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Parks and Recreation Committee Meeting Minutes attached




CALL TO ORDER: Chair Silva called the meeting to order at 7:06 p.m., with a quorum of 16 members present.  

MEMBERS PRESENT: John Kaopua III, Albert Silva, Patty Teruya, Aulani Ahmad, Harry Choy, Sunday Paris, Neddie Waiamau-Nunuha, Paulette Dibibar, James Nicholson, Cynthia Rezentes, Alvin Awo, Richard Boddy, Georgette “Jo” Jordan, Chrysanthea Morgan, Frenchy Desoto, Carol Curry, Maralyn Kurshals, James Manaku, Frank Slocum, and Mark Suiso. 

MEMBERS ABSENT: Karen Awana, Terry Morris, Denton Kissell, Vicky Domingo, and David Keawe.  

GUESTS: Lieutenant Walter Ozeki, Lieutenant Robert Chinen, Sergeant John Ayat and Sergeant Aukake Dapitan   (Honolulu Police Department – HPD), Acting Captain Francis Nishimura (Honolulu Fire Department – HFD), Garret Matsunami (Board of Water Supply), Gary Oliva (HECO – Hawaiian Electric Company), Patricia Patterson (Hui Malama O Makua); Alice Greenwood (O'hana O Lualualei Ahupua’a), Councilmember Mike Gabbard, Betty Waller and Abeleen Lau (Makaha Ahupua’a); Mieko and Shuji Shintani and Ron Sullivan (Hawaii Aistar); Lieutenant Regina Thigpen (Naval Magazine Lualualei), Lieutenant Colonel Patricia Matlock (25th Infantry Division), Ivan Laikupu (Waianae Valley Homestead), Clinton Jamile (Department of Parks and Recreation), Randy Obata (District Administrator/Press Secretary to United States Congressman Ed Case – Honolulu Office), Lucy Gay (Coordinator. Leeward Community College – Waianae Campus), Janet Powell (Makaha Education Institute), Senator Colleen Hanabusa, Representative Michael Kahikina, Representative Maile Shimabukuro, Kupuna Keliikoa, John Q. Adams, Rudith, Dora and William Liboy, Steve Tataii, Charles Herrmann Jr., Phillip Naone, Mr. and Mrs. Kamai, Joe Lewis, Melva Aila, and Jamal Siddiqui (Neighborhood Commission Office staff). 

The Board and guests convened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance, God Bless America and Hawai’i Pono’i. 

A pule (prayer) was given by Kaopua.   

Manaku and Kurshals arrived at 7:15 p.m.

 DeSoto stated that her nephew has just been deployed to fight in the Iraq war. DeSoto asked for a moment of silence for the Iraq war to end and for the safe return of our troops. 

APPROVAL OF AGENDA FOR THE APRIL 1, 2003 REGULAR MEETING: DeSoto moved and Kaopua seconded that the Board add to the April 1, 2003 Regular Meeting Agenda – Renaming the Army Rest Camp the Herbert K. Pililiau Army Rest Camp under Unfinished Business. 

Questions, comments and concerns: 

Charles Herrmann stated that the proposed action is a possible violation of the State Sunshine Law by noting that this is a hotly contested issue. 

DeSoto cited Roberts Rules of Order where if an item that appeared on a previous meeting agenda should be added to the agenda.  

Herrmann replied that the Neighborhood Plan supercedes Roberts Rules of Order. 

Teruya suggested that this item be placed on the Board’s May 2003 Regular Meeting Agenda. 

Pruitt Liboy Sr. pointed out that then-Councilmember John DeSoto raised this issue at the Waianae Coast Neighborhood Board No. 24 twice and the Board took action. 

Choy arrived at 7:20 p.m. 

The motion to amend the April 1, 2003 agenda was not adopted by a two-thirds of the full Board membership by a vote of 14-2-3. Note: 17 votes were needed add an item to the agenda. Ayes: Kaopua, Teruya, Ahmad, Paris, Waiamau-Nunuha, Nicholson, DeSoto, Rezentes, Jordan, Morgan, Curry, Kurshals, Manaku, Suiso. Nays: Silva, Suiso. Abstain: Choy, Awo, Boddy. 

Boddy moved and Manaku seconded that the Board approve the April 1, 2003 Agenda as published. The motion was adopted by a vote of 18-1-0. Nays: DeSoto. 

APPROVAL OF THE MARCH 4, 2003 REGULAR MEETING MINUTES: The following corrections were made: 

  • Page 1, under of Moment of Silence, paragraph 2 should read: Slocum read a following statement regarding the death of Officer Glen Gaspar – “A Honolulu police officer was murdered and part of each one of us also died as he was protecting us all. A man with 14 previous felony convictions killed him. A few weeks ago the media reported a 30 year old with 35 felony convictions. Neither one should have been out on the street. Who is to blame for such situations? There is plenty of blame to go around. The little old ladies of both sexes on the Parole Board are under pressure to release more and more poor risks back into our community; the groups that are fighting attempts to give our prosecutor better and more efficient tools to bring arrested persons immediately to court; judges who give inappropriate sentences time and time again as there is no room at the inn; the undermanned police department now hurting for more personnel; the legislature that refuses to bite the bullet and find the funds to build a much needed prison at Barbers Point or other suitable location; or maybe all of us who just wring our hands. So what happens now? We will hear the strains of Amazing Grace as the bagpipes wail at the coffin of the slain officer. The low-life killer will get excellent medical attention and attorneys will line up to be selected to defend. As Hawaii has no death penalty there is no incentive for the killer top plead thus bringing on the technicalities with a long, expensive trial. When will we learn? When will we learn?” 
  • Page 1, under Moment of Silence, paragraph 3, should read: “DeSoto commented that in this alleged democracy, that it offers a judicial system that gives the worst of citizens the very right to have themselves defended in court.” 
  • Page 4, under Motion to adopt a Resolution Regarding Proposed Budget Cuts to Human Services, paragraph 2, Move Rezentes from Not Voting to Abstain. 
  • Page 5, under Board of Water Supply, delete the following sentence: “Regarding steel plates, BWS will work with the contractor to raised up the trench.” 
  • Page 5, under Board of Education, paragraph 10, delete the following sentence: “(2) Suiso asked what the significance is with the Leave No Child Left Behind Act? Harimoto replied that Hawaii would not compromise its high education standards while complying with this federal act.” 
  • Page 5, under Board of Education, paragraph 12, should read: “(4) Kurshals expressed disappointment  with the Board of Education and the community for not communicating in a timely manner thereby the Ka Waihona O Ka Na’aau Public Charter School is not in existence this year.”

 Page 6, under Mayor’s Representative, paragraph 10, delete the following sentence: “Slocum commented that apartments have been designated as resort hotels thus those residents pay higher property taxes. He added that this dispute is remains pending before the State Supreme Court. (Cliff) Jamile will follow up.” 

  • Page 7, under Kaupuni Neighborhood Park Update of Master Plan and Support of Draft Environmental Assessment, paragraph 15, second sentence should read: “The retaining rockwalls was removed from the Master Plan.” 
  • Page 9, under Committee Reports – Health, Human Services and Public Safety, should read: “Awana announced that the Waianae CAR – Community Area Responsibility Meeting takes place on Thursday, March 27, 2003 at 2:00 p.m., Nanakuli District Park.”

 Boddy moved and Manaku seconded that the Board approve the March 4, 2003 minutes as amended. The motion was adopted by a vote of 17-0-2. Abstain: DeSoto, Boddy.


Honolulu Fire Department – (HFD): Acting Captain Francis Nishimura reported the following statistics for the month of March (included both Waianae and Nanakuli Stations) 85 fires and 100 medical emergencies.  

Questions, comments and concerns: 

(1)     DeSoto asked what is the use of for the fire department to give monthly reports where people want additional ambulance services throughout the Waianae Coast.  

(2)     Suiso asked that in terms of staffing that the fire department would not fill in vacant positions. Acting Captain Nishimura replied that additional funds are needed to fill the vacancies inside the fire department.  

Honolulu Police Department – (HPD): Lieutenant Walter Ozeki reported the following statistics for the month of March were not available but reported that there were 330 arrests processed at the Kapolei Police Station (275 adults and 55 juveniles).   

Questions, comments and concerns: 

(1)     Slocum pointed out that when a federal agent is killed in a line of duty, that agent’s immediate family receives $250,000. How much does HPD pay to the immediate family when their loved one is killed in a line of duty? Lieutenant Ozeki replied $30,000. 

(2)     DeSoto stated that the police should focus on the “Ice” epidemic that is seriously afflicting the community.  

Drug Enforcement in Waianae Coast Presentation: Accompanied by Sergeants Aukake Dapitan and John Ayat, Lieutenant Robert Chinen from the HPD’s Narco Vice Division is present to answer questions. 

Questions, comments and concerns: 

(1)     Curry asked if there is a procedure to address the problem of illegal drug transactions and/or use throughout the Waianae Coast. Lieutenant Chinen replied that anyone witnessing illegal drug transactions/use should call 911. He noted that all 911 complaints are anonymous. 

(2)     Slocum asked what is the primary problem in terms of drug enforcement. Lieutenant Chinen replied repeat offenders where some need help while some can never change. Slocum asked what could the community do to help. Lieutenant Chinen replied that one possible solution to this problem is not a popular one but many have to be done – build an additional prison to house these offenders.  

(3)     Slocum commented that there is talk among state legislators to push for the “three strikes and you’re out” legislation, a reaction in the wake of the shooting tragedy that claimed the life of Officer Glen Gaspar who was killed by a repeat felon. However, the three strikes approach would not be practical due to the lack of jail space. Lieutenant Chinen replied that not many drug offenders want help. 

(4)     Manaku suggested that HPD do undercover sting operations to combat the drug problem specifically Crystal Meth as compared to what HPD did previously in successfully combating marijuana.   

(5)     Kurshals inquired about the drug transactions that occur in area parks and how it can be stopped? Sergeant Dapitan replied that HPD needs informants to purchase the item and send it to their lab to confirm that the substance purchased is an illegal drug. 

(6)     Janet Powell reported that there are some people who make illegal drug transactions, get drunk and in some cases urinate at the bus stop located across Tamura’s Market. Therefore increased police patrols would help deter these disturbing activities from occurring.  

(7)     DeSoto suggested that healing, not building more prisons is the solution to addressing the drug problem that is afflicting the Waianae Coast community where 55% of its population are native Hawaiians.  

(8)     Lieutenant Ozeki replied that since illegal drugs are a community problem, he stated that a combination of increased drug treatment programs along with building an additional prison could make a difference. 

(9)     Jordan pointed out that prior to the construction of the Kapolei Police Station there more police patrols throughout the Waianae Coast. Therefore, the police must increase their patrols throughout the Waianae Coast. Lieutenant Ozeki replied that increased police visibility would help however HPD has minimal staffing patrolling the entire Waianae Coast. 

(10) Suiso asked how can the Waianae Coast weed and seed program help address the proliferation of illegal drugs spreading throughout the community. Lieutenant Chinen replied the community form a Neighborhood Watch to report and monitor activities being committed especially by repeat offenders. Suiso pointed out that the parole and/or probation officers do not make house calls in terms of monitoring repeat offenders. 

(11) Charles Herrmann noted that since the police have instituted the 3/12 program – police officers work three 12-hour shifts a week, community policing has died throughout the community. 

Waianae Community Area Responsibility Report: Waiamau-Nunuha reported that the Waianae CAR – Community Area Responsibility has been formed to address homelessness throughout the Waianae Coast. Waianae CAR’s next meeting takes place on Thursday, April 17, 2003 at 2:00 p.m. in the Waianae Police Station where they will discuss finding sites to house the homeless. 

Questions, comments and concerns: 

(1)     DeSoto raised a point of personal privilege where as a native Hawaiian; she finds it difficult when she is not allowed to speak. 

(2)     Curry suggested that Barbers Point could be a suitable site to house the homeless. Manaku replied that housing the homeless at Barbers Point might be too far. Waiamau-Nunuha pointed out that homeless veterans are being housed at Barbers Point. Charles Herrmann noted that both the Ewa and Makakilo/Kapolei/Honokai Hale Neighborhood Boards considered Barbers Point to house the homeless however it has been rejected by the HCDCH (Housing Community Development Corporation of Hawaii).


Chair’s Report: Chair Silva read the Neighborhood Plan, Section 4-9.2 regarding order and decorum and reminded Board members to conduct themselves appropriately. 

Treasurer’s Report: Teruya reported the Board’s following financial statement ending March 31, 2003: The previous operating account balance was $83.12; previous expenditures totaled $1,436.88; current expenditures totaled $166.31, however the Board was credited $69.31 from the unauthorized mail out of the February 2003 Education Committee Agenda, thus the Board expended $96.90; total current expenditures to date is $1,533.78; total operating account balance to date is -$13.78. The previous publicity account balance was $999.36; previous expenditures totaled $2,116.64; expenditures for March was $150.00; total current expenditures totaled $2,266.64; total publicity account balance to date is $849.36.  

Dibibar arrived at 8:10 p.m. (20 members present)


Community Concerns: 

Motorists racing on Lualualei Home Road – Jordan reported that motorists are racing on Lualualei Home Road at nights without their headlights on.  

Need for an Additional Jet Ski at Pokai Bay – Awo informed the Board that he received a letter from a resident requesting that the City provide lifeguards at Pokai Bay need a second jet ski in order to perform their rescues. DeSoto stated that with safety as a primary issue, she stated that it is possible for the U.S. Army to provide Pokai Bay lifeguards a second jet ski. Lieutenant Colonel Patricia Matlock would follow up on this request.  

The School Point System – Alice Greenwood expressed concern that the public schools are using the point system in grading students is ridiculous where if they exceed a certain amount of points, students are not allowed to go on field trips. Chair Silva referred this item to the Education Committee for a follow up. 

Loud Noise at Keeau Beach – DeSoto expressed concerns with loud noise on Keeau Beach Park where once the police are called in, those individuals remove the loud music boxes before the police arrive.   

OMPO – Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization’s List of Projects Throughout the Waianae Coast – Boddy mentioned that at the Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization’s Citizens Advisory Committee (OMPO CAC) meeting held on Wednesday, March 19, 2003, the Waianae Coast Mauka Highway Project made it into the list however the project has a high price tag according to the office of Governor Linda Lingle. Boddy announced that the organization’s next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, April 16, 2003. Manaku announced that the next Transportation Committee Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 10, 2003 at 7:00 p.m., Waianae District Park – Arts and Crafts Room. 

Renaming the Army Rest Camp the Herbert K. Pililiau Army Rest Camp – Dora Liboy reported that last year, the Honolulu City Council unanimously voted 9-0-0 to rename a park after Herbert K. Pililiau. Pililiau was a Private First Class, U.S. Army Company C, 24th Infantry Regiment, distinguished himself in the Korean War where when enemy soldiers sent waves of fanatical troops against his platoon which held a key terrain feature on “Heartbreak Ridge.” Valiantly defending its position, the unit repulsed each attack until ammunition became practically exhausted and it was ordered to withdraw to a new position. Pililiau voluntarily remained behind to cover the withdrawal where he fired his automatic weapon into the ranks of enemy soldiers, threw all his grenades and with ammunition exhausted, he fought in hand to hand combat, courageously fighting with his trench knife and bare fists until he was mortally wounded. Once the position was subsequently retaken, more than 40 enemy soldiers were found dead. Pililiau was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor. Liboy stated that the federal, state and county governments should recognize veterans of Hawaiian descent like Pililiau. Liboy asked for Board support to rename the Army Rest Camp the Herbert K. Pililiau Army Rest Camp. It was noted that the reserve center at Fort Shafter along with a cargo ship has been named after Pililiau.  

Contested Candidate for U.S. Congress – Steve Tataii stated that since he was the only Democrat to challenge  incumbent Congresswoman Patsy Mink in the 2002 Democratic Primary for Hawaii’s Second Congressional District seat where he should have been the Democratic nominee in the 2002 general election noting that Congresswoman Mink’s health was worsening (Mink died one week after the primary election). Since the Democratic Party denied his right to compete in the general election, he has filed a case pending before the Hawaii State Supreme Court, the United States Supreme Court and the United States Congress asking that he be designated as the 2002 Democratic nominee for the Second Congressional District seat.  

Origin of Iraq War to Liberate the Kurdish People – Tataii stated that the U.S War on Iraq originates back to 1920 where when the Ottoman Empire (based in present day Turkey) came to an end after World War I (1914-1918). The Treaty of Sevres of 1920 was signed to give the following nations independence from the Ottoman Empire – Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Kurdistan. Turkey reneged on the agreement where they denied Kurdistan their independence thereby committing genocide. To make matters worse, Iraq’s Saddam Hussein has gassed the Kurds by using chemical and biological weapons. Therefore U.S. military intervention in removing Saddam Hussein qualifies as a just war.  

Illegal Dump Sites on Waianae Valley Road – Kupuna Keliikoa expressed concern that illegal dumping is occurring on Waianae Valley Road where if it is not stopped, the area could be come another Waipahu incinerator dump site. Keliikoa asked the Board to follow it up. Chair Silva suggested that Keliikoa contact Karen Awana, Chair of the Board’s Heath and Safety Committee and Councilmember Gabbard’s office for a follow up.  


Weed and Seed March – Waiamau-Nunuha announced that the Weed and Seed March is scheduled for Saturday, April 5, 2003 throughout Nanakuli. The march commences at 4:00 p.m.  

Makaha Easter Sunrise Service – Patricia Patterson announced that the Makaha Easter Sunrise Service commences on Sunday, April 20, 2003 at 6:00 a.m. in the entrance gate of the Army Rest Camp. Patterson noted that a Muslim Imam was present at last year’s sunrise service. 

Makaha Ahupua’a Community Association Clean Up – Accompanied by Betty Waller, Abilene Lau announced that the Makaha Ahupua’a Community Association will be doing an annual clean up on Saturday, April 5, 2003 from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at Makaha Community Park. For further information call Susan Endo at 695-9422 or Clinton Jamile at 692-8582. In addition, the organization will also participate in the Great Hawai’i Cleanup on Saturday, May 3, 2003 from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at carious locations throughout the Waianae Coast. For further information, call 696-1920 or 484-1000. 

Removing the Catwalk on Pokai Bay – Melva Aina announced that there are plans to remove the loading dock that formally served as the launch ramp at Pokai Bay. Requests for bids have been solicited to remove the catwalk that is in disrepair and is no longer needed thus creating a blind spot for City and County lifeguards stationed at Pokai Bay. The work is expected to begin mid to late April and is expected to be completed in early May. The catwalk’s removal will enhance safety conditions at Pokai Bay in the future as the City and County transitions to a single lifeguard tower system. For further information, please call 697-7095. 

Office of United States Congressman Ed Case – Randy Obata, Press Secretary for United States Congressman Ed Case’s Honolulu Office, reported that the Congressman held 23 town meetings throughout the Second Congressional District in order to stay in touch with constituents. Obata distributed information on the Congressman’s staff in both Washington D.C. and Honolulu. 

Free Health Screening for Women – Suiso announced that St. Francis Medical Center is holding a free health screening for women ages 50 to 64 who meet income qualifying guidelines are eligible to undergo free breast screenings and pelvic exams to detect breast and cervical cancer early when they are most treatable. 

Cleaning Up Maili Community Park and Nanakuli Beach Park – Clinton Jamile announced that New Hope Church along with the Department of Parks and Recreation will be doing a clean up at Maili Community Park and Nanakuli Beach Park on Saturday, April 5, 2003. 

Community Hospice Session – Alice Greenwood announced that on Wednesday, April 23, 2003, there will be a community forum held at Ka Hana O Ke Akau Church, located on Lualualei Homestead Road (located behind Leihoku Elementary School) where George Osakoda of Hospice Hawaii will give a seminar on hospice care. 

Board of Water Supply – BWS: Garret Matsunami reported the following:  

(1)     There were two water main breaks that occurred in the month of March – (a) March 1, 2003: 20-inch water main break at Mailiilii Road and (b) March 3, 2003: 8-inch water main break at 87-1500 Farrington Highway. 

(2)     Construction of Water Main Replacements on Farrington Highway: (a) Part III – Farrington Highway, from Jade Street to Kaulawaha Road in Waianae and Makaha is 90% complete and should be done by May 2003 and (b) Part II – Farrington Highway, from Hakimo Road to Haleakala Avenue in Lualualei and Nanakuli is 20% complete. The project should be completed by March 2004. 

(3)     BWS’ Water Quality Report will be mailed to water customers beginning in late May through July. Also known as the Consumer Confidence Report, it will be sent as a separate mailing, not with your customer bi-monthly water bill. BWS has been mailing this report to their customers since 1999. The Water Quality Report tells customers what BWS sources provide their drinking water, if anything had been detected in the water during the past year and how their water supply compares with the standards for safe drinking water. If the water bill is sent to an address other than the service location, then the service holder and the resident at the service address will receive a copy of the report. 

(4)     BWS is in the process of installing a new telephone system that we believe will improve customer service and response. When installation has been completed and the new system ready to for service, the department will be mailing information regarding the changes and the new telephone numbers to customers. 

Questions, comments and concerns:

(1)     DeSoto stated that the roads are in disrepair therefore BWS must work with the project contractors to get the roads repaired once the water main is installed.

 (2)     For any archaeological sites found during a BWS water main installation project, call 527-5075. 

(3)     It was mentioned that once of the residents had to wait hours getting home from work because of the tight security at the BWS site that is located not to far from that resident’s house. It was noted that since the Iraq War has commenced, security has tightened at all BWS sites because of them being potential targets for terrorists. 

(4)     The Water Quality Report being mailed in May 2003 will inform residents each community has different chemicals in their drinking water, however it is within acceptable standards. Rezentes pointed out that Waianae Coast residents get their water from Makaha and Waianae Valleys. She further mentioned that half of the water consumed by residents islandwide comes from the Pearl Harbor Aquifer. Slocum asked if water for Waianae Coast residents is chlorinated. Matsunami replied yes. Phillip Naone inquired to why the gate located on top of Waianae Valley Road has been closed for many years. Rezentes replied that the area in question is under the joint jurisdiction of the Board of Water Supply (BWS) and the State Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) – stewards for the Waianae Forest Reserve. Manaku pointed out that the gates are closed to help prevent illegal dumping. However to get beyond the gate, one would have to get permission from DLNR. 

Board of Education (BOE): No representative was present.  

Army: Lieutenant Colonel Patricia Matlock informed the Board that the Army does not do live fire military exercises at Makua Valley. She further stated that 150 soldiers stationed at Schofield Barracks have been deployed to Iraq. In response to a concern regarding the need for an additional jet ski at Pokai Bay, she will follow up on the matter.  

Navy: Lieutenant Regina Thigpen had no report but was available to answer questions. 

Questions, comments and concerns: 

(1)     DeSoto stated that at the last meeting, she asked if the Navy would identify archeological sites that may need to be mitigated. 

(2)     Melva Aila stated that the fence on Lualualei Homestead Road has been piled up with trees along the road that could pose as a potential fire hazard. Lieutenant Thigpen would follow it up. 


Mayor’s Representative – Cliff Jamile was not present however Teruya highlighted the following report: 

(1)     Brunch on the Beach takes place on Sunday, April 13, 2003 from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. 

(2)     Sunset on the Plains – Ewa and Kapolei takes place on the following dates with the featured movie playing: (a) Saturday, May 3, 2003 – Blue Crush and (b) Sunday, May 4, 2003 – Lord of the Rings: The Twin Towers. 

(3)     Public Hearing for the City Budget by the Honolulu City Council takes place on Wednesday, April 30, 2003 at 4:00 p.m., City Council Chambers. 

Questions, comments and concerns: DeSoto applauded Councilmember Ann Kobayashi, Chair of the City Council Budget Committee for thoroughly reviewing the City Administration’s Budget for Fiscal Year 2004. DeSoto stated that she is appalled with the attitude of the City Administration towards Councilmembers smacks of arrogance. 

Councilmember Gabbard – Councilmember Gabbard distributed copies of his monthly report and highlighted thefollowing: 

(1)     The City Budget Hearing takes place on Wednesday, April 30, 2003, starting at 4:00 p.m., City Council Chambers. Councilmember Gabbard encouraged the community to testify in support of various projects benefiting the Waianae Coast Community. 

(2)     Grand opening for Councilmember Gabbard’s Kapolei Hale, 1000 Ulu’ohia Street, Room 201 was held on Friday, March 28, 2003 at 11:00 a.m.  

(3)     Councilmember Gabbard is opposed to the proposed resolution that would place a two-year moratorium on traffic calming where the individual community should decide for themselves if they want traffic calming devices or not. 

(4)  Councilmember Gabbard has nominated Board member and engineer Cynthia Rezentes, Makakilo/Kapolei/Honokai Hale Neighborhood Board No. 34 member Shad Kane, and Kamehameha Schools graduate and Ko Olina employee Todd Apo to serve in the City’s Blue Ribbon Landfill Siting Committee. The panel is assigned to find sites islandwide for a new landfill and makes a recommendation to the City Council by December 1, 2003. Once the blue ribbon committee makes its decision, the City Council has until June 1, 2004 to makes its final choice on a new landfill site. 

(5)     At its April 16, 2003 meeting, the City Council will honor Hoa Aina O Makaha, a non-profit organization that brings parents and children together on five acres of land owned by the Catholic Diocese, located adjacent to Makaha Elementary School. The program seeks to instill children a sense of connection with the aina (land) and with others. 

(6)     The next Malama O Waianae Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 24, 2003 at 7:00 p.m., Waianae Neighborhood Community Center, 85-670 Farrington Highway. 

Questions, comments and concerns: 

(1)     DeSoto inquired if the capital improvement projects listed in Councilmember Gabbard’s written report includes monies from the Waianae Coast Neighborhood Board and Waianae Coast Vision Team. Councilmember Gabbard replied yes. DeSoto commented that the capital improvement project process is a tricky one where it places the neighborhood board and vision teams as adversaries. 

(2)     Kaopua expressed congratulations to Councilmember Gabbard for having an office at Kapolei Hale to better service the Waianae Coast Community. 

(3)     Kurshals reported that heavy rains have resulted in creating potholes at Waialae Mall thereby making it vulnerable to flooding. Councilmember Gabbard will follow up. 

(4)     Slocum requested that the Councilmember’s office obtain a list of sex offenders residing throughout the Waianae Coast to keep the community informed. Councilmember Gabbard will follow up. 

(5)     Suiso reported that the traffic lights along Farrington Highway have been fixed. 

(6)     Alice Greenwood reported that when a left turn signal turns green towards Princess Kahana Estates, there is confusion on what lane the cars should use. Manaku replied that the road is being realigned. Manaku will follow up. 

Governor’s Representative – No representative was present.  

Senator Colleen Hanabusa – Senator Hanabusa distributed copies of her monthly written report and highlighted the following: 

(1)     Senator Hanabusa stated that there are 30 days remaining in the 2003 state legislative session. Friday, April 4, 2003 will be the second decking of bills.  

(2)     As Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator Hanabusa presides over the confirmation of the Governor’s nominees for state judges. She noted that if circuit and supreme court judges are not confirmed 30 days after the nomination was submitted, they would be automatically seated. 

(3)     Senator Hanabusa mentioned that Senate Bill 377, Senate Draft 1 – Establishing a tax credit for qualified costs at Ko Olina Resort and Marina, has passed with the Senate and has passed the House Committees of Tourism, Arts and Culture and Economic Development and Business Concerns Committees. Senator Hanabusa noted that the Ko Olina Resort and Marina have signed an agreement to purchase the Makaha Resort and operate a hotel training facility, thus providing accessibility for Waianae Coast residents to get good paying jobs.  

(4)     Senator Hanabusa expressed concern with the recent decision reached by the State Land Use Commission in approving the City’s request to expand the Waimanalo Gulch Sanitary Landfill with two conditions to be reached by June 2004: (a) landfill not receive waste after May 1, 2003 and (b) the Blue Ribbon Landfill Siting Committee must present to the City Council by December 1, 2003 a list of potential landfill sites and that the City Council must select a site for the new landfill by June 1, 2004. 

(5)     Senator Hanabusa mentioned that the State Campaign Spending Commission is expected to sunset this year unless it is extended in the 2003 legislative session. 

Questions comments and concerns: 

(1)     Slocum commented that the three strikes and you’re out law is not practical, where if it were current law, the prison population would increase dramatically. Senator Hanabusa replied that the current state law does have mandatory sentences where if a person is found guilty for the fourth time, that person would get an automatic five-year sentence. 

(2)     Senator Hanabusa announced that Governor Lingle has appointed John Peyton as the new Director of the State Department of Public Safety. Peyton is credited in creating the Weed and Seed program in Hawaii and who successfully prosecuted Ronald Rewald who swindled numerous investors millions of dollars in a Ponzi scheme. 

(3)     Slocum stated that he is pleased that Senate Bill 473 – Requiring informational meetings as part of the county zoning permit process for group living facilities housing people being released from correctional facilities and other institutions, has passed in the Senate and is making progress in the House. 

(4)     Awo suggested that the there be more oil refineries open in Hawaii which would foster competition and reduce dependence on outside oil especially with the war in Iraq that is currently taking place. 

(5)     Manaku pointed out that years ago developer Herbert Horita promised jobs in Waianae that did not work out, he is hopeful that Jeff Stone’s Ko Olina Project would work this time. It was noted that Stone would make a presentation on the Ko Olina project at the Board’s May 2003 meeting. 

(6)     DeSoto inquired about Senate Bill 99 – Appropriating funds for a second ambulance for the Waianae Coast. Senator Hanabusa replied that the bill has been deferred by the Senate Health Committee.  

(7) Manaku noted that Waianae needs median strips to help curb speeding in the area.   

Representative Michael Kahikina – Representative Kahikina distributed copies of his monthly written report and highlighted the following: As Chair of the House Human Services and Housing Committee, he is very concerned with the deep cuts in social services including cutting the Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center by $750,000. He noted that for the past decade, there has been a systemic problem with the State not generating enough revenues (the proposed State budget deficit is $350 million). He further noted a statement from an official from the Hawaii Housing Authority’s homeless section who stated “they would never be able to provide services to the bottom of the homeless list as a result of the proposed budget cuts.” Representative Kahikina noted that Hawaii is paying low taxes as compared to other states by citing Las Vegas that has 20% hotel room tax and in Massachusetts where they are considering 58 user fee increases to make up their budget shortfall. 

Questions, comments and concerns followed: DeSoto expressed concern to Representative Kahikina to why now he is concerned about the proposed budget cuts where he has had many years to address this problem. Both DeSoto and Representative Kahikina had a terse exchange of views. 

BREAK: Without objections, the break occurred at 10:00 p.m. and the meeting resumed at 10:15 p.m.  

Curry, Morgan, Nicholson, Choy, and Dibibar left at 10:00 p.m. (15 members present) 

After the break, DeSoto stated that she never before witnessed the anger expressed by Representative Kahikina. 

Representative Maile Shimabukuro – Representative Shimabukuro distributed copies of her monthly written report and highlighted the following: 

(1)     Representative Shimabukuro is working on two resolutions: (a) House Concurrent Resolution 136 – Requests the Statewide Traffic Commanders to coordinate and implement response to Waialae Coast Traffic Conditions. (b) House Concurrent Resolution 63 – Alternate Highway for Waianae Coast that includes a mauka highway as part of a regional plan in order to get federal highway funds. Testimony from area residents is crucial in order to get these projects funded. 

(2)     Representative Shimabukuro expressed concern that the one of the provisions in the Leave No Child Left Behind Act requires substitute teachers to have a bachelor’s degree as a minimal qualification to teach. If enacted would adversely impact public schools in rural Oahu and the Neighbor Islands.  

(3)     Representative Shimabukuro announced that the next legislative town hall meeting takes place on Monday, April 14, 2003, 6:00 to 8:00 p.m., Waianae District Park. 

Questions, comments and concerns followed: 

(1)     Waiamau-Nunuha noted that 2006 is the deadline for all substitute teachers to obtain a bachelor’s degree. Janet Powell, from the Makaha Education Institute, stated that implementing the Leave No Child Left Behind Act is a logistical nightmare where she noted that Waianae High School has only two teachers that have a bachelor’s degree. 

(2)     Teruya noted that Senate Bill 745 – Requiring the integration of emergency aeromedical services into emergency medical services, will be heard on Wednesday, April 2, 2003 before the Senate Ways and Means Committee. She noted that there is a provision in the bill that includes funding an additional ambulance service for the Waianae Coast.


Sea Country at Maili Kai – No representative present at the meeting.  

Neighborhood Plan Update – No report.  


Leeward Community College (Waianae Campus) – Lucy Gay reported the following: 

(1)     The Waianae Campus has experienced an 80% increase in enrollment due to the increase of diversity of courses designed to improve the quality of life for the paraprofessionals and their families. 

(2)     The students are required to attend class once a week while working their day jobs. In the wake of the Leave No Child Left Behind Act, the goal being that these paraprofessionals obtain their bachelor’s degree by 2006 if they want to be substitute teachers. The tutoring staff has doubled to provide academic support. 

(3)     The Waianae Campus is very fortunate to have partners such as Kaala Farms, University of Hawaii’s College of Education and Kapiolani Hospital who support this school. 

Questions, comments and concerns: 

(1)     Waiamau-Nunuha inquired about the tuition costs. Gay replied that students who meet income requirements are eligible to apply for financial aid. Gay noted that 80% of the students receive financial aid where the response from the federal government takes about three to eight weeks.


(2)     Janet Powell commented that families living in section 8 housing are eligible to receive breaks in tuition and that benefits her organization the Makaha Education Institute. 

(3)     Gay added that starting in the Fall 2003 Semester, the Waianae Campus is offering courses in science (included are lab courses), accounting, and management. She noted that the classes are designed to bond the students together thus creating an atmosphere of supporting one another. 

Makaha Education Institute – Janet Powell reported the following: 

(1)     Quoted Margaret Mead who stated “never doubt a small group of citizens who can make a difference.” Her organization is working with the Sea of Dreams Foundation, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to assisting persons with disabilities through their unique person-centered approach with technology that helps them begin to realize their potentials.


(2)     The paraprofessional program is a 192-hour pilot program that is designed to help various individuals including single mothers, mothers on welfare, elderly, etc, where they are taught reading, spelling and writing skills that is structured in a practical manner to train them to be teachers. 

(3)     The organization’s mission is specialized medical training to allow disadvantaged adults to work while taking classes where the students learn read and write in a thematic manner. She noted that there is a correlation where individuals who lack educational skills are more likely to commit crimes.


(4)     Powell stated that she would submit her proposal to the Governor Linda Lingle and the State Department of Education for their consideration. She stated that this program will enhance Makaha’s reputation.


COMMITTEE REPORTS: Education – Kurshals announced that the next committee meeting takes place on Monday, April 21, 2003 at 6:00 p.m., Waianae Satellite City Hall.


ADJOURNMENT: Without objections, the board adjourned the meeting at 11:06 p.m.


Submitted by,


Jamal Siddiqui

Neighborhood Assistant              


 Wai`anae Coast Neighborhood Board No. 24

  Parks and Recreation Committee Minutes

April 15, 2003

 Attendees: Tom Caldwell, Bob Benson, Phil Fernandez, Jo Jordan, Betty Waller, Patty Teruya, Cynthia K.L. Rezentes. 

The meeting was convened at 7:16 p.m. by committee chair Jo Jordan. 

Teruya moved and Caldwell seconded a motion to accept the prior month’s minutes. The motion passed unanimously for voting members (Caldwell, Teruya, Rezentes, Jordan). 


·        A concern regarding the Ma`ili Pt. section of Farrington Highway not having a closed system of guard rails around the curve was discussed. Initial discussion recommended the City be approached to add barriers on the park side of the openings. It was noted that this might cause more problems with the placement of the barriers if they were not placed in a location readily noted by motorists attempting to enter the park along that stretch of Farrington Highway and could cause additional problems. If the guard rail were contiguous around Ma`ili Pt. ingress/egress would be controlled, the barrier would be readily seen and provide a better solution for the stretch of highway. Caldwell moved and Teruya seconded a motion to send a recommendation to the full board to request, via a letter, the State Department of Transportation to install temporary barriers to “fill-in” the gaps between the guard rails from Hakimo to the end of Nanikai Beach park to prevent unsafe ingress/egress to the unimproved City beach park area. Note: The temporary barriers are to be used only until a total, permanent engineering solution to the entire Ma`ili Point stretch of Farrington Highway is implemented. The motion passed unanimously.

·        Complaint received regarding speeding on Lahaina Street.

·        There was a question when the Honolulu Board of Water Supply would complete their Phase III project in Makaha. 


·        4/20 4:00 pm There will be a public hearing held by the City Council regarding the City and County Budget. 

Previous Business Update: 

A.                 Existing Facilities:

1.      Park Adoptions – No new status.

2.      Pili O Kahe Beach Park –HECO still needs to start installing poles vertically on the open sides of the beach park (makai and Wai`anae sides) before any further work can happen in this area.

3.      Puu O Hulu Community Park – Status on permit still unknown. Everything else is in place for construction start once the permit is received.

4.      Ulehawa Beach Park (Nanikai area) – Same status = Have the permit. Now awaiting the “contract execution” paperwork from the city. Mike Creagh is now the new interface with the city. Everything else is in place for construction of the comfort station.

B.                 New, Improved, or Proposed Facilities

1.      Mauna Lahilahi Beach Park

a.      Breakwater – Re-scheduled blessing to be held on April 25, 2003. 

NOTE: Gail Loediro arrives. Sgt. Ayat was planning on attending the meeting with a position from HPD regarding taking on the responsibility of opening/closing gates to camping areas along the Wai`anae Coast. He did not attend the meeting so there is no update. 

Betty Waller arrives. 

b.      Archaeological Study – Griffin will push the paper to get the archaeological study started again. Once the study is complete, work may proceed to implement the Master Plan Improvements. Still waiting for study to recommence. 

NOTE: At this time a discussion ensued regarding the full Board taking a position to support the ahupua`a selection of cultural monitors. It was debated that it might be better, rather than supporting individual names, for the committee to recommend the Board support the process that the ahupua`a have followed in their selection process for the cultural monitors they individually support. 

Rezentes moved and Caldwell seconded a motion to recommend to the full Board, “The Wai`anae Coast Neighborhood Board supports the efforts of the four (4) ahupua`a councils of the Wai`anae District to provide direction for cultural monitors.” The motion was carried unanimously. 

2.      Kaupuni Neighborhood Park – Ivan Laikupu has been speaking to City Council members to garner support for keeping the budget intact for the development/construction of Kaupuni Neighborhood Park.

3.      Playground Equipment Updates – No new status = Still don’t know when the District Park is scheduled to have their equipment installed. This is the second year that monies have been identified for playground equipment (FY ’03 and FY ’04 budgets). Jackie Spencer, parks supervisor for the Leeward Coast, has received notice this was to happen with the FY ’03 budget but nothing happened. Need to send in letters of support requesting it be done this time.

4.      Wai`anae Regional Park – No new status = The archaeological study in currently being finalized and should be done in 1-2 months. Then Phase One of the Master Plan can be developed.

5.      Poka`i Bay – No new status from last month (this item will be kept on the agenda and in the minutes to remind us all of the status). The continuing issue is whether the C&C will ever provide the $1M needed to do the Bayview Drainage project, required prior to any work being done for improvements to Poka`i Bay Beach Park. This project has been in discussion for over 8 years.  

Open Discussion: 

1.      Gates for camping areas in City parks -- Need to get an HPD position regarding opening/closing camping areas daily.

2.      Update on park permitting for picnics, camping and social functions – Need a status from Jackie Spencer regarding a meeting with Balfour to present the new plan approved by the Neighborhood Board.

3.      Rezentes will notify Jordan of upcoming scheduled meetings regarding the City budget.

4.      No discussion/update 

The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 p.m. 

Minutes submitted by: Cynthia K. L. Rezentes 


Wednesday, April 30, 2003

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