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CALL TO ORDER:  Chair Pro Temp Karen Awana called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m. with a quorum present.  She welcomed the community to the meeting.


MEMBERS PRESENT:  Karen Awana, Alvin Awo, Jo Jordan, James Kelii, Glen Kila, Suzanne Leonida, James Manaku, Paul Pomaikai Sr., Adrian Silva, Albert H. Silva, Frank Slocum, Patty Teruya, Neddie Waiamau-Nunuha.


MEMBER ABSENT:  Joseph Hoohuli, Cynthia Rezentes.


GUESTS: Gary Oliva (HECO) Stella Gaison, Elaine Richards, Alic Lore, Judith Esquirra, Alice Greenwood (Ola O Ka Honua); Mike Oshiro and Darin Young, City Department of Transportation Services; Capt. Curtis Mayural (Honolulu Fire Department); Mitchell Kiyuna, Lt. Bonnie McKewen, Maj. Mike Tamashiro, Capt. Greg Lefcourt, Officer John Coleman -- (Honolulu Police Department); Alani Apio  (Board of Water Supply); Shirley Davenport (Hui Hana Pono), William Akama (UH – Leeward), Bud Ebel; Laura Pitolo, Tulu Toa, Sybol Uelese (Waianae Community Outreach); Tom Fee (HHF Planners), Captain Mike Donch (NAVMAG PH), Maralyn Kurshals, Rita K. Martin, John White, Wilma Keawe, Representative Maile Shimabukuro, Councilmember Todd Apo, Senator Colleen Hanabusa, Colonel and Mrs. Tunstall (U.S. Army 25th Infantry Division), Patty Duke (Chief, EMS), Walterbea Aldeguer, Kini Kawelo-Polani, Carolyn Hohoy, Gail Hunter, Ken Shimizu (Mayor’s Representative -- Deputy Director, Department of Design and Construction), (approximately 60 in audience with half attending signing in), Elwin Spray (Neighborhood Commission Office staff).


PULE/PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE/HAWAI`I PONO`I:  Albert H. Silva gave a Pule, Frank Slocum led the attendees in the Pledge of Allegiance and Neddie Waiamau-Nunuha led in singing Hawai’i Pono’i


SWEARING IN OF NEW BOARD MEMBERS:  Board Members were sworn in for the term to end May 31, 2007.




HONOLULU FIRE DEPARTMENT (HFD) – Captain Curtis Mayural (Honolulu Fire Department) reported the following for May 2005, Station 26 (Waianae) responded to one structure fire, thirty brush files, eighteen rubbish files and four vehicle fires and Station 28 (Nanakuli) had zero structure fires, nineteen brush files, four rubbish files and two vehicle fires. Station 26 (Waianae) dispatched to eighty-eight medical emergency, had one search/rescue and thirty-six miscellaneous responses, compared to Station 28 (Nanakuli) with forty nine medical emergencies and fourteen miscellaneous calls.  He reported that the Nanakuli Valley brush fire of May 11 – May 14, 2005 had thirty-six companies, six tankers, two helicopters, and three chiefs with their aides participating, for a total 194 personnel.  He noted that the cost in resources for this fire was very high, with about 25%of the Honolulu Fire Department’ capacity involved in this fire.  He noted that it involved the assistance of many others groups, including military personnel and military helicopters, HPD, and Civil Defense.


As a Fire Safety Tip, he reminded the community of the tremendous waste that brush fires cause and the use of resources that could be better used elsewhere.  He suggested that everyone be especially careful and practice fire safety, a concern that hits home in communities with rural backyards. 


Teruya, Albert  Silva and Pomaikai expressed the community’s appreciation on behalf of the board for the efforts in extinguishing the recent brush fire, especially including the efforts of the military, HPD, Civil Defense, EMS and the many others whose were involved.  Albert Silva noted the specific damage to the Waianae Coast community; families for will feel pointing out the loss of kiawe wood for cooking fires many years as well as pointing to the irreparable loss to Hawaii’s indigenous plants.  Greenwood inquired if the HFD maintains an inventory of those who have flammables such as diesel fuel on their properties; Mayoral said that a list is kept but encouraged those who have large quantities to update their supply with the local station.


HONOLULU POLICE DEPARTMENT (HPD) – Lt. Bonnie McKewen (Waianae Station) distributed a written report, highlighting the following from the District 8 (Waianae / Kapolei) statistics for May 2005:


1)       There were twenty-one burglaries, forty-four other property thefts, twenty-two auto thefts, fifty-four thefts from automobiles (UEMV), zero robberies, four ID thefts, eight DUI, and four drug arrests.


2)       Safety Tip: ID theft is a growing crime; protect your identity, once your identity has been taken, it is very hard to recover.


She responded to questions, advising that the on-line sex offender list may be viewed anywhere from the internet or at the main HPD station.  She noted that the penalty for failure to maintain an up-to-date listing was established through the Attorney General’s Office and that the failure, after successive attempts is a Class “C” felony.  She also noted, in response to a concern that TROs (temporary restraining orders) are only available from the judges in town, that some can be done at District Court.  She advised that incidents such as basketball players on a roadway or fires on beaches can be addressed by calling 911 when they occur, and that if there has been a failure to respond, she could investigate the specific incident and report her findings. She agreed that commercial vehicles were not permitted to block sidewalks and would follow up on a reported occurrence.


Officer Coleman introduced Captain Kiyuna and Captain Lefcourt, noting that Lefcourt had recently secured a grant, through the approval of the Attorney General, to be utilized to clear three parks of drug users and sellers.  Coleman noted successful reduction in burglaries (zero) but noted increase in traffic deaths and invited participation in community sign holding events.  He also invited Neighborhood Security Watch participation; information at 692-4250.


HPD LEGISLATIVE UPDATE: Captain Greg Lefcourt reported on the joint HPD – law enforcement community (including the Attorney General’s Office) legislative package for the coming year, noting that the bills from Spring 2005 remain alive in Spring of 2006.  He reported 3689 bills in the Legislature were reviewed and reported success on issues:  punishing 911 misuses and permitting the release of medical information to law enforcement and continuing effort on seven issues: 


1.       Requiring computer list of pawned items (from pawn shops)

2.       Providing for the State to pay for officer’s overtime for court appearances

3.       Increasing trespass level for those found “sitting” in someone else’s car

4.       Redefining identity theft definition

5.       Raising the age of ownership on shotguns and rifles from 18 to 21

6.       Defining an injury to a police dog or police horse on the same level as to a police officer

7.       Increasing retirement benefits


He also noted that graffiti and ice usage issues remained, but said that publicly-discussed issues such as wiretaps and walk-n-talk were more of a technical issue, including civil rights concerns, than currently needing new legislation.  He noted that the Waianae Coast legislators were involved, especially with Senator Hanabusa as the Chair of the important Judiciary Committee and that he is meeting with them now to discuss legislation for the future.    


Coleman invited the community to attend a July 6, 2005 presentation on identity theft awareness and prevention at the Waianae Library.


WAIANAE COMMUNITY AREA OF RESPONSIBILITY:  Waiamau-Nunuha reported that a CAR meeting was planned for 2:30 p.m. on June 23, 2005 at the HCAP building.


EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES:  EMS Chief Patty Dukes reported on the first month of operation of the brand-new second ambulance assigned to the Waianae Coast:  a total of 348 calls.  She mentioned the start of a new Junior Paramedic Program to encourage interest in paramedics as a profession.  Teruya congratulated her as the first woman public service chief in Hawaii. 


U.S. ARMY 25TH INFANTRY DIVISION:  Colonel Tunstall introduced his wife in the audience and reported the return of the last Afghanistan assignees (June 5th return of 5,000 troops).  He responded to questions, reporting the base closures were not likely to have an affect on Hawaii bases and that the planned improvements to and expansion of military housing units will continue for the next 2 to 3 years.  Awo thanked the Army for providing helicopters in assisting in combating the recent Nanakuli brush fire.


U.S. NAVY MAGAZINE (NavMag) PEARL HARBOR:  Captain Mike Donch, commander of U.S. NavMag Pearl Harbor, reported normal base operations and noted no change in the requirement that access through Kolekole Pass requires a military-issued identification card (a restriction that had been requested to be considered for modification to permit 4th of July event attendees to transit the base).  He reported no new information on a possible carrier group locating to Pearl Harbor.




ELECTION OF BOARD OFFICERS – CHAIRPERSON: Chair Pro Temp Karen Awana (who had received the most votes in the just concluded election) called for nomination for a one-year term as Board Chairperson.  Slocum raised a point of order that a possible nominee for Board Chair was not present; Chair Pro Temp Awana ruled that a nominee need not be present to be elected. Teruya nominated Cynthia Rezentes.  Leonida nominated Patty Teruya, who declined.  With no additional nominations and no objections, Chair Pro Temp Awana closed nominations and declared Rezentes elected as Chairperson by acclamation. 


VICE CHAIRPERSON:  Chair Pro Temp Awana called for nominations for Board Vice Chairperson.  Teruya nominated Albert H. Silva and Awana nominated Jo Jordan.  With no additional nominations and no objections, Chair Pro Temp Awana closed nominations.  Silva received 10 votes and Jordan received 3.  Silva (Awo, Kelii, Kila, Leonida, Pomaikai Sr., A. Silva, A. H. Silva, Slocum, Teruya, Waiamau-Nunuha). Jordan (Awana, Jordan, Manaku).  Chair Pro Temp Awana declared A. H. Silva elected as Vice Chairperson.   Albert H. Silva assumed the Chair.


RECORDING SECRETARY/TREASURER:  Chair Silva called for nominations for Board Recording Secretary/Treasurer.  Waiamau-Nunuha nominated Patty Teruya.  Teruya said she would only be able to serve for only one month due to her time commitments and the Neighborhood Commission’s plan to shorten the staff time of the meeting recorder to a maximum of two hours, noting that the Waianae Coast meetings normally last longer than three hours. With no additional nominations and no objections, Chair Silva closed nominations and declared Teruya as Board Recording Secretary/Treasurer by acclamation.


SERGEANT-AT-ARMS:  Chair Silva called for nominations for Board Sergeant-at-Arms.  Teruya nominated Neddie Waiamau-Nunuha.  With no additional nominations and no objections, Chair Silva closed nominations and declared Waiamau-Nunuha as Board Sergeant-at-Arms by acclamation.


PRE-ESTABLISHMENT OF MEETING DAY/TIME/LOCATION:  Teruya moved, seconded by Waiamau-Nunuha, to establish the first Tuesday of the month as the Waianae Coast Neighborhood Board’s regular meeting date, to start at 7:00 p.m. at the Waianae Community Center.  The motion passed unanimously.


DECISION REGARDING USE OF PUBLICITY FUNDS:  Chair Silva reported that this agenda item dealt with video taping issues.  Teruya recommended that the issue be deferred until additional information is received and until Chair Rezentes has a chance for input.  Waimanu-Nunuha moved, seconded by Awana, to defer the issue to a future meeting. Chair Silva, without Board objection, deferred the item to a future meeting.


DECISION REGARDING USE OF REFRESHMENT FUNDS:  Teruya moved, seconded by Leonida, to transfer the Refreshment Account funds to publicity to cover costs of videoing. Chair Silva, without Board objection, declared the motion passed.


APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Teruya moved, seconded by Leonida, to approve the agenda as distributed with the following adjustments:  defer 8.3 (DHHL Subdivision presentation) to August 2005 and defer 9.2 – (Beacon Bible Church) with the date not specified.  Teruya noted that the deferring of the DHHL Subdivision to August was announced at the May 3, 2005 Regular Board Meeting. Chair Silva, without Board objection, declared the motion passed.


APPROVAL OF REGULAR MEETING MINUTES FOR TUESDAY, MAY 3, 2005:  Corrections were offered to the Regular Meeting Minutes for Tuesday, May 3, 2005:


·         Page 3, under motion to utilize Board refreshment fund, add Slocum to Abstain and change vote listing to 11-0-2.

·         Page 3, under Planning and Zoning, correct site to:  Paakea Road, Iliili Street and Apana Street.

·         Page 3, under Irrigation at Mauna Lahilahi, add to end of sentence so that it reads “… the finding of burial remains.”

·         Page 3, under opposition to transition shelter, add to end of sentence so that it reads “…a traditional shelter and rental units adjacent to their homes.”     

·         Page 4, under relocation of “C” Express, change beginning of sentence to read:  Slocum made several requests to relocate the “C” Express bus stop …”

·         Page 5, under Mayor’s Representative’s questions on bulky item pick-up along the coast. Add the following: “Discussion followed by the Chair and Secretary, suggesting that the Mayor’s program and concerns be directed to the department of which the concern is directed to.  It was asked if this administration would follow the last administration regarding community concerns be mailed to the person filing it.  A request of knowing the new procedure of the Mayor’s Representative Program was asked. It was also explained here the Board Secretary would Xerox the concern then forward to the Neighborhood Assistant.  Clarification was requested.”

·         Page 5, under Councilmember Apo correct drainage issues site to: Paakea Road, Iliili Street and Apana Street.

·         Page 7, under motion on Beacon Bible Baptist Church, correct missing vote information to reflect that the No votes were Jordan and Choy and that the abstention was Slocum. 


Kelii moved, seconded by Awana that the Regular Meeting Minutes for Tuesday, May 3, 2005 be approved as corrected.  The motion passed 12-0-1 (Abstain:  Jordan). I


TREASURER'S REPORT:  Teruya reported the Board’s May 2005 Financial Statement (on file) and explained that a new allocation was expected with the beginning of the City’s fiscal year of July 1, 2005 which is currently anticipated to be the same as the current funding.




TRANSPORTATION/OMPO COMMITTEE: AWANA reported regular Board Transportation Committee meetings have been held over the past several months, many of those meetings dealing with the issue of the emergency access road for Makaha.


RECOMMENDATION TO SUPPORT THE NEWLY PROPOSED MAKAHA WCEAR ALTERNATE A WITH GATES AT THE KA`ENA SIDE OF ALA HEMA AND THE DIAMOND HEAD SIDE OF MAI`U`U ROAD:  AWANA reported the last regular Board Transportation Committee meeting of May 17, 2005 resulted with a Committee motion to recommend to Board support of the newly proposed Makaha emergency access road Alternate A with gates at the Ka`ena side of Ala Hema and the Diamond Head side of Mai`u`u road.  She noted that public testimony stressed emergency access, not regular use. 


Mike Oshiro and Darin Young, both of the City Department of Transportation Services, presented maps and reported an alignment that would skirt identified burial sites. Oshiro noted that the plans have not addressed closure of roads, but that the intent of prior plans seen by the Board was for a roadway that was continually open; he noted that review of the new plan would involve several months of review.  In discussion, several residents commented that the property owners were willing to allow the roadway to cross property, but were seeking that it be restricted to access in an emergency, while others said that owners were opposed to the locking, fearing that the situation created would result in a raceway or garbage dump. Oshiro explained that if the City would accept the site as a through street, it would be a City agricultural-style street, without sidewalks but with overhead streetlights and fire hydrants.  Oshiro noted that, although members of the audience (John White and Tom Fee on behalf of the Kung Family) represent themselves as speaking for one family property owner as being now opposed to the closed through-road, that the owner had previously been supportive of that through-street and that support was the basis upon which the funding and timeline for the project had been planned.  In discussion, Teruya inquired about keys for the gates, to which Oshiro noted that it would probably be emergency personnel who could be police, fire, and Civil Defense, although a property owner advocated retention by the “easement” right.  Jordan pointed out that many community meetings had been held over the past few years and the point had always been for emergency use and I see no problem with the owner retaining a key to the gate since the road will cross the property.  Teruya and Oshiro discussed that if the street was open, as a City standard street, the City would maintain the property, and if closed, it would be not as wide with no lights, hydrants or frequent maintenance.  Kila moved, seconded by Awana, that Waianae Coast Neighborhood Board No. 24 support the newly proposed Makaha WCEAR Alternate A with gates at the Ka`ena side of Ala Hema and the Diamond Head side of Mai`u`u Road.   Kelii pointed out that the resolution does not provide for closed gates.  The motion passed unanimously, 13-0-0.


RECOMMENDATION TO SUPPORT A TRIAL OF SPECIAL CROSSING SIGNS, WITH FLASHING LEDS, AT GARDEN GROVE, NANAKULI AND TACO BELL, WAI`ANAE:  Awana moved the following motion from the Transportation Committee, noting that there had been prior Board discussion:  The Waianae Coast Neighborhood Board support a trial of special crossing signs, with flashing LEDs, at Garden Grove, Nanakuli and Taco Bell, Wai`anae.  The motion passed unanimously, 13-0-0.


HEALTH, HUMAN SERVICES & PUBLIC SAFETY:  Awana reported that there was an on-going Weed and Seed Project surveying and invited those interested to contact 383-8318.


PLANNING & ZONING COMMITTEE:  Teruya reported no meeting this month and reported the planned roadway construction to continue in Nanakuli.


PARKS & RECREATION/PARKS BEAUTIFICATION COMMITTEE:  Jordan reported that the Board of Land and Natural Resources would hear the Makualani issue at its meeting on June 9, 2005. 








COMMUNITY CONCERNS:  A community member from Uluwehi  reported that she is being stalked, including having people parking in her parking stall, but that she has called the police.


As earlier reported to Lt. McKewen, a concern was expressed that fires were being started on the beach adjacent to the high school, perhaps as a result of a contractor not restoring a fence.


Slocum offered the listing of sex offenders to the audience for them to read.


ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Tulu Toa announced that the Waianae Community Outreach, coordinated with the Honolulu Community Action Program office, was doing a partnership with other community groups for several Homeless Housing Crisis Summit meetings and invited the community to call at either 696-5667 or 696-1217 for more information.

Kila announced that the Office of Hawaiian Affairs would have a Native Hawaiian Historical Council meeting on June 20, 2005.


Jordan noted that Waianae Ahi Fever is June 18 and June 19, 2005 at Waianae Boat Harbor and encouraged community participation.


Teruya announced the Maili Point Cleanup Project to be held on June 11, 2005.


Waiamau-Nunuha invited everyone to plan for Waianae Sunset-on-the-Beach on August 13 and 14, 2005.


Pomaikai announced the fourth graduation class of the Waianae Maritime Academy on June 12, 2005.


Resident Bud Ebel invited the community to express concern that, as reported in the Hawaii Reporter (, rural phone lines are being installed by Sandwich Isle Communications Co. at a cost of $287,000 per lot – all expenses being borne by the taxpayers.


BOARD OF WATER SUPPLY:  Alani Apio represented the Board of Water Supply and reported that the future BWS Waianae projects were published in the recent issue of West Side Story. He reported, starting in July, that the BWS representative would be Sandra Hoopii-Sung. He also presented a letter from the BWS “emphatically” denying BWS desecration of Kaneikapualena Heiau and a letter from the Department of Land and Natural Resources discussing Kamaile Wells.  He noted that BWS Manager Cliff Jamile would retire at the end of June; Board members extended their best wishes to him on his retirement. Kila noted that the heiau and well project still has no permit to pump the spring and that the spring has significantly dried up; Apio explained that the BWS is not pumping now, and that BWS hydrologist’s maintain that the over-all lowering of the water table is the cause of the lack of spring flow, not a pumping question. Kila pointed that construction damage of 1978 time period of pump construction needs to be rectified.  On traffic light synchronization in Nanakuli, it was reported that the underground signal loops have been damaged and will require an additional two months work to repair all the loops to allow the re-synchronization.  Repaving, which was on track for completion in approximately July, is being delayed two months due to the work that Sandwich Isle Communications Company is doing in utilizing the abandoned water lines and repaving will commence afterwards.


BOARD OF EDUCATION:  No representative present.




MAYOR'S REPRESENTATIVE:  Ken Shimizu (Deputy Director, Environmental Services Department) represented Mayor Hannemann and responded to concerns from May, 2005:


  • A request for the City to improve irrigation at Mauna Lahilahi Beach Park is on hold as a result of the finding of burial remains and the issue remains unresolved.


  • The Uluwehi community is requesting City opposition to the State proposed community transition shelter – since the site is with the Waianae Community Development Project the City has no oversight; it’s entirely a State project. 


He also reported that future community concerns were intended to be responded to by his being present at Board meetings and returning at the next month’s meeting with the response or being able to continue to search for the answer; he was not planning to resort to a written report but was to be available to offer explanations as needed.  He also noted that TheBus is reviewing the possibility of adding to or modifying bus stop locations for the “C” Country Express Route, but noted it was an express route with the intent of having a restricted number of stops to improve speed. 


Several comments were offered:  Makaha Community Park was reported to be dirty and to have had several abandoned vehicles and glass on concrete and there was speeding on Pokai Bay Street. Teruya noted that the Board could assist – as it has in the past – by monitoring and resubmitting community issues that are still outstanding. 


COUNCILMEMBER TODD APO: Karen Awana represented Councilmember Apo and distributed a community report from him.  She responded to Slocum that a study for a future move of the HPD station from its present site in Waianae town is being made. Kelii suggested that the Council study if Waianae should receive compensation for refuse being deposited in the community at Waimanalo Gulch.


CONGRESSMAN ED CASE:  Randy Obata represented U.S. Representative Ed Case’s Office and distributed a community report.  Pomaikai expressed gratitude that the proposed fishing limits include a “grandfather clause” that makes allowances for existing users in response to the northern Hawaiian island proposed sanctuary.


GOVERNOR' REPRESENTATIVE:  Georgina Kawamura represented Governor Lingle, distributed a written report and reported on the resent Legislature’s passing of 277 bills, with 108 signed and one current veto – dealing with allowing 18 year olds to obtain a Commercial Driver’s License.  She reported that Lingle has until June 27, 2005 to advice of her intent to veto, with the veto notice deadline of July 12th, or else the legislation is allowed to pass.  Scott Ishikawa, State Department of Transportation, reported on the passage of legislation prohibiting driving through a crosswalk when a pedestrian is in the crosswalk.  Manaku noted the failure to have regular street cleaners meant that bike riders were not using the bike lanes but were out into the center of traffic. 


SENATOR COLLEEN HANABUSA:  Senator Hanabusa discussed the passage of legislation, distributed a written report from her office and discussed the specific proposals from the HPD legislative packet.  She noted that the issues are seldom as simplified as are sometimes offered and suggested opposing examples need to be considered. 


REPRESENTATIVE MICHAEL KAHIKINA:  No representative was present.


REPRESENTATIVE MAILE SHIMABUKURO:  Representative Shimabukuro distributed a listing of House bills and reported on the proposals that recycling pickups could be moved to the Waianae Store location.  Her legislation included issues of relocation of homeless, assistance to Kamaile Elementary, support for the Waianae Maritime Academy and exploring an artificial reef.  Pomaikai expressed his appreciation for Shimabukuro’s and others, as well as the whole community’s support of the Maritime Academy, reporting that the community’s efforts have resulted in the successful placement of graduates.


BREAK:  Chair Silva called for a break at 10:40 p.m. There was unanimous consent (13-0-0).  Kila and Leonida left during the break.


The Neighborhood Assistant Spray left the meeting at 10:50 p.m. Board Secretary Teruya took the remaining minutes.




Request for Boards Position Regarding BLNR Issuance of a Non-Interim Permit for Makua Lani Concession at Makua State Beach Park -Committee Chair of Parks & Recreation, Jordan informed the board that DLNR has not yet established rules and guidelines regarding the application process for concession operations at Makua Beach of Makua-Ka'ena Point State Park, which was a condition of the Boards prior support.  In the past 10 months three (3) community meetings were held in Waianae to discuss the issues surrounding the interim permit.  Passed out to the Board members was a letter from DLNR giving the departments recommendation to the Board of Land and Natural Resources which will review the request for a new permit to be issued to Makua Lani at their regularly scheduled meeting on June 9, 2005 beginning at 9:00 am.  The recommendation to BLNR from DLNR is to not issue a new permit to Makua Lani. 


Discussion followed, pointing out numerous complaints and concerns from other commercial/recreational ocean users, such as fishermen with effects on their operations and community members reporting what appears to be inappropriate interaction with marine mammals.


Jordan moved and Manaku seconded that the Wai’anae Coast Neighborhood Board No. 24 does not support issuing any commercial permit/concession out of the Makua Beach section of the Makua-Kaena State Park.  Having no further discussion the vote was called.  The motion was unanimously adopted by a vote of 11 Ayes 0 Nays 0 Abstentions.


Update on Makaha Bridges 3 and 3A Project - R.M. Towill/State DOT -  R.M. Towill, Scott Ishikawa provided the board with information related to the project including history and community consultation that they have completed to date.


Discussion ensued:  1) the source of funding for the bridge replacements cost estimate of 10 million dollars; 2) the community would prefer to realign the highway along the area of Makaha Beach further mauka and not take any beach land away; 3) to work with the new administration.


Teruya moved Waiamau-Nunuha seconded that the Wai'anae Neighborhood Board No. 24 defer the Makaha Bridge3 and 3A Project to the Transportation Committee and provide the full Board with an update and recommendations.  The motion carried unanimously adopted by a vote of 11 Ayes 0 Nays 0 Abstentions.


DHNL Subdivision presentation - This item was deferred till August meeting agenda.  




Resolution No. 04-387 Requesting a performance audit of the Neighborhood Board system - Kurshals distributed a copy of the City Council's resolution requesting that the City Auditor conduct a performance audit.  Kurshals also added that this year's board election was handled unprofessionally by the Neighborhood Commission Office and the Election Department.  Many mistakes occurred which had a large affect on the voting process along the Wai'anae Coast. With this audit of the department, it should assist to determine what their role and service is to the neighborhood board system and members.


Discussion ensued: 1) it was stated by other members that they also received wrong ballots and their name was not on the district ballot during the election; 2) it was noted that the correction on the first mail out was fix, but then the second mail out was wrong and the cost of the mail outs was questioned; 3) the audit would also determine whether the neighborhood assistants are qualified to do minutes and how the office maintains their budget; 4) a statement was made that the only Council member that was not supporting the audit was Council member Garcia;  5) comment was made regarding the staff's qualifications to the board system and whether the staff was also trained to the parliamentary and sunshine law requirements.


Kelii moved seconded by Pomaikai that the Wai'anae Coast Neighborhood Board No. 24 supports the City Council's Resolution No. 04-387 Requesting a performance audit of the Neighborhood Board System and the Elections Department. The motion carried unanimously adopted by a vote of 11 Ayes 0 Nays 0 Abstentions.


Beacon Bible Church proposed on Ma’ili’ili’i Road - This item was deferred with no date specified.


There being were no objections, the meeting adjourns at 11:10 p.m.


Submitted by:


Patty Kahanamoku Teruya




Thursday, June 30, 2005

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