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Waianae Coast Neighborhood Board

Committee meeting minutes attached:
Parks and Recreation
Makua-Kaena State Beach Park


CALL TO ORDER: Chair Cynthia Rezentes called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. with a quorum present. Chair Rezentes opened the meeting with a moment of reflection and remembrance in light of the September 11 tragedies and welcomed Ben Kama, Executive Secretary, Neighborhood Commission Office.

MEMBERS PRESENT: Karen Awana, John Kaopua III, Albert H. Silva, Patty Teruya, Aulani Ahmad, Harry Choy, Terry Morris, Sunday Paris, Neddie Waiamau-Nunuha, Paulette Dibibar, Denton Kissell, James Nicholson, Cynthia Rezentes, Alvin Awo, Dick Boddy, Georgette Jordan, Chrysanthea Morgan, Carol Curry, David Escalante, James Manaku Sr., Frank Slocum, Mark Suiso.

Rocky Rogers, David Keawe.
GUESTS: David Lee Pagan (Neighborhood Board No. 23), Ron Schaedel (Governors Representative), Merrie Aipoalani (Representative Kahikina's Office staff), Donna Broome (Councilmember DeSoto's Office staff), Clinton Jamile (Dept. of Parks & Rec.), John McLawhorn (NAVMAG P.H.), Lt. Frank Pugliese (Honolulu Police Department District 8), Representative Emily Auwae, Alsie Greenwood, Patricia Patterson (Malama Makua), Captain Ed Pablo (Honolulu Fire Department), Colonel Mike Stine (US Army), Howard Tanaka (Board of Water Supply), Wayne Tello (Board of Water Supply), Charles Lopez, Randy Kiy Pisani, Carol Evans, Jim Galariada, Florene Pell (Hale Na'au Pono), Louis Garcia (Makaha Valley Towers), Victor Rapoza (PVT Land Co.), Dicky Johnson (Representative Auwae's Office staff), Bob Benson (Makaha Surfside), Betty Waller (Makaha Ahupua'a), Sam Pae, Chrisoinia Kemmer, Brian Akana (Chair, Neighborhood Board No. 8), Ken Williams (Koolina Community Association), John Q. Adams, William & Melva Aila and Kelley Santiago (Neighborhood Commission Office staff).

Escalante moved seconded by Kaopua to approve the regular meeting agenda. The motion carried unanimously. Aye: Kaopua, Silva, Teruya, Ahmad, Choy, Morris, Paris, Waiamau-Nunuha, Dibibar, Kissell, Nicholson, Rezentes, Boddy, Jordan, Morgan, Curry, Manaku, Slocum, Suiso, Escalante.

Frank Slocum called a point of order and stated that the Waianae Neighborhood Board has always opened it's meetings with the Pledge of Allegiance. Chair Rezentes stated that the pledge of allegiance is optional and has not been on the board agenda but has been done for a number of years. She also stated that an issue was bought to her attention of a strong objection by a community member insisting a Board member, exercising the right about not standing during the Pledge of Allegiance, should be made to stand. Rezentes reminded the Board that each individual has the option to stand or sit. Rezentes stated that she would rather protect the individual's right to not stand during the pledge of allegiance even if it meant not having the pledge of allegiance, than to subject the individual to any problems for not standing.

Silva moved seconded by Kissel to perform the Pledge of Allegiance as done at the beginning of every Waianae Neighborhood Board meeting.

Chair Rezentes questioned if Escalante would accept the modification of his motion to add the Pledge of
Allegiance to the October 2, 2001 regular meeting agenda. Escalante accepted.

Discussion followed: Escalante stated that as the only active duty military member on the Board, heunderstands that it is the choice of the individual to stand during the Pledge of Allegiance and respects the decision of those who choose not to. The motion carried unanimously. 20-0-0. Aye: Kaopua, Silva, Teruya, Ahmad, Choy, Morris, Paris, Waiamau-Nunuha, Dibibar, Kissell, Nicholson, Rezentes, Boddy, Jordan, Morgan, Curry, Manaku, Slocum, Suiso, Escalante.

Albert Silva led Board members and guests in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Slocum played a recording of “God Bless America” by Kate Smith. There were no objections.


Teruya moved seconded by Kaopua to approve the September 4, 2001 Regular Meeting minutes. The motion carried unanimously.

Filling of One Vacancy in Subdistrict 2 (Maili): Chair Rezentes announced that there is a vacancy in subdistrict two and a vacancy for a representative to the Telecom Hui, a cooperative effort between Leeward Community College, Waianae Searider Productions, and Olelo. The floor was opened to volunteers. Terry Morris volunteered be the Board representative to the Telecom Hui. There were no volunteers to fill the vacancy in subdistrict two. Chair Rezentes will keep the item on the agenda until the vacancy in subdistrict two is filled.


Honolulu Police Department _ Lt. Pugliese reported the following for the month of September 2001: (1) There were 5,878 911 calls responded to by District 8 police officers, 1,349 written police reports, and 273 arrests (197 adults, 76 juveniles). (2) Halloween Safety Tips: (3) In response to concerns of drug activity taking place at Pokai Bay Beach Park, Sgt. Pugliese stated that the CRU (Crime Reduction Unit), made three arrests, and the Narcotics Vice arrested made two arrests.

Questions, comments, and answers: (1) Broome questioned the number of adults arrested in September being much lower than usual. Lt. Pugliese stated that the Kapolei Station is now open, so the statistics for arrests in September includes only the arrests made in Waianae area. (2) Rapoza questioned the amount of teenagers arrested for underage drinking. Rapoza stated that there are groups of teenagers who repeatedly visit the Waianae Harbor when school is not in session and on weekends, to hang out and consume alcoholic beverages. Rapoza added that he would like to see underage drinkers arrested and the problem brought to the attention of their parents. Sgt. Pugliese will check follow-up on the problem. (3) Waiamau-Nunuha stated that the communities' job is to help the police department fight crime. (4) Kaopua questioned if drivers racing cars on the highways are being cited. Lt. Pugliese stated that several drivers were cited for racing and reported that police officers are driving decoy cars that are modified to look similar to those racing on the highways. (5) Paris also stated that community involvement to help the police department is needed.

Honolulu Fire Department - Captain Pablo reported the following for the month of September 2001: (1) There were 70 medical responses and 35 fires. (2) Safety Tip of the Month: (3) Fire Prevention Week is October 7 through 13. Fire Prevention demonstrations will be done at Waianae Elementary School on October 13. (4) Donations are being collected for the victims at the World Trade Center in New York. Checks may be dropped off at any fire station on Oahu.

Questions, comments, and answers: Waiamau-Nunuha thanked the fire department for responding to an emergency call she made.

Department of Parks and Recreation _ There was no representative present.

Board of Water Supply _ Wayne Tello reported the following for the month of September 2001: (1) There were no water main breaks. (2) Roadwork is expected to begin in October fronting Garden Groves and McDonalds in Nanakuli. (3) General Water Announcement: Residents have been asking about what the Board of Water Supply has been doing to protect our water supply. Our facilities are equipped with intrusion alarms and their status is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Should the intrusion alarm sound, our procedures call for the immediate dispatch of BWS staff and Honolulu Police Department personnel upon verification. Since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, BWS has increased its surveillance of all water facilities, with special attention to major water sources. This surveillance has included the posting of HPD personnel where possible. Our water sources are underground aquifers that have minimal exposure to outside contamination, unlike many Mainland communities that depend upon surface water sources. However, our employees have been asked to prioritize security concerns and issues, particularly on protecting the integrity of our water supplies, as they perform their daily task and responsibilities. BWShas also suspended public tours of certain facilities until potential risks can be addressed and resolved.

Questions, comments, and answers: (1) Escalante questioned if anything was done to address the three water main breaks in August on Kili Drive and if residents should expect potential breaks in the future. Tello stated that the problem of the three main breaks has been addressed. (2) Slocum questioned the status of work to be done on Lahilahi Street. Tello stated that BWS has started working on Makaha Valley Road beginning mauka and ending makai.


Army - Colonel Stine reported the following: (1) Make a Difference Day is still scheduled for October 27, the military will be participating with the community.

Questions, comments, and answers: Suiso questioned the status on the Makua issue. Colonel Stine reported that a decision has not been made on whether or not the Army will be allowed to practice in Makua Valley. Question was raised as to whether or not the Board supports the Army in its efforts to practice in Makua. Chair Rezentes stated that the issue has been brought before the Board in the past but the Board has never been able to take a position in which 13 Board members would vote in favor or against. It was requested that the item be added to next month's agenda.

Navy _ Captain McLawhorne reported the following: (1) As a security measure, Kolekole Pass is temporarily closed. (2) Hunting has been suspended on the facility.

See attached September announcements.


            (1)    Mary Aipoalani announced that the 5th Annual “Christmas on the Avenue” is on Saturday, December 15 from 4 p.m. to 12 p.m. on Nanakuli Avenue.
            (2)    Teruya announced that she is working with Clinton Jamile and the City and County to conduct the Make a Difference Day cleanup on Saturday, October 27 from 8:30 a.m. to noon at Ulehawa Beach Park (across Princess Kahanu Estates). Teruya invited everyone to participate in the event and noted that refreshments will be provided.


Abandoned vehicles dumped at City Parks _ Jordan expressed concern of abandoned vehicles being dumped at City Parks. Jordan added that it is not until months after that the vehicles are removed and requested that if anyone sees the dumping taking place, to call 911. Clinton Jamile requested a list of the City Parks in which the abandoned vehicles were left and volunteered to help Jordan in contacting the agencies to remove it.

Standing for the Pledge of Allegiance _ Referring to a letter sent to Chair Rezentes from Ben Kama, Executive Secretary, Neighborhood Commission Office, it was regarding an individual's right to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance, Slocum questioned if a written opinion can be requested from the Corporation Counsel specifically addressing whether a person who does not take the oath that they will follow the constitution and the Constitution of Hawaii, be allowed on the Neighborhood Board. Slocum added that he has a friend who is a Jehovah's Witness, who does not believe the oath but will stand during the Pledge of Allegiance in respect. Kama stated he will provide an opinion.

Community support of homelessness in Waianae _ Sparky Rodrigues mentioned concerns regarding the first welfare cut in November. It is expected to affect 1,500 families of the Waianae Coast. He stated that the help of the community is needed with homelessness, giving those less fortunate a safe place to live without being harassed by HPD. Chair Rezentes referred the matter to the Health and Human Services and Public Safety committee.

Welcome Back Dick Boddy _ Board members, and guests welcomed back Boddy after recovering from anemergency surgery.

Patriotism on the Waianae Coast _ A resident raised concern about patriotism in Waianae. She added that her son was re-enlisted in the military and would like to see more displays of patriotism. Waiamau-Nunuha stated that she is a strong supporter of the military, also being that her grandson was deployed overseas. Rapoza, a Vietnam Veteran, expressed his feelings of being a proud American and added that the few individuals of the Waianae Coast who feels differently does not represent everybody.


Mayor's Report _ There was no representative present.

Governor's Report _ The Governor's Report was distributed but a representative was not present.

Councilmember John DeSoto _ Donna Broom reported the following: (1) Constituent follow-up: (a) Kalaaupuni/Maliona is being looked at by DTS for a possible 4_way stop. Stop signs are now only on Maliona. A work order was submitted to replace a crossing sign that is off its foundation. (b) The large boulders blocking the empty property next to Leihoku Elementary School is used to address complaints received from the school and residents of bike riders using the area. (c) Rubbish pick-up on the private road next to Princess Kahanu Estates may be done if more than six homeowners live there, the road is paved, a turnaround provided, and the electrical wires lifted to 14' above the roadway. Currently there are about 8 to 10 renters and 1 owner. Automated rubbish pick-up may be established providing the containers are placed along Farrington Highway on pick-up days and removed when emptied. Should the containers not be removed or stolen, regular pick-up will resume. (d) The crosswalk across Tesoro's in Nanakuli was moved in front of the bus stop, which the bus is now stopping on when picking up passengers. The riders exiting the bus are trying to cross the street by walking in the back of the bus. There were a few close calls, so it was requested that the bus company move the bus stop away from the crosswalk. (e) A riser was submitted to the Mayor's office to look into why rubbish containers picked up by the automated trash trucks are left on Hakimo Rd. causing a traffic hazard. Residents are unable to retrieve their trash containers after pick-up because they have already left for work. (2) Pending Issues: (a) Turning into Hakimo Road from Farrington Highway _ The State and the City is still working on the issue and it is believed that monies to fund the project is the main priority. (b) Legal Corporation Counsel regarding speed humps/bumps on private roads _ Broome is awaiting legal opinion on issue. (c) Radios for Waianae Civil Defense _ 10 radios is expected to be received by the Waianae Civil Defense. (d) Bunkers at beach parks _ issue is still pending. (2) Councilmember DeSoto introduced Resolution #01-266, which establishes a solid waste policy to immediately develop and implement alternative methods of solid waste disposal. The objective is to better manage solid waste and reduce the need for landfills by diverting all municipal solid waste and exploring and exhausting all viable technologies and management opportunities.

Questions, comments, and answers: Silva stated that public safety should be the priority at the Hakimo Road and Farrington Highway intersection. Question was raised as to why the lights are roadway at the Hakimo Road and Farrington Highway intersection dug up. Chair Rezentes stated that it is a part of the Ulehawa Beach Park Improvement project. A concern was raised of the requirement to show a photo ID upon entering a City building being inconvenient.

Senator Colleen Hanabusa _ Senator Hanabusa distributed her report and highlighted the following: (1) Legislation is tentatively scheduled for a Special Session on October 22. (2) A HUD grant was received for an intergrated LCC, Olelo, and Waianae High School's Searider Productions. (3) Waianae Intermediate School has been selected a pilot project school for the 3Rs School Repair & Maintenace Program. Volunteers to help with the painting of the general areas of the schools buildings are needed on Community Participation Day Saturday, October 20 at 8:00 a.m. (4) The Felix Investigative Committee will reconvene its public hearing on October 3 at 9 a.m., October 5 at 1 p.m., and October 6 at 9 a.m. All hearings will be take place in conference room 325 at the State Capitol. (5) Comment sheets and petitions were distributed to those interested in opposing the expansion of Waimanalo Gulch. (6) It is not understood why photo ID's must be shown upon entering all City buildings. There is no such requirement at the State Capital.

Questions, comments, and answers: Kaopua questioned if there are any alternate sites to have a landfill. Hanabusa stated that alternate sites were chosen, with the top three being either on the Waianae Coast ornext to it. Suiso questioned if the Waianae Boat Harbor masterplan the first step to fix up the Harbor. Senator Hanabusa stated that it is hoped to be the first step to the fix up, however what was funded during the last session was everything that was asked. Kama stated that the requirement to show a picture ID upon entrance of a City building is done for a reason and noted police officers are also located in the building. Kama added that bad economics is not associated with the Waimanalo Gulch in any way. In response, Senator Hanabusa stated that she is not blaming the expansion of Waiamanalo Gulch as the cause of bad economics. She stated that the State must maintain at least $1.2 billion in the private sector alone to keep an economic balance and KoOlina is one of the major construction projects. Teruya invited all interested to attend the Planning & Zoning Committee meeting where the major discussion is another proposed landfill in Maili.

Representative Emily Auwae _ Representative Auwae distributed her report and highlighted the following: (1) A special session is tentatively scheduled for October 22.

Questions, comments, and answers: Suiso stated the position of the Neighborhood Board and the Makaha Ahupuaa was to support the movement of Farrington Highway fronting Makaha Beach mauka. Suiso questioned if Representative Auwae can pursue this project to help it move a little quicker.

Representative Mike Kahikina _ Merrie Aipoalani reported the following: (1) Cameras will be installed at the intersection of Farrington Highway, Haleakala and Nanakuli Avenues to address speeding problems. Police officers will also be patrolling the Avenues to issue citations to those who are caught speeding. (2) Representative Kahikina requested information on Medquest and how September 11 has affected the community. An informational briefing will be held.

Questions, comments, and answers: A question was raised as to what the Governor is doing to biologically protect the community. Slocum rquested if Representative Kahikina can make a commitment to the Board to co-sponsor Senate bill 495, which will give the community input on the placing of half way houses. Aipoalani stated that Representative Kahikina has followed up on the request, and found out that the bill is still in committee and requests have been made to hear bill 495.

Board of Education _ Hazel Sumile announced the following: (1) The Westside Festival will be held at Waianae Mall on October 27.

Questions, comments, and answers: Questions were raised regarding the status on teacher shortage and the procedure needed to utilize a school facility. Sumile stated that there is still a teacher shortage and an application must be completed to utilize a school facility. Waiamau-Nunuha questioned why the staff at Waianae High School was given a letter indicating that a picture ID is needed when they return to school. Sumile was unsure.


Revised Neighborhood Plan update _ There is no new report.

BWS Presentation Update regarding Water Main Project _
Howard Tanaka reported that the Board of Water supply has plans to repair water mains around the island. The existing mains along Farrington Highway are at least 30-50 years old. BWS plans to repair the mains efficiently and with the least amount of construction possible. A repair project has started in April 2001 at Kalaeloa Blvd. and will work its way to Jade Street in Makaha by March 2004.

Questions, comments, and concerns: Question was raised regarding the cleaning of pipes when it is installed into the trench. Tanaka stated that the pipes are thoroughly flushed and chlorinated when it is installed. Suiso questioned the policy on bone discovery. Tanaka stated the BWS is working with the State Historic Preservation Office and submitted a mitigation plan in addition to having an archeologist on site.

Dibibar left the meeting. (21 members present)

C&C Presentation regarding update on Ulehawa BP improvements _ There was no representative present.

Suiso moved seconded by Morris to continue the meeting without a break. The motion carried. 20-1-0 Aye: Awana, Kaopua, Silva, Teruya, Ahmad, Choy, Morris, Waiamau-Nunuha, Kissell, Nicholson, Rezentes, Awo, Boddy, Jordan, Morgan, Curry, Escalante, Manaku, Slocum, Suiso. Nay: Paris

Ahmad left the meeting. (20 members present)


Recommendation to request DLNR review rules regarding tow-in surfing in West Oahu Ocean Recreation Management Area (WO ORMA) _ Awana read a recommendation to request that the Department of Land and Natural Resources amend the current thrill craft rules to allow tow-in surfing in non-designated areas 500 feet offshore or fringing reefs. Chair Rezentes stated that the Board is being asked to send a letter to DLNR to review their rules for tow-in surfing for the West Oahu Ocean Recreation Management area.

Questions, comments, and answers: It was stated the reason for not allowing tow-in surfing on Waianae Coast is because it is non-designated area. A suggestion was made to first designate an area to allow tow-in surfing. Awo suggested that a height limit to practice tow-in surfing be set to ensure the safety of others. A question was raised if tow-in surfing is designated for tow-in surfing, how will affect others who is interested in utilizing the same area. Sam Pae stated that the tow-in surfers must stay 200 feet away from others who are in the same area. Chair Rezentes suggested that the Board review the rules regarding tow-in surfing and contact the interested persons of the community.

Silva moved seconded by Curry to support the recommendation to request that the DLNR review the current thrill craft rules to allow tow-in surfing. The motion carried unanimously. 20-0-0 Aye: Awana, Kaopua, Silva, Teruya, Choy, Morris, Waiamau-Nunuha, Kissell, Nicholson, Rezentes, Awo, Boddy, Jordan, Morgan, Curry, Escalante, Manaku, Slocum, Suiso, Paris.

Manaku left the meeting. (19 members present)

Teruya moved seconded by Curry to extend the meeting. The motion carried unanimously. 19-0-0
Aye: Awana, Kaopua, Silva, Teruya, Choy, Morris, Waiamau-Nunuha, Kissell, Nicholson, Rezentes, Awo, Boddy, Jordan, Morgan, Curry, Escalante, Slocum, Suiso, Paris.

Approve CIP list to submit to C&C _ Jordan distributed her copy of the Capital Improvement Project list for FY 2001 & 2002 and Suiso distributed the Legislative Committee minutes which included additional CIP projects that were not on the CIP list. The Board was asked to approve the CIP lists without prioritization because of time limitations.

Questions, comments, and answers: Question was raised as to why area pools are needed, with the many beaches on the Coast. Chair Rezentes stated that Jackie Spencer of the Department of Parks and Recreation requested the pools because it would be easier to control the children and activities. Waiamau- Nunuha stated that there would also be a cost to maintain the pools. Chair Rezentes stated that the Makaha Park Community Park masterplan may be removed because it is on the Vision Team list. Suiso stated that there are projects listed on both the CIP and the Vision Team lists and feels that all projects should be listed on all lists to ensure that the project will be done. Chair Rezentes stated that beyond the $2 million allocated for the Vision Team, the administration is allocating another $1 million to the Neighborhood Boards to prioritize improvement projects in the community.

Waiamau-Nunuha left the meeting. (18 members present)

Teruya moved seconded by Paris that both CIP lists be merged and submitted to the City Administration on behalf of the Waianae Neighborhood Board. The motion carried unanimously. 18-0-0 Aye: Awana, Kaopua, Silva, Teruya, Choy, Morris, Kissell, Nicholson, Rezentes, Awo, Boddy, Jordan, Morgan, Curry, Escalante, Slocum, Suiso, Paris.

A request was made to add whether or not the Board supports an EIS for the Makua Military Range be added to next month's agenda. Chair Rezentes will put it on the next agenda.

With no objections the meeting was adjourned at 10:35 p.m.

Submitted by Kelley Santiago, Neighborhood Assistant

Parks and Recreation Committee Minutes
Makua-Ka`ena State Beach Park
October 15, 2001

Attendees: See attendee's list available from Committee co-chair Georgette Jordan.

The following Neighborhood Board members were in attendance: Al Awo, Mark Suiso, David Keawe, Cynthia K. L. Rezentes, Jo Jordan.

        I.    The meeting was convened at 7:32 p.m. by committee chair Jo Jordan.

        II    Announcements:
            .    Waimanalo Gulch Landfill Petition opposing expansion is available to be signed.
            .    Waimanalo Gulch Landfill comment period extended to November 20, 2001.
            .    Wai`anae Intermediate School 3R's painting project to be held October 20 at 8:00a.m.
            .    October 27, 2001: HPD needs volunteers to act in training for police officers, Make-A-Difference Day at Nanakuli (Depots to Ulehawa), Hazardous Waste Pickup from C&C of Honolulu
            .    November 3, 2001: Arbor Day Trees give-away by HECO (Kahe Power Plant), Veteran's Day Parade in Nanakuli
            .    December 8, 2001: Rotary Christmas Parade/Ho`olaule`a
            .    November 15, 2001: Vision Team meeting (tentative)
        III.    Community Concerns/Announcements:
            .    Blue vehicle at Kula`ila`i is still there and is now burned
            .    3 signs recently installed at Makua have been “uninstalled”
            .    Roadway “bumps” at the end of the road do not warn of nearness to cliff edge
            .    Need cell phone service for that end of the island
            .    Need to reblock near the gate at the La`ihau (Ka`ena) side of Makua Beach Park entrance
        III.    Previous Business Update
            A.    Signage identifying entry into State Park - Dan Quinn of DLNR needs to follow up.
            B.    Makua Waterline & Usage - Dan Quinn and William Aila still need to contact one another to determine where to locate, a letter was sent to Dan Quinn on this issue Oct 14, 2001 from William Aila.
            C.    Graffiti Removal (cave) - DLNR still needs to schedule the trial for the process.
            D.    Emergency Phone - DLNR (Quinn) needs to provide a location sketch to the PAO Office of the 25th at Schofield. Will put in a pay phone but disable the call-in feature. Only allow calls out. Will be under Verizon if vandalized three times, may be removed.
            E.    Comfort Station, Interior lighting (Solar) - DLNR does not want to address but the issue may be moot if the park is closed at night.
            F.    Safety Features at end of Keawa`ula Beach Parking (cove area) - Bumps along edge of road at the end of the pavement need to be reviewed for appropriateness (especially along the “cliff” edge).
            G.    Abandoned vehicles - There appear to be more turning up. Some has been tagged and hopefully will be removed. Keawe says there are now three abandoned vehicles. Is there a possibility of placing a gate at the end of the paved road to allow emergency vehicles but not public vehicles?
            H.    Trash Can Situation - Don't know if the original six ordered by DLNR have been picked up yet. There was also supposed to be another 20 ordered.

Open discussion:
            B.    Future Clean-up Projects - The army will come out on Make-A-Difference Day (approx, 50 men) to work in the Makua Beach Park area on the mauka side of the coral road. Dan Quinn will be out there. He will order a flatbed to remove the trash. No equipment will be used to yank out large pieces of metal. They will be identified and then a determination will be made on how to remove with minimal disturbance to the area. Bring your own gloves (DLNR provides light cotton ones only). Time = 9 a.m. - 12 noon.
    A. Closure of Park during night hours - There appear to be many problems at night in controlling the area, patrolling, etc. (Initial discussions have been held with DLNR head to close the area.) May need to review the gate and whether it would be secure for night closures. Would go to hours like other State parks (closure at 7:45 p.m. during the summer and 6:45 p.m. during the winter). Would need to install another gate for the Kula`ila`i area. Enforcement officers will close and lock the gates at night. (There is a concern regarding the officer closing/locking the gates at night since there is no cell phone access to the area.). Opening the gates could be done by an officer or the caretaker. DLNR is requesting another full time caretaker for the area in the next budget. A discussion would need to happen regarding how to handle those with legitimate business in the area after hours, i.e. fishermen, cultural practitioners, etc. There was talk of a combination lock with the combination changed weekly but how to handle someone getting the combination and distributing to “friends”. The largest problem appears to be the under-age drinkers (have had reports of shootings and beatings at times). There was a discussion regarding cell phones and portable and vehicle radios and their effectiveness in the area. This may need to be addressed first. Need to run the concept and request through the Land Board before the area could be closed. How to handle vehicles “locked” in at night-tow them, leave them until the next day, what? If the park goes to nighttime closures it would be daily. Some felt that what really needs to happen is to de-stabilize the abusers to keep control of the area without locking the park at night. Keep this item on the agenda to get more community input. (Jordan to contact Westside Stories, Advertiser, etc. to request support from community on what position should be taken.Need to get more people involved.)
The next meeting will be November 19, 2001 at 7:30 p.m.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:20 p.m.

Minutes submitted by: Cynthia K. L. Rezentes

Parks and Recreation Committee Minutes
October 11, 2001

Attendees: See attendance list for attendees.

The meeting was convened at 7:50 p.m. by committee chair Jo Jordan.


.    Waimanalo Gulch Landfill Revised SEIS comments are due by November 20, 2001.
.    Waimanalo Gulch Landfill Petition opposing expansion can be signed at meeting.
.    HPD looking for volunteer actors to help train new officers.
.    10/9/01 - Australian visitor's backpack stolen at Poka`i Bay BP.
.    10/27/01 - Make-A-Difference Day at Depots to Ulehawa.
.    11/3/01 - Arbor Day tree give-away at HECO (Kahe Power Plant)
.    12/8/01 - Rotary Christmas Parade/Ho`olaule`a
.    11/15/01 - Vision Team Meeting (tentative)
.    10/13/01 - Island-wide Dengue Fever Cleanup

Community concerns:

.    Bunkers - C&C still getting with SHPD (State) for permission to have removed prior to Rezentes asking Army for evaluation of whether they can be removed as part of their training exercises.
.    Nanakuli Flats Camping - Some Nanakuli residents would like to see the times reduced to weekends and holidays only due to problems with long-term living, abandoned vehicles, trash, etc.
.    Kahe BP - Can KoOlina be asked what they will do with pilings in front of new Brookfield homes? If “nothing” can they be used to block Farrington Highway illegal access to the Beach Park?

Existing Facilities:

Ulehawa Beach Park Phase 1: 1) Completed with the exception of the 4-way lights at Hakimo Rd. and Farrington Highway. Still under contract and not turned over to the C&C. Jordan to check and determine if the 4-way stop will be a modified mauka turn light or if they will have enough room to add a mauka turn storage lane.

Ulehawa Beach Park Phase 2: Nanikai - Working on the 4-way light at Hookele and Farrington Highway. Changes to the original approved Master Plan includes: 1) changing the bus turn around configuration and making it more of a circle than an oval, 2) changing parking lot to add trees interspersed between parking stalls instead of along the
edge of the parking lot, 3) planning to put the slab in for the comfort station now (including feeds for plumbing and wiring), 4) berms to be installed instead of a wall on the makai boundary of the park (there is a question on what materials will be used for the berm.dirt or sand). Surfer's Beach - Changes include putting the parking lot in one row along Farrington Highway. Heard SMA permit has been obtained and construction could start as early as two weeks from now. Need to convey that beach nourishment access needs to occur on the Honolulu side of the Ma`ili Stream bridge.

Wai`anae Complex Gym Floor - Still looks as if completion will be late October/early November. Floors look complete. There is a question regarding the security aspects of the doors and are being investigated by the City. Final inspection still needs to be held.

    Park Adoptions - Mauna Lahilahi Beach Park - Berna Ming to adopt up to the canal, looking for others to adopt the rest of the park. Makaha Community Park - Reed Tamashiro from a Samoan church group may be willing to adopt this park. Lualualei Beach Park #1 - Is being adopted by Ho`onani Mau. Lualualei Beach Park #2 - willbe adopted later after landscaping projects are worked out with the C&C and installed.

Ma`ili Beach Park Comfort Stations - One comfort station each at LLL BP and Ma`ili Beach Park will be renovated on the interiors (Vision monies). The contractor has been selected but may decide not to take the job. It is believed, if that occurs, that the C&C will just award the contract to another of the bidders. The comfort stations have still not been identified to the community.

Kea`au Beach Park Septic Systems/Leach Fields - The installation is complete and the area needs to have the landscaping completed. When the grass was seeded, the area was not blocked and therefore the grass could not come back in, this is still in contractors 60-day rest period.

Pili O Kahe Beach Park - HECO has installed a gate on the Wai`anae entrance to the stone wall. They have the poles to install for the makai side (beach) to stop people from driving vehicles into the park from the sand. Have all irrigation plans have been drawn up and materials are being ordered. When the materials are received, they will work with Nanakuli High School to do the installation. Gabe of Milo Nursery will donate some trees and help with the landscaping of the project.

New, Improved, or Proposed Facilities:

Mauna Lahilahi Beach Park Shore Protection: Still waiting for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Note: Rezentes to verify if there was an official board position and convey that information to the USACE.
Puu o Hulu (Ma`ili Kai) Community Park: The master plan has been completed and presented to the C&C for approval. Once approval is received, working drawings will be done for bid by October 31, 2001. The ball field contract awarded in June 2000 has been delayed because of drainage problems and ADA compliance.

This has now been resolved and C&C is now working with the contractors on an escalation price on the contract since so much time has passed, once the price is resolved work can be scheduled on the ball field.

Open Discussion:

Capital Improvement Dollars - The CIP list was reviewed again. (Same as last month.)

Poka`i Bay - Bayview Drainage design plan is being completed and $1M will be requested to do the construction thru C&C Design CIP 2002-2003.

Ulehawa Beach Park “Circle of Rocks” - Archaeologically sensitive area was identified prior to the landscaping program. Apparently, C&C worked with the State and Burial Council to determine how to handle the area. It is reported that a plaque will also be installed. There was a question as to why attention should be called to the area. No one present had any response to that question.

Miscellaneous Notes:
Kaupuni Neighborhood Park - A consultant has been selected and is in contract phase with the C&C and should be on board in 2-3 weeks.
Mauna Lahilahi Beach Park & Waianae Regional Park - both archeological studies are in contract phase with the C&C.

The next meeting is scheduled for November 8th at 7:30 p.m.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:50 p.m.

Minutes submitted by: Cynthia K. L. Rezentes



ATTENDEES- Denton Kissel, Al Awo, Pat Patterson, Mark Suiso, Betty Waller, Emily Auwae, Susan Endo, Calvin Endo, Art Frank, Morris Quel, Patrick Garcia


    Mark reported that Bill 77 is in the council transportation committee. Cindy Macmillian staff person to the committee chaired by Duke Bainum told Mark that the bill is not being scheduled for hearing. She said he is supportive of pedestrian safety, but has three issues with this bill and so far does not see a remedy to these issues:
        To lower the threshold that requires a location to be treated as special because of too many accidents is a state function.
        A requirement to master plan safety education at schools and with HPD does not require legislation. It needs funding and commitments to administer.
        To require 5% of transportation funding to go to pedestrians will be too difficult to account for since many projects have a pedestrian component buried in it and not separate. The example given is traffic-calming projects.

Discussion followed and the committee recommended we focus on getting crosswalks clearly labeled at key schools on the coast. Maili Elementary was made priority.

    Copies distributed: Neighborhood Board Capital Program- Ben Lee 6/25/01
             Capitol Improvement Projects- FY2001 & FY2002
             Dept. of Design & Construction ongoing status _ 10/1/01
             Revised project list as approved by board- 10/2/01
    Patty Teruya sent worksheets for the projects on the list. One for new projects and one for repair projects. All worksheets need to completed and delivered to the Dept. of Design and Construction before 11/30. Copies of the repair worksheet were distributed and the new project worksheets will be sent to the key people in a few days.
    The project list was reviewed to determine what is new and what is repair. Then these projects were prioritized. The primary criteria were: 1) safety 2) if doable in 1 year. The following projects are ranked by consensus and sent for approval of the full Board.
Repair projects (in priority)

        Makaha Community Park _ repair swings and play apparatus, water fountain, restroom plumbing, field lighting timer, sprinklers timers. ($?) (Susan Endo)

        Maili Beach Park- replace damaged irrigation system on the Wai'anae end.
    ($100,0000) (Jo Jordan)
        Hakimo Rd and Farrington Hwy- fix intersection to ease right turns on road.
    ($?) (Albert Silva)

New projects (in priority)
        Pililaau Park- Lighting for large softball field ($200,000) (Morris Quel)
        Puu O Hulu community Park- Skateboard park construct. ($300,000) (Jo Jordan)
        Kaupuni Park- addl $ to construct ball fields & park. ($250,000) (Jo Jordan)
        Maili Community Park/ school- upgrade pedestrian crossing. ($) (Mark Suiso) (see **Bill 77 discussion above- not on board approved list)
        Mauna Lahilahi Beach Park- Parking lot. ($150,000) (Jo Jordan)
        Waianae District Park- parking lot expansion, brush clearing, and lighting for parking and basketball court. ($300,000) (Jo Jordan)
        Wrestling mats- ($20,000) (Patrick Garcia)
        Puu O Hulu park- 4 acres land improvement w/ irrigation, turf, and soil. ($550,000) (Jo Jordan)
        Puu O Hulu Park- design recreation center. ($200,000) (Jo Jordan)
        Mauna Lahilahi Beach Park- comfort station. ($400,0000) (Jo Jordan)
        Mauna Lahilahi Beach Park- Landscaping. ($50,000) (Jo Jordan)
        Waianae District Park - masterplan and design swimming pool. ($250,0000) (Jo Jordan)

****Pave roads not paved along Farrington Hwy near Miles Bake Shop--On hold awaiting details from Rep. Kahikina- ($?)

    -Transportation committee next meeting not known and there is a written response from Cheryl Soon to meet to discuss bus stops, Bus schedule and pedestrian issues. Mark will look into it.
    -Reapportionment discussion no major changes anticipated no action to take other than to continue to monitor.
-Next meeting 2 nd Tuesday 6:30 at the district park crafts room.

Meeting adjourned


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Thursday, April 04, 2002

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