella announced that the Bash on the Bush will be on March 7, 2005.


TransportationRobert announced that February 23, 2005 at 7:00pm the Transportation Committee meeting will meet. For further information call 220-0713.




Mayor’s Representative – Joyce Oliveira representing Mayor Mufi Hannemann reported on the following:  1) Oliveira informed the board that she is a resident of Makakilo and looks forward to working with the Ewa Neighborhood Board members. She can be reached at 523-4714 at the Mayor’s Office; 2) Oliveira also informed the board of several follow up concerns that was mentioned at the last month’s meeting; a) The Ewa Development Plan is in a draft form and will be available by March 2005 for the public hearing. b) The contract was awarded and the funds will not lapse for the Honouliuli Waster Water Treatment Plant.


Oliveira invited all board members to the Mayor’s State of the City Address to be held on February 24, 2005 at the City Council Chambers at 10:00 am.  The Mayor’s cabinet members should be in place by February 24, 2005.


A question was asked that due to the increase of vacancy in the Boards and Commission, it would be nice to see more Ewa Beach residents have the opportunity to participate and qualify for these appointments.


Chair Malama asked about the Kamokila extension and the linking of Roosevelt Road, Malama requested a follow up be done on the status of Kamokila extension with the City’s Department of Transportation.


Councilmember Apo  - Wendy Sefo representing Councilmember Apo circulated Councilmember’s report and reported the following projects in the district: 1) West Loch Estates – planting maintenance; 2) West lock Fairways the homeless issues and flooding concerns; 3) Honouliuli residents regarding the maintenance of the driveways to address 4) Ewa Villages Homeowners Association and DCCR documents 5) Working with the Ewa Elderly Villages and HUD program and their concerns; 6) Ewa by Gentry on speeding issues and the traffic signaling lights. 7) Continue to work with the potholes in the Ewa area.


Chair Malama congratulated Mayor Hannemann and Councilmember Apo and former Councilmember’s DeSoto and Gabbard for their courage of the Repeal of Bill 38.


Discussion ensued regarding the road maintenance problems and the proper planning for the maintenance of our streets. Fevella mentioned that Geiger Road has poor maintenance problems and the road is not level.


E. Lynn asked whether it was appropriate if the Board could look into a “Ewa Welcoming Sign”.  Chair Malama commented that this item could not be discussed in Committee.


Oliveira added that CIP projects are still on going. The Vision Teams projects are not in place and will not continue.

Sefo clarified board member Alexander’s statement earlier regarding Councilmember Apo and his staff, she did not appreciate such statement made, because each staff member works equally hard in their assigned districts and look forward to working with all district constituents.    

Representative Pine – Representative Pine distributed her report and reported on the following:  1) On February 7, Governor Lingle, and community leaders attended the exciting groundbreaking events in Ewa Beach. The first groundbreaking was the new North South Road in Kapolei and the Ewa Elementary School buildings with air conditioning. Also included the new ocean Pointe School to be completed in 2006.  2) Pine also highlights the Welcoming of Governor Ferdinand “Bong Bong” Marcos Jr. in Hawaii; the Opening Day of the 2005 Legislature on January 19th; and highlights for the Lingle Administration 2005 Legislative Package.  3) Ewa Beach is a high-risk area so be prepared for Tsunami Watch, for further information call 586-9730.


Question and concerns: 1) in response to a question, Pine hopes that the extension of the Zipper lane will work and be completed by September 2005.  It will cover the 3-mile gap to the Nimitz Highway contra flow lane.  2) Working together with Councilmember Apo’s office and staff regarding the concerns in Ewa. 


Representative Cabanilla – Representative Cabanilla circulated information regarding Ewa’s Capitol Improvement Projects for 2005. She highlighted the Ewa Elementary School for 8 classrooms, with telecommunications upgrade, electrical upgrade, ADA accessibility, SPED trailer, air condition and shelter in place (library, bldgs I and L). Cabanilla added information on the Tunnel from Sand Island to Ewa Beach for planning/study cost of $400,000.00; West Loch, clean-up for West Loch waterfront, $100,000.00


Board members expressed the following:  1) Thanked the Representative for her informational report; 2) Not to support SB1413.  


Senator EsperoTom Berg, Senator Espero’s staff distributed Senator Espero’s monthly report and reported on the following:  1) The Groundbreaking was conducted to celebrate the North-South Road. Once completed, the six-lane thoroughfare will connect Kapolei Parkway with the H1 Freeway. Estimated cost for the entire project $120 million, funded with 80 percent federal funds ($96 million) & 20 percent funds from the State ($24 million).  2) Funds released for Ewa Beach & Ocean Pointe Elementary Schools, Ewa Beach Elementary School is getting a new 3.5 million dollar building. Ocean Pointe Elementary School at a cost of $25.7 million.  3) The Senate Committee on Water, Land & Agriculture hears Limu Management Bill, which passed the committee and introduced by Senator Espero, which proposes the establishment of a limu management area along the shoreline in Ewa Beach.  4) Attach to the Senator’s report was the measures with first primary bills introduced by Espero.


Board member Coby L. expressed his appreciation and looks forward to a good working relationship.



AJOURNMENT – It was moved by Fevella and seconded by Bautista that the Ewa Neighborhood Board No. 23 be adjourned.  They’re being no objections; the meeting was adjourned at 9:26pm.



Submitted by:


Angela Lundgren,

Temporary Neighborhood Assistant










Friday, March 04, 2005

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