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CALL TO ORDER: Acting Chair Mitchell Tynanes called the meeting to order at 7:04 p.m. with a quorum of 10 (ten) members present. Note: This 11- member Board requires six (6) members to establish a quorum and to take official Board action.


MEMBERS PRESENT: Sandra Arakaki, Tom Berg, Mary Chanel-Benjamin, Kurt Fevella, John Gollner (appointed tonight), Steve Knauer, Celeste Lacuesta, Roger Lacuesta, Coby Lynn, Glenn Oamilda, and Mitchell Tynanes.






GUESTS: John Barnette, Capt. Robert Abbley (Honolulu Fire Department – Ewa Beach), Breene Harimoto (Board of Education), Gale Braceros (Weed & Seed), Henry Chang Wo, George Yakowenko (Waipahu Neighborhood Board No. 22), Alan Arneho, Lawrence A. Woode, Jr. (Ewa – Pu`uloa Hawaiian Civic Club), John Gollner, L.C. Morris, Jason Bradshaw, Tracy Omori and Chris Garth (Councilmember Todd Apo’s Office staff), Chuck Wheatley, Keoni Mattos (Board of Water Supply), Lt. Jeffrey Bruchal (Honolulu Police Department, District 8-Kapolei), Officer Mark Ramos (Honolulu Police Department, Ewa Weed & Seed), Arline Brede-Eaton (Kupuna), Des Luning (Gentry Homes), Steven Sung (Cascadia/Verizon Wireless), Frances Buiro (BGCH), Mary K. Serrao (Hoakalei), Sharene Saito Tam (Haseko), Kaui Serrao (POCC), Tommy Johnson (Governor’s Office/Department of Public Safety), Gary Omori (HHCTCP), Eileen Gau, John Rogers, Shirley Santana, Tanya Tehotu, Brandon Elefante (Senator Will Espero’s Office staff), Calvin Eaton (Kanaka of Pu`uloa), Kanani Eaton, Ku`uwainani Eaton, Dirk Campbell, Corrina Moefu, Michael Lee (Ewa Lineage Project), John Dudoit (Makana O Ke Akua), Ross Tanimoto (Mayor’s Office/Second Deputy, Office of Environmental Services), Campbell High School Sabers Media (Videographers), Nola J. Frank (Neighborhood Commission Office staff).


INTRODUCTION OF BOARD MEMBERS: Board members introduced themselves at this time.


BOARD VACANCY, ONE AT-LARGE SEAT: C. Lacuesta nominated John Gollner; Knauer nominated Ariel De Jesus; and R. Lacuesta nominated Henry Chang Wo. Henry Chang Wo declined the nomination. Without objection, nominations were closed. Each nominee gave a brief background about themselves and interests in the community. A roll call vote was taken in the order of nomination with the following results: Gollner – 7-3-0 (AYE: Arakaki, Berg, Benjamin, C. Lacuesta, R. Lacuesta, Oamilda, Tynanes; NO: Fevella, Knauer, Lynn). Gollner was appointed to fill the at-large vacancy; 11 members now present. Six votes are required for a motion to be adopted.


7:10 p.m. Recess called to administer the oath of office. The meeting reconvened at 7:15 p.m.




Honolulu Fire Department (HFD) – Capt. Robert Abbley reported the following:


  • March 2010 Statistics – Included 4 structure, 2 wildland, 4 rubbish; 91 emergencies, 2 search/rescue, and 5 miscellaneous calls.
  • Fire Safety Tip – The time for picnics and outdoor events will soon be here. Fire departments nationwide respond to an average of 7,900 home fires involving outdoor cooking and/or barbecue grills each year. Thirty-three percent of cooking grill fires start on an exterior balcony or enclosed porch.






  • Safety Precautions When Cooking on a Grill – a) Do not leave the cooking grill unattended when in use. b) Keep children and pets three feet from cooking grills. c) For charcoal cooking grills, use only starter liquids recommended by the grill manufacturer to facilitate the initial charcoal (coal) burning process. d) Allow coals to cool completely prior to disposal. Dispose of coals in designated fire – safe areas or receptacles, and thoroughly saturate the coals with water to ensure they are extinguished. e) Propane gas can quickly develop into a large, colorless cloud that is ignitable; therefore, use the ten to five rules when igniting gas grills. If the grill does not start within ten seconds, exercise safety precautions and turn the gas off, keep the grill lid open, and wait five minutes prior to repeating.


No questions followed for HFD.


Honolulu Police Department (HPD) – Lt. J. Bruchal circulated the statistics report and highlighted:


  • March 2010 Statistics – March statistics increased slightly, and there were a total of 549 arrests.
  • Community Police Team Message of the Month – The Neighborhood Security Watch (NSW) is sponsored by the Honolulu Police Department and involves both police and citizen participation. The primary goals of the program are to support communities through Neighborhood Security Watches, reduce crime, and increase police and citizen partnerships. NSW programs are an effective way to decrease crime in the neighborhood. NSW members work directly with beat officers, the district resource officer, and various community members in working towards building a safer community. To start a NSW program in your area, contact Officer Antone Pacheco at 723-8408 or email at


No questions followed for HPD.


Ewa Weed & Seed (EWS) – Officer M. Ramos circulated both juvenile and adult arrests statistics, and was available for questioning.


Questions, comments and concerns followed:


1)       Mahalo – Officer Ramos and the Weed & Seed team were thanked for the detailed statistics and their service to the community.

2)       Statistic Reports Circulated – a) The reports circulated are both from different categories and logs (adults and juveniles). It was noted that the Board requested detailed reports.


Mayor Mufi Hannemann’s Representative – Ross Tanimoto gave the following report:


1)       Vacant Property at Ewa Villages Request for Parking Lot Use – The Department of Facility Maintenance (DFM) is requesting clarification of location/address to assist with determining ownership of the property.

2)       Dysfunctional Left Arrow from Renton Road onto Fort Weaver Road – The left turn arrow has been repaired.

3)       Request for a Crosswalk or Speed Bump at the Intersection of Halipo Street, Papipi Road and Kapolei Parkway – A study will be conducted by the City Department of Transportation Services (DTS), which may require field assessments, research, data and traffic analysis. The status of the study will be reported at the June 2010 meeting. The Board will be informed when the work will start.


Questions, comments and concerns followed:


1)       Donated Jersey Barriers at Oneula Beach Park (Accepting a gift from a Private Entity) – The donation forms are currently under review with Corporation Counsel for legal content and upon completion will be sent to the City Council.

2)       Kolowaka and Kapolei Parkway Changed from Two-way Stop Signs – The City Department of Transportation Services (DTS) was commended by the Board for following up with the work to be done as reported last month by Director Wayne Yoshioka. The changes to this intersection have begun from a two-way stop to a four-way stop, which would be an advantage to the community.


.Board of Water Supply (BWS) – Keoni Mattos reported the following:


  • Water Main Breaks – There were two water main breaks on March 11 and 12, 2010, an eight-inch main installed in 1961 broke at the intersection of Aikanaka Road and Oama Place.



  • Why Water Mains Break – Many Oahu communities were first established more than a century ago. As these communities age, major portions of the infrastructure like roads, sewers and water mains are aging and nearing the end of their useful life spans. The BWS system includes nearly 2,000 miles of pipeline, with more than 40% between 30 and 60 years of age. In an ongoing effort to provide a safe and reliable water supply, BWS carefully manages and plans for the renewal and replacement of its infrastructure. BWS continually analyzes the water system to prioritize which mains need replacing. The four primary factors taken into account are condition assessment, system improvements, public impact, and project coordination. The BWS recognizes the impact of construction projects have on a community. However, these projects are critical to reducing the number of emergency repairs and to ensuring a continued safe and dependable water supply. To find out if BWS has a construction project in your area, log onto, pull down the “Community” tab, and click on “Construction Projects.” For questions regarding construction projects call 768-5730.


Questions, comments and concerns followed:


  1. Leeward Water Projects – Follow up will be done when Leeward BWS water projects started.
  2. Multiple Water Main Breaks on Same Line – Multiple water main breaks sends a red flag to BWS. Follow up will be done regarding how many times a pipe breaks before a complete pipe change is installed.
  3. Increase of Area Developments and Water Use – Follow up will be done regarding up coming developments and the water use to be incurred.
  4. Natural Water Spring on Honouliuli Street – It was requested to add the water quality reports for this natural water spring to the month report.


Councilmember Todd Apo – Tracy Omori circulated the written report and highlighted the following:


  • Proposed Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Projects – A list of the proposed CIP projects were included on the second page of the written report.
  • Announcement – Tracy Omori announced that tonight is her last meeting, and introduced her replacement Chris Garth.


Questions, comments and concerns followed:


  1. Capital Improvement Water Projects – The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) denied the waiver requested by the City, and is under appeal by the City. There has been no decision to move forward on the secondary water treatment facility.
  2. Mahalo – Board members expressed their thanks to Tracy Omori for all her hard work and providing information to the Board and the community.


APPROVAL OF THE REGULAR MEETING MINUTES: Knauer moved, and Berg seconded to take this item out of order until the end of the meeting. The motion was ADOPTED, 10-0-1 (AYE: Arakaki, Berg, Chanel-Benjamin, Fevella, Gollner, Knauer, C. Lacuesta, R. Lacuesta, Lynn, Tynanes; NO: Oamilda.




Elderly Awareness – It was reported that calls are being made to elderly people (naming other people in the household) and asking that money be wired to the caller. It was advised that the elderly be protected from such scams.


Cat Complaints – Concern was raised regarding an excessive amount of cats abandoned at Oneula Beach Park. Through trapping, over 100 cats and dogs have been rescued with some finding new homes. Cats were also reported at Honoluliuli, Ewa Beach Park, and Iroquois Pointe. Part of the problem besides people just leaving the cats is that other people are providing food and water. It was noted that pet owners must be responsible for their pets.




Board of Education – Breene Harimoto reported the following:


  • Race to the Top – The BOE was unsuccessful with round one to receive federal funding for education, but will try harder in the next round.


  • Budget and Furlough Fridays – A settlement has not been reached between the HSTA union and the Board of Education (BOE). The legislature needs to release the money. More cuts have been made to school programs and at the same time trying to preserve as many programs as possible.


Questions, comments and concerns followed:


  1. Superintendent’s Pay Raise – It was asked why there are cutbacks in education, yet there are House Bills to increase the superintendent’s salary. Harimoto noted that the BOE continues to have a difficult time filling the official positions. He opposes the raise indicating that the timing is not right and unrealistic.
  2. Private Funding to Help Public Schools – It was asked how a program could be set up in communities to help education. Public schools are allowed to receive donations at any time.
  3. Centralized verse Decentralized Schools – Most people agree that decentralization is better.
  4. University of Hawaii Cut in Pay and Furlough Friday Paybacks – a) Why is it that the University of Hawaii teachers took a pay cut but get a four percent payback for furlough Fridays, when the schools are suffering. b) It was noted that per the law, decisions must be negotiated; the laws must be changed. c) The unions must also change and look at long-term goals for their workers.


Governor’s Representative – Tommy Johnson reported the following:


  • Makaha Valley and Preschool – Seventy acres in Makaha Valley has been donated to the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands (DHHL), who plans to build housing and a preschool in the next 15 years.
  • Asian Pacific Environmental Conference (APEC) – Security funding is being sought ($28 million) for the Asian Pacific Environmental Conference which will be held in 2011.


Questions, comments, and concerns followed:


  1. House Bill 2402, SD 1, HD 1 – The language of this bill relates to taxing maintenance fees paid by condominium owners, which would be doubled taxed. Everyone was encouraged to call the governor’s office asking that this bill be vetoed.
  2. Is the Governor Traveling or On Island – The governor is not off-island, and it is unsure if she would be attending the meeting for governors.


Senator Will EsperoBrandon Elefante circulated the written report and highlighted the following:


  • End of Legislation Session – There are 15 days left in this year’s legislative session.
  • Bills – a) Senate Bill 2124, Restoring Instructional Days with Hawaii Hurricane Relief Fund Money putting teachers and students back in school; b) Senate Bill 2343/House Bill 2306, Raises for the Department of Education (DOE) Administration; c) Senate Bill 2124/House Bill 2376, Changing the Board of Education (BOE) from Elected to Appointed; d) House Bill 1987/ Senate Bill 1059 – House Bill 1987 gives courts the option of ordering the forfeiture of any property or money used in relation with a fireworks-related offense; expands the definition of “import” to include samples not intended for sale; and permits nuisance abatement proceedings against violators of the fireworks law. More stringent ordinances against fireworks could be allowed by counties under Senate Bill 1059; e) House Bill 2129 – Graffiti vandals would be required to remove the graffiti within 30 days of sentencing and for two years thereafter, remove graffiti from other sites within 100 yards of the offense, even if put there by someone else.


No questions followed for Senator Espero.


Representative Rida Cabanilla – A representative was not present.


Representative Kymberly Pine – John Gollner reported that Rep. Pine was unable to attend tonight’s meeting.


Knauer raised a point of order because Board members reporting for area representative must go to the podium to report (noting a conflict of interest). Acting Chair Tynanes agreed.


The written report was distributed.






Verizon Wireless in Hawaii New Proposed Facility at 91-1472 Renton Road – Steven Sung circulated a handout, project data, and presented the following: The proposed Verizon antenna facility would be located at 91-1472 Renton Road (Hon Hernandez Village) in a stealth 60 foot palm tree monopole. The project includes proposed construction of a 23 “x 27” fenced telecommunications facility. The proposed installation of supporting equipment inside the fenced area on a 6’ x 22’ concrete slab on grade, installation of an emergency generator within the fenced compound, erection of a 65’ stealth monopole, and a new underground commercial power and TELCO to an H-frame located in the fenced compound. (Existing DC battery power shall be utilized for this project.


Questions, comments and concerns followed:


  1. Community Benefits – a) The antenna would serve the community with better coverage.


Knauer raised a point of order noting that each speaker is allowed one question and a second question may be allowed only after those wishing to speak had a chance. Tynanes agreed and continued with the meeting.


  1. Negotiations with the Property Owner of the Proposed Site – It was suggested that negotiations include benefits for the community, and that residents in the immediate surrounding area of this proposed antenna be contacted.
  2. Number of Antennas in Ewa BeachEwa Beach currently has three or four Verizon antennas (North Road, Coral Creek, the post office, and Ewa Golf Course). Each antenna site has a certain capacity and Verizon is trying to off-load the situation.
  3. Extending the Antenna at Holomua Elementary School – a) Raising the pole would not solve the dead spot issues. Per the engineers, a new location would add better wireless reception. b) An increase in the antenna height would interfere with aircrafts and larger generators would be needed.
  4. Proposed Site Location Details – This City owned property consists of approximately three-acres located at Honouliuli.
  5. Summary – In response to several inquiries about benefits to the community, Sung noted that he is working with the guidelines, the property owners, and do the required Board presentation. A letter from the Board was requested.


Knauer moved, and Lynn seconded that the committee on Planning, Permitting, and Zoning take up the Verizon Wireless proposed facility (91-1472 Renton Road and a committee meeting and report back to the Board. Discussion followed: Amendment to the motion – Berg amended the motion recommending that the committee meeting be held at the West Loch Villages to accommodate the area residents. Knauer and Lynn accepted the amendment. By UNANIMOUS CONSENT, the Planning, Permitting, and Zoning Committee will schedule a committee meeting to discuss this issue, to be held near the West Loch Villages to accommodate area residents, 11-0-0 (AYE: Arakaki, Berg, Chanel-Benjamin, Fevella, Gollner, Knauer, C. Lacuesta, R. Lacuesta, Lynn, Oamilda, Tynanes).


Historic Conservation Concerns for Cultural Monitors at Haseko Ewa Marina Project – Michael Lee circulated a handout to Board members, and presented the following: Two letters from the Board were requested asking Haseko (Ewa) Inc. and the Hoakalei Foundation to work with the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) to have cultural monitors to protect the Hawaiian Ali`i Iwi Kupuna (bones of the ali`i ancestors) at the Ewa Marina Channel entrance construction site.


Lynn raised a point of order because the handouts were not provided to audience members. Acting Chair Tynanes explained that this is a public meeting and information educates the community. Fevella added to

not offend the kupuna (elderly) in the audience that a copy of the handout be provided and collected after the presentation.


History – In 2001, ali`i iwi kupuna (royalty bones) were uncovered at the channel site by a homeless person. There are also two underground burial caves (heiau) in the area. The iwi found is part of a royal family from the island of Kauai. He is asking that the area be protected with dignity and respect. There are also two underground burial caves in this area that are he`iau (a protective under ground shield in times of war) and he would gladly show the location to the cultural monitors. This information will be taken to the Burial Council.


Questions, comments and concerns followed:




  1. Monument Request – It was mentioned that last year Haseko was asked if a memorial could be erected at the marina entrance.
  2. Comments – A) It was said that there is no disrespect, as a resident Ewa Beach for more that 40 years; stories about Kamehameha in the area were passed down. Not knowing what is really happening, the Board should take a look at the whole picture and present a letter as requested, because historically this is an extremely serious issue to the Hawaiian cultural heritage. B) For more clarification from Haseko and Mr. Lee, it was suggested that a committee meeting be held.


Knauer moved, and Fevella seconded forwarding this matter to the Community Affairs Committee and that a report be given at the next Board meeting. Discussion followed:


Haseko Comments – Sharene Tam relayed that the bones discovered in 2001 were found on state land. It was the decision of the State Historic Preservation Division (SHPD) to remove the boned because they were exposed. The bones are now in the custody of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA). The Haseko Foundation Board is willing to consider the identified area; Mr. Lee chose not to accept Haseko’s offer. Haseko tries to be proactive and when additional testing was done no bones were found.


Knauer raised a point of order noting that the community affairs committee would make recommendations to the board. Fevella called for the question; there were no objections.


The motion forwarding the request for cultural monitors at the Ewa Marina Channel construction site, was ADOPTED, 8-1-2 (AYE:  Arakaki, Chanel- Benjamin, Fevella, Gollner, Knauer, C. Lacuesta, R. Lacuesta, Oamilda; NO:  Lynn; ABSTAIN: Berg and Tynanes).


Berg questioned the call for the question, asking why the community did not have a chance to give their input.


Comments – A) Some audience members expressed opposition to the presentation. B) It was explained that although the subject was heated, the committee meeting would allow both sides to be heard. C) The kupana is being honored, and no disrespect was meant to anyone. D) Inform the committee the location of the caves prior to the meeting. e) More information is needed, kupuna honored, and the whole picture looked at.


Knauer raised a point of order due to Oamilda getting loud, out of his chair and argumentive with the audience. Oamilda was called out of order by Acting Chair Tynanes.


9:12 p.m. Recess called due to continued outbursts by Oamilda not adhering to the Board’s order and decorum; HPD was called. The meeting reconvened at 9:19 p.m. Oamilda and everyone in attendance were reminded by Chair Tynanes that if there is any more outbursts the meeting would be adjourned.


Election of Board Chair and Reorganization of Board OfficersKnauer nominated Mitchell Tynanes; Oamilda nominated Tom Berg. There being no other candidates, nominations were closed.


Discussion followed: 1) Knauer mentioned that any Board member running for office should not hold the position of Board chair. 2) Gollner noted that it has nothing to do with the process and for decades Board members are encouraged to follow the path; being a Board member is a stepping stone for higher goals. 3) Knauer remarked that Berg works for Republican Rep. Pine who has done little for the community.


Gollner raised a point of order taking offense to remarks made about Representative Pine. Acting Chair Tynanes agreed and the meeting continued.


4)  Lynn urged Board members to vote for Tynanes because other candidates have a conflict of interest.


The motion electing Mitchell Tynanes as chair was ADOPTED, 6-5-0 (AYE: Arakaki, Chanel-Benjamin, Fevella, Knauer, C. Lacuesta, R. Lacuesta, Lynn, Tynanes); NO: Berg, Gollner, C. Lacuesta, R. Lacuesta, Oamilda)


Makana O Ke Akua Clean and Sober Homes in Ewa Beach – John Dudoit reported the following: Makana O Ke Akua Inc. is a non-profit organization with two structured transitional homes for men in Ewa Beach located at 91-031 Halipo Street and 91-1160 Hanaloa Street. The purpose is to offer a structured, clean, and sober living environment for those wanting to make a positive change in their lives. The homes have a family setting, rules, chores, curfews, and drug testing. The residents also participate in community activities such as beach clean ups and the Ewa Beach Sunset on the Plains.


Questions, comments and concerns followed:


  1. Fence Between Neighboring Properties – It was suggested that the gap in the fence be next to the private property be closed.
  2. Notification to Surrounding Neighbors – Surrounding neighbors have been notified and there are no plans for additional homes at this time.
  3. Home Supervision – There is one supervisor on duty 24/7.




Treasurer’s Report – Treasurer Steve Knauer reported expenditures in the Operating Account were $48.84, leaving the balance at $906.00; Publicity Account balance is $750.00. Knauer moved, and Fevella seconded if allowed that any money left in the Board’s Publicity Account be donated to Campbell High School Media (videographers) to tonight’s agenda. There were no objections, 11-0-0 (AYE: Arakaki, Berg, Chanel-Benjamin, Fevella, Gollner Knauer, C. Lacuesta, R. Lacuesta, Lynn, Oamilda, Tynanes).


Knauer moved, and Fevella seconded that if allowed by the Neighborhood Commission Office (NCO), any money left in the Publicity Account at the end of this fiscal year is donated to the Campbell High School Media (videographers for the Board). Discussion followed: Follow-up will be done with the Neighborhood Commission Office. The motion was ADOPTED 7-4-0, (AYE: Arakaki, Berg, Fevella, Gollner, Knauer, Lynn, Tynanes; NO: Chanel-Benjamin, C. Lacuesta, R. Lacuesta, Oamilda).


Legislative and Capital Improvement Program – Committee Chair Tom Berg announced that he would be having a committee District I congressional seat candidate forum on Wednesday, April 28, 2010 at  Asing Park.


The Neighborhood Assistant departed at 10:00 p.m.



Submitted by:

Nola J. Frank, Neighborhood Assistant


Reviewed by:

Mitchell Tynanes, Chair




Friday, June 04, 2010

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