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Committee meeting minutes for Parks and Recreation and Parks and Recreation, Makua-Kaena State Beach Park are attached.





CALL TO ORDER: Chair Pro Tem Karen Awana called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m., with a quorum of 14 members present and read out the names of members elected to serve the 2003-2005 Board term. Neighborhood Assistant Siddiqui administered the oath-of-office to the newly elected Board members who were unable to attend the Neighborhood Board Installation Ceremony held on Saturday, May 17, 2003, Honolulu Hale Courtyard.

MEMBERS PRESENT: Karen Awana, Albert Silva, Patty Teruya, Sunday Paris, Neddie Waiamau-Nunuha, Paulette Dibibar, Cynthia Rezentes, Adrian Silva, Alvin Awo, Georgette “Jo” Jordan, Suzanne Leonida, Glen Kila, Maralyn Kurshals and Frank Slocum.


GUESTS: Major Gregory Lefcourt, Lieutenant Craig Yamamoto, Sergeant John Ayat, and Officer Randolph Tandal (Honolulu Police Department), Captain Francis Nishimura (Honolulu Fire Department, Waianae Fire Station), Howard Tanaka (Board of Water Supply), Alice Greenwood (O'hana O Lualualei Ahupua’a), Councilmember Mike Gabbard, Tesha Malama (Councilmember Mike Gabbard’s Office staff), Betty Waller (Makaha Ahupua’a), Mieko and Shuji Shintani and Ron Sullivan (Hawaii Aistar), Captain John McLawhorn (Naval Magazine Pearl Harbor), Lieutenant Colonel Patricia Matlock (25th Infantry Division), Clinton Jamile (Department of Parks and Recreation), Lucy Gay (Coordinator, Leeward Community College – Waianae Campus), Nina Fisher and Lehua Kinilau (Senator Colleen Hanabusa’s Office staff), Michael Lesa (Representative Maile Shimabukuro’s Office staff), Representative Michael Kahikina, Georgina Kawamura (Governor’s Representative), Breene Harimoto (Board of Education), Ivan Laikupu (Waianae Valley Homestead Community Association), Sharon Fountain (PDMI – Physically Disabled and Mentally Ill Care Inc.), Phillip Fernandes and Robert Benson (Makaha Surfside), David Bills (Gray, Hong, Bills, Nojima and Associates), Mike Oshiro (City Department of Transportation Services), Randy Cates and Virginia Enos (Cates International), Jonathan Wong (Waianae Ahupua’a), Walterbea Aldergues, Roxanne Benevides and Cherie P. Jones (Leeward Community College – Waianae Campus), James Manaku, Sr., Mark Suiso, Bernadette Lamboley, Tulutulu Toa, Tony Troche, Henry Ahlo, William and Melva Aila, and Jamal Siddiqui (Neighborhood Commission Office staff). 


Honolulu Police Department (HPD) – Captain Craig Yamamoto reported the following: 

(1)     Statistics for the month of May: 5 robberies, 24 burglaries, 76 thefts, 44 unauthorized entry of motor vehicles, 31 auto thefts, 28 CPD, 92 persons, 85 motor vehicle collisions, 1 driving under the influence, 11 drugs, and 355 others.

(2)     There were 1,480 written reports in District 8.

(3)     There were 507 arrests at the Kapolei Police Station (373 were adults and 134 were juveniles).

(4)     Maile Kanemaru of the United States Justice Department will do a Weed & Seed presentation on Thursday, June 12, 2003 at Nanakuli High School’s multi-purpose room at 6:30 p.m. Come and find out about the Weed & Seed program.

(5)     The “Live & Let Live – Don’t Drink & Drive” Traffic Safety Awareness Program will hold an organizational meeting at the Waianae Police Station on Thursday, June 26, 2003 at 5:30 p.m. Anyone interested in continuing this “life-saving” program in the community, please attend.

(6)     Safety Tip: Seat Belts Save Lives. So Buckle Up! Although the “Click It or Ticket” campaign was May 19 to June 1,2003, seat belt and child safety restraint seat enforcement is ongoing. The following rules are as follows: child passenger restraint seat is required for four years of age or younger; between the ages of four and fourteen, whether in front or back seat, seat belt is required; back seat passengers ages fifteen to seventeen, seat belt is required; and seat belt restraint is required for all front seat passengers. Exceptions: not enough seat belts for the amount of passengers and medical reason. 

Questions, comments and concerns:

(1)     Alice Greenwood reported that there was a motorcycle speeding on Hakimo Road where fire came out of the motorcycle’s exhaust and asked why the police have done anything to curb this activity. Major Lefcourt replied that the police could not do anything unless they see it however anyone witnessing speeding they should dial 911 and will take appropriate action. Kurshals asked if a videotape documenting speeding would be sufficient evidence. Major Lefcourt replied no.

(2)     Slocum read a letter to the editor where he quoted the following portion: “It’s 3:00 a.m. and I’m driving home from work to the Waianae Coast. The mile stretch of parking lot on Ma’ili Beach is bustling with drug activity. There are about 100 homeless drug dealers and users milling about the once-beautiful park the State built with my tax dollars. These homeless druggies have taken over the whole park. No family in its right mind would go near it. Where are the police? Nowhere to be found. The people on the Waianae Coast have been abandoned by the police department and area elected officials.” Major Lefcourt responded by stating that the Waianae CAR – Community Area Responsibility Program that addresses homelessness throughout the Waianae Coast. Major Lefcourt also mentioned that the police have issued citations to some of the homeless.

(3)     Greenwood reported that there are four guys who have terrorized and assaulted beachgoers at area beaches and why the police continue to let them go. Major Lefcourt replied that the ones who get bailed out are released but they would be monitored.

(4)     Kila commended HPD for their early intervention to prevent drug use among students in area schools through their DARE – Drug Awareness Resistance Education Program.

(5)     Albert Silva cited a recent episode where a good friend of his had very high blood pressure 180 over 160. Timely intervention by the emergency medical services saved this friend’s life therefore they should be applauded for their timely and dedicated service to the community. 

Honolulu Fire Department (HFD) – Captain Francis Nishimura, Waianae Fire Station, reported the following:

 (1)     Statistics for the month of May: Total number of alarms responded by both the Waianae and Nanakuli Stations) 224 (50 fires and 174 medical emergencies). Nanakuli Fire Station responded to the total of 77 alarms (16 fires and 77 medical emergencies) while the Waianae Fire Station responded to the total of 147 alarms (34 fires and 113 medical emergencies).

(2)     Summer is brushfire season. Noting the dryness of the Leeward area, Captain Nishimura encouraged everyone to conserve water.  

Questions, comments and concerns: Greenwood stated that a number of fires have been taking place on Hakimo Road. She cited a specific case where fire personnel refused to go into a yard at 87-1105 Hakimo Road. Captain Nishimura replied that he would convey this information to the Nanakuli Fire Station. 


Election of Chair: The nominations for Chair were opened. Albert Silva nominated Glen Kila. Dibibar nominated Rezentes. Waiamau-Nunuha nominated Teruya. There being no other nominations, Dibibar moved and Kurshals seconded to close the nominations for Chair. The motion to close the nominations for Chair was unanimously adopted by a vote of 14-0-0.  

Round One – Five votes for Kila (5): Albert Silva, Adrian Silva, Alvin Awo, Suzanne Leonida and Glen Kila. Five votes for Rezentes: Paulette Dibibar, Cynthia Rezentes, Georgette Jordan, Maralyn Kurshals, Frank Slocum. Four votes for Teruya: Karen Awana, Sunday Paris, Patty Teruya, Neddie Waiamau-Nunuha. Eight votes were needed for election of Chair.  

Round Two – Teruya withdrew her Candidacy for Chair. Nine votes for Kila: Karen Awana, Albert Silva, Sunday Paris, Patty Teruya, Neddie Waiamau-Nunuha, Adrian Silva, Alvin Awo, Suzanne Leonida, Glen Kila. Five votes for Rezentes: Paulette Dibibar, Cynthia Rezentes, Georgette Jordan, Maralyn Kurshals, Frank Slocum. With nine votes, Glen Kila was elected Chair.  Awana relinquished the gavel to Kila. 

Election of Vice Chair – The nominations for Vice Chair were opened. Paris nominated Adrian Silva. Adrian Silva declined. Leonida nominated Albert Silva. There being no other nominations, Teruya moved and

Waiamau-Nunuha seconded to close the nominations for Vice Chair. The motion to close the nominations was adopted by a unanimous vote of 14-0-0. Albert Silva was elected Vice Chair by a vote of 12-0-2. Abstain: Dibibar, Awo.

Election of Secretary/Treasurer – The nominations for Secretary/Treasurer were opened. Paris nominated Teruya. Dibibar nominated Waiamau-Nunuha. Waiamau-Nunuha declined. Dibibar nominated Awana. Awana declined. There being no other nominations, Paris moved and Waiamau-Nunuha seconded to close the nominations. The motion to close the nominations was adopted by a unanimous vote of 14-0-0. Teruya was elected Secretary/Treasurer by acclamation. 

Election of Sergeant-At-Arms – The nominations for Sergeant-At-Arms were opened. Awana nominated Waiamau-Nunuha and Paris as Sergeant-At-Arms. There being no other nominations, Silva moved and Dibibar seconded to close the nominations. Teruya noted that the Board has had a Sergeant-At-Arms for the past 20 years. The motion to close the nominations was adopted by a unanimous vote of 14-0-0. Waiamau-Nunuha and Paris were elected Sergeants-At-Arms by a vote of 13-0-1. Abstain: Dibibar.

Ratification of Pre-Established Day of the Month to hold Regular Meetings and Location – Waiamau-Nunuha moved and Paris seconded that the Board hold their regular meetings on the First Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m., Waianae Neighborhood Community Center. The motion was unanimously adopted by a vote of 14-0-0. 

Ratification of Publicity Fund – Albert Silva moved and Waiamau-Nunuha seconded that the Board ratify their publicity funds for videotaping meetings for later broadcast on Olelo Channel 54 and in placing ads in Westside Stories. The motion was adopted by a unanimous vote of 14-0-0.

Ratification of Welcome/Pledge of Allegiance/God Bless America/Hawai’i Pono’i/Pule – Albert Silva moved and Adrian Silva seconded that the Board ratify Welcome/Pledge of Allegiance/God Bless America/Hawaii Pono’i/Pule in the be done at the beginning of the meeting. Awana suggested that the singing of God Bless America be removed. Slocum strongly objected. The motion was adopted by a vote of 13-1-0. Nay: Rezentes. 

BREAK: Without objections, the break occurred at 7:35 p.m. and the meeting resumed at 7:40 p.m.

APPOINTMENT OF COMMITTEES – The following volunteered to chair the various Board Committees:

Planning & Zoning/Vision Team                            -            Patty Teruya

Transportation/OMPO                                         -            Albert Silva

Health, Human Services & Public Safety                 -            Karen Awana, Sunday Paris & Neddie Waiamau-Nunuha

Parks & Recreation/Parks Beautification              -            Georgette Jordan

Education                                                          -            Maralyn Kurshals

Waianae Coast Coalition                                    -            Suzanne Leonida

APPROVAL OF THE MAY 6, 2003 REGULAR MEETING MINUTESThe following corrections were made: 

  • Page 3, last paragraph, last line, under Presentation of Certificates of Appreciation, add “City and County”
  • Page 4, paragraph 8, under Announcements – Hokule’a Sailing from Makua to Haleiwa, should read: Melva Aila announced that on Friday, May 9, 2003, the voyaging canoe – Hokule’a would be sailing from Haleiwa to Makua to Pokai Bay. The launch is scheduled for 7:00 p.m.
  • Page 4, paragraph 9, under Announcements – Area Beach Clean Ups, delete “2002” and insert “2003”
  • Page 4, paragraph 9, under Area Beach Clean Ups, delete “Ulehawa” and insert “Kaena/Keawaula”
  • Page 4, paragraph 9, under Area Beach Clean Ups, insert “No. 2” after “Lualualei Beach Park
  • Throughout the minutes, delete “Alii’nui” and insert “Ali’inui”
  • Page 5, paragraph 3, under Updates on BWS’ Waianae Coast Construction Project Improvements Project, line 1, delete “for install” and insert “on the installation of”
  • Page 5, paragraph 7, insert “to do construction during the day” between “Company” and “to install”
  • Page 6, paragraph 7, under Army item 4 after “Leilehua Recreation Center” add “to obtain a vehicular pass”
  • Page 6, paragraph 8, under Army, delete “Harry” and insert “Henry”
  • Page 6, paragraph 12, under Navy, item 1, add “A summarized”
  • Page 8, under Senator Colleen Hanabusa, item 3, delete “Aukama” and insert “Kaukama”
  • Page 10, paragraph 4, insert “from the Parks and Recreation Committee” after “Recommendation”
  • Page 12, under Recommendation from the Parks and Recreation Committee that the State Department of Transportation add temporary guardrails along Farrington Highway to close guardrail gaps of Maili Point from Hakimo Road to Nanikai Beach Park, paragraph 4, item 4, delete “Nanikai Beach Park” and insert “gaps along Maili Point”

Teruya moved and Awana seconded that the Board approve the May 6, 2003 minutes as amended. The motion was adopted by a vote of 14-1-0.    


Treasurer’s Report – No report.



Dumping of Roofing Material and Dirt at Coronet Store in Makaha – James Manaku, Sr. reported that the roofing material containing asbestos and dirt are being dumped at the Coronet Store in Makaha, thereby creating a health and safety hazard. 

Sand Hazard on Farrington Highway – Manaku reported that last month’s high waves resulted in the sand being washed onto Farrington Highway. A team from the State Department of Transportation crew cleared the sand. After the clean up, the waves deposited more sand on Farrington Highway, thereby creating a safety hazard, therefore the sand must be removed especially the section that allows wheel chair access. 

Makaha Surfside Cove Handicap Access – Manaku reported that construction of the cove located behind the Makaha Surfside does not have parking or access for the handicapped and area residents needs to be addressed.  

Concern with Lucy Gay be reassigned to the Pearl City (Main) Campus of Leeward Community College when she is needed at the Waianae Campus – Roxanne Benevides, a student attending Leeward Community College (LCC) – Waianae Campus, stated her concern that Ms. Lucy Gay has been called back to LCC’s main campus – Pearl City. This proposed move is wrong because Ms. Gay has done so much to improve the quality of life by providing educational opportunities to those who may have not have had the opportunity to do so, thereby getting them off of welfare and into the workforce. Rezentes pointed out that Ms. Gay has been instrumental in offering new courses at the Waianae Campus.  

Rezentes moved and Kurshals seconded that the Board add to the Agenda under New Business – Letter to LCC Provost Mark Silliman and a copy to University of Hawaii President Evan Dobelle asking them to reconsider their decision in transferring Ms. Lucy Gay to the Main Campus of Leeward Community College at Pearl City. The motion was adopted by a unanimous vote of 14-0-0. 

Garbage cans painted with racial epitaphs – Betty Waller expressed alarm that she saw racial epitaphs spray painted on a garbage container at the intersection of Makaha Valley Road and Farrington Highway therefore it must be removed immediately.  

BWS construction resulting in the destruction of heiaus – A resident expressed grave concern that BWS’s water main installation projects throughout the Waianae Coast has resulted in some of the heiaus being destroyed and nothing has been done to address this problem. He suggested that representatives from BWS, Kamaile Heiau and the Oahu Burial Council must meet so that they could resolve this problem prior to the water main installation projects proceeding forward.  

Traffic light system not be consistent throughout the Waianae Coast – Albert Silva stated that the traffic light system throughout the Waianae Coast are not consistent therefore the State Department of Transportation must correct this problem specifically at toward the entrance of Waianae High School along Farrington Highway from Nanakuli Avenue to Cornet Store in Makaha. Other Board members reported similar problems: no left turn arrow entering Kaukama Road where the Princess Kahana Estates is located and the intersection of Leihoku Street and Hokupaa Street where Waianae II Elementary School is located, is an accident waiting to happen. 


Activities occurring at Leeward Community College’s Waianae Campus – Lucy Gay announced the following: (a) Kamehameha Schools is offering a $500,000 Kumu Kokua Scholarship for the Waianae Campus with the following criteria: the Waianae Campus is offering educational assistance in training paraprofessionals and at least 33% of the student body are native Hawaiians. There will be an informational workshop regarding the Kumu Kokua Scholarship scheduled for Friday, June 13, 2003 at 6:00 p.m., New Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center. (b) More than 40 computer classes will be offered in the Summer 2003 Session. Most of the classes are held in evenings and weekends and are free. Classes start on June 12, 2003. Class times – 5:00 to 7:30 p.m. For further information, call 696-6378.  

Aligning of Sun, Earth and Moon – Alice Greenwood announced that on June 21, 2003 at 12:00 p.m. the sun, earth and moon will align together, therefore she asked people to pray that day for solutions to resolve problems people are facing today.   

Area Beach Clean Ups – Jordan announced that the next area beach clean up is at Makua Beach Park on June 20, 2003 starting at 8:00 a.m. The United States Army will be participating in the clean up. 

Nanakuli Canoe Halau Project: Jordan announced that public comments for the Nanakuli Canoe Halau Project are due on June 23, 2003. 

Nanakuli Project Graduation – Teruya acknowledged George and Sunday Paris and the Hawaii Iron Workers Union for their successful efforts in making it the 2003 Nanakuli Project Graduation possible.

Rockslide Protection Study – Rezentes announced that she has received copies of the State Department of Transportation Rockslide Protection Study where she questioned the criteria of how certain locations qualified as being most vulnerable to future rockslides.  

June 16, 2003 March to the Prince Jonah Kuhio Federal Building – Waiamau-Nunuha announced that on June 16, 2003, the State Council of Hawaiian Homestead Associations will be marching towards the Prince Jonah Kuhio Federal Courthouse asking the Federal Judge for a summary judgment in the Arakaki v. Lingle Case. 

Update from Waianae Community Area Responsibility (CAR) Meeting – Awana mentioned that at the Waianae Community Area Responsibility (CAR) Meeting held on May 22, 2003, the following were mentioned: HPD has 100 vacancies; there were Departments of Parks and Recreation personnel present at the CAR meetings; looking for a site to house the homeless; counted 175 homeless people living throughout the Waianae Coast; and $75,000 has been allocated to renovate the green house. 

Board of Water Supply (BWS) – Howard Tanaka reported the following: 

(1)     There were two main breaks that occurred in May 2003. One was at the intersection of Nanakuli Avenue and Mano Avenue. There have been a number of breaks that have occurred within this subdivision therefore BWS is currently replacing water mains along Nanakuli Avenue and the adjacent streets. The second break occurred on Alta Street on an 8-inch main that was installed in 1971. It is suspected that the   cause of this break appeared to be corrosion of the ductile iron pipe.

(2)     Tanaka informed the Board that a 24-inch water main broke today on Farrington Highway near Kahe Point. This main will be replaced as part of BWS’ Farrington Highway Part I project from Haleakala Avenue to Ali’inui Drive that is scheduled to begin in May 2004 after the completion of the Farrington Highway Part II project from Hakimo Road to Haleakala Avenue. The latest report is that the main will be repaired by tomorrow morning.

(3)     General Announcements:

(a)  June through November marks hurricane season. A hurricane may disrupt your water service therefore BWS asks that you keep this in mind as you prepare your household for any long-term water outage. Brochures on disaster preparedness were distributed for any interested individual to review.

(b)  At its May 29, 2003 meeting, BWS voted to keep water rates at current levels and approved their operating and capital improvement project budget of $195.6 million for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2003. The Board has not raised rates since 1996.

(c)  BWS’ new telephone system will be on-line on June 19, 2003. Be on the lookout for special mailing on the changeover. BWS’ new prefix is 748- replacing the 527- numbers currently being used. BWS’ new main telephone number is 748-5000.

(4)     Water Projects throughout the Waianae Coast District:

(a)  As of May 31. 2003, the Farrington Highway Water Mains Installation Project, Part II from Hakimo Road to Haleakala Avenue is 19% complete. Efforts were placed on preparing for the Ulehawa Stream crossing and preparing for connections, chlorination and pressure testing of other mains that have been installed. Project work schedule – Sunday through Thursday, 6:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. A 2,782 length foot of the 8-inch main has been installed on the mauka side of Farrington Highway from Hakimo Road toward Ulehawa Stream. This project is scheduled to be completed by April 2004. Tanaka noted that Board member Neddie Waiamau-Nunuha is the cultural consultant for the portion in the Nanakuli Ahupua’a.

(b)  As of April 30, 2003, 97% of the Farrington Highway Water Mains Installation Project, Part III from Jade Street to Kaulawaha Road. Paving, striping and installation of the loop detectors is completed. Work remaining: Raising manhole and valve covers and repairing a fence at Waianae High School. The project is scheduled to be completed by June 30, 2003.

(c)  As of April 30, 2003, 20% of the Nanakuli Water System Improvements, Part I is 28% complete. On Nanakuli Avenue, the 20-inch main is completed while the 12-inch main is 70% complete. Once installed, the mains will be pressure tested and chlorinated. We’ve continued to instruct the contractor to do a better job of maintaining the trenches on Nanakuli Avenue. The contractor has elected to construct the curb ramps at the intersections before proceeding with the final paving. The project is scheduled to be completed by March 2004.

(d)  Laiku Street Water System Improvements – Construction notice to proceed on the 8-inch mains along Laiku Street, Waiolu Street and Princess Kahanu Avenue was on May 26, 2003. The contractor is setting up their baseyard and will begin excavation in approximately two weeks. Project is scheduled to be completed by February 2004.

(e)  Farrington Highway Mains, Part I from Haleakala Avenue to Ali’inui Drive – BWS expects bids to be solicited at the end of 2003 with construction to commence after the completion of the Farrington Highway Part II from Hakimo Road to Haleakala Avenue that is estimated to be completed in April 2004. As with Part II, BWS wants to defer to the wishes of the community on establishing a work schedule. BWS representatives met with the Nanakuli Hawaiian Homes Community Association on May 26, 2003 and requested their input by July 2003. The input from the Waianae Coast Neighborhood Board and the Nanakuli Hawaiian Homes Community Association will help BWS in preparing a construction work schedule. 

Questions, comments and concerns: Albert Silva inquired about the soil condition causing corrosion to the water main pipes. Tanaka replied that BWS is installing plastic pipes that do not corrode. 

Board of Education (BOE) – BOE Representative Breene Harimoto distributed his written report and highlighted the following:  

(1)     Virginia Lowell as chosen to retire as State Librarian when her contract expires on June 30, 2003. The BOE has formed a search committee to find her successor.

(2)     Hawaii became the 24th State to gain approval from the United States Department of Education regarding

their No Child Left Behind Accountability System.

(3)     Last week, the State Department of Education (DOE) redefined kupunas as “cultural personnel resource” to get around the No Child Left Behind requirements relating to teachers and paraprofessionals.

(4)     Formal announcements of the election results for the Ka Waihona School Board were made at the BOE’s May 15, 2003 meeting. The new Ka Waihona School Board is getting organized and revising their Detailed Implementation Plan.

(5)     The BOE will be evaluating the performance of Patricia Hamamoto as State Schools Superintendent at their July 2003 Meeting. 

(6)     BOE’s newsletter highlighted legislation related to various issues and legislation ranging from educational governance to charter schools to funding for public education and public libraries that was addressed in the 2003 state legislature. 

Questions, comments and concerns: Waiamau-Nunuha suggested that principals spend more time at their assigned schools and less time attending meetings that occur off campus. 

Dibibar left at 8:40 p.m. (13 members present)

Army: Lieutenant Colonel Patricia Matlock reported the following:  

(1)     In May 2003, the Army performed twelve Military Assistance and Service Transport (MAST) missions by rescuing nineteen patients and flew for seventeen hours.

(2)     Approximately 150 soldiers stationed at Schofield Barracks returned home from Operations Enduring Freedom (in Afghanistan) and Iraqi Freedom.

(3)     The Annual 4th of July Celebration takes place on base at Schofield Barracks. 

Questions, comments and concerns: 

(1)     Jordan thanked the Army for their help in the Kaena/Keawaula Beach clean up that occurred in May 2003.

(2)     Chair Kila thanked the Army for donating thousands of dollars to fund repairing/improving area public school facilities. 

Navy: Captain John McLawhorn informed the Board that the summarized archeological report on Lualualei would be released in August 2003. 

Questions, comments and concerns: Jordan tanked the Navy for their help in the Lualualei Beach Park No. 2 clean up that occurred in May 2003.


Mayor’s Representative – No representative was present.   

Councilmember Gabbard – Councilmember Gabbard distributed copies of his monthly report and highlighted the


(1)     The City Council is expected to pass the City’s operating and capital improvement budget at their next meeting on Wednesday, June 4, 2003. Included in the City Budget is $900,000 that has been allocated for improvements at Kaupuni Neighborhood Park. Councilmember Gabbard thanked Waianae residents for testifying on area projects at the City Council’s public hearing on the Budget that occurred on Wednesday, April 30, 2003.

(2)     The next Waianae O’ Malama meeting will be held on Thursday, June 26, 2003, 7:00 p.m., Waianae Neighborhood Community Center. For further information, call Patty Teruya at 527-5815.

(3)     Councilmember Gabbard reported that he has been invited to serve on the Mayor’s task force to address the problem of homelessness.

(4)     Councilmember Gabbard announced that his office along with Ho o Mau Keola and the Waianae Weed and Seed are sponsoring a community-wide effort to combat the illegal use of drugs on the Waianae Coast. The first meeting of citizens, government officials and civic groups will be held on Thursday, July 24, 2003, 6:30 to 9:30 p.m., Waianae District Park Multi-Purpose Building.

(5)     Dedication of the Israel Kamakawiwaole statue located next to the Waianae Neighborhood Community Center will be held on Saturday, June 28, 2003 from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. 

Questions, comments and concerns: Betty Waller inquired to why the Makaha Neighborhood Community Park was not included in the proposed City Budget. Councilmember Gabbard will follow up on it.   

Governor’s Representative – State Budget Director Georgina Kawamura reported the following: 

(1)     In response to the proposed placing of a medial strip project on Maili Point mentioned at the last Board meeting, Kawamura informed the Board that the State Department of Transportation (DOT) is waiting for authorization from the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) to install the medial strip.  

(2)     Responding to concerns raised earlier in the meeting regarding the lack of consistency of traffic lights along Farrington, Kawamura replied that the DOT would proceed to correct this problem. Kawamura further stated that she would make arrangement for the Board’s Transportation Committee and representatives from the DOT to address these problems.

(3)     Kawamura announced that $2.2 million has been allocated to address the flooding problem at Waianae Agricultural Park. 

Questions, comments and concerns: Jordan mentioned that approximately three to five years ago, there was a drainage problem next to the 7-Eleven Store at the intersection of Farrington Highway and Lualualei Road where it has been clogged by the sand thereby making it a heath hazard that continues to this date.   

Senator Colleen Hanabusa – Nina Fisher distributed copies of Senator Hanabusa’s monthly written report and highlighted the following: 

(1)     Fisher introduced Lehua Kinilau who works part time at Senator Hanabusa’s office.

(2)     May 1, 2003 marked the end of the 2003 state legislative session. Fisher mentioned that area legislators held their legislative town meeting on Monday, May 12, 2003 at Maili Elementary School.

Questions, comments and concerns: Teruya inquired about Senate Bill 1305 – regarding homeless service, and stated that representatives from the Hawaii Community Development for Housing (HCDH) stated no interest in attending the Waianae CAR – Community Area Responsibility Meetings where they are addressing homelessness problem. Teruya announced that the next Waianae CAR meeting would be held on Thursday, June 26, 2003 at Ho’omakela Elementary School. Kawamura replied that she would have an HCDH representative attend the next Waianae CAR meeting.

Representative Michael Kahikina – Representative Kahikina distributed copies his written report and highlighted the following:   

(1)     The next area legislative town meeting will be held on Monday, June 9, 2003 at Nanaikapono Elementary School from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

(2)     Expressed concern that the State Child Protective Services are taking away children from their families due to hearsay.

(3)     Pleased to announce that Governor Lingle has signed into law the Ko Olina tax credit bill that will create jobs throughout the Waianae Coast.

(4)     Expressed concern the when the trenches are dug up to adjust the traffic lights along Farrington Highway, the trench tractor hits the sensor. The City is taking the lead to address this problem.

(5)     Nanakuli Elementary and High Schools will be participating in the Hawaii 3R’s program where volunteers do repair and improvement work.

(6)     As stated earlier by Waiamau-Nunuha, Representative Kahikina stated that the entitlements from OHA – Office of Hawaiian Affairs, is a birthright and is not about race preference as some critics claim to portray. 

Paris left at 9:07 p.m. (12 members present) 

Representative Maile Shimabukuro – Michael Lesa distributed copies of Representative Shimabukuro’s monthly written report earlier in the meeting.  


Waianae Coast Access Road Update – David Bills, from Gray, Hong, Bills, Nojima and Associates, stated that there are plans to build a connector road from Kaulawaha Road in Makaha to Hakimo Road in Nanakuli as part of the Waianae Coast Access Road where construction is expected to commence in June 2003. Bills announced that there will be community meeting taking place on Wednesday, June 23, 2003, 7:00 to 9:00 p.m., Waianae District Park Multi-Purpose Room, 85-601 Farrington Highway where it is to be determined if the Waianae/Makaha connector road would be permanently open to the public or open during emergency situations. Mike Oshiro, from the City Department of Transportation Services (DTS) reported that he has worked with Councilmember Mike Gabbard on this project.  

Questions, comments and concerns: 

(1)     Slocum asked what the operational plans for the proposed access road, specifically police monitor. Bills replied that signage would be placed there and that the police would monitor traffic. It was noted that the police would open and close the gates on the access road.

(2)     Jordan asked how the chain of command would be carried out when an emergency arises. Bills replied that the Waianae and Kapolei police stations would have the keys to open and close the emergency access road.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Neighborhood Plan Update – No report.  


Moi Farm Extension: Randy Cates, from Cates International, reported that his company is working on an upcoming Draft Environmental Assessment to expand their Moi Fish Farm, to be located two miles offshore of Barbers Point Harbor. Cates stated that Barbers Point is the preferred location where it would attract a lot of Waianae fishermen to come fish there and would eventually expand towards the Waianae Board Harbor. Cates stated that this project would work in Hawaii because the people here love to work in the ocean and that jobs will be created in the Waianae Coast. Cates noted that Hawaii’s Senior United States Senator Daniel Inouye has placed federal funds for job training in this specific endeavor. Target date for public comments for this Draft Environment Assessment is July 1, 2003. 

Questions, comments and concerns: William Aila stated his strong support for this project and commended Cates for inclusiveness and his willingness to hire local people. 

Rezentes moved and Albert Silva seconded that the Waianae Coast Neighborhood Board No. 24 support the concept of the Moi Farm Extension Project until the Draft Environmental Assessment is released for the Board to further comment upon. The motion was carried by a unanimous vote of 12-0-0.  

PDMI Care’s request for a Conditional Use Permit for a Special Treatment Facility: Sharon Fountain, representing PDMI (Physically Disabled and Mentally Ill) Care, Inc., stated that her organization is requesting Board support for their Conditional Use Permit (CUP) application for use of a residence at 84-1064 Lahaina Street as their Special Treatment Facility so that PDMI Care can get a license from the State Department of Health to operate a facility to help mental health patients prepare for mainstream life.

Questions, comments and concerns:

 (1)     All patients under PDMI’s care come from the State’s Adult Mental Health Division referrals.

(2)     Medications are administered to patients by registered nurses who are trained in treating mental health.

(3)     PDMI Care works in collaboration with the Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center.

(4)     There are currently eighteen patients that PDMI treats.

(5)     PDMI Care has been operating at their current facility at 84-1064 Lahaina Street for the past two years.

(6)     Manaku asked Fountain if she talked to immediate area residents about this special treatment facility. Fountain replied no. Jordan followed up by asking why now is PDMI Care is applying for a Conditional Use Permit. Fountain replied that at that time PDMI Care got started at their Lahaina Street facility, the Adult Mental Health Division did not require a license to operate the facility. Jordan further asked if there are patients that have a criminal background. Fountain replied there was only one who has been since rehabilitated.

(7)     Manaku noted that there are agricultural lots located next to the facility.

(8)     Waller asked if any patient is caught using illegal drugs what does PDMI do? Fountain replied that they call a probation officer for help.

(9)     A consensus was reached that the Board defer action until their Health, Human Services and Public Safety Committee reviews the matter in detail through extensive community input and give their recommendation at the next Board meeting. 

Letter to the Leeward Community College (LCC) asking them to keep Ms. Lucy Gay as Coordinator of their Waianae Campus: Rezentes moved and Kurshals seconded that the Waianae Coast Neighborhood Board No. 24 send a letter to LCC Provost Paul Silliman with a carbon copy sent to President Evan Dobelle at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and to all the University of Hawaii Board of Regents requesting a reconsideration of Ms. Lucy Gay to the main LCC campus at Pearl City as a Counselor and returning her as a Coordinator at LCC’s Waianae Campus. 

Questions, comments and concerns: 

(1)     A student from the LCC’s Waianae Campus stated that Ms. Gay has resurrected the Waianae Campus and who has gone beyond the call of duty to help residents obtain an education – key to improving ones’ quality of life through TEAM – Together Everyone And More. Ms. Gay is compassionate and caring whose work here sets a path for future generations to follow. 

(2)     Waller stated her personal support for Ms. Gay who has done so much and has great plans for the future of LCC’s Waianae Campus.

(3)     Teruya mentioned that Ms. Gay has been instrumental in helping members of the Waimanalo Construction Coalition to getting commercial drivers’ license (CDL) training as well as helping Native Hawaiians. Teruya further stated that when something good happens in Waianae, it gets taken away.

 The motion was adopted by a unanimous vote of 12-0-0.

 ADJOURNMENT: Albert Silva moved and Waiamau-Nunuha seconded that the meeting be adjourned. The motion was adopted by a unanimous vote of 14-0-0. The meeting was adjourned at 10:00 p.m.


Submitted by,


Jamal Siddiqui

Neighborhood Assistant



Wai`anae Coast Neighborhood Board No. 24

Parks and Recreation Committee Minutes

June 17, 2003 

Attendees: Clinton Jamile, Tom Caldwell, Jo Jordan, Cynthia K.L. Rezentes. 

The meeting was convened at 7:15 p.m. by committee chair Jo Jordan. 


·        There is an abandoned blue car located near Glenmonger Street at Lualualei Beach Park # 2 


·        6/20 Makua Cleanup from 8-11:30. Meet at Kula`ila`I

·        7/11 Poka`i/Rest Camp/Lualualei Beach Park #2 Cleanup from 8-11:30. Meet at Poka`i Bay

·        6/25 WCEAR (Wai`anae Coast Emergency Access Road) meeting 7-9 p.m. at the Wai`anae Dist. Park Multipurpose Room

·        Written comments are due for the Nanakuli Canoe Halau Draft EA by 6/23

·        Written comments are due for the Makaha Canoe Halau Draft EA by 7/8

·        6/28 There will be a dedication for the Brother Israel Kamakawiwoole bust(?) at the Community Center from 2-4 p.m.

·        Reconstruction of tennis courts at the District Park is ongoing.

·        Wai`anae High School has a new maintenance individual for the pool. He is attempting to get the pool up and operational for fall classes and swimming.

·        The contract has been awarded for the Master Planning of the old incinerator/dump site.

·        Sgt. Fagan (U.S. Army 25th Id(light)) has tentatively setup dates for combined (with the community) cleanups at Poka`i Bay/Makua/Keawa`ula for 2004. 

Previous Business Update: 

A.                 Existing Facilities:

1.      Park Adoptions – 1) A Ms. Kido from ARC has expressed interest in adopting Lualualei Beach Park #2 (trash pickup vs maintenance). 2) Kahe Beach Park – KoOlina Community Association has expressed interest in adopting this park. Further communications need to occur. 3) Jamile sent to Reid Tamashiro (with Weed and Seed efforts) a report regarding the Adopt-A-Park program. Jamile will work with Michelle Lee to get more parks adopted. He is scheduled to attend the Weed and Seed Restoration Committee meeting on 6/23.

2.      Pili O Kahe Beach Park –HECO still needs to start installing poles vertically on the open sides of the beach park (makai and Wai`anae sides) before any further work can happen in this area.

3.      Puu O Hulu Community Park – In contract re-negotiation for monies due to delays.

4.      Ulehawa Beach Park (Nanikai area) – Same status = Have the permit. Now awaiting the “contract execution” paperwork from the city. Mike Creagh is now the new interface with the city. Everything else is in place for construction of the comfort station. 

B.                 New, Improved, or Proposed Facilities

1.      Mauna Lahilahi Beach Park

a.      Breakwater – Currently being worked on.

b.      Archaeological Study – Griffin will push the paper to get the archaeological study started again. Once the study is complete, work may proceed to implement the Master Plan Improvements. Still waiting for study to recommence. 

2.      Kaupuni Neighborhood Park – In design phase and in current budget ($900K).

3.      Playground Equipment Updates – Ms. Jackie Spencer was told Wai`anae Dist. Park equipment should be coming around October/November of this year. Pilila`au Park should be receiving new equipiment in February/March 2004.

4.      Wai`anae Regional Park – It is believed the archaeological study has been completed and submitted to Dept. of Parks and Recreation. 

Note:            Representative Maile Shimabukuro has mentioned the desire for some area to be designed for BMX. Jordan responded that perhaps the old Wai`anae Incinerator/dumpsite could be considered. Community meetings will be scheduled over the next couple of months to discuss future plans for the area. 

5.      Poka`i Bay – No new status from last month (this item will be kept on the agenda and in the minutes to remind us all of the status). The continuing issue is whether the C&C will ever provide the $1M needed to do the Bayview Drainage project, required prior to any work being done for improvements to Poka`i Bay Beach Park. This project has been in discussion for over 8 years.  

Open Discussion: 

1.      Gates for camping areas in City parks – No further interest has been expressed by residents who raised the issue. In addition, HPD has expressed no ability to open/close the gates on a regular schedule. Given these two facts, this item will be dropped from the agenda.

2.      Update on park permitting for picnics, camping and social functions – The plan (which was approved by the Neighborhood Board over two years ago) has been approved by Dept. of Parks and Recreation. Ms. Jackie Spencer needs to identify the locations where signage needs to be placed. Once signs are installed then permitting may begin.

3.      Budget -- All monies requested for this year’s budget has been approved. What is required now is to follow the monies to make sure they are committed and the projects done.

4.      Cell Phone Antenna use of HPD tower – HPD would prefer not to have others attach to their facilities.

5.      Nanakuli Forac Tower removal – Jordan to contact regarding getting some of the material to use to   “fill in” area of wall not contiguous now with facility removed. 

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 p.m. 

Minutes submitted by: Cynthia K. L. Rezentes



Wai`anae Coast Neighborhood Board No. 24

Parks and Recreation Committee Notes

Makua-Ka`ena State Beach Park

June 12, 2003

Attendees: Melva  and William Aila,  Jo Jordan, Tom Caldwell, Cynthia K.L. Rezentes. Quorum present. 

Meeting called to order by Jo Jordan at 7:15 pm. 

II/III. Community Concerns/Announcements:  

·        6/25 WCEAR (Wai`anae Coast Emergency Access Road) meeting to be held at the Wai`anae District Park Multipurpose room from 7-9 p.m.

·        6/28 Dedication of Brother Israel Kamakawiwoole bust (?) at the Community Center from 2-4 p.m. 

IV.              Previous Business Update

A.                No update

B.                 Caldwell reviewed the part that was burned (PVC on electric pole where wiring goes into the ground, assumedly to the pump house). Need to get that information to Dan Quinn.

C.                Dan Quinn attempting to locate the money to put in the emergency phone near gates of Makua Military Reservation.

D.                Caldwell shared with the group a set of equipment that could be used for solar lighting at the Keawa`ula comfort station.

E.                 Aila will install a few more trash cans (some of the originals installed by the community have disappeared) after the 3rd dip.

F.                 The next cleanup will be held on 6/20 at Makua. Meet at Kula`ila`i between 8 and 8:30 a.m. Lt. Marvin is the Army contact. Dan Quinn will provide for truck(s) for removal of trash collected, and will provide gloves and bags. (As an aside, David Keawe tracked down who had dumped some large tires at Keawa`ula and got them removed within 3 days.)

G.                The barrier is rolled down again. Something else needs to be done, perhaps Jersey barriers. (This is on the La`ihau side of the Makua Beach Park.) 

Open discussion:

A. Closure of Makua-Ka`ena Park or Ke`awaula Park separately. Same status (in discussion and hold until a report is completed regarding a feasibility study to transfer State parks to the counties.)

B. Maintenance of Makua Area – The next potential cleanup date (community only) is being considered for September 6 (the weekend after the Labor Day weekend). It is believed there will be a significant amount of trash left from the holiday weekend which will need to be removed before it becomes a health hazard.

C. Rezentes moved and Caldwell seconded a motion to add to the agenda a move to consider adopting committee guidelines for the Parks and Recreation committee operations. The motion passed unanimously. Caldwell moved and Rezentes seconded a motion to adopt the guidelines as presented for the committee operations. The motion passed unanimously. (Anyone wishing a copy of the guidelines should contact Jordan.) 

The meeting was adjourned at 10:00 p.m..

Minutes submitted by: Cynthia K. L. Rezentes


Wednesday, June 25, 2003

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